Book 8 Chapter 200 – Iscariot’s Descendants (2)

It was a commonly known rule that a dragon who makes a pledge in the dragon language was bound to fulfill that pledge. Thus, once Altair made his public pledge, Woohyuk didn’t hesitate to use the Power of Resuscitation on Katia.


A brilliant, colorful aurora covered Katia’s body, which still possessed some residual warmth of life.

After the Power of Resuscitation was used, Katya immediately opened her eyes and her wounds instantly disappeared. Altair couldn’t help but release the overflow of emotions that he had held back.



Altair hugged Katya, repeatedly calling her name. It was a reunion of lovers.

As a result of fulfilling his part of the transaction, Woohyuk was granted three wishes from Altair, but he couldn’t use the Power of Resuscitation for the next three days.

“Thank you very much for bringing Katia back to life,” said Altair with an appreciative air.

“It was just a deal. Make sure you keep your end of the promise,” replied Woohyuk nonchalantly.

“Don’t worry. I would have done anything to bring Katia back to life.”

Altair took a silver leaf out of his arms and handed it to Woohyuk.

“What’s this?” Woohyuk asked.

“Use it to call on me, when you need my help. I will be able to teleport to your side. As we agreed, I am granting you three requests.”


[Altair’s Covenant] 

Type: Item

Effect: Can summon Altair a total of 3 times. [3/3 Remaining Usages]


It was a summoning item that could bring a strong force next to Woohyuk whenever he wanted. As Woohyuk nodded in satisfaction and understanding, Altair flew into the air with Katya.

“Then see you next time, friend!” Altair cried out.

“Thank you for saving me!” Katya chimed in.

Eventually, the two lovers disappeared beyond the horizon into the sky.

As Woohyuk and his party were discussing what to ask for, Roan regained consciousness and lamented,

“Why are you hitting me all the time! I want to be loved too!”

“Then, do something nice enough to receive a compliment. Don’t complain like a bratty child,” Sieg sternly countered while grabbing Roan’s neck.

Afterwards, Woohyuk and his party started once more towards their destination…


In the middle of their journey, they encountered another demonic dragon.

This time, it was a green dragon.

Sieg’s eyes flashed with excitement. It seemed he recalled some fond old memories.

“I remember slaying the demonic dragon, Papnir, in my heyday. Ah, it was so nice to be young and in my prime…”

“Since you’re reminiscing such fond memories, why not give it another shot right now, Sieg? I’ll let you borrow Grane as well,” mused Woohyuk.

“… are you not planning to revive the dragon this time?” asked Sieg.

“The cooldown for the Power of Resuscitation is three days. That dragon is destined to die.”

It was also an opportunity to obtain a Dragon’s Heart.

At Woohyuk’s suggestion, Sieg nodded.

“I’ll bring you the Dragon’s Heart soon!” exclaimed Sieg.

“I'll help too! As Sieg’s wife, I must also contribute!” Brynhildr chimed in.

She flew into the air with Sieg atop Grane.

Helena, seeing the figures flying across the sky, opened her mouth with a dissatisfied expression,

“Why is everyone here a couple? I feel bad…”

“If you’re envious, why don’t you try your hand in bewitching a dragon man. You are a witch,” Woohyuk calmly replied.

“Are you kidding me? Didn’t you say that the Dragon race was eliminating the Dragonians because they were hybrids?”

“Then what about hybrid humans? I think they’ll suit your tastes perfectly.”

“Do you think I’m a pervert like you? Are you subconsciously alleviating your sexual frustration through sexual harassment?” Helena retorted with a huff before turning her head.

Hearing this, Roan opened his mouth to propose a solution to relieve his master’s frustrations,

“Master! Alcohol is the best for sexual harassment! If you covet that girl…”


Helena’s fist flew into Roan’s side.

A Saintess who embodied the principles of love and peace resorted to violence once more.

“There’s nothing this little brat won’t say! Do you want to see this elder sister get really angry?”

“Oh… who’s an elder sister! You’re such a slutty young girl…”

“Can I give this delinquent some mental training? I think I’ll have to show him who’s boss at least once for him to understand who he’s talking to.”

“Do whatever you want,” Woohyuk answered.

Woohyuk didn’t object to Helena’s opinion this time around.

After a while, Roan’s painful screams echoed in the battlefield where the dragon flew overhead.



It was only after a week of eventful(?) happenings when Woohyuk and his party reached the northwestern part of the Empire. His party had met several demonic dragons along the way.

They desperately sought Aris’ treatment to counteract the fallout from Qliphoth’s Fruit.

“… First off, we need to find a remedy for Qliphoth’s Fruit. I’m not sure how many Awakeners will be created by then.”

“Aris is also doing her best. She’s already created the Paradise Fruit and Water of Life’s Fruit, so there should be some results sooner or later.”

Since Neustein was equipped with high-tech equipment, mass production of the cure wasn’t difficult to manage as long as they figured out the recipe.

As she entered the quiet village, Helena looked around.

“Is this the right neighborhood? It seems too plain and underwhelming to be the place where the fallen angel appears…” 

“I can’t guarantee that this is the right place. However, it’s certainly very likely.”

For the past 40 years, Woohyuk had traveled all over the Eeth Continent, so he had a general sense that his hunch was correct. Furthermore, this place possessed its own unique characteristics and had particular meaning for him.

In the past, he fought a fierce battle with Logan’s undead army in the vicinity of this village.

‘It was the same landscape at that time as well, completely desolate.’

Thus, it was relatively easy for Woohyuk to recognize the place Hevnia showed him through the trial.

Of course, it was difficult to find the exact location, even if he knew the general area.

Sieg opened his mouth to speak while Woohyuk was reminiscing about past events,

“Don’t you really want to eat this Dragon Heart? If you almost died in a virtual battle during the trial. It wouldn’t be a waste to consume it yourself and gain some color…”

“I’m not ready to choose my fourth class. I need to wait a bit longer and consider my options.”

Besides, Woohyuk thought that becoming a Dragon Lord was a better choice than becoming a Dragon Slayer. Regardless, following his careful and calculating nature, he was also not drinking the Spirit of Immortality medicine obtained from the current Dreadlore.

He was willing to endure a little longer because it could be possible to consume a Phoenix Heart. If he were to consume a Phoenix Heart, there was no risk of getting an unwanted class like a Lich or Dragon Slayer.

‘I guess I’ll just give the Phoenix’s Elixir to Allen.’

Realistically, this would be the best way to get Allen to quickly conquer the High Sage’s Tower of Archaine.

Anyway, Allen was a wizard who didn’t complain even though she was stuck amongst the beautiful elven women. She probably wouldn’t be too disheartened even if she lost her reproductive functions. 

‘I should feed Irene a dragon heart…’

Although she had never really stood out, Irene was a reward hidden on the last floor of the Twilight Tower, so she was a prospect worth investing in.

While Woohyuk was making additional plans, the sound of horseshoes clattering on the ground rang out from somewhere in the distance.

Tadak. Tadak.

Saint Mary and the Paladin Hildegard appeared before the party.

Woohyuk’s party members faced each other at a loss for what to do.

“Uh, what should we do? It’s such a sudden meeting…”

“First take care of your facial expression, Helena. I’ll try using my status as a Valkyrie to get rid of them,” Brynhildr said.

“Tell them that I’ve drunk poison and a strange energy is coming out from my body, Brynhildr,” suggested Sieg.

“Idiot! Even Roan wouldn’t be fooled by such lies!”

While Woohyuk’s party members were urgently talking, Paladin Hildegard got off her white horse and escorted St. Mary down.

They were 100 meters away.

This development meant that they had already spotted Woohyuk’s party.

“You don’t look like the villagers here. Excuse me, but what are your statuses?” asked Hildegard.

“Oh, that’s…”

Helena laughed stupidly at Hildegard’s question and blurred her last few words.

Then Brynhildr, who was next to her, stepped forward and said,

“I am Valkyrie Brynhildr. We are currently investigating the unjust forces that have entered this dimension with the God of Light.”

“… Ah, you are the rumored Valkyrie. I apologize for not recognizing you earlier.”

Hildegard politely bowed toward Brynhildr. Then Mary, who was behind her, opened her mouth to speak,

“You don’t have to come up with a story. I’ve already looked into the future and came here to see it unfold.”


An awkward stillness flowed between the two groups for a while.

When no one opened their mouth, Maria once again emphasized her purpose,

“There’s one issue, though. That’s the fact that the fallen angel, Kuruela, won’t appear here. I took the risk and came all the way here to convey that to you all.”





Maria’s unexpected remarks caused Woohyuk’s group to fall silent in shock and surprise.

After a while, Woohyuk walked towards Maria.

“Then, where will Kuruela appear? Is it the capital of the Empire?”

“The first appearance is in the northern regions. So, the army led by Alice the Thorn Queen will be isolated off from the Empire. Because of Kuruela and her army’s sudden appearance, the rear supply line is completely cut off.”

“Why should I believe you? All the scenes I’ve been shown point towards Kuruela coming to this region.”

“The future is constantly changing. It was only last night that I had this visionary dream. When did you see your vision?”

Mary’s vision was more current than Woohyuk’s. The vision provided by Hevnia was more than a week old.

Furthermore, Hevnia never directly mentioned where Kuruela would appear. His decision to come to this part of the empire was solely based on his reasoning of the circumstances and his past experiences. It was not an exaggeration to say that the possibility of error existed from the beginning.

“What other scene did you see? In that visionary dream.”

“A lot of people die. Some of those who perished included your party members.”

Maria’s gaze shifted from Woohyuk to Helena. Helena trembled with a pale face when she received Maria’s gaze.

“Me, I…?”

“Kuruela persistently pursued you. Of course, the party next to you struggled along with you, but some variables occurred in the middle that led to your demise.”

One of the variables was Rosenkreuz. He knew Helena had the Holy Grail and was aiming for her when everyone’s focus was on Kuruela.

During the battle, when his plans were constantly blocked by Woohyuk, he took a bunch of Qliphoth’s Fruit all at once. Eventually, he turned into an Awakener and caused great confusion on the otherwise unfavorable battlefield.

As a result, Helena was cut down by Kuruela and perished immediately…

“So Alistar appears and intercepts the Holy Grail from Helena’s body as well…” Woohyuk murmured.

“What I saw was that scene. But don’t be blinded or get tunnel vision from what I said. From the moment we met, the future has changed again.”

However, it wasn’t just the party members on this stage that changed the future. A transcendent force intervened in this world from some point in time to induce the future to flow in a certain direction, and Mary, who possessed the power of foresight, had been watching the forces influence on this world for a long time.

After hearing Maria’s words, everyone looked gloomy.

They’d be able to contend against Kuruela somehow, but they weren’t sure if they could contend against a transcendental entity and win.

As a heavy silence flowed, Woohyuk opened his mouth to speak to Mary,

“Then what about you? If you have the power of foresight and can dream about the future, you should have been able to see into your own future.”

“… I also died. To an irresistible, seemingly omnipotent force.”

Maria’s expression, which was calm up to this point, turned dark for an instant.

Woohyuk, having an unusual feeling, asked her again,

“Who is this irresistible force?”


Whether she was concerned or worried about something, Mary did not immediately answer. However, after a while, she looked up at Woohyuk.

She looked as if she made a firm determination in her heart.

After some time, Maria replied in a cold tone,

“… You.”


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