Book 8 Chapter 198 – Legacy of the Dragon Tribes (4)

The two exchanged attacks without any time to heal themselves.

As Kuruela was focused on attacking, the six demon kings continued with their attacks.


No matter if she was a fallen angel, Kuruela couldn’t be completely safe from the 72nd dimensional demon kings’ attacks.

Eventually, Kuruela’s ragged body fell from the sky, and the six demon kings flew towards Woohyuk.

“Ah, Asura!”

“Are you still conscious?”

“We need to heal you quickly…”

Woohyuk did not lose consciousness even though his heart was pierced.

He truly had great mental power command.

Of course, he did have an increased tolerance against death compared to any other being. Any other human would not have been able to endure the pain and would have fallen unconscious just from the shock.


Woohyuk groaned and pulled out the fake Verserios embedded in his chest.

At the same time, red veins and blood spilled from his open wound.

‘Is this the end?’

If he had eaten the Phoenix’s heart, he would have had a chance to revive in exchange for his eternal life.

However, the milk was already spilt.

Additionally, his current predicament was more because of his lack of vigilance than a problem in planning.

As Woohyuk was trying to endure the throbbing pain from his chest and organizing his thoughts, an aurora appeared in front of him, bringing Hevnia’s soul in his line of vision.

[How was it? Not as easy as you thought?]

[...Thanks to this trial, it seems I’m about to die.]

[You will not die. You’re just paying the price. The price of a hero’s fate.]

It seemed like a line he had heard somewhere in the past, but he shook his head and cleared it from his mind.

His breathing gradually became shallow.

While Woohyuk was struggling, Hevnia reached out and held him in her arms.

At the same time, the colorful aurora that was surrounding her began to heal Woohyuk’s wounds.

[Does this mean I passed the trial?]

[Yes, just barely, you passed. Of course, you’ve passed based on the system standard.]

[The legacy of the dragon tribe… Where is it?]

[Don’t rush. You’ll get everything you want in due time.]

Hevnia whispered something into Woohyuk’s ear.

However, though Woohyuk clearly tried listening to her whisper, he couldn’t grasp the meaning.

[What are you saying…?]

[You will find out later. You wouldn’t understand right now.]

Hevnia out on a kind smile like before.

When Woohyuk tried to ask her a question again…


The aurora’s light gradually faded, and the surrounding landscape began to dissipate.

Before the light completely dissipated, Hevnia gave a final request to Woohyuk.

[Learn to use Roan’s abilities well, then you can gain an advantage in the battle you fought earlier. Also, at the decisive moment, my orb will exert its power.]

The legacy of the dragon tribe was actually the Green Dragon’s Orb that was first handed to him by the Yellow Dragon King, Adakar.

The orbs true powers were dormant until Hevnia decided to activate its abilities.

Now that Woohyuk passed all the trials, the Green Dragon’s Orb was able to fulfill its natural role.

Eventually, as the surrounding landscape returned back to the beautiful flower garden, Woohyuk knelt on his knees with a pained expression.


“Lord, are you okay?”

“Why is Woohyuk suddenly acting like this?”

“Maybe there was a curse on the tombstone?”

“What will happen to me if my owner dies? Will I be disposed of again?”

The party members trembled in confusion, falling into a level of hysteria.

Then Erdian, who was next to Woohyuk, explained the situation.

“He has received Hevnia’s blessing. Fortunately, it seems that he passed the trial safely.”

“…Ah… right. So that’s why he’s in such a sorry state.”

“It looks like he acted brash again without listening to our warnings.”

Brunhilt and Helena looked down at Woohyuk with sad eyes.

They couldn’t help Woohyuk with their divine magic with his type of injury.

Zeke and Roan also held potions in their hands without knowing what to do.

“I don’t need potions. I’ve already received treatment from Hevnia.”

“How badly were you injured that you still look like this after being treated? Seeing that your Demonic Energy has increased a level higher, it seems like you overcame another barrier,” Helena complained as she supported Woohyuk.

At that time, a series of system messages appeared in front of Woohyuk's eyes.

[Epic Quest: You have completed the Legacy of the Dragon Tribe.]

[As the final reward, the Green Dragon’s Orb has been activated.]

[In addition, you have obtained the hidden class ‘Successor of Myths’.]

[In the future, if you enter a mythical legacy or acquire a heroic relic, you can acquire related abilities that exist within the hidden quests.]

[However, you are limited to a total of five abilities that can be obtained in this manner.]

[You have acquired the Power of Resuscitation from the completion of an epic quest.]

[The Power of Resuscitation applies not only to living beings, but also to objects. Furthermore, you can resuscitate the designated person or object’s status up to one day prior to using the power.]

[Revival power cooldown is 3 days, so use it carefully.]

Indeed, it was a huge reward.

In addition to obtaining Hevnia’s ability to seal the fallen angel, Kuruela, the existence and acquisition of the Power of Resuscitation was in itself fraudulent.

Of course, there was a restriction that only five abilities could be obtained in total, but the Power of Resuscitation alone had power comparable to that of a God.

Woohyuk immediately used the Power of Resuscitation on his body and reflected upon his current situation.

‘It turns out that I got two classes instead of the one I expected.’

Of course, both classes were overwhelmingly better than the one he had in mind, so he had no complaints.

Now there was only one class left.

He couldn’t help but worry quite a bit about this last hurdle.

‘Well, it won’t be bad to wait a little longer.’

Considering his development and progression so far, it was likely that the fourth class would be obtained in the same manner as what he just went through.

Anyway, the third class would have a high synergy effect with the Seven Color Rainbow ring he planned to make later on.

Obtaining this third class gave him another reason to start gathering the necessary materials, which he had neglected to do up to now, to create the Seven Color Rainbow ring.

‘It would be better to just give the Dragon Lord Class to Lia or Canelian.’

There was no rule that one couldn’t be a Dragon Lord just because one was a dragon.

When Woohyuk was contemplating this, Helena grumbled and stopped moving.

“What are you thinking about? Take your head out of the clouds and show some liveliness.”

“… shut up you noisy witch. I was just checking the compensation.”

“So, is the Epic Quest over? Good for you. I have to get rid of Rosenkreuz and get the King’s Book as soon as possible.”

Things to do were piling up like a mountain.

Woohyuk nodded and looked toward Erdian.

“What are you going to do? Are you going to keep Hevnia’s tomb here?”

“Of course. We don’t have to concern ourselves with your dimension’s issues.”

There was a total of 30 dragonians remaining.

Even if he were able to take them all, they wouldn’t be very helpful.

Woohyuk also didn’t like using weak forces when battling difficult enemies.

This was because he thought it would be better to develop his individual forces further for the future rather than sacrificing them as fodder.

“Then, do some training here. A day may come when there may be a catastrophe that will affect all the dimensions.”

“Thank you for the advice. I also learned a lot from this battle.”

Erdian bowed his head slightly to convey his respects.

Leaving Erdian behind, Woohyuk and his party headed to the golden door in front of them.

Now, a gruesome ordeal awaited them.


After spending a short time checking on their stats and gear, Woohyuk and his group discussed and took measures to address the current problem.

Of course, the First Great Disaster became the first main topic of discussion.

Since Hevnia told him to make good use of Roan’s Ability, he spent some time analyzing the ability closely.

“In a word, if I use the Power of Gluttony, I can take away the power of others.”

“Yes, that’s why Roan was managed with more care than the other Homunculuses. Once you start obtaining other’s skills one by one, you’ll become a really ridiculous monster,” Brunhilt said while sticking out a faded document.

Woohyuk read the contents of the document while sitting in an office chair.

“The Power of Gluttony can only be used when the third seal is released?”

“Yes, in our current state, we can only mobilize a fraction of the abilities we’ve already absorbed. The overall stats of the absorbed abilities are also less than half.”

This was one of the reasons why the forbidden weapon, Homunculus, had not been widely used.

Of course, even if the restrictions were not there, if the opponent was overwhelmingly strong then the Homunculus would probably not be used anyway.

Woohyuk continued to read the contents of the document and found a peculiar point.

“Among the absorbed abilities, there’s the Werewolf’s ability to regenerate…”

“Yes. One won’t usually have to face death due to that ability. Though it does complain a lot during down times.”

This meant that it would become the best shield.

However, this detail was probably not what Hevnia spoke of when she said he should use Roan’s abilities.

In the end, Woohyuk read the document from start to finish…

“Overall, the most useful of this guy’s abilities is swapping.”

Based on the information, they were able to come up with an optimal strategy of usage for the item, as a countermeasure.

“Normally, one can’t use it on opponents stronger than oneself… but if the opponent allows this to happen beforehand, the story changes. Of course, there are some constraints.”

“That should be enough.”

Having already fought a virtual battle once, the development of the impending operation was clearly drawn out in his mind.

As Woohyuk continued to chat with Bruhilt, Dexter’s voice was heard along with a knock.

“Lord, I have completed the mission you assigned me.”

“Come in.”


The door opened and Dexter appeared.

Woohyuk carefully observed the strange artifacts in Dexter’s hand.

‘Has he already succeeded in producing high-level equipment?’

Indeed, his natural talent was worthy of being called the God’s Blacksmith.

When Woohyuk showed an anticipating expression, Dexter proudly strode into the room and put his product atop the desk.

“I used the Queen Star Serpent’s Illusion, the Cradle of Grief, the rest of the Calm Sea, and the Curse of the Basilisk as the main ingredients. Please have a look.”

As valuable artifacts were converted into materials, their utilization abilities offset the losses that arose from production.

In response to Dexter’s words, Woohyuk nodded and lifted the ring-shaped artifact in front of him.

[Nocturne of the Hidden Crescent Moon] 

Category: Accessory

Grade: S

Durability: 50,000

Effect: Every hour, 3 of the target’s abilities are neutralized for 10 minutes (cannot be stacked, except when the target is overwhelmingly strong).

The user may store and use up to 5 magics cast spells. 

Immune to specialized attacks for 10 minutes (always immune to toxins).

‘This is more than I expected.’

Some of the original source material artifact abilities were lost.

However, the newly added ability was so excellent that he didn’t think it was a waste.

As Woohyuk put on the Nocturnal Song of the Crescent Moon, Dexter laid down the remaining items he had brought in: Marquis Ruben’s gorgeous long sword, the Sword of the Storm Cardian, and Queen Frost’s necklace.

“I couldn’t find a way to incorporate these artifacts in the end product. It may be because my skill level is still too low, so I will revisit these artifacts again later.”

“Okay. Now tell me the reward you want.”

“Reward? I don’t need anything in particular…”

“I’ll raise your nobility status three levels. Furthermore, I will give you an opportunity to socialize with beautiful women from the famous families.”

“Th-thank you! You are a merciful monarch.”

“Since I’m treating you so well…”

Woohyuk awkwardly coughed while Dexter shed emotional tears.

Afterwards, he made a suggestion that would have made make Zeek and Bruhilt green with envy.

“How about Count Tinia in your neighboring province? She has an outstanding appearance and an attractive personality.”

Woohyuk recently felt that relationships with his variety of women were becoming too complicated.

It would be nice to shake off a few at this opportunity.

Of course, that was Woohyuk’s wish.


The door suddenly flung open and Tinia came in.

Her pure white hands held a beautifully decorated envelope.

“Ho-ho… King, please read my love letter. I stayed up all night to write this letter.”


Before long, an uncomfortable, awkward stream of wind blew between the two men.

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