Book 10 Chapter 242 – The Devil from the Abyss (3)


One by one, the helpless Demon Kings turned into black smoke and were sucked into Lemegeton.

Seeing this unfold, Lilith laughed maniacally as she said,

“Hohoho! Yes, yes… swallow everything! A delicious sacrifice for the true Demon Lord!”

“If he becomes the Demon Lord, do you think you’ll be safe? You’re probably the first one of us to be shredded into pieces!” Baal exclaimed.

“You’re still as entertaining as ever, Baal. That child needs me. Only I can prevent the demonic power within him from running rampant and taking over his consciousness,” she replied leisurely.

Lilith was a witch who could ably handle abyssal magic.

As she ranted, Woohyuk asked a question with a puzzled face,

“You can control the demonic powers?”

“Hoho, yes, Rafael. I was interested in it even before you Archangels made the Odyssey Plan.”

Lilith’s Unholy Grail was one of the resulting artifacts from her interest.

She had been studying up on the abyss for a long time. Although she wasn’t able to become a Demon King, she was able to wield the powers from the abyss to a limited extent.

Therefore, she believed wholeheartedly that Woohyuk would never be able to abandon her.

Hearing Lilith’s explanation, Baal shook his head and muttered,

“Damn, I didn’t think things would turn out like this…”

It was the first public misstep for the 1st ranked Demon King. It was also a very embarrassing one at that.

Currently, Mammon was struggling with Lucifer, so he couldn’t afford to do anything about the captured Demon Kings.

His demonic powers and mana were also dwindling.

“I’m sorry, Baal. I didn’t know that you’d be so easily sealed by Lemegeton,” Woohyuk said sarcastically.

“This fucker, Asura…!” Baal snarled as he glared at Woohyuk.

If he could face him fairly, one-on-one, he could easily take care of such a weak being.

He felt that it was too unfair to admit defeat like this.

Helena, who was behind Woohyuk, asked,

“You’re not going to fight Lilith? She’ll try to use you later on. It’ll be difficult to maintain a friendly relationship even though she’s treating you well now.”

“Well… that must be seen. I’m willing to wait and see,” he answered.

If it was Aleister, he’d attack without hesitation, but Lilith was another issue. He had nothing to gain from attacking her right now.

She had assisted his endeavors by collecting the remaining Seven Color Rainbow Ring material from the East and collecting the Dragon clan marks.

Lilith’s actions were contrary to Etheria Rodinus’, who only focused on surveillance and control for fear of Woohyuk being consumed by his demonic powers.

Lilith probably felt comfortable helping him out because she was confident in controlling him if he were to lose control over his powers.

Of course, as Helena said, it would be difficult for him to maintain a friendly relationship with Lilith, but she was well worth using for his benefit right now.

“You’re not going to sell me to Lilith, right? I hope you were just teasing me about the whole ‘Witch of Annihilation’ spiel,” Helena said with a slightly nervous tone of voice.

“It’s fun to tease you, but don’t worry, I won’t go that far,” Woohyuk replied.

Lilith and Etheria Rodinus.

There was no need to take one side.

They were both trying to use him for their own purposes anyway.

Although Etheria Rodinus’ goal was similar to the goal he pursued, their interests did not completely coincide.

Woohyuk reassured Helena and brought Lemegeton down to his side.

The 33 Demon Kings were now completely sealed.

He decided not to fight Lilith, so only Lucifer and Mammon were left.

“… It looks like our old friend is going to leave Lilith alone,” Lucifer commented.

“All the Demon Kings that were on my side have been sealed. I guess we’re next,” Mammon followed.

Lucifer and Mammon, who were fighting against each other fiercely just a second ago, exchanged words and knowing glances.

If things went like this, all would have been for naught.

It seemed preferable to put off their duel and deal with the issue at hand.

As the two ancient demons decided on their united front, Lilith gave Aleister an order,

“Summon it now. It’s time to dedicate those apocalypse apostles to the altar of demons.”

“As you order, Lilith,” Aleister obediently replied.

The four apocalypse apostles Lilith often referred to were the four archangels who joined Rafael during the Odyssey Plan.

In the past, Aleister called Alice and Logan ‘apostles’, but that was not because they were archangels but because he needed them to feel special to appropriately use them.

‘All things considered, it was a little wasteful to dispose of Logan.’

If he had time to spare, Aleister would have been able to develop Logan into a larger figure. However, since the Creator’s intervention began in earnest, Logan was easily disposed of.

Aleister had even given Logan a sniper rifle that he designed himself.

As he created a magic circle to summon the monsters from the abyss, Aleister felt sad that his creation wasn’t able to be used to full effect.

‘But there’s still one person who can use it. In the Eastern Theresian Empire…’

Lightlord Marcus.

If he were able to bring Marcus into the Witches’ Cult, it would be something to look forward to.

As Aleister evilly smiled from his machinations, waves of blue flames and a half-moon-shaped purple beam flew towards him.

Lucifer and Mammon were trying to interfere with the summoning process.

But the attempt was easily blocked by a pitch-black vortex that Lilith created.


The abyssal mana that he had previously absorbed from the 33 Demon Kings was enough to hold on and finish the summoning process.

Lucifer and Mammon tried blocking the summoning process through close combat, but it was too late…


From the newly created magic circle in the air, a Leviathan, which looked like a sea snake, was pushing its head out of the circle.

The Leviathan was the highest-level abyssal monster that existed.

Like Lucifer and Mammon, it had lived in the abyss, so it didn’t take damage from many weapons or magic.

“I didn’t expect to see that here,” Lucifer commented.

“Dealing with Lilith and Raphael comes first. It won’t be too late to deal with the Leviathan later,” Mammon stated.

It was an unfavorable situation, so they quickly made their decision.

Lucifer and Mammon took one last glance at the flying Leviathan as it seemingly swam around in the dark circle’s air.

The monster was large enough to cover the entire surrounding area.

The abyss’ poison and the magic that emanated from its body could not cause any damage to them, so it was not a threatening existence, as long as they avoided the head and tail carefully.

As the two ancient demons flew away from the Leviathan toward Lilith’s party, Aleister and the other witches started pouring out flame magic attacks.




A firework show took place in the sky and on the sea, where the light reflected off the sea’s surface.

However, these flame magic attacks were not enough to defeat the ancient demons.

Once again, the enhanced Black Demolition was activated.


The secret spell that had rendered the 33 Demon Kings helpless was once again used by Aleister.

The spell had a significant effect on Lucifer and Mammon.


“It’s powerful…!”

Of course, this single spell in itself was impossible to completely stop the two ancient demons.


The sphere-shaped barrier was beautifully destroyed by a Flamesword and Purple Crescent Moon Blade strike.

At that time, Woohyuk appeared behind the two ancient demons along with his subservient Demon Kings.

“I will take your lives!”

He was fulfilling the epic quest that he received after defeating the ancient demon Harpes.

To get its reward, he had to kill these two guys with his own hands.

Of course, he knew this was all the Creator’s design, but…

‘Anyway, they’ll just interfere with my plans if I let them be.’

There was no other choice for him but to reach the Demon Lord throne.

It was Woohyuk’s principal belief that rivals should be excluded when opportunities came.

While the Demon Kings were binding Mammon’s movements, Woohyuk swung Verserios toward Lucifer.

This was his second clash with Lucifer.

No matter what, through this upcoming clash of arms, he needed to overcome his limits.

Just as he had done when he defeated the ancient devil Harpes last time.


The heavens and earth shook greatly as Verserios radiated black fumes as it clashed with Lucifer’s Great Flamesword.

At the same time, Woohyuk felt intense pain.

The shock went through his whole body and shook all of his bones until they shattered. His organs started bleeding from within and his consciousness blurred. 


The limitations of the human body.

Despite being protected by the magic of the abyss, his body made of human skin was very weak.

As Woohyuk staggered, Lucifer took advantage of this opening.

“Now, die already, Rafael!”

A moment of despair.

Woohyuk narrowly evaded Lucifer’s sword strike with a teleportation spell.

Pant. Pant.

Even though the surrounding temperature was ice cold due to the icebergs in the sea, sweat poured down from his head like rain.

He had barely evaded the last strike by a razor-thin margin.

If he moved a little late, his waist would have been cleanly cut off by the Flamesword.

‘Is there no way to overcome him?’

He recalled the time when he defeated Asura and Harpes.

Woohyuk recalled the feeling of something deep inside him awakening.

It was necessary for him to recreate the same sensation once again.

As Woohyuk was preparing for the next strike, Lilith whispered into his mind,

[Remove another seal off of Verserios. Then you can defeat them.]


That was the best option to take in this dire situation.

Woohyuk tried to bring out his demonic powers to unseal Verserios.


A pitch-black whirlpool rushed around Verserios.

The momentum was so intense that the nearby sea of blue flames was instantly extinguished.

The purple nebula that was covering the surrounding air was also retreating from the pitch-black vortex.


Woohyuk felt his consciousness gradually being engulfed by a black sea.

The release of another seal felt like it was too much for him to handle at the moment.

However, Woohyuk didn’t give up and focused his mind on controlling his demonic powers. It seeped through his arm and into Verserios…

After a while…

Bang. Bang.

Bang. Bang.

As his heart started beating violently, his blood circulation started to revolve faster and faster.

‘What is this…? What’s happening?’

He had never experienced these bodily changes before.

His demonic powers captured his consciousness and restrained his actions, and an unknown red energy began to emanate from his body.


And once again, the blood poured out of his mouth.

Only then did Woohyuk feel that something was wrong.

‘The demonic powers that carry abyssal mana are running wild.’

Verserios changed from a long spear to a great sword.

At the same time, mana flowed into his body like crazy.

Woohyuk’s body couldn’t endure it, so he started going into a severe seizure.


This was the first time that Verserios had gone out of his control.

Thus, Woohyuk was at a complete loss.

While he was fighting with the demonic powers for control over his own body…


Lucifer’s Flamesword fell onto his head.

‘My body won’t move according to my will.’

Woohyuk was in a state of helplessness. It was to the extent that he could not even cast teleportation.

Seeing him in danger, Helena and Arhen, who were chanting divine spells, lifted their staffs high into the air.


An archangel’s barrier, made of pure white light with dazzling flashes, encased Lucifer.

But even the magic of the Saintesss and Sage wasn’t enough to stop Lucifer.


The archangel’s barrier cracked and then shattered like glass.

It fell apart without Lucifer lifting a finger. He destroyed it with just his will.

“Who do you think I am, humans. I will not succumb to your silly tricks.”

Before falling into the depths of the abyss, he was Archangel Lucifer.

It was natural that an archangel’s barrier wouldn’t be able to contain him.

The moment Lucifer ignored the others and moved to strike the final blow on Woohyuk,


Lilith had transported in front of him.

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