Book 10 Chapter 243 – The Devil from the Abyss (4)

“I knew you’d join, Lilith,” Lucifer growled as Lilith avoided his slashes while holding on to Woohyuk.

Lilith responded coldly without looking back,

“It’s because he’s more valuable than you.”

Her white hand stroked Woohyuk’s chaotic demonic power.

Then, like a lie, his demonic powers calmed down. Woohyuk’s fingers started twitching and then moving.


“Wait a minute. Be calm. This elder sister will make you even stronger,” she said in a soothing voice.

Lilith knew that Woohyuk would fall into a comatose state if he released another of Verserios’ seals.

Nevertheless, she suggested that he take that action so that she could help him directly, as she was doing right now.

Since the Creator had started his intervention on this world, she had to make sure that Woohyuk grew to become the next Demon Lord as soon as possible.


Verserios’ demonic powers/mana started to be steadily absorbed into Woohyuk’s body.

Seeing this, Lucifer gritted his teeth and lunged at Lilith.

“Do you think it’ll be so easy to exact your will!” he shouted out.

“Aleister, stop him,” she calmly ordered.

Lilith gave an order to Aleister without even looking at Lucifer.

A black shadow soon appeared and blocked Lucifer from moving closer.

“Yes, Lilith. I will drag as much time as possible,” Aleister dutifully replied.

“Get out of my way you worthless minion!” Lucifer yelled as he frowned. 

He quickly drew his Flamesword and slashed at Aleister.

However, Aleister, who turned into a black shadow, lightly avoided the blow and immediately counterattacked.


A black gust of wind, with various waves of wind as sharp as a blade’s edge, raged toward Lucifer from all directions, not allowing Lucifer to move forward.

Frustrated by Aleister’s attack and the dragging on of time, Lucifer cast Sea of Ice. A large wave of ice appeared and shot towards Aleister.


He was planning to approach Lilith by pushing Aleister away with waves of blue, icy flames.

However, Aleister understood his intention and brought out Lilith’s Unholy Grail.

Once he dropped Lilith’s Unholy Grail into the Sea of Ice…


The numerous bluish ice flames turned black and began to move under Aleister’s control.

As a result, the waves that were coming to him suddenly changed direction and struck Lucifer in reverse.


Lucifer’s hurriedly cast his defensive barrier, which burned violently with black flame.

While trying to quickly resolve the situation and approach Lilith, Lucifer had been counterattacked.

In the meantime, Lilith continued to inject Verserios’ demonic power/mana into Woohyuk.

“That’s it for now. You have to absorb the rest later. This elder sister can’t do everything for you,” Lilith quietly explained in a motherly tone.

After finishing her work, Lilith winked at Woohyuk.

Woohyuk instantly felt goosebumps form all over his body.

‘An ancestor of modern humans is hitting on me…’

Of course, he himself was the archangel Rafael in his previous life, but he still wasn’t very happy with the current situation.

When Lilith left, Woohyuk slowly moved his body to get up.

‘Fortunately, there are no movement restrictions.’ 

Perhaps, thanks to the absorption of Verserios’ power/mana, his inner wounds while fighting Lucifer were completely restored.

There were no signs of his demonic powers running rampant once more.

Woohyuk grabbed and lifted Verserios, which changed its shape into a great sword, with both hands.

‘I have to finish what I started.’

He had to eliminate Lucifer and Mammon once and for all.

When Woohyuk flew into the fray, Aleister, who was blocking Lucifer at every turn, stepped away.

“We’ve used plenty of seasoning, so cook well, Lilith’s blessed one,” Aleister stated. 


At the moment, hearing his absurd comment, Woohyuk felt a deep urge to cut down Aleister first, but he endured.

Later, when Woohyuk wielded Verserios and attacked, Lucifer came forward to match the blow without hesitation.


With a roar, the greatswords on both sides struck. Lucifer was slightly push back.


Woohyuk had become stronger than before.

Woohyuk no longer vomited fresh blood from his mouth after a clash, nor did he feel any bone-crushing pain throughout his body.

‘This should be enough.’

There was no reason for him to be at a disadvantage if he used his skills and abilities properly.

Woohyuk sharpened his battle sense and gradually overpowered Lucifer.

“Keuk… hey, Mammon! What are you doing! Are you having a hard time because of the trash Demon Kings?” Lucifer shouted out in frustration.

“Shut up, Lucifer! I’ve been dealing with the rest of the guys up to now,” Mammon huffed.

In addition to the Demon Kings, Mammon was holding back Lilith’s followers and the abyssal demons.

When Lucifer was grinding his teeth,

“Time to die, Lucifer,” Woohyuk said as he broke into a gap and swung Verserios.

At the same time, he expanded Asura’s absolute space to cover the surroundings.

Lucifer foresaw that his end was imminent.

‘I may have bitten off more than I can chew.’

From some point onward, Lucifer began to act only for his own selfish reasons, not for a higher cause.

After falling into the depths of the abyss, his body and mind were corrupted.

In that sense, Woohyuk still maintained consistency even though he inherited the previous Demon Lord’s demonic powers. Lucifer couldn’t help but applaud Woohyuk’s amazing consistency.

‘Make sure you achieve the objective this time, Rafael.’

He prayed that another selfish, evil being like himself would never appear again in this world once the Odyssey Plan was completed.

while wishing for Woohyuk’s success in his heart, Lucifer closed his eyes.


Verserios’ black flames raged around the blade as Lucifer’s heart was pierced.

At the same time, Lucifer scattered into ashes and lost shape.

With his death, a series of system messages came into Woohyuk’s mind.

[You have defeated the ancient devil Lucifer.] 

[You have acquired the Frost Ring of Ice.] 

[Abyssal Demon Quest Progress: 2/3]

As expected, Lucifer gave him the ice attribute ability through an artifact.

Woohyuk put the Frost Ring of Ice in his pocket and immediately flew towards Mammon.

‘Only one guy left.’

In the confrontation before, not knowing if Mammon would join, Woohyuk had taken out Andvaranaut in advance.

Andvaranaut was the artifact that contained part of Mammon’s powers. It was the artifact that he previously obtained from Valkyrie Brynhildr’s Tomb.

The artifact had the power to make the subject selfish or blind.

However, when Woohyuk used the observation ability he had from the Mythical Hero title on the artifact, he received an amazing quest.

[New Achievement] 

Name: Path of Immortality 

Type: Legend 

Contents: Reinforce Andvaranaut with the following items as materials 

(Material: Flame Ring of Red Lotus, Frost Ring of Ice, Wind Ring of Zaun).

Others: No retry after failure.

Luckily, the contents of the current Abyssal Demon Quest and this one overlapped a lot.

In general, in the case of a quest, it gives a reward that is superior to that of its consuming materials, so the loot obtained by catching the three ancient demons would not be wasted.

In order to obtain the last material, the Wind Ring of Zaun, Woohyuk raised Verserios and swung towards Mammon with vigor.


A storm of black flames began to circulate around Mammon.

Seeing the appearance of these black flames, Mammon looked towards Woohyuk with a confused expression,

“W-Wait! Rafael, I want to negotiate with you. If you save me…”

“Shut it.”

Negotiations were possible when both sides had something to gain and protect.

Negotiations were useless when one side had an overwhelmingly advantageous position.

Woohyuk didn’t hesitate and struck Mammon with a full blow.


With a roaring sound, Verserios cut into the fringe of the purple light that surrounded Mammon’s weapon.

At the same time, Mammon’s Crescent Moon Blade was cracked, and the surrounding landscape temporarily darkened.


‘Your weapon has no chance against the current Verserios.’

It was an exclusive weapon for a Demon Lord.

In the future, if he unsealed it one or two more times, it would become a complete weapon.

Unless he brought out a transcendent weapon, like the Ragnar Weapon, Mammon would no longer be able to confront Woohyuk.

Before long, Verserios shattered Mammon’s Crescent Moon Blade.


Although he was aided by Lilith, Woohyuk was still satisfied with the result.

Woohyuk made the final swing with Verserios, leaving Mammon to disappear from the world in a cloud of gray dust.

[You have defeated the Ancient Demon Mammon.] 

[You have acquired the Wind Ring of Zaun.] 

[Epic Quest: Abyssal Demon Quest has been completed.]

[Hidden Class: Rule Breaker is given as a reward for completing the quest.]

‘Rule Breaker…’

Just by looking at the name, Woohyuk thought he’d be getting some interesting skills.

While Woohyuk’s inner expectations were growing, the Demon King Dantalion approached and whispered,

“Asura, it seems like a fight has started over there…”

“… Huh?”

When he turned his head, he saw Lilith’s party fighting with the members of Etheria Rodinus.

Perhaps Lilith’s party was trying to steal the Holy Grail that Helena possessed.

Woohyuk immediately intervened in the battle to protect Helena and Arhen.

“Don’t touch them. If you keep fighting, I won’t stay still,” Woohyuk sternly warned.

“Keuk… You received Lilith’s favor… it seems to have gone to your head…” Trivia, the Witch of Pride who was in the lead position, snapped at Woohyuk as she barred her teeth.

She didn’t appreciate Woohyuk’s blatant attitude.

Though Lilith constantly took care of him and sent ‘love calls’, Woohyuk consistently took Helena’s side.

However, Lilith just shook her hand with a look that she was fine.

“Well, it can’t be helped. I’m going back today. But sooner or later, there will be a day when we meet again, so become stronger,” Lilith said.


When Lilith announced her intent to retreat, the remaining witches retreated while seething in anger.

Helena sighed with relief as Lilith’s party disappeared.

“Phew… I almost lost the Holy Grail. I could have become a real witch! Anyway, thank you for your help,” Helena said in relief.

“It’s natural for me to save you. You still have value,” Woohyuk dryly replied.

Without the help of Etheria Rodinus, it would be difficult for him to proceed with the epic quest.

Plus, no good would come out of Lilith obtaining the Holy Grail.

When Woohyuk responded coldly, Helena frowned her brow and sharpened her eyes,

“Dang it… would it hurt you to say something warm and encouraging at a time like this? Are you really a man with no manners?

“You’re expecting a lot, Witch of Annihilation. How many times have you ever said warm words to others while possessing the title of ‘Saintess’?”

Helena was the most grotesque Saintess Woohyuk had ever met.

She was probably chased by witches and fanatics early on in her childhood. That would explain why she was so stuck up.

As Woohyuk explained his point, Helena groaned and wrung her hand in the air,

“Don’t attack me personally! Even if I was raised in a normal environment, my personality would be like this,” she shouted with a slightly quivering voice.

“I guess you’ll never get married. Well, you may be able to get married in name only, like the Emperor’s daughter,” Woohyuk replied.

“Like the princess?! Hmph! If things turned out a little differently, I would be the one living luxuriously, like Eleanora right now. I’d probably be walking in a flower garden with handsome princes…” Helena said as her voice trailed off. 

She started slipping into her daydream. She subconsciously put her hands on her chest and her eyes started sparkling.

Woohyuk sighed and grabbed her hand,

“Imagine whatever you’re imagining when you go to bed. It’s time to run away.”

As a result of the uproar, large troops were coming from all sides.

The universal quest sent to everyone, to defeat the 72 Demon Kings, probably had something to do with it as well.

Since he looked similar to Lucifer and Mammon, these latecomers would probably consider him their target, as they did not know the circumstances of the events that happened.

“Where are you running to? It’s blocked everywhere…” Helena asked.

“Where? The sky, of course,” Woohyuk replied.

Woohyuk put the ice-encapsulated two Homunculus and the unconscious Cadiz on a flying-type undead. Arhen would ride with him atop the three-legged eagle.

While taking the appropriate escape measures, Woohyuk flung Helena on top of Pegasus and had it shoot into the sky.

He could hear Helena’s distant shrieks as she was screaming her lungs out.

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