Book 8 Chapter 195 - Legacy of the Dragon Tribes (1)

Most of the dragons lived in high and rugged mountains.

As they were called the strongest creatures of the continent, they did not live in groups and it was easy for them to defend themselves on their own.

There were a few of them who transformed into other species and travelled the world, but...

“I didn’t think they would all flock to the Erendia Kingdom.”

Since it had been destroyed for ages, it was like an empty mountain that would be perfect for their lair.

Woohyuk had thought that the dragons would return to their past lairs after returning to the continent.

But the Sky Island of the Erendia Kingdom was just that appealing to them that they all coveted it.

“It must be because it fits their tastes. An island that floats in the sky must be perfect for flying dragons. Besides, the island is quite large and has some mountainous regions.”

The mainland of the Erendia Kingdom was as vast as England or Japan on Earth.

For this reason, the heads of the nine dragon tribes, excluding Drakia, were gathered on the island to debate over the sovereignty of the Erendia Kingdom.

“I didn’t know that the dragon tribes also fought between each other. Since they’re a race that values order, I thought they would be reasonable.”

“Didn’t the Prophetic Book talk about them? It seems there were a lot more missing contents than I thought.”

“… In truth, a lot of the stories were more symbolic than anything. But its contents are sufficient to change the future in a desirable direction.”

At the very least, Eteria Rodinus believed that.

Helena looked up at the sky, thinking of the members who were doing their best around the continent.

Currently, Woohyuk's party was headed to Inotia, the City of Magic-Engineering, while riding on top of Drakia.

The eight heads of the dragon tribes were gathered in front of Neustein Castle and disputing.

“We’re almost there. I can see the Sky Island over there.”

Brynhild pointed forward with her finger.

Then Roan expressed in surprise and joy.

"Woah! It looks like Valhalla in the heavenly world!”

In his head, he recalled the apprentice valkyries who served the dead heroes, and the finest alcohol he had tasted.

Brynhild sternly admonished Roan as if she had read his mind.

“There are no liquor and girls over there. And even if there were some, you better act carefully because your master won’t punch you once only this time either.”

“Aaaaah! Roan doesn't want to get hit!”

Roan cried as he recalled the memory of Woohyuk beating him.

Drakia sighed as he watched their interactions.

'The more I watch them, the more surprising it is.'

He was working with them because of Joanna, but the group’s members were really odd.

In particular, that whiny Homunculus could cause a big accident someday.

Drakia couldn't understand why Woohyuk was taking him to the place where the heads of the dragon tribes had gathered.

'But I should believe in the future shown to me by the Goddesses of Fate.'

The first catastrophe, the Advent of the Fallen Angel Cruella.

To stop it, he would have to clear the Epic Quest involving the dragon tribes, and the dragon tribes had to give him appropriate assistance according to the ancient covenant.

Moreover, before beginning the Epic Quest, the heads would give him trials to figure out his abilities and qualities.

Drakia flapped his wings more vigorously as his excitement to watch Woohyuk’s true abilities grew.

When they arrived at the destination, they saw various races gathering together and chatting.

All of them were dragons, but because they had to hold a meeting with many members, they had transformed into their preferred forms for convenience’s sake.

Woohyuk's party descended from Drakia's back and headed straight to the heads of the dragon tribes.

“Who are you! Only dragons can participate in this meeting!”

“There is a demon among them. Along with the forbidden weapon Homunculus...”

“But there is also a Saint and a Valkyrie. This is such a bizarre combination of people.”

“We must inform the elder first!”

The dragons showed hostility and blocked Woohyuk's path.

Drakia then stood before them and overpowered them with his spirit.

“Get out of the way. They are my guests.”

“Bl, Black Dragon King Drakia...!”

“Are the black dragons also aiming for this island?!”

The heads of the dragon tribes were granted power from the Creator, so a few ordinary dragons could not stop a single tribe head.

As the crowd of dragons split in half and created a path as if Moses had appeared, Woohyuk grinned in amusement.

'I didn't think I would meet them again like this.'

In the past, he had subdued the nine dragon tribes by force.

It was only possible because he had the help of excellent vassals.

But this time, they weren't with him, and even if Woohyuk had brought them along today, they would still be lacking in skills.

Moreover, many contents of the Epic Quest needed to be done on his own.

'But there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the dragons.'

The present Woohyuk was very different to the past life’s Woohyuk.

Even if his overall stats fell behind a little, he had gained a power that could offset it.

Therefore, he had to finish the Epic Quest as quickly as possible.

He had to go find the King's Book in the Enoa Kingdom, as it was necessary to defeat Rosenkreuz, who had almost uncovered the secrets of Rosa Eterna.

The return of the dragon tribes would be a new variable.

Other forces would be confused for a while, but it also meant that the future was less predictable now compared to before.

Before long, Woohyuk’s group reached the location where the heads of the dragon tribes had gathered.

Drakia then spoke first.

"We returned to prevent a catastrophe, but here you are, fighting for territory. You lot are pathetic."

“I don't think you have the right to say that, Drakia. Who was the dragon who wrecked havoc in a small kingdom because of one human woman?”

Estina, the Red Dragon King, condemned him as if she had expected Drakia's ridicule.

She had begun to lead the Red Dragon tribe, succeeding Arcana who had died during the War of Gods and Demons.

“But why did you bring them? The composition is also very grotesque. If you have no convincing reason, that demon and Homunculus will die under my hands right now.”

“Ah, first, remove the black-haired young man from the execution list. He's a human who passed my trial long ago.”

Adakar, the Golden Dragon King, dissuaded Estina and tried to get rid of her anger.

The other heads of the dragon tribes were amazed at his words and stared at Woohyuk.

“A human?!”

“He certainly does not have any horns or wings, but...”

“He must have made a contract with a demon.”

“No, it can’t be something so predictable. He’s together with a Saint and a Valkyrie.”

Odd hypotheses began to be shared amongst them

Drakia then spoke in Dragonic to draw the attention of the eight dragon kings.

[Don’t waste time like this and listen carefully! They are the ones chosen who will prevent the catastrophe that will soon arise. And the black-haired young man Adakar talked about is the one who is currently performing the Epic Quest.]

“Wha, what?!”

"That can’t be... That human with the dirty demonic energy within him…?”

“Are you sure he didn’t fool you? This might be one of Aleister's schemes.”

"That's right, that rotten human would do anything for the sake of his goal."

Even with Drakia's declaration, the heads of the other dragon tribes did not fully trust Woohyuk.

Except for the Golden Dragon King Adakar.

“It seems he met Asura, the previous Demon God. I once heard this from Eve, the guide of the tutorial stage. She said that an otherworlder who achieves an incomprehensible and near-impossible achievement could inherit Asura’s name.”

“The Demon God? That can’t be...”

“But if Eve said that, it must be true. After she died, she volunteered to become part of the system.”

“Is she still unable to let go of her regret about Paradise Lost? … Oh well, I guess that it is the only way to resurrect Adam.”

After Adam died, his soul was sealed in a world beyond the system by the Creator himself, unlike what had happened to Eve.

The Creator needed Adam to control the divine lineage if it caused trouble and problems in the future.

However, no one knew about that, and the dragon tribes leaders only thought that the Creator was trying to give Adam and Eve another chance.

“In any case, that black-haired young man succeeding the former Demon God is due to the Creator’s will. We mustn’t willingly disobey it.”

“… Do you mean that the Demon God’s throne must be filled? I guess we can’t do anything about that.”

“It may be better to have the demons controlled under one absolute being. Think about the 72 Demon Kings. Because of their rank competition, they invaded the Eeth Continent.”

“No, isn't it more desirable to let them have internal conflicts to prevent further growth? But now that I think about it, the Demon God is also a god in some way. I am not in a position to disobey the Creator's command.”

“Well, the Creator’s will is subtle and unclear, so it is difficult for us to figure it out. Even if you are dissatisfied about this, you cannot break the ancient covenant now.”

One by one, the heads of the dragon tribes came to an agreement.

Woohyuk, who had been silent all this time, opened his mouth.

“In any case, I have come here to proceed with the Epic Quest. I must pass all the trials you will give me.”

“Aha, right. A trial. Those are fun to give.”

“Yes, I also enjoyed giving trials to humans who had come to steal my heart.”

“Who should we start with? If everyone is fine with it, I would like to go first...”

The heads of the dragon tribes, except for Drakia and Adakar, showed interest and grinned as their sense of playfulness had been ignited.

Woohyuk was a human who had achieved an unbelievable achievement and had succeeded Demon God Asura.

Since it was obvious he had been chosen by the Creator, everyone thought that there was no need to verify his qualifications for real.

But they still wanted to mess around with him for entertainment

Having realized their thoughts, Woohyuk spoke again.

“But I would like to make a suggestion. If you give me a simple test that can be completed in less than a minute, it will provide you with a residential area on this Sky Island. Of course, I will be fair to all the dragons who accept the offer.”

“… Are you the ruler of this place? No wonder the fortress was closed so tightly.”

“I approached it without much thought and was startled. A bright breath suddenly shot towards me out of nowhere...”

“No, it was an imitation of our dragon breath. In any case, I accept the offer. I really liked this place, so I am not quite willing to leave.”

“Personally, I agree with that. This floating island has great views and clean air, making it the best place for us dragons.”

The heads of the dragon tribes nodded one by one.

Then Estina interrupted their conversation with a dissatisfied expression.

"Wait a moment. We can just take it by force without listening to his offer, right? Why are you all falling for the words of this insidious human?”

The fact that the Red Dragon King had to make a deal with a human had hurt her pride.

Woohyuk immediately made an additional proposal as he had expected some opposition.

“If you do that, you will miss the opportunity to gain the cure for the disease that affects you dragons. This city has a state-of-the-art magic-engineering research facility, so with enough time, I can develop a cure.”

“What? Is that the truth?!”

“Then there is no reason for us to decline the offer.”

“If we get rid of the plague that bothers us, we can do more than that!”

The dragons unanimously agreed to the offer.

When the talks about the cure came out, even the Red Dragon King couldn't object anymore.

But, as she was upset by this situation, she gave Woohyuk a vicious trial.

“Alright then. For my trial, you must perform a deep kiss with that saintess. For at least one minute. Oh, don't forget the skinship and physical touch as well.”


She had judged that Woohyuk would be unwilling to touch the saintess too much due to their conflicting attributes and properties

And she wasn’t quite wrong. It would’ve been the case if they were ordinary demons and saints.

“Can’t you give me a more normal and formal trial? I don’t want to do it in such a public place...”

“… You’re not the only one to think that.”

In truth, it wasn't such a difficult requirement.

While it was a special situation, Woohyuk had almost slept together with Helena.

Woohyuk took a deep breath and immediately bolted towards Helena.

When she saw him coming, Helena's terrible scream echoed high in the sky.


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