Book 10 Chapter 249 – The Demon Wave (2)

‘Finally, I’ve reached the first gateway to sit atop the throne.’

He had never, before coming back to this world, received such a quest until now.

Woohyuk immediately read the quest information window.

[New Achievement]

Name: Demon Lord

Type: Epic (1/3)

Content: After unlocking the last seal on Verserios, you shall be moved to the dimension where the Demon Lord resides. Dimensional movement methods can be found in the Ark of Knowledge.

Others: Achievable only when pure stats average 1,000 or higher.

Since it mentioned the Demon Lord dimension, it seemed to refer to the place that was connected to the last floor of the Twilight Tower.

‘I met Aris and Irene there.’

The Heavenly Deity was the transcendent existence that ruled over that dimension.

He presumed that defeating this Deity would be the next logical step of the quest.

After roughly organizing the contents of the quest in his mind, Woohyuk read his status information window.

[Chun Woohyuk]

-Occupation: Necromancer, Asura, Mythological Heir, Rule Breaker

-Title: Legendary Explorer (item drop rate increases by 20%, sensation and movement speed increases by 20% in the ruins), Ruler of the Black Sea (Summon Kraken, Creates Air Bubbles, Controls the Sea of Darkness)


Strength: 854 +20 (Grandia, Blade of Condemnation)

Health: 832 +40 (Set of Berserker’s Plate Armor)

Agility: 865 +40 (Set of Berserker’s Plate Armor) +20 (Banshee Queen’s Cloak)

Intellect: 809 +20 (Moonshadow Ring) +20 (Jester’s Mask)

Spirit: 873 +10 (Elder Lizardman’s Fighting Spirit) +15 (Bronze Rock Golem Captain’s Belt)


25% increase affinity with the dead

25% increase resistance to dark magic 

25% increase power of when dark energy/technology is used

‘My ability levels are a little insufficient.’

Objectively, his current ability levels were tremendous.

It was all thanks to surpassing his limit by experiencing a series of adversity.

Regarding his equipment, there were some that were a little out of date, but Dexter could help him update those soon enough, so there wasn’t a problem with gear.

‘Since the stat requirements are likely to be solved in one way or another, I should focus on developing the recently acquired class.’

The Mythical Heir allowed him to use five deception-based skills, and the Rule Breaker allowed him to go against the limitations of the Creator’s system.

However, it hadn’t been long since he acquired both classes, so there was a lack of skills associated with those classes.

In particular, for the Rule Breaker class, he didn’t have a sense of how to acquire skills.

‘Was the basic skill called ‘Renaming’?’

The skill was literally called ‘Renaming’.

One could change the name of an item or skill that one had.

Renaming gave him the ability to change the original name of a given skill or ability to whatever he chose. It changed the system information itself, not disguise it as did the Moonshadow Ring.

As a test, he changed the Hidden Nocturne of the Crescent Moon into Liandry’s Ring. It was a success.

The new name was much more concise than the previous name, so he decided to keep the change.

Agares spoke while Woohyuk took out Liandry’s Ring and started messing around with it, “Hmm, your equipment looks a little poor. Outside of Verserios, an exclusive weapon for demons, your other weapons are at least multiple levels below.”

“The accessories aren’t that bad. However, my armor is definitely dated,” Woohyuk replied.

“What type of armor do you want? Like what materials or options,” Agares asked.

“I already have a material in mind, Adamante. It’s a new type of metal.”

If he ordered Cadiz, the Death Alchemist, he’d be able to obtain enough Adamante.

Once he had enough of the metal, equipment production would be left to the runesmith, Dexter.

Hearing Woohyuk’s words, Agares, who was summoned a little while ago, nodded.

“Then, I’ll supply another top-grade material. I’ll also supply some materials that’ll help your body develop.”

“I’m counting on you.”


Agares disappeared with a red puff of smoke.

As promised, Woohyuk guaranteed and gave her more freedom than the other Demon Kings.

She was currently the only one of the 72 Demon Kings who was moving about outside. The rest were sealed in Lemegeton.

“Lord, will you not release the other Demon Kings?” Leifina asked.

“I’ll release them soon enough. First, I’ll go visit the demon world and tour their estates.”

In the future, in order to develop Inotia, the City of Magic and Engineering, and to raise money for war, he needed to raise a lot of money.

Adamante, produced by Cadiz, had to be used immediately for internal use, so the next best option was to steal from the Demon King’s luxurious vaults.

Earlier, he explicitly stated that he would ask for resources or labor from their estates if necessary, so his action wouldn’t be considered a contract violation.

Woohyuk took a step forward, imagining what treasures would be piled up in the Demon King’s vaults.


Woohyuk robbed the vaults of all the Demon Kings, except for Agares’.

There were quite a few valuable and rare items.

From jet-black gems he’d never seen before to the works of famous artists…

Thanks to this windfall, it seemed that he wouldn’t have to worry about money for a while.

“If you take everything, I think the Demon Kings will be greatly dissatisfied, my Lord,” Leifina asked with a concerned voice.

“These are items that they got from looting anyway,” he replied.

In other words, it was a kind of voluntary redistribution activity.

‘Well, I’m not going to use these luxury items for self-interest.’

Before leaving the demon world, Woohyuk didn’t forget to order the Demon Kings around.

“I plan to develop the Isle of Chaos as a sea base in the near future. Large-scale civil works will be underway, so you should work according to the planned schedule,” Woohyuk stated.

“… Yes, Asura,” the Demon Kings replied, obeying Woohyuk’s orders.

Of course, he subjugated everyone except for Lilith’s party.

“Ho! You’ve finally advanced and entered the demon world. It seems you’ve sealed all 72 Demon Kings,” Aleister mentioned aloud in jest.

“Sooner or later, you’ll be on your knees too, so stay tuned, Aleister.”

Since the last battle with the ancient demons, his relationship with Lilith’s party became a bit strange.

Of course, Woohyuk still saw them as enemies.

He was willing to break their non-verbal truce immediately if the right opportunity came.

“Oh my, look who it is. Aren’t you Asura?” a Lilith member said aloud.

“Hurry, let Lilith know!” another screamed out.

“Melena, will you not take revenge? You almost died at his hands the one time,” another mentioned to another member.

As Woohyuk approached Lilith’s Sanctuary, the Witch Cult members looked at him with varying emotions.

Ignoring them, Woohyuk approached a large-scale construction site.

‘… It looks like a tower is being built.’

It seemed that the tower would be considerably tall once construction finished. 

Woohyuk grabbed Melena, the Witch of Lust.

“Why is Lilith making this building?”

“I-I don’t know. How do I know the deeper meaning of Lilith’s actions?”

Melena was at a loss and was asking the other witches for help.

As the atmosphere started becoming frigid, Woohyuk gently released Melena.

“Where is Lilith?” he asked.

“I won’t say. Also, Lilith probably won’t meet you right now,” she replied.

Lilith remained silent, even though the witches were reporting the current situation through a type of telepathy communication system.

Hearing Melena’s words, Woohyuk gave a suspicious expression.

‘You must be hiding something.’

He didn’t think he’d learn anything by taking his current approach.

As Woohyuk turned his head, Trivia, the Witch of Arrogance, ridiculed him out loud, “Make sure you start kneeling and becoming thankful towards Lilith while she has used for you Asura. You should be appreciative and quiet rather than bustling around with such an ornamental female knight.”

“… If you speak another word, I’ll behead you in an instant,” he retorted menacingly.


Black smoke wafted in the air as he summoned Verserios, which was in the form of a long sword.

As Woohyuk held the sword up with one hand, Trivia bit her lips.

“… Chit.”

Lilith forbade the witches from approaching or touching Woohyuk for the time being.

The other witches were also silent as if their gums were shut tight with sticky honey.

“You witches are no fun. It’d probably be more fun to have an argument with Helena.”

He ran through a mental checklist. He seemed to have finished what he wanted in the demon world.

Woohyuk summoned the Demon Kings who had previously gathered on the Isle of Chaos.

‘I’ll have to leave before they find out about their empty safes and start crying.’

Sooner or later, in the Demon King’s minds, emotional turmoil like the chaotic thunder and lightning in the sky of the demon world would run rampant.

As Woohyuk was in a hurry to leave, a human woman who was forced to work at the construction site called out to him, “Aren’t you Chun Woohyuk?!”

She was Liang Tsuyu, the Chinese female leader who was in the opposing camp against Woohyuk in the Adventurer’s Canyon.

It was a long time ago, but Liang Tsuyu recognized Woohyuk.

Since she was defeated in the battle, she herself was moved to this place by the system.

Woohyuk smiled bitterly as Liang Tsuyu stared at him with a hate-filled expression.

‘That woman is still alive, too.’

He did not intend to eliminate Liang Tsuyu or cause any trouble for her at this place.

He and she were already at drastically different status levels, as the distance between heaven and earth.

Woohyuk waved his hand at Liang Tsuyu.

“Work hard. Don’t slack off.”


Liang Tsuyu bit her lips as her anger boiled over internally.

She wondered why the hell this human guy was chattering with the witches in this place.

Since he was somewhat good-looking, she thought that Lilith must have favored him.

If she started arguing with him, she felt that she’d be struck by the witches.

She was angry, but she had no choice but to let him pass by.

When Liang Tsuyu disappeared around a corner with a load on her back, the witches started chattering in the background, “What the hell, she knows Asura?”

“I don’t think they’re very close friends?”

“Let’s ask that bitch later. We have to report everything about Asura to Lilith.”

The witches had been stalking and collecting data on Woohyuk for a long time.

They were trying to find out when, where, and what he was doing through their cult follower network.

It seemed they quite enjoyed this gossip.

Woohyuk made an unpleasant expression as the witches joked about what they had heard about him.

“Come on, Leifina. Those witches seem like they’re bad influences.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

At this point, since Lemegeton was complete, he had no room to care about the witches.

Thinking about the upcoming crises, Woohyuk hastened his steps.


In Inotia, the City of Magic and Engineering.

As soon as Woohyuk got there, he sought Helena.

“I have sealed all 72 Demon Kings. Now, I will hand you Solomon’s Bracelet.”

“Oh, so you successfully tricked them. Or did they voluntarily obey you?”

“I just negotiated.”

As a result, their safes and resources were neatly emptied.

Helena laughed when Woohyuk relayed the things that had happened in the demon world.

“You’re so evil! Once you become a Demon Lord later, it’ll really be worth seeing how you rule.”

“At that time, I’ll make you an official Witch of Annihilation, so look forward to it.”

Woohyuk really enjoyed bullying Helena.

As Helena was one-sidedly losing to Woohyuk, Aris appeared in her lab coat and waved her hand.

“Asura~! The mass-produced Automated Cavalry is complete! Take a look!”

“Oh, is the production done already?”

Inotia’s high-tech facilities exceeded common sense in productivity and ingenuity.

Woohyuk moved to an internal space within Neustein with his party.



Upon reaching the destination, the first mass-produced Automated Calvary [group of reproduced Ishvar Unit 1] were slowly moving about and searching.

Leifina widened her eyes in surprise.

“It’s like a human machine, outside of being able to speak with cognition,” Leifina commented.

“Aris, what level of artificial intelligence are they equipped with?” Woohyuk asked.

“Well… it’s about Catsy’s level. Still, they’ll be able to understand their owner’s orders,” Aris replied.

Even though they were a magically engineered force, they were smarter than he thought.

As a test, Woohyuk asked one a question, “Ishvar Unit 1, what is 1+1?” 


… It seemed that there were still some bugs to resolve before he could use them in the real world.

Woohyuk sighed as he saw Unit 1 standing proudly.

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