Book 8 Chapter 199 – Iscariot’s Descendents (1)

Woohyuk handed over the artifacts that Dexter couldn’t make use of to his vassals.

The Marquis Ruben’s Long Sword was given to the Count of Erutonia, Lee Jaesung while Cardion, the Sword of the Storm, was given to Tinia…

“Oh, is this a wedding present? Thank you very much! I have to show off to Leifina later!”

By now, Woohyuk’s initial plan and operation to get rid of her became a lost cause.

He organized his party and headed back to the Carlheinz Mountains.

This time, they were headed for the Holy Apheria Empire.

The first task was to eliminate Rosenkreuz and to expunge his influence and work on Rosa Etherna.

“Is it okay to go openly like this? The Informant’s Disclosure will reveal our location in real time,” Helena mentioned with concern.

“Don’t worry. I asked Aris to resolve the matter,” Woohyuk replied.

Aris used high-tech equipment from Neustein Castle to modify the information being sent through the Informant’s Disclosure. This meant that he could remotely manipulate Woohyuk’s location information.

Thanks to this, Woohyuk had been marked as being under King Dane’s command.

“You really pulled a big one over them. It’s just like you.”

“…What do you mean it’s just like me?”

“You made me put myself in a terrible situation by tempting me with a ride on your Pegasus. Now, I’ll never believe what you say.”

“Did I lie? I said that I’d give you a ride. I didn’t say that there wasn’t a cost to that ride, right?”

“You’re evil! No wonder you’re the human closest to the Demon King’s throne.”

Woohyuk and Helena began to quarrel.

Bruhilt, who saw their appearance, opened his mouth to give them a warning.

“It’s not good to keep arguing in a situation like this. No matter how close you two are.”

“What makes you think I’m close to that stupid man, Bruhilt?” Helena snapped back.

“Zeke told me. You two were lying in bed together and got caught by Rafina.”

“… Are you trying to disrespect me, Zeke?” she asked while turning to Zeke.

“No. I happened to mention that incident in passing when informing Bruhilt of Tinia’s competitors,” Zeke answered, revealing once again his black, evil heart.

While Woohyuk was lost for words, Roan, who had been silent, opened his mouth.

“Master, you’ve already tasted that loud girl once. I thought it was weird how well you moved your hands during the Dragon Tribe Trials…”


Zeke’s fist fiercely struck Roan’s midsection.

“Stop your bullshit. Shouldn’t you have figured something out after getting beat up all the time?” stated Zeke.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Roan didn’t do anything wrong! If you keep hitting me, I’ll turn evil!” Roan stammered back.

“You’re going through a phase of puberty, little boy. Also, did you say I was a noisy girl earlier?” asked Helena.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Don’t pull on my ears you witch!”

As they continued on, Woohyuk’s party became increasingly noisier and rowdier.

Just when Roan and Helena’s argument was in full swing,

“Haha! Such pleasant friends and travelers. It seems the Eeth Continent has become more interesting and fun since I last came.”

A silver-haired little boy appeared at the top of the mountain range. He was a Silver Dragon polymorphed as a human.

It seemed that he came down from Sky Island to explore the world.

“Aren’t there humans in your dimension? You must have met a lot before, right?”

“Ah… well, all of them were summoned here. Only monsters and demons remain back on the island.”

His words meant that monsters and demons were not the Creator’s creations.

Woohyuk nodded and asked the Silver Dragon in human form to accompany him.

“Follow me. Then you won’t be bored.”

“Ah, you don’t mind? Well, I can’t help you with your mission due to my circumstances, but I’ll cheer from the side.”

The Silver Dragon’s name was Altair.

As their conversation concluded, Altair clung to Helena.

“My lady, the last time you took a sexy pose on the island, it was awesome. Do you have any male friends?”

“Get out of my sight. I’m busy.”

Helena turned her back on Altair as if she considered him insignificant.

Woohyuk called Altair and whispered into his ear.

“That Saintess likes sweets. She’s like a little child. She also likes white horses with wings.”

“… I can hear everything that you’re saying.”

Helena, thinking she was being teased, inflated her cheeks with air.

Subsequently, after several more arguments, Woohyuk turned the topic back to the original subject.

“Anyway, Hevnia’s trial showed a scene from the Holy Aperia Empire. The empire’s lands were already burned and desolate. Only rubble remained, but it was clearly Aperia lands since there were many symbols that related to the empire.”

He presumed that the actual location of Hevnia’s trial scene was in the northwestern part of the Empire.

It was because there were many statues of the Empire’s former emperors there.

Helena, who heard Woohyuk’s reasoning, opened her mouth.

“That works out well. Etheria Rodinus and her party members are there. They’re there because the northwestern region is where the Holy Empire’s influence is relatively weak.”

“Isn’t there anything else in the Prophecy regarding the first sign? Don’t even think about hiding that information from me,” he quickly replied back.

“I’ve told you everything. Rest assured, I’ve provided all the information I know whenever you’ve asked.”

The fallen angel, Kuruela, knew that Helena had the Holy Grail, so she had tried to get rid of Etheria Rodinus but was eventually stopped by Woohyuk.

That was all of what was written in Getia’s Prophecy.

There was no mention of what process Woohyuk went through to seal Kuruela.

Woohyuk nodded at Helena’s explanation.

“I’ll trust what you’re saying. Anyway, I hope Rosenkreuz doesn’t bother us by showing up in the middle of everything.”

“That crazy Empress as well. Knowing how prideful she is, she may just grab the Holy Ertia and start attacking Kuruela.”

“… Don’t worry about her. She’s under my control. She probably won’t step a foot outside of the Imperial Palace until this event is over.”

Woohyuk had secretly conversed with Princess Eleonora through a communication-type artifact.

Recalling this fact, Zeke asked Woohyuk with a curious expression whether there were any updates from the Princess.

“What is the current situation of the Holy Apheria Empire? According to rumors, there was a riot recently…”

“It seems that Kliphot’s Fruit was secretly circulated, awakening people. Several revolt attempts have happened since.”

The rebellion attempts were likely fueled by the demonic forces from behind the scenes.

Anyone who ate Kliphot’s fruit at least once became Alistair’s puppet.

Even if the 72nd Demon King or the Seventh Sinister Witch didn’t come out personally, they were more than capable of causing a rebellion.

“Oh, didn’t you say there was a Saintess who was being chased by demons last time? A Saintess with the Power of Prophecy,” Bruhilt asked.

“It’s St. Mary of Miletus. As a result of using the information store, I’ve found that she’s also in the northwestern region with Paladin Hildegard,” replied Woohyuk.

Hildegard was famous for being a female paladin that dressed as a male.

Anyway, she would be able to recognize Woohyuk’s identity at once. Thus, in addition to disguises, he had to take some additional measures to ensure his safety against her.

“In this case, wouldn’t using Irene be advantageous? She’s a chimera, so she can easily be converted into a Saintess. It’s easy for her to hide her true identity,” Helena asked.

“… She still needs more growth. Like everyone else currently in the training hall.”

One month in the training hall equated to 41 years in their world.

Since he was able to bring the Dragon races onto his side, it was possible to cultivate more highly efficient resources for the next large-scale battle.

As Woohyuk was making his ambitious plan,


The Imperial Army was moving on horseback down the Carlheinz Mountains.

In terms of scale, it was about the size of a legion.

Feeling that something was off, Zeke opened his mouth first.

“They look pretty busy.”

“It may be because they’re trying to subjugate the awakened rioters. Strong guys are difficult to deal with even with a single corps, so support from nearby areas is essential.”

Woohyuk easily deduced the purpose of the Imperial Army’s movement because he had the memories of the last 40 years intact in his mind.

Then Altair, who continued to flirt with Helena, intervened.

“It could be because of our Dragon race. It’s not like we’re all just waiting around Sky Island.”

“… Some of them must have turned into demonic dragons.”

“Yes, you’re right. Some of them fell victim to the plague. That doesn’t mean they should be left alone though. They need to be eliminated in some way or another.”

In fact, Altair came here to get rid of the demonic dragons.

In addition to Altair, several ancient dragons were scattered across the Eeth Continent, looking for their plagued brethren.

As a matter of course, these scattered dragons were all in the upper ranks of skill and combat amongst the dragon race.

“Now that I think about it, there was a time when a demonic dragon entered into the Carlheinz Mountains.”

“Huh? What does that mean? It sounds like you’re from the future.”

“Well, he’s not fluent in the official continental language. He often confuses the use of past and future tense when he speaks. Hohoho…”

Helena was flustered as she tried to hide the fact of Woohyuk’s return.

Right as Altair was feeling suspicious and about to question him…


A silver dragon engulfed in black energy appeared in the sky.

Roan complained, annoyed that his surroundings were darkened by the rising dragon’s shadow.

“Damn, the dragon appeared right when we were discussing it…”

He was a Homunculus, so he naturally didn’t like the Dragon race.

Before long, the demonic dragon came flying at them, staring intently at them with its red eyes…

“Leave this battle to me. I shouldn’t trouble you with the concerns of my race.”

Altair simply left these words before flying into the air.

Afterward, he returned to the form of his original body and began to ruthlessly attack the demonic dragon in front of him.



The demonic dragon, who suffered a fatal wound on his side, cried out in pain.

Not only was the demonic dragon younger than Altair, but it wasn’t able to properly use its full strength due to losing part of its consciousness.

Eventually, the demonic dragon couldn’t withstand the accumulated damage from Altair’s attacks and fell onto a mountaintop.


Along with a roar of pain, a large plume of sand dust mushroomed from the tops of the Carlheinz Mountains.

Woohyuk’s party covered their mouths with their hands and watched Altair apply the finishing blow on the demonic dragon’s neck.


As the sharp claws were swung, dark red blood poured from the demonic dragon’s neck.

Afterwards, the demonic dragon fell down and turned into a delicate silver-haired woman. Altair also returned to his human form and embraced her.

“… You must have known each other,” Woohyuk said as he approached Altair.

“This was my fiance. She started suffering from the infection before coming to the Eeth Continent, but in the end, she succumbed to the disease.”

Altair looked down at the silver-haired woman in his arms with deep, saddened eyes.

After a long period of silence, Roan opened his mouth to speak, not grasping the depressed mood.

“Dragon Heart! Eating that can make you stronger, Master! Maybe you’ll become a Dragon Slayer like Zeke!”

“… You’re really just asking for a beating now, aren’t you?” yelled Zeke.


Zeke’s fist burst onto Roan’s abdomen.

Roan finally fell down while blowing bubbles from his mouth.

Woohyuk sighed and approached Altair.

“What would you do if I saved her?”

“… Save her? You don’t seem like a God.”

“Do you remember that I was on an Epic Quest? I got a decent ability from the Dragon Tribe ruins.”

[Power of Resuscitation]. Using it would allow Altair’s fiancé to revive.

At Woohyuk’s suggestion, Altair happily nodded.

“Okay, as long as you save Katia, I’ll grant you any three requests, no questions asked.”

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