Book 8 Chapter 177 - Kingdom of Winter (2)

After tasting Leifina's terrible ‘special’ dish with the others, Woohyuk used Brynhild to establish the cause of his upcoming conquest.

Originally, the Valkyrie was a vassal of the God of Light.

She was called the Maiden of the Battlefield and was a demigod who fought against the demon faction.

Therefore, if Woohyuk declared that he would overthrow Nigel, the Lich Lord, under Brynhild's orders, the Holy See would support his decision.

He was the Hero King who had defeated demon kings and protected several small kingdoms, so it wouldn’t be particularly strange if the Valkyrie appeared before him.

In fact, Rosenkreuz was also somewhat convinced.

“It seems that the princess returned safely.”

Leading the army of elites at the forefront and traversing the snow-covered wilderness was Woohyuk.

He was secretly communicating with Eleonora through artifacts.

Eleonora was completely obsessed with Woohyuk and was listening to his every order.

“But will it be okay? The Holy See will be monitoring this expedition carefully...”

“The Norton Kingdom is famous for its harsh climate. So even the people of the kingdom don’t try to come out of the fortress city.”

Compared to the other kingdoms, the Norton Kingdom had a small population but with a high population density.

In other words, the Holy See’s area of influence was limited.

It would be difficult to monitor Woohyuk's every movement unless they used crows and ravens to observe him like the Witches of the Seven Sins did.

As Woohyuk reassured Sieg, Brynhild, who was traveling with them on horseback, intervened in the conversation.

“It seems like the witches are already monitoring you.”

She raised her gaze at the black crows circling around them.

“Then get rid of them with your power of light.”

“Understood. I was also finding them very bothersome.”

Brynhild nodded and summoned the Valkyrie's Spear.

She recited a spell and a white bolt of lightning fell from the cold blue sky and turned the crows into barbecue.

“Incredible. As I expected of you, Brynhild.”

“That was nothing. I’m not as strong as I used to be.”

Because of her love for humans, Brynhild was subjected to considerable limitations by the system.

She couldn't return to heaven and couldn't properly use her abilities as a Valkyrie.

However, her magic abilities were superior to most wisemen and sages.

“I’m suddenly reminded of the past. Back when we were thinking of our simple yet cosy future together in a small cottage. Maybe I was too greedy back then...”

“Don't blame yourself, Sieg. I chose to commit suicide at that time because I had my own reason.”

Brynhild hadn’t killed herself due to mere shock.

She had received advice from the Goddesses of Fate when she was cast out of heaven.

Only by killing herself could she regain her lost loser.

At Brynhild's explanation, Sieg went silent and quietly grabbed her hand.

Afterwards, the romantic atmosphere between the two continued.

“How nice. Your passion is so hot that it’s difficult to withstand the heat even in this cold weather.”

Helena interrupted the mood with a bleak look.

Woohyuk then turned to her.

“Don't be so jealous, Witch of Profanity. You didn’t even complain back in the tropical areas of the Talis Kingdom. Why are you being so grumpy now?”

“Back then, I had no energy to speak at all. I'm a saintess, so I couldn't wear exposed clothes like the slave girl you were bringing with you.”

The female slave Helena was referring to was Cynthia.

She did not return with Woohyuk and remained with the Talis Kingdom’s new ruler, Hong Yuri, representing the interests of the liberated slaves.

However, once the Talis Kingdom regained stability, she was planning to return to Woohyuk’s side.

When Woohyuk didn't comment about her, Helena looked at him with suspicious eyes.

“You, you didn’t spend a night with her, did you? Although her skin was dark, she was quite the beauty...”

“You really don’t hold back on your words, do you? And even if I had, would it be a problem? As long as I make up my mind, I can sleep with any number of women right away.”

“But you are deliberately holding yourself back. You no longer want to see a woman who gave herself to you to meet a tragic end.”


When his past with Lucretia was mentioned, the glint in Woohyuk's eyes changed sharply.

As he turned and stared at Helena, Sieg pointed forward with his finger.

“We seem to have arrived. It's Gettingsburg, the capital of the Norton Kingdom.”

A giant bronze giant, the symbol of Gettingsburg, could be seen in the distance.

Woohyuk pulled onto his reins after withdrawing his gaze from Helena.

“We must hurry. Negotiations with Colesman must be finished before sunset.”

Although King Colesman welcomed this expedition, he was wary of Woohyuk.

He had heard rumors Woohyuk was expanding his power rapidly in the western region, and also had demons and undead as subordinates.

'It wouldn't be a bad idea to get my hands on the Norton royal family's treasures using this opportunity.'

Stormblade Cardion and the Frost Queen’s Necklace.

If those two artifacts were to get into the hands of enemies, things would get troublesome.

Woohyuk ran on his horse as he recalled the Norton Kingdom’s myth related to the Frost Giants.


An audience chamber decorated with colorful and gargantuan candlesticks.

King Colesman of the Norton Kingdom was discussing with Woohyuk and his companions about Nigel, the Lich Lord.

“I have been fighting against the undead army for 20 years during my reign, but I didn't know there was such a being. Thanks to you, we will be able to avoid a big catastrophe.”

“Have you ever thought about searching the area around Dreadlore?”

“We couldn't do that. The undead forces there are too strong. And there is a prophecy that has been passed down in this kingdom since a long time ago.”

If you disturb the slumber of the dead in Dreadlore, the kingdom will be destroyed.

As it was recorded in famous ancient documents, the Norton royal family was only preventing the undead forces in the north from going south.

Woohyuk nodded at those words

'The Norton Kingdom was once ruled by Nakron.'

The fear of the dead probably rose sky-high back then.

Therefore, even though thousands of years had passed, the Norton Kingdom’s army did not dare to attack Dreadlore.

There was a folktale that Nakron was sleeping in the Dreadlore with his vassals.

“With the protection of the God of Light, Nigel can easily be defeated. The problem is the others.”

“… Certainly, the Witch Cultists are troublemakers. Recently, they have been expanding their influence in various areas, and they’re not easy to deal with.”

In addition, there were rumors that the Witch of Greed was aiming for the treasures of the royal family.

Colesman couldn’t help but be alert.

As he made an anxious look, Brynhild smiled brightly as she prepared to speak.

"Please do not worry. Light always wins against darkness.”

The dazzling light had the power to drive out the darkness.

So, Woohyuk, who had been chosen as the warrior of the God of Light, would solve everything.

Colesman, a Light Doctrine devotee, nodded at Brynhild's argument.

“I am so glad you are here with us, Valkyrie Brynhild. The myth says that you died centuries ago, but it seems it wasn't true.”

“Legends and myths are not always true. The same goes for the old books in the library.”

Brynhild wrapped herself with her white wings.

Colesman was temporarily fascinated by her graceful figure.

“… In any case, please inform me if there is anything you need. Our situation is not very good, but we will actively help your expedition.”

“Thank you. Then please provide a military map of the northwest region and the information you have recently collected.”

Woohyuk demanded the necessary things in order to defeat the undead.

Colesman immediately glanced at the officer next to him, ordering him to bring the relevant documents.

“This is all we know. However, King of Rhine, there are distasteful rumors about you going around...”

“What rumors are you talking about?”

“I have heard that you raise the dead and use them as subordinates. Is that true?”

Whether Woohyuk used the Death God’s power or not, the fact that Woohyuk utilized undead forces was a big problem for Colesman.

He also didn’t like that Woohyuk’s popularity was rising these days, and that he used the Valkyrie’s reputation to back him up.

When Colesman made a face of discontent, Woohyuk brought out the Informant’s Messages.

"Indeed. However, the fact that I am a warrior of the God of Light certified by the Holy See does not change. I merely use the Death God’s power as a secondary power.”

“… How peculiar of you to wield the powers of light and darkness at the same time. I pray that you do not go down the wrong path and fall.”

Woohyuk was a threat in Colesman's eyes.

If he had an impure heart, he could easily take control of the Norton Kingdom with a plausible cause.

As Colesman secretly showed vigilance, two soldiers rushed inside the room.

“Your, Your Majesty!”

“We have a problem!”

Everyone's eyes turned to them simultaneously.

“What is going on?”

“The entire undead army in the northwest is advancing south!”


Colesman's pupils widened.

Meanwhile, Woohyuk nodded as if he had expected this situation.

'He’s going to make the first move. As I expected...'

The situation was very different from when he was in the Talis Kingdom.

While Woohyuk had only brought his elite troops in case the Demon Kings attacked his kingdoms, this was still an official expedition.

He was not moving incognito, therefore the demons were definitely aware of his absence in his kingdoms.

“Perfect timing. If they come towards us first, we can fight advantageously.”

“Do you have some good ideas, King of Rhine?”

“They will first try to cut off the supplies of each city. If we place traps in advance, we can use their plans against them.”

The one who was leading the undead army was definitely the Lich Lord Nigel.

Woohyuk was already aware of his strategies thanks to his previous life.

As Woohyuk spoke, Colesman ordered the officers in the room.

“Contact the lord of each fief immediately and order them not to dispatch their armies recklessly. If they leave the castles unattended, the situation may go wrong and become irreversible. And summon the royal army commanders here.”

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

“We will relay those orders!”

The officers moved urgently to fulfill their respective roles.

Woohyuk looked at them and then turned to Colesman again.

“Are you not going to fight?”

“What are you talking about? I am the king of the Norton kingdom. When I am away, who will govern and deal with the state affairs…?”

“It has been common since ancient times for the king to lead the army in wartime battles. In fact, during the reign of a certain great king, he interfered very little with the government during his reign.”

The great king Woohyuk mentioned was Alexander.

A person who believed that he was the son of God and achieved feats that everyone thought were impossible after continuing his conquest of the east.

However, Colesman was a native of the Eeth Continent, and didn’t know of him.

“That is only the case when the kingdom is in a stable situation. As you may know, the Norton Kingdom is in a state of great conflict between classes. Internal dissatisfaction has accumulated due to the long war against the undeads and the populations are concentrated in the big cities. So what would happen if I were to leave my desk and office in this situation? Therefore, I hope that you, the king who received the Valkyrie’s order, go in my stead.”

“… I understand. Instead, I have a favor.”

“What is it? As I mentioned earlier, I will give you whatever support is possible.”

“During the war, I would like to borrow Stormblade Cardion and the Frost Queen’s Necklace.”

Woohyuk stared at Colesman with a confident look.

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