Book 10 Chapter 248 – The Demon Wave (1)

A storm was raging in the Isle of Chaos.

Woohyuk was waiting for the Demon Kings in the Blackbeard Pirates’ fortress with Leifina.

“By the way, Lord, is it okay to just bring me? Even if you have the ability to summon your vassals immediately…”

“Even if I only summon the Demon Kings sealed in Lemegeton, there will be twice as many as them.”

Moreover, if he brought his army to the meeting place, he could create a sense of tension and incongruity.

Leifina no longer objected after hearing Woohyuk’s explanation.

“We have about 10 minutes left until our appointment, according to the Master’s pocket watch,” she said.

“Yes, it’s time for them to show up.”

Woohyuk looked out the window.

The bad weather was intentional. It would block outsiders from intruding. However, just in case, Woohyuk had Drake patrol around the island.

He didn’t know if Lilith's party would decide to appear.

“Honestly, I’m wondering if the remaining Demon Kings will agree to be sealed off in peace. It’s in their nature to detest being ruled by someone else. I don’t understand what would make them consider being under your rule an option,” Leifina mentioned.

“Maybe it’s just insurance.”

Being sealed in Lemegeton was better than being forcibly put to sleep in the abyss.

If the new Divine Throne spots were refilled and the celestial gods’ camp became stronger, the current Demon Kings probably couldn’t contend or deal with them.

“Anyway, I hope the talk with Agares goes well. She seems to be the representative of the remaining Demon Kings, so I guess the decision falls on her,” she continued.

“Don’t worry too much. The initiative is on my side,” he answered as he pulled out the Absorber Trigger.

With the Absorber Trigger, he’d be able to seal off most of the Demon Kings.

Even if the talks ended badly, there was no problem.

When the two were still conversing,


The door opened and a Demon King, with red hair hanging down to her waist, entered.

In front was Agares, the 2nd rank Demon King.

Her appearance was so sensationally beautiful that it wouldn’t be weird if he heard someone exclaim at first glance.

However, Woohyuk maintained a grim expression and greeted Agares, “You came a little earlier than your appointment time, Agares.”

“I wanted to talk to you before we discuss with others.”

Agares glanced at Woohyuk’s appearance with blue sparkling eyes.

Although she was in the form of a human being, she seethed a terrifying magic aura.

“Sit here and talk. You are the 2nd ranked Demon King, so you deserve this position,” Woohyuk said calmly.

“… Thank you for your consideration.”

Agares momentarily felt that she had become his servant.

It was very awkward for her to consider another outside of Baal, the 1st rank Demon King.

However, the man in front of her was a man who was much higher in rank than Baal, based on the demon world, so she didn’t feel bad.

‘At present, more than half of the Demon Kings are under his control.’

Since each Demon King was possessed and ruled over a piece of the demon world, Woohyuk practically ruled over the majority of the demon world.

It was worth it to partner up with Woohyuk.

“So, what do you want to say?” he asked.

“I heard that you even sealed Baal. Thus, for all intents and purposes, you are the number one demon in the demon world,” she answered.

Agares was always in conflict with the hardline Baal.

Her position was coexistence and peace with other races.

It was the logic of a moderate Demon King. They believed that if the demon world was not invaded, it was not necessary to wage war with beings of another dimension.

“But with the involvement of the Creator, you and your compatriots are currently in a position to be hunted by everyone on the Eeth Continent,” he replied, filling in the gaps.

“You are the only one who can solve that problem,” she stated in agreement.

The remaining Demon Kings knew their predicament.

They were all likely to lose to the Creator.

For that reason, it was wiser to believe in the most prospective Demon Lord during these end times.

“Did Lilith encourage you guys to make this decision in any way?” Woohyuk asked.

“She has been talking about the Demon Lord for a long time. However, none of the 72 Demon Kings believed her words.”

The 72 Demon Kings, who could only go back and forth between the demon world and the Eeth Continent, did not have a chance to meet the previous demon lord, Asura, who existed in a higher plane.

So, everyone thought that Lilith had created a fictional existence, Asura, to expand her Witch Cult.

This was the prevailing sentiment until the recent advent of ancient demons.

“Certainly, the greater demonic power of the demons exists. There truly is a Demon Lord throne. I met Asura and received his title.”

“I want you to lead the demonic camp after taking the powers of the remaining Demon Kings and taking the seat upon the Demon Lord throne. Apparently, Lilith seems to like you quite a bit.”

“Even if I seal you all up in Lemegeton?” Woohyuk asked, immediately throwing a direct fastball.

Agares smiled bitterly as if she expected this question.

“It can’t be helped. Furthermore, wouldn’t we all be under you anyway when you eventually reach the throne? Haven’t we Demon Kings been restricted and confined to our corners anyways?”

“That’s true. Lemegeton would just be a different restriction space.”

“According to Lilith, the quest to become the Demon Lord begins when you fill up Lemegeton. In other words, even if we wanted to sit upon the throne, we cannot. Only you can start the quest.”

It was a system issue, so it was difficult to fully understand the reason, but it was important that everything start with him.

Woohyuk nodded his head and returned to the main topic, “So, what’s the catch? I believe you wanted to meet me personally to negotiate some terms?”

“Yes… you notice our intentions quickly. The condition is a guarantee of our rights.”

They wanted the right to act freely and to be recognized as rulers of their demonic estates during the times when Woohyuk didn’t require them. They didn’t want to be confined to Lemegeton.

That was Agares’ requirement.

She didn’t want to be trapped in Lemegeton like the Demon Kings that were already sealed.

Woohyuk considered her request for a while, then nodded his head.

“Fine. Under the condition that you obediently obey me and not do useless tricks.”

“Thank you. However, I have one more request.”

Agares took out a map of the demon world.

She placed it on the circular tabletop and pointed to the eastern area.

“This is Lilith’s Sanctuary. It’s where Aleister and the Seven Sinister Witches live.”

“Right. What’s the problem?”

“They have been building large-scale buildings using demons since a year ago. But no one can figure out what they’re building.”

Agares was curious about what Lilith was trying to complete.

She had always been wary of Lilith.

Lilith was always acting in secret.

‘A large construction…’

Was she planning on building something like a pyramid for the advent of the next Demon Lord?

Suddenly he became curious, too, so he nodded and said, “Alright. Let’s find out. I don’t know how long it will take, though.”

“Lilith’s Sanctuary is located right next to my demonic estate, so I will notify you as soon as there is any new information.”

Agares hoped that her demonic estate wouldn’t be damaged or destroyed due to Lilith’s wacky plans.

As Woohyuk continued conversing with her, the other Demon Kings appeared one by one.

“I’m called Jefar, the 16th ranked Demon King.”

“I’m the 37th ranked…”

The incoming Demon Kings introduced themselves in turn.

However, Woohyuk raised his hand because he knew all 72 Demon Kings from his past experiences.

“Enough, sit down. This is not a social gathering.”

“… Then, we’ll take our seats inside.”

The Demon Kings stated their negotiation proposal to Woohyuk.

Like Agares, they wanted to be guaranteed their autonomy in exchange for their loyalty to him, and Woohyuk accepted their proposals.

“When you do not have any orders, you will be free. However, since you all usually manage the demonic estates, if necessary, I may request some of your resources or labor.”

“… We are satisfied and able to agree to that,” Agares said.

The fact was that he gave Agares more preferential treatment than the other Demon Kings.

She was the head of the moderate group, so it was worth it to give her some additional benefits to better have her on his side.

“Was the next question about the Game of Divine Thrones?” Woohyuk asked.

“Yes, the Creator’s intervention has put us in a difficult position. Recently, even epic dungeons with rewards of S-class artifacts have emerged,” a Demon King explained.

From some point on, the Demon Kings began to act and speak like Woohyuk’s vassals.

Woohyuk looked around and spoke aloud, “The four empty seats will be filled with my allies among the other races. I’m going to make sure the spots are not taken by anyone else.”

“Although you may consider them allies right now, those who you support onto the Divine Thrones may change their stance and betray you once they are seated. Why don’t you just leave all the seats empty?” a Demon King suggested.

“I also think that would be best. When the Second Demon War takes place, the gods will have no choice but to stand on the Creator’s side,” another Demon King followed up.

The Demon Kings were very negative about Woohyuk’s plan to fill the open seats.

However, Woohyuk stood firm on his position.

“Angels and gods have a history of fighting against the Creator. Don’t think in extremes,” Woohyuk said.

“… If Asura says so, I will have to follow your words. You are now the ruler of the Demon World,” a Demon King replied.

“I think we need to thoroughly manage the epic dungeons. Who are you going to entrust this to?” a Demon King asked.

Inside the epic dungeons, there were angels from the Creator’s camp who acted as dungeon managers.

Therefore, it was necessary to block access from outside the epic dungeons in advance, lest another party take control.

Of course, it was difficult for 72 Demon King to openly come out in this world because there was a wanted prize from the universal quest. They wouldn’t be able to move freely and enforce the perimeters of any epic dungeons.

“If it’s difficult to mobilize the demons, it would be better to use other forces, such as the Automated Calvary,” Woohyuk said.

“The Automated Calvary? Are you referring to the magic weapon that Aleister made and used last time?”

“Yes. At that time, I overpowered it and experimented on it.”

Ishvar Unit 1.

In Inotia, it was possible to mass-produce the robotic calvary units, as they were able to reproduce them using Ishvar Unit 1 as a prototype.

If they weren’t enough units, he could also further research Alice the Queen of Thorns and develop an undead force.

Additionally, there were also two Homunculus that Aris was repairing.

When Woohyuk revealed his plans and the firepower at his disposal, the Demon Kings looked at him with admiration.

“He is our Asura. To have already prepared such a thorough countermeasure…”

“I’m pretty capable.”

Before his return, Woohyuk had reigned over the Eeth Continent as the strongest overlord.

The Necromancer Logan and his 100,000 undead army and Ophelia, the Elven Queen who reached the pinnacle of pure magic, couldn’t beat him.

He sealed 72 Demon Kings, conquered giants and dragons, and accomplished various achievements.

And after his return, he was trying to do even more.

“It would be great if Asura took the Demon Lord throne as soon as possible. If that happens, the world will truly be set free…”

“Don’t jinx it. Anyway, now’s the time to subjugate you guys.”

Woohyuk took out Lemegeton.

Later, as he finished sealing all the Demon Kings, a series of system messages popped up in his mind.

[All 72 Demon Kings have been sealed with Lemegeton.]

[Lemegeton’s ability has been unlocked.]

[From now on, you can freely enter and leave the demon world.]

You have acquired the right to sit atop the Demon Lord Throne. A new challenge shall be issued.

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