Book 8 Chapter 193 - Edda Chronicles (2)

Inside the office exclusive to the king, Woohyuk was intently studying a certain ancient document while holding the Archaeologist's Golden Magnifying Glass.

[Restored Edda Chronicles]

Type: Personal Item

Effect: Spirit +50. Can be used to watch recorded myths and stories about heroes in an imaginary world. If certain conditions are met, the epic quest will be activated.

'Certain conditions...’

Basically, Epic Quests were only given when the user’s overall stats were very high.

Of course, there were other requirements, such as interacting with specific places or objects.

'It seems there are no hidden texts in it.'

If there were, there would be clues and hints inside it written in visible characters.

As Woohyuk went through the book, someone knocked on the door.

Knock knock.

“My Lord, I have brought the people you asked for.”

It was Sieg behind the door.

Woohyuk retracted his gaze from the book and answered.

“Come in.”


The luxuriously decorated door opened, and familiar faces entered the office with Sieg.

Helena, Brynhild, and Alejandro.

“Are you used to your new lifestyle now, Alejandro?”


Alejandro looked down to his now empty groin and bit his lips.

Seeing his reaction, Helena jabbed at him.

“He reaped what he sowed. If you do terrible things in life, you’ll get your fair share of it yourself. Karma’s a bitch.”

“Don't bully him too much, Helena. I understand your feeling of wanting to take revenge for your parents, but still.”

Brynhild patted Helena on the shoulder to comfort her.

As the chatter continued, Woohyuk lightly tapped on the desk to draw their attention.

“In any case, we must proceed through the Epic Quest as soon as possible, but using every means possible.”

Alejandro was the second-in-command of the Golden Rose Society, so he knew many secrets.

As everyone's eyes focused on Alejandro, sweat dripped down his neck.

“You won’t torture me again to hypnotize me, right? I still have value to you as a prisoner.”

“Of course you do. However, if necessary, I can always cut additional body parts of yours.”

A sharp glint shone in Helena’s eyes and she released her murderous intent.

She had already sliced off a grown man’s phallus, so there was nothing she couldn’t cut now.

Eventually, Alejandro realized that nothing was holding her back, and decided to surrender.

“Ask, ask anything you want. All of this must’ve been planned by Lord Aleister either way...”

“What a pathetic excuse. Just say you're afraid of being tortured.”

Brynhild crossed her arms with a dark glare.

As a Valkyrie, she was not happy about the existence of the Golden Rose Society.

As the atmosphere became appropriate for an interrogation, Woohyuk spoke his first question.

“What do you know about the Edda Chronicles? Since the Witches have been aiming for it for a while, you must know something about it.”

“… A certain Homunculus is the key to triggering the Epic Quest. However, we don’t know what kind of entity it is. It’s also impossible to estimate what the final reward for completing the quest is.”

Epic Quests were designed by the Creator himself, so even the gods or demons could not figure out the contents of the quests within the system.

At Alejandro's explanation, Woohyuk nodded.

“If you people knew everything, you would have restored the document first in the past. Then the second question. Where are the rest of the Golden Rose Society members and what are they doing?”

“… Even I can't figure out where Lord Aleister is. And all of our other bases are located in cold regions. Specifically, the Enoa Kingdom and the Aize Kingdom in the east.”

Excluding major cities, the population density in cold regions was low and exchanges with the outside were low.

The Golden Rose Society used that information to their advantage to set their bases in those two kingdoms.

It was the same idea as the Isle of Chaos.

“Good. I was going to visit them sometime soon anyway. Now, tell us what role the Edda Chronicles plays in your plans.”

He had been wondering about it for a long time.

Why didn't Lilith and Aleister advance at full strength even though their subordinates were being defeated?

If their purpose was to grow his strength for the advent of the Demon god, how did they plan to stop Eteria Rodinus’ plans?

While he had his own hypotheses, he wasn’t sure about many points.

So, he was going to use this opportunity to hear more details from Alejandro.

For reference, since he had the ability to detect lies, he had no fear of being misled by false information.

When Woohyuk glanced at him and asked for an explanation, Alejandro slightly hesitated before talking.

“It is difficult to understand all of Lady Lilith’s intentions... Even Lord Aleister is just trusting her and following her lead. However, we know that the Three Ancient Chronicles, including the Edda Chronicles, are important factors in determining the future.”

“It must be because of the Ark of Knowledge and the Epic Quests. I also know that the Epic Quests are necessary to prevent the three Great Catastrophes. Tell me the details about the Ark of Knowledge.”

In truth, Woohyuk was aware of the Nameless Tome’s contents thanks to Helena and knew what the Ark of Knowledge was.

It could be called a material necessary to reconstruct the existing world.

If the Demon God and the Holy Grail interacted, the world would be reinitialized.

But if the Ark of Knowledge were to be added to the equation, partial modification would become possible instead of complete reinitialization.

That was why Boetius had said that in order to change the future to a desirable direction, they needed the Holy Grail in perfect condition, the Ark of Knowledge, and the Power of the Demon God.

However, the fact that Lilith knew the contents of the prophetic book still bothered Woohyuk.

'Maybe, what Eteria Rodinus knows is not everything.'

Even in the Nameless Tome, the origin of the Ark of Knowledge was not mentioned.

This was because the Forbidden Library already existed even before the divine lineage was transferred to the Eeth Continent.

It is also known that the Holy Grail and Lemegeton were given to the Wise King  Solomon by the Creator himself, but there was no information about whether they existed before.

Eteria Rodinus hasn't told him all the information they knew yet, so he felt like he was being kept in the dark.

Alejandro laughed as if he had noticed Woohyuk's feelings.

“The Ark of Knowledge... It's a very hidden topic, so we can't say much about it either. Of course, Lady Lilith knows the essential information, but... the only human who was accepted by her in the Golden Rose Society is Aleister.”

"So you don't have any information?

“That’s not the case. I will tell you as much as I know. The Forbidden Library, which you call the Ark of Knowledge, was created by the original residents of the Eeth Continent who had inherited Lady Lilith's blood. They dreamed of immortality and wanted to return to Paradise Lost.”

When neither the gods nor the demons existed on the Eeth Continent, they focused solely on forbidden research.

Most of the magic books in the Ark of Knowledge were written during that era.

They gained an enormous amount of knowledge, but as if that alone was insufficient, the hand of salvation did not reach down to them.

While everyone was frustrated, a certain prominent alchemist (Aleister) declared:

“Lady Lilith may know a method!”

That was the moment the Witch Cult first appeared on the Eeth Continent.

Since then, the Witch Cult spread rapidly, and its members began to study dark magic to summon beings of different dimensions.

The King's Book had records of the accumulated knowledge.

It was the forbidden magic book that Helena wanted to find as soon as possible.

“… I didn't know there was such a long history in the Witch Cult.”

“Lord Aleister organized the doctrine. Many people began to follow and worship Lady Lilith.”

But one day a problem occurred.

Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise Lost and came down to the Eeth Continent.

The Witch Cult tried to reject the two, but they couldn't achieve their will.

Because the seven gods commanded by the Creator appeared and made Adam and Eve dominate the descendants of Lilith.

As a result, the Witch Cult fell and was ruined, and Aleister summoned ancient demons from another dimension as a last resort.

“Are they the 72 Demon Kings?”

“No, listen to the end of the story. The ancient demons are different from the 72 Demon Kings.” 

The 72 Demon Kings and Lilith were creatures later called by the Creator to the Eeth Continent to prevent the gods’ tyranny.

The ancient demons summoned by Aleister before the arrival of the demon kings were fallen angels.

They were former vassals of the Creator who served him before the gods.

But they also rebelled against him and were exiled to another dimension.

“Well, even if they were such great existences, they must have been suppressed since the gods were able to monopolize the Eeth Continent.” 

“Still, they were able to buy a lot of time. Thanks to this, Lord Aleister was able to receive Lady Lilith’s grace on the border of life and death.”

The process was truly dramatic.

Although he had been defeated in the war against the gods, he had managed to escape, but Aleister had lost all the knowledge he had acquired through his studies due to the curse of the Sea God.

Afterwards, he was stabbed by the sword of some Light Doctrine believer, and fell on the side of the road, prepared to face death.

The moment everything was about to end...

Aleister completed a necromancy spell subconsciously.

Although he had forgotten about it, his body had managed to remember it while desperately seeking salvation.

It would have been impossible if he weren’t a fanatic to the bone.

Thanks to this, Aleister was able to connect with Lilith from the demon world and became the first person to make a contract with her.

“… He's crazier than Rosenkreuz. So, did the Ark of Knowledge come to be managed by the divine lineage?”

"That's right. The gods didn't want the Ark of Knowledge to be used by Lilith and her descendants.”

And, to prepare for urgent situations, the Akashic Records were given to the divine family.

If the Ark of Knowledge were about to be taken away by a hostile force, it would activate a top-class magic circle that would move the Ark to the heavenly world.

The Akashic Records had already been used once in the past and were extinguished now.

When all of Alejandro's explanations ended, Woohyuk nodded.

'He’s not lying, so it's probably all true.'

The problem was that those historical events weren't particularly helpful in the current situation.

After thinking for a while, Woohyuk ordered Brynhild to bring Roan, who was detained in the basement.

“Bring me alcohol and hoes right now! Otherwise I’ll...”


Upon arriving at the office, Woohyuk's fist flew toward Roan, who then began to scream in pain.

"Ouch! Roan hates being treated as a punching bag!”

“Zip it. The situation isn’t laid-back enough for me to accept your bullshit right now.”

Woohyuk retracted his fist and revealed his murderous intention.

As a result, the air froze and Roan gulped.

“Wha, what do you want? If you’re into pretty boys like me...”

“Brynhild, tie him to a chair first.”

"I understand."

Brynhild pulled out a golden rope and quickly tied Roan.

Roan, whose abilities were sealed, couldn't resist.

“Now, then let’s continue the conversation.”

“But are you certain that the Homunculus that triggers the Epic Quest is Roan? I feel anxious for some reason...”

“Don't worry, Helena. If it’s not him, we’ll just seal him again.”

However, if things were going according to the Creator’s or Lilith's plans, the key was most likely to be Roan.

A glint flashed through Woohyuk’s eyes and he grabbed Roan’s nape.

Two faded runes.

Since a third rune was active next to them, only the first seal was released right now.

It was time to release the others.

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