Book 8 Chapter 197 – Legacy of the Dragon Tribes (3)

A sense of liveliness from nature overflowed in this realm.

Woohyuk’s party followed behind the Elven Dragonian as they made their way to Hevnia’s tomb.

“Erdian, how did you guys get trapped here?”

“… We were fated to die anyways. However, Hevnia gave us a chance to survive.”

According to Erdian, Hevnia was a Green Dragon that had ruled over the nine Dragon tribes.

The Creator understood that the nine Dragon tribes’ members and their leaders wouldn’t be able to bring order amongst the dragons, so Hevnia, the Green Dragon, was created.

Due to her influence, the demons and other external attackers were blocked from entering into the dragon tribes’ realm. This protection from outside influences allowed the Dragon tribe members to thrive and grow in number.

And then one day…

One of the angels, who had lived in harmony with the Dragon tribes, touched the forbidden restricted knowledge, creating chaos and turmoil in the Dragon tribes’ realm.

That angels name was Kuruela.

Later on, Kuruela would be known far and wide as the originator of the first great disaster in the Eeth Continent.

To counteract Kuruela, the dragon tribes combined forces.

However, in the process of contending against Kuruela, the dragon tribe members were affected by the same darkness that consumed and overtook her. This left the tribe members in dire straits.

The dragon tribe members affected by the darkness transformed into demonic dragons and started attacking their own tribe members.

Furthermore, demons used this turbulent, chaotic period within the dragon tribe territories to exert pressure and ravage the dragon tribes’ lands.

As hope was beginning to wane, Hevnia made her fateful decision. 

She would sacrifice her own life to clean up the polluted lands and seal Kuruela in another dimension.

Of course, the nine Dragon tribe leaders vehemently opposed her decision. 

They believed that the Dragon tribes would have no future without her existence.

However, Hevnia stood firm on her decision, saving the fate of the nine Dragon tribes through her sacrifice.

Peace had returned to their lands once again.

While the tribes’ members were crestfallen at Hevnia’s absence, the Creator appeared and imparted Hevnia’s powers to the nine Dragon tribe leaders.

The Creator’s condition upon distributing Hevnia’s powers was that the nine Dragon tribe leaders would resolve future disasters by utilizing their newly given powers.

It was through these nine Dragon tribe leaders that Hevnia’s tomb was maintained and passed on for successive generations to maintain.

Later, this passing on of duty to successive generations was referred to as the ancient covenant.

Through the powers obtained by the nine Dragon tribe leaders, the Dragon tribe members began to multiply, and the desolated Dragon tribes’ lands were quickly rebuilt.

All would have been well if the story ended like this…

However, a tragedy soon followed.

The nine Dragon tribe leaders began to oppress the hybrid Dragon race, the Dragonians.

Unfounded rumors of disease and devastation originating from Dragonians had quickly spread within the Dragon tribes. 

At the time, a plausible theory that new diseases could be transferred from Dragonians to Dragons quickly gained attention, as the Dragonians were a hybrid race that could act as an intermediary for infectious diseases. 

As a result, the Dragonians were slaughtered and reduced in number…

At some point, the Dragonian population numbered around three hundred or so within the Dragon dimension.

“It was then that Hevnia saved your race?”

“That’s correct. Even after her death, she looked over the Dragon dimension. She observed and took action from this place.”

The Creator arranged for Hevnia’s soul to be moved and placed in this location.

However, there was a constant need to protect this resting place, so the Dragon tribes were designated as protectors.

Little did the Dragon tribe members know about this arrangement.

It wasn’t until Adkar, the Yellow Dragon king, received the Green Dragon’s Orb from the Creator that the dragon tribe members realized why they were assigned to protect Hevnia’s tomb.

“… so those things happened. I never heard this before.”

“Of course. There’s no way for you to know of the existences and history of this dimension. Even the upper-dimension administrators have to cautiously enter this place.”

“Regardless, I’ve learned one thing. Kuruela, the originator of the first great disaster, had something to do with the infectious disease that plagued the world.”

“Hevnia would know how to reseal Kuruela. It’s probable that the legacy she’s left here has something to do with that.”

However, she probably didn’t allow just any passerby to obtain her legacy.

Proper qualifications needed to be met.

As Erdian was emphasizing this last point, the party entered into a clearing. It was a beautiful flower garden in the midst of the lush vegetation.

“Is that Hevnia’s tomb?”

“It is. She always loved blooming flowers.”

Every day, without fail, the Dragonian would visit Hevnia’s tomb and maintain the blooming flowers.

Woohyuuk nodded his head and approached a golden tombstone at the center of the garden.


  • The Green Dragon, Hevnia, is resting here with her blooming flowers.
  • For those who come to this place after losing one’s wings, take the test of fate once again.


The last line of inscription was esoteric and vague. 

One who has lost one’s wings and a test of fate.

One could imbue and contrive meaning from this line if needed, but one would be hard-pressed to understand the exact meaning of this line.

“Who inscribed these lines?”

“The inscriptions existed since we first came. The inscription was probably left by Hevnia’s will.”

Erdian considered the inscription to be sacred.

To him, Hevnia was like a holy, religious profound existence. 

Thus, he didn’t try to complicatedly comprehend the inscription, no matter how esoteric or vague it may seem to others.

‘He probably sees this inscription like scripture from the Bible.’

If one put a ring on one’s ear, it would be an earring.

If one put a ring on one’s nose, it would be a nose ring.

Thinking that additional questioning wouldn’t bring any results, Woohyuk walked towards the tombstone and stretched his hand towards it.


He felt as if his hands were touching the top of a calm, cold surface of water.

It was truly an incomprehensible experience.

However, he calmly proceeded to do as he was instructed by Erdian.

As he waved his hands across the golden inscriptions on the tombstone, an aurora-like brilliant light swept across his surroundings.

Afterwards, a woman with colorful hair appeared before his eyes.

It was the Green Dragon Hevnia’s soul.

[You’ve finally come, the one who has lost his wings.]

[What do you mean by one who has lost his wings? Do you mean one that is not a demon?]

[… You will come to understand at a later time, when it is time for you to face judgment and your fate.]

[Seeing that you’re not telling me, it seems you have some plans to use me like Etheria Rodinus and Alistair.]

[I do not care how you interpret it. Only the truth that you exist within this place is important.]

With a kind smile, Hevnia looked down upon Woohyuk.

He couldn’t feel any sense of evil or malevolence in her actions or words.

He breathed out a long sigh and dived into the main issue.

[I heard that there was a final trial. Let’s proceed.]

[As you wish, we shall start now.]

A black curtain surrounded the shining light that contained Woohyuk and Hevnia.

The next scene was a burning, desolate flatland.

It was a scene of the first great disaster that Boestius showed Woohyuk before.

[What do you want me to do here?]

[Defend against Kuruela. Use whatever means you think are appropriate and effective.]

Against the backdrop of a scorched red sky, a black angel was flying in the sky.


Woohyuk spread out his abyssal wings and flew up to meet Kuruela.


His Verserios spear was blocked by Kuruela’s translucent curtain-like barrier.

After the initial clash, a black magic circle appeared above Kuruela’s head…

Boom, Boom, BOOM!

Meteorites engulfed in flames began to pour down like rain from the red sky.

The range of attack was so wide that the end couldn’t be seen.

The powerful impact of the attack was enough to deeply erode the ground.

“Ke-Euk…!” he groaned while avoiding the falling meteorites.

Indeed, this catastrophic area attack was aptly called a great disaster.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the Holy Epheria or Theresia Empire were destroyed in an instant from this single attack.

[Do not disturb me. I will destroy everything.]

As Woohyuk didn’t get hit easily, Kuruela opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Then, thousands of demons sprang out from her body and made their way towards Woohyuk.




Due to an overwhelming range attack capability, Kuruela's one-sided attack unfolded.

Woohyuk took out the Lemegeton and summoned the six demon kings after concluding that there would be no progress with his current approach.

“You guys cut off that beast. Then I’ll dig into the gap and cut that fallen angel’s neck.”

“A fallen angel… this is going to be an interesting battle.”

“I’ve always wanted to kill an angel.”

Six demon kings scattered and kept Kuruela in check in their own ways.

However, thinking that this wasn’t enough, Woohyuk summoned the entire undead army he had collected so far.


The demonic beast, Caribdis, swam in the air while carrying the entire undead army on its back.

Seeing this, Woohyuk lifted Verserios and opened an absolute space.

He had used all possible means.

Outside of the fact that he exhausted his summoning energy and couldn’t summon Nakron to assist, this was the maximum power Woohyuk was able to muster as a single person army.

[I told you not to interfere.]

Kuruela raised her index finger toward Woohyuk’s forces as if she was annoyed.

Then, a purple ray like a huge particle cannon launched from her index finger and swept across the battlefield.


Even though the attack was contained within Asura’s absolute space, Kuruela’s attack was powerful.

Caribdis was cut in half and more than half of the undead army instantly perished.

Meanwhile, the six demon kings were barely conserving their lives.

Woohyuk clicked his tongue at this surprisingly difficult opponent.

‘How am I supposed to contend against this ridiculous opponent?’

However, he couldn’t give up just because his opponent was immensely powerful.

After giving it some thought, he decided to lift the third seal off Verserios.

‘No matter what, I have to overcome my current limitations.’

It was impossible for him, who had struggled for over 40 years overcoming the impossible, to give up so easily.

As he dug deeper to bring out the demon power…


Indescribable pain began to circulate through his entire body.

He had reached the limitations of those who were born human.

However, if he couldn’t overcome this pain, everything was over.

“I must… overcome…!”

Thanks to the increased immunity to death due to the Necromancer class, Woohyuk gritted his teeth and endured the throbbing pain.

As he started vomiting red blood from his mouth…


Verserios cried out sharply, causing a fierce storm.

Finally, the third seal was lifted.

As if he had waited for just this moment, Woohyuk swung Verserios with all his might towards Kuruela.


Thousands of beasts were cut at once along the path of his spear tip.

A narrow gap appeared between him and Kuruela.

Suddenly, Verserios flew towards Kuruela’s delicate neck.

‘I finally did it!’

At such a close distance, the spear would inflict fatal injuries.

As he was smiling in relief…

[Don’t be so assured. You’re the one in trouble.]

Kuruela seized Verserios by the shaft.

At the same time, Kuruela shattered Asura’s absolute space.

She was deliberately waiting for this moment to target the weakness in Woohyuk’s attack.


The black defensive veil that Woohyuk urgently unfolded was easily cracked and pierced by the Verserios Kuruela had cloned.

The shattering of Asura’s absolute space and Kuruela’s counterattack happened so quickly that even the six demon kings could not hide their astonishment and embarrassment.

“Asura will perish!”

“Come on, support!”

The six demon kings belatedly rushed towards Kuruela.

However, the cloned Verserios was already digging into Woohyuk’s heart.


With a blunt sound, red blood poured out like a fountain.

However, Woohyuk wasn’t foolish enough to just receive an attack.


He grabbed onto Kuruela’s neck in exchange for giving his heart.

Afterwards, poured out all his remaining mana into his grip, he broke her neck bone with a snap.

The sound of bones crunching together reverberated throughout the space.

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