Book 8 Chapter 196 – Legacy of the Dragon Tribes (2)

The heads of the nine dragon tribes were truly vicious people.

When they found out that Woohyuk and Helena weren’t on such good terms and often poked fun at each other, they decided to make the two stay in physical contact with every trial.

For example, they had to stick to each other and sweet talk like lovers, and act out a scene where a nymph bathing alone in a lake was attacked(?) by the Wind God. 

Thanks to that, everyone in the group was able to see the two interact in ways they never would’ve in life.

“It’s a relief you passed all the trials safely, My Lord.”

“… What happens here stays here. We shall never talk about this again.”

The mentally exhausted Woohyuk stared at Sieg, who had a wry smile on his face.

Then Roan spoke to Woohyuk in an attempt to comfort him.

“Master, you were so cool earlier! Your whipping skills were so good! I think that saintess was enjoying herself as well...”


Woohyuk's fist fiercely dug into his cheek.

“Did you not hear what I said? We are to never speak about this again.”

“Aaaaahhhhh! Roan didn’t have any bad intentions!”

“You need a beating, brat. You keep saying such foolish things...”

Helena’s rage was also boiling due to Roan’s little comment.

She didn't like being toyed with by the dragons either.

However, she was slightly relieved that Woohyuk's desires(?) had been satisfied a bit.

“But I didn't know that the Dragon ruins were hidden in the Karlheinz Mountains. I just thought it was a habitat for some wolves.”

“I might need your help there, Brynhild.”

Brynhild was the only person in the group who could easily handle runes.

Compared to her, Runesmith Dexter’s skills were like a baby’s.

If the runes could be handled well, the devices inside and outside the ruins could be easily operated or disabled.

“We’ve arrived at our destination. My Lord, I think it's time to use it.”

“… Alright."

Woohyuk pulled out the Green Dragon Orb and raised it toward the dragon engraved on the stone wall.

It was an artifact he had received from Golden Dragon King Adakar.

With this, he could enter the Dragon Ruins with his party.

“Do we really not need Drakia’s help? It would have been nice if we brought Lia or Carnelian with us.”

“From here on, the Dragons cannot intervene and help us, Helena.”

The Dragon tribes had to act as according to the ancient covenant.

If they disobeyed the Creator's words, they would be punished like the seven gods.

So Adakar, the Golden Dragon King, could only ask about his daughter’s welfare and could not give any more help.

“Those dragon kings aren’t very helpful. They only messed around with us. I hope they don’t cause trouble in the Erendia Kingdom.

“Right now, there’s no one else living on the Sky Island, so there’s no need to worry about that. And if people come to the Sky Island in the future, they will act as reliable guardians.”

It was a floating island that housed the nine dragon tribes.

Originally, dragons built their lairs in rugged mountainous areas, but this time, they had decided to live in the city as they really liked the island.

They had transformed themselves into various races.

“… You must be happy that the citizens of your kingdom are all dragons. Fiona and Aris were a little scared though.”

“Nothing will happen to those two. I already told the dragons about them.”

Woohyuk couldn't afford to worry about things of such lesser importance.

When he injected mana into the Green Dragon Orb


A brilliant light emanated from it and spread into the stone wall, into the words engraved on it.

After a while, the Dragonic characters flashed and a system message popped up before Woohyuk’s eyes.

[Would you like to enter the Dragon Ruins? If you press YES, everyone around you will be moved inside.]

[YES / NO]

There was nothing to hesitate about.

When Woohyuk clicked [YES], a dazzling light covered the area.


The Dragon Ruins had a fairly complex structure.

They had to go up a spiral staircase like a tower. When their path would be blocked by a large bronze door, they had to enter the room on the side and find the key inside.

However, the interior area was also separated into different floors, so it took a lot of time to climb up the tower.

Despite this, Woohyuk and his party were able to advance at a fairly quick pace without much difficulty because they were all excellent in exploration and battle.

“Just when is this going to end? No matter how high the Karlheinz Mountains are, I don't think it’s this high.

“This seems to be a different dimension. In the case of high-ranking ruins, the outside appearance is usually just for decoration.”

The Twilight Tower and the White Ghost King’s Sand Temple were such cases.

In fact, the exterior design was meaningless and only served as a medium that connected to the interior, which was in a different dimension.

These ruins also seemed to belong to that category.

“I don't understand this at all. Why are you trying to climb this tower, Master? Just play around with girls in the bedroom of the royal palace while drinking as much as you want...”


Roan still hadn’t figured out why he was getting beaten up every time.

“This brat’s learning skills are nonexistent. Is he really a Homunculus, that infamous forbidden weapon?”

"Who knows? At the very least, he's not a counterfeit, since Brynhild lifted the seal on him herself. Maybe he lost a screw in his head when he was thrown away.”

“Roan doesn't want to be thrown away again! I'll be obedient, so please don’t abandon me!”

Roan clung to Woohyuk's leg as he begged.

Sieg spoke up when Woohyuk grabbed the Homunculus by the nape in annoyance.

“My Lord, if you are worried about Roan, I will personally educate him. We can’t have you waste so much time on him.”

“… I leave him in your care.”

Woohyuk threw Roan at Sieg.

He was being treated as a burden.

Roan then burst into tears.

“Waaaaah! I want to drink alcohol! Life is so hard and unfair!”

“As if a brat like you knows anything about life…”

Sieg grabbed the flying Roan with one hand and dropped a fist on his head.


The dragon slayer's arm strength was strong enough to inflict pain on the Homunculus.

“Why did you hit me! It hurts!”

“It’s meant to hurt, you moron.”

Sieg looked down at Roan with a frown.

The dark glare left Roan in fear.

“… Why are there only scary men in this party?!”

“If you’ve realized that, watch your attitude. Don't be a spoiled brat.”

Subsequently, Sieg's lessons on etiquette began.

As Roan was getting bored, a group of people appeared in the distance.

They were the Dragonians guarding the ruins.

“It's hybrids this time. Be careful. It may only be half of it, but they have inherited the blood of the dragon race.”

“I’d understand if they were half-human or half-elf. But orcs, trolls and ogres? The dragons have very bizarre tastes in partners.”

“Dragons have existed for eternities, so their feeling of boredom reached its peak. Isn’t that also the case for you, Sieg?”

As Brynhild’s conversation with Sieg reached this sentence, she silently stared at her lover.

Helena had told her about Sieg’s obscene comment the other day.

Meanwhile, Helena pretended as if she wasn’t involved in this and raised her staff.

“Now, let’s defeat them! I think we’re almost at the top!”

The appearance of the Dragonians meant that they were getting closer to the place where the legacy of the dragon tribes was.

Eventually, the two forces clashed and a melee battle broke out.


As Sieg swung the Holy Sword Gram, dozens of Dragonians dropped dead as blood poured out of their wounds.

It was the dance of the legendary Dragon Slayer.

Held under his left arm was Roan, who was dangling in peace and watching the battle unfold.

“Wow! You're awesome, old man!”

“You just watch quietly. Don't think about using your ability or anything.”

Sieg was supposed to take care of Roan, so he was only using his right arm.

Nevertheless, his sword dance swirled around the area like a storm!

It was as if he would wipe out all the enemies in front of him on his own.

On the other hand, Brynhild and Helena were using divine magic and supporting them from behind.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!

Pillars of light shot up here and there and swallowed up the Dragonians.

The battle was going smoothly with no problems.

However, Woohyuk, who was watching from afar, broke the flow of the battle.


Grandia twirled around the battlefield with dazzling flashes.

Among Woohyuk's main equipment, it was the only weapon of the light attribute.

The reason he still insisted on using it was because of the experience.

‘I still have some artifacts that need to increase in grade.'

The growth artifacts he had obtained early on had reached Grade A, but the rest remained at Grade B.

Their current stats fell short of the level necessary to face the ordeals in the future.

The more experience he gained, the better.

His goal wasn’t just to conquer the Eeth Continent, but to sit on the Demon God’s throne.

As Woohyuk swung Grandia in rapid succession, a Dragonian stood in Woohyuk’s way.

It was a male elf with dragon claws, a pair of horns, and wings on his back.

Compared to the other Dragonians, he didn’t have just one specific racial characteristic.

“How did a demon like you get in here?”

“No need for you to know. You’ll die here anyway.”


Clang! Clang!

Grandia collided against a scimitar several times as sparks flew.

As he couldn’t end the fight swiftly, Woohyuk made a puzzled expression.

“Are you the boss of these Dragonians?”

"Indeed! If you are planning to rob the Green Dragon Hevnia's grave, you must go through me first!”

“We’re not here to rob this place. I came to clear my Epic Quest. This is the proof.”

Woohyuk pulled out the Green Dragon Orb from his pocket.

He thought that it might help persuade him since he was the boss of this area.

And his expectations were met.

“Tha, that’s Hevnia’s…!”

“Throw your weapons away and surrender. I will talk after that.”

“… Keuk! Everyone, fall back!”

When the battle ended, the party gathered around Woohyuk with an expression of regret.

The number of Dragonians has decreased considerably, and they were on the verge of victory.

Meanwhile, the Dragonians who had survived sighed in relief.

“It’s quieter now. So much better.”

“I have heeded your orders, so I will ask you some questions. If you are on an Epic Quest related to the Dragon tribes... Do you need Hevnia's legacy?”

“I’m not sure. It's stated that I need to get the legacy of the Dragon tribes, so that's probably the case.”

“What is your objective? What are you going to do with it?”

The elven Dragonian’s eyes flared.

No matter how qualified Woohyuk was to complete the Epic Quest, he would not cooperate unless Woohyuk’s purpose was confirmed.

In fact, the Dragonians had dropped their weapons, but they had not surrendered yet.

“Stop asking so many questions! My Master said he wants it, so give it to him! Bring some women and alcohol as well right now...”


It was Sieg's fist that flew this time.

When Roan fell down with a thud, Woohyuk began to talk again with a serious expression.

“To prevent the three Great Catastrophes and save this world from destruction. Is this enough of an explanation?”

“… I will trust you for now. Even if you reach the top floor, you will have to pass Hevnia’s trial, so it’s meaningless to scheme anything behind our backs.”

Woohyuk could never obtain the legacy with corrupt thoughts in mind.

When the elven Dragonian chanted the spell, a golden gate appeared next to them.

“Is it some kind of shortcut?”

"Yes. I currently have administrator rights for this site. This gate can appear anywhere I summon it.”

If they had used that door from the beginning, they wouldn’t have had to climb up to this point.

Woohyuk turned to Brynhild and quietly stared at her.

“…Were you not aware of the existence of that door?”

“… Hoho. It seems my senses have dulled after waking up from a millennia-long slumber.”

As everyone's eyes focused on her, cold sweat ran down Brynhild’s neck and back.

Woohyuk sighed and then turned to Helena this time.

“Ladies first.”

“Why do you say that only in situations like this?”

"If you don't complain and listen to me, I'll let you ride Pegasus later."

“Alright. What most could this gate do to me other than killing me?”

Unlike her brash personality, she was a fairly easy-going saint.

As Helena took the lead with confidence, Woohyuk smiled in satisfaction on the inside.

He was planning to prank her with some aerial acrobatics this time as well.

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