Book 10 Chapter 239 – The Death Alchemist (4)


Woohyuk and the others in the group looked at the unknown metal at a loss for words.

Stronger than steel and immutable like gold.

If the Death Alchemist had access to corpses, he could produce this material infinitely.

He had truly reached the pinnacle of alchemy.

‘This is on a whole different level than Midas’s Touch.’

Woohyuk imagined what would happen if all of his soldiers were armed with the translucent metal emitting the bluish light.

His Eastern Expeditionary Forces would be able to push into the Theresian Empire’s capital, and the demonic army would be rendered helpless.

Woohyuk asked Phantom to hand over the unknown metal.

‘… It’s light.’

It was somewhat difficult to accurately assess its weight since there was only such a small amount, but it seemed to be three times lighter than steel.

Woohyuk took out a smelting tool on the spot and cast the metal into a mold…

‘As expected, it can be malleable like bronze or steel.’

The heating point of the metal was on the higher side, but it was possible to smelt the desired shape without any more effort.

When Woohyuk showed a satisfied expression, Phantom spoke up, “I haven’t told anyone this information yet. So, the reality is that I’ve given you this information for free.”

“So, you’d like for me to capture the Death Alchemist and tell you the process of how the metal is created?” Woohyuk said, reading the Phantom’s undertones.

“Do whatever you want. You can take everything from me anyway. However, considering my contribution, I wish for something to come my way in return.”

The Phantom was a demon with a fairly good head.

Excessive greed leads to anger and sloppiness.

It was better to give up one thing boldly and to be guaranteed the rest.

‘It’s very much like him.’

Woohyuk knew well about Phantom’s disposition from his past experiences.

Although Phantom was a subordinate of Baal, who is the number one in the Demon King ranks, he was also a demon who could be convinced to join his side later, depending on the situation.

Thus, Woohyuk decided to be generous to him.

“Then do this. I will obtain the recipe and process. In return, I’ll give you half of the metal he’s produced so far,” offered Woohyuk.

“… Not bad. But how are you going to find him? Even I, the site manager, can’t figure out where he is,” mentioned Phantom.

To be sure, the Death Alchemist had a higher rank than the Phantom.

Woohyuk decided to wait for Amon and Astaroth’s messages.

“Higher-ranking Demon King will always be able to locate him,” Woohyuk said confidently.

Even if one was a contractor for an ancient devil, one’s tail could be stepped on if it was too long.

As expected, a black crack appeared in the air, and Amon appeared inside the control room.

“I found him. He converted some of this ruin’s dimension into his absolute space. He was pirating dimensional space and using it without permission,” explained Amon.

“An absolute space… so, there was such a way… well, lead the way,” murmured Woohyuk.

“You can move using this gap,” Amon said as he pointed to the black gap with his finger.

As Woohyuk moved into the gap with his group, he saw Astaroth and a man with light purple hair fighting in the dark.



It was Cadiz, the Death Alchemist.

Cadiz must be defeated to complete the legendary quest related to Midas’ Touch.

‘He has a very good sense of combat for being an alchemist.’

Before signing a contract with the ancient devil Lucifer, Cadiz seemed to have been a combat class demon.

Regardless, he was still a human.

He couldn’t be stronger than Woohyuk, whose biography read like those only found in mythology.


As Woohyuk immediately approached and put a fist in his side, Cadiz groaned and plopped down onto the ground.


He didn’t see Woohyuk’s movement since he was so focused on Astaroth.

Of course, the results wouldn’t have been much different if he noticed, but Cadiz looked resentful.

“Are you the Death Alchemist?”


Cadiz remained silent at Woohyuk’s confirmation question.

His firm expression showed his stubborn determination to withhold information.

Woohyuk started asking other questions to save himself some time, “What contract did you make with the ancient devil Lucifer? Are you the only one who can make this metal?”

“… Who are you? How do you know my Master’s name? Did the Creator give you a quest?” Cadiz asked back with a stupefied expression.

He was under the command of his Master and was working in secret.

Baal, the 1st ranked Demon King, did not understand how a human-like him knew about this sensitive information.

“Well, I received a quest. The quest is to kill you,” Woohyuk said.

“… I see. The Creator is afraid of the Master. The same will be true for the other gods,” said Cadiz with zealous fervor.

Lucifer was trying to devour the Eeth Continent before challenging the Creator.

Unlike Harpes, who had been defeated by Woohyuk, Lucifer lost his original intention of overthrowing the system.

However, Cadiz was very pleased with Lucifer’s ambitious plan and signed a contract with him after coming across an ancient magic book.

“You were lucky to come across a magic book like that,” remarked Woohyuk.

“I was both an alchemist and an adventurer. So, I often went in and out of ruins,” answered Cadiz.

His alchemy skills were excellent.

Perhaps because of that, he was given a hidden class called the Death Alchemist, and Lucifer gave him a secret mission.

Lucifer said that Cadiz should mass-produce the magic metal, Adamante, for the eventual war on the continent.

“Adamante… Does Mammon know this as well? He must also be building up strength with Lucifer in the abyss.”

“I don’t know. I’m only interested in my Master’s work. However, Mammon is probably not just waiting idly either.”

“Hmm, I guess it’s necessary to receive a separate quest for Mammon,” remarked Woohyuk.

Perhaps Mammon-related quests could be received through Andvaranaut, an artifact obtained from Brynhildr’s tomb.

Woohyuk came to this conclusion because Andvaranaut contained Mammon’s powers.

When the situation was roughly understood, Woohyuk summoned Verserios and spoke aloud to Cadiz, “Call Lucifer. I have something to say to him.”

“Haha… Do you think you can handle him? Just because he hasn’t shown himself until now doesn’t mean he’s weak,” Cadiz replied with a smirk.

Lucifer’s ultimate goal was to challenge the Creator.

Because of this, he was making a secret plan in an area where the Creator’s power couldn’t reach.

However, as the time for chaos was approaching, Lucifer was gradually expanding his influence.

“I guess you aren’t very important to Lucifer. It seems he’s turned a blind eye towards you even though you’re in danger,” Woohyuk stated.


When Woohyuk provoked him, Cadiz bit his lips.

He wanted to deny it, but it was true.

He himself was only a small pillar to support his Master’s great plan.

As he was preparing for his end…


For an instant, the surrounding space became distorted and a deep, dark voice reverberated within the confined space.

[Why are you looking for me, old friend.]

Lucifer, who was watching Cadiz from the abyss, revealed his existence.

Woohyuk spoke towards the red eyes that burned sinisterly in the dimension.

“You know why, Lucifer. Put aside your ambition to dominate the world and cooperate with me. Then we’ll be able to finally achieve the previously failed Odyssey Plan,” explained Woohyuk calmly.

[Odyssey Plan? Hasn’t that already failed? I don’t know, my friend. No matter what system is built, the ruler does not disappear. The Creator is just being replaced or changing its appearance, little by little. There will always be a ruler.]

So, rather than attempting a revolution, Lucifer chose to take the Creator’s place as ruler over the system.

He’d do this after swallowing up everything in the world and becoming a transcendent person, like the god of demons.

“It’s a vain ambition, Lucifer. What would be different from you and the Creator?”

[Very different. At least, not everyone will suffer from hypocritical order. Didn’t you sacrifice yourself in the last moment of crisis and drop us into the depths of the abyss, Rafael?]


As his present self, Woohyuk could not confidently know what Rafael thought at the time.

It was because he had no memory of his previous life.

When Woohyuk was silent, Lucifer’s red eyes burned more intensely.

[Pass the power of the previous Demon Lord to me. With a human body, it will be difficult for you to sit on the Demon Lord throne and challenge the Creator. I have a greater chance of success than you. I’ve developed strength in the depths of the abyss.]

“Maybe that’s true. But your methodology and purpose are wrong.”

Woohyuk planned to use Lucifer as a stepping stone and reattempt the plan he failed in his previous life; no matter the cost.

When Woohyuk revealed his will, Lucifer narrowed his eyes.

[Stupid. It’s your freedom to dream of obtaining things that are impossible, but it’s unacceptable if it interferes with my plans. I will take this opportunity to make sure I’m done with you.]


A crack appeared in the black space, causing a commotion.

The ancient devil, Lucifer, was finally leaving the abyss and trying to descend on the world.

After the appearance of the abyssal fissure, Cadiz and Phantom’s absolute spaces were gradually destroyed.


Rock debris fell from the ceiling, shaking the space roughly.

Woohyuk urgently asked Phantom to open a portal, “We’re sitting ducks here. Open an escape portal before it’s too late. Even if we engage in battle, we have to do it outside the ruins.”

“Alright. I’ll inform Baal of this as well,” Phantom replied.

The advent of the ancient devil Lucifer upon this world was an unusual event, even for the 72 Demon Kings.

Woohyuk nodded and threw himself out of the ruins with the party.


Even the air seemed to shake as a tremendous earthquake shook the ground.

In the night sky, where a crescent moon was floating, a spiral-shaped jet-black portal was created, and a storm with a strong magnetic field was spiraling around it.

It was similar to the time when Harpes, the ancient devil, came down. However, it was a bit darker and more sinister this time around.

“Look! The Death Alchemist is trying to escape!” Helena shouted to Woohyuk as she grabbed her fluttering blonde hair.

Cadiz quietly left his place in the general confusion.

As Woohyuk glanced at them, Amon and Astaroth used teleportation magic to grab Cadiz’s arms.



The two Demon Kings ruthlessly beat Cadiz without any noticeable expressions.

Cadiz passed out as a result.

Once Woohyuk captured Cadiz, he waited for Lucifer to completely descend into this world.

“Aren’t these things more worthy of the name of Catastrophe than a flood, Helena? The prophecies you mentioned are quite stupid and off the mark,” Woohyuk commented dryly.

“… Are you in a situation to joke around? If you have the time to annoy me, why don’t you double-check your artifacts!” Helena screamed as she pointed to Woohyuk’s accessories with a ridiculous expression.

Woohyuk summoned the Demon Kings that had been sealed in Remegeton. Once they were all summoned, he explained aloud, “Listen carefully, from now on, you will be fighting a fallen Archangel.”


The Demon Kings had dark expressions as they paid attention to Woohyuk’s words.

They saw the advent of Cruella last time, so they were well aware of the seriousness of the situation.

In terms of power alone, the ancient devils were stronger than any of the 72 Demon Kings, and their existence itself would bring calamity at the level of a global Catastrophe.

Once Woohyuk was done briefing them…


A large thunderbolt struck around the dimensional gate, revealing Lucifer.

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