Book 7 Chapter 175 - Empire’s Princess (2)

“… Who’re you?"

“I am a Saintess. My divine power is probably higher than yours.”

Helena stared at Eleonora with a coy look.

From her point of view as Solomon's lineage, Eleonora was an unpleasant person.

If history hadn’t gone wrong, Helena would’ve been the princess and Eleonora would’ve been a wandering saintess.

However, Eleonora, not knowing that fact, responded with ridicule.

“What are you talking about? Do you consider me a rival or something?”

“Is that so wrong? My appearance is not particularly worse than yours.”

If Eleonora was gorgeous and elegant, Helena was a beautiful woman with a sophisticated and innocent air to her.

Her real personality was the complete opposite however.

As Helena responded unexpectedly confidently, Eleonora turned to Woohyuk.

“Hero King, what do you think? Do you think that saintess is prettier than me?”


Woohyuk took turns looking at the two women for a moment.

Honestly, appearance-wise, both women were wonderful beauties.

Their atmospheres were just slightly different, so it was simply a matter of taste.

However, Woohyuk decided to side with Eleonora.

It was important to make her his ally.

“I prefer Eleonora.”

“Ho ho ho ho ho ho! You have some great tastes!”

Eleonora covered her mouth and laughed loudly.

Meanwhile, Helena stared at Woohyuk with a displeased expression.

“…Are you saying that you don’t need me anymore?”

“I have to talk with Eleonora, so stay quiet, Witch of Profanity.”

"Huh? Was she lying about being a saintess? Is she actually a witch?”

Eleonora’s eyes opened wide and scanned Helena from top to bottom.

She could not feel any demonic energy. Rather, divine power was emanating at a ridiculous level.

She didn’t think Helena was a witch.

“It's simply a nickname. Despite being a saintess, she likes to bully others and curse, so I came up with an eighth sin and named her the Witch of Profanity.”

“… Ho ho ho ho ho ho! That's a really funny joke! It's been so long since I last felt so entertained!”

“Then let’s go inside and talk. I can't have valuable guests stand outside.”

Woohyuk glanced at Leifina standing by the entrance of the mansion.

He was telling her to head inside first and prepare a suitable reception.

Leifina silently nodded and disappeared with Tinia.

“That's a good idea. I also secretly stole my father's Wyvern, so it would be difficult to talk here since we attract attention.”


Eleonora was definitely an unruly princess, just as Rosenkreuz had told him.

When she was around, Helena, the so-called Witch of Profanity, appeared polite.

Woohyuk sighed and entered the mansion with Eleonora.

“But do you really have Lemegeton? If so, please return it to me right away. It's our imperial family’s treasure.”

Rumors about Woohyuk had already spread throughout the Eeth Continent.

There were watchful eyes everywhere, and Woohyuk hadn’t disguised himself using the Jester’s Mask, so people naturally spread stories about him.

He had faked his location using the Informant’s Messages to trick the empire, but it was inevitable that the Imperial Family and the Holy See had their suspicions now.

However, Lemegeton was a magic book that could not be revealed to the public yet.

“Where did you hear such rumors? How can something that disappeared thousands of years ago get into my hands? It’s not like a demon king or a witch would’ve been in possession of it.”

“That is true. When I first heard the rumor, I was also dubious. I merely asked because I was worried the Papal fanatics would find Lemegeton first.”

“You must have a lot of worries. Have a seat and a cup of tea to calm yourself. Take a break.”

Woohyuk, who reached the parlor, suggested a seat to Eleonora.

Eleonora sat down without hesitation.

Afterwards, she leaned slightly forward and looked up at Woohyuk with bewitching eyes.

“Now, there are only the two of us. You said you preferred me earlier, so do you have anything you want to ask of me?”

“…Maybe. Honestly, there are a few things.”

Woohyuk deliberately looked down at Eleonora's cleavage.

Rather than having a specific desire, he was just trying to make her think her plan was working.

Meanwhile, he was setting up a countermeasure in his mind about what to do.

'I managed to avoid the crisis by tricking her with words, but...’

Eleonora would not be deceived by his improvisation for long.

Even though she was unruly, she was still an intelligent woman, as she had mentioned.

The contemplating Woohyuk soon came to an unpleasant conclusion.

'In order to avoid having her disrupt my plans, I need to get her to drink the love potion.'

His current plans for the future did not require the love potion.

Therefore, the best option was to use it on Eleonora and bring her on his side.

And technically, Eleonora was the first to use this type of underhanded technique.

She was seducing him with a political purpose and goal in mind.

Knock knock.

“My Lord, I have brought some tea.”

Leifina's voice resounded beyond the door.

Woohyuk responded with a stern expression without taking his eyes off of Eleonora's chest.

“Come in.”


The door opened and Leifina entered with a tray.

She immediately blushed in embarrassment when she noticed where Woohyuk's gaze was directed.

“My, My Lord...”

“If you have nothing important to say, you may take your leave.”

He was being unusually cold to her.

As Leifina left the parlor with a gloomy expression, the corners of Eleonora's mouth went up.

Sheesh, he’s just a horny monkey.'

He was very different compared to the rumors.

Eleonora had even put on makeup with care for ten hours before coming here.

She had heard that Woohyuk didn’t pay any attention to a beautiful saintess by his side, so she was preparing herself as much as possible to seduce him.

Honestly, she was feeling slightly disappointed.

As she was at the age where she was interested in dating people, she had a lot of expectations for the Hero King.

She liked his appearance, but his perverted and horny attitude was not her tastes.

‘Actually, this is better. If he were too perfect, I might’ve been the one to fall in love.'

In the first place, Eleonora's main goal was to get Woohyuk on her side by seducing him.

When she leisurely picked up her teacup,

“…You shouldn’t sit like that and seduce me. It's harder for me to hold back.”

Woohyuk suddenly stood up from his seat with a bewitched expression.

Afterward, he approached Eleonora, put his hand on her shoulder, and forcibly stole her lips.


Eleonora accepted him without resisting.

Losing her first kiss wasn’t a waste compared to gaining the Hero King.

But she had no intention of allowing more than this.

‘If he conquers the entire Eeth Continent or seals all the 72 Demon Kings, I might consider it...’

But even if he was a Hero King, those feats seemed impossible to achieve. 

When they finally separated their lips after the deep kiss, Eleonora whispered to him in a tempting tone.

“I’ll get scolded if I get caught doing this. But I’m taking the risk because you’re special to me.”

“What an honor. To be able to monopolize a sublime beauty like you.”

“Don’t be too joyful. I haven't given you all my heart yet.”

“What should I do to make it happen?”

“Who knows? For now, be nice to me. Deal with the people who bother me or something.”

Eleonora whispered into Woohyuk's ear, as if she were casting a hypnosis spell on him.

Woohyuk happily nodded as if he didn’t care.

“Give me the names. I will deal with them right away.”

“Hm, give me some time. I'll think about it...”

Eleonora acted as if she were contemplating while feeling ecstatic on the inside.

Woohyuk returned to his seat and brought the tea forward.

“It is the highest quality tea that is popular among the nobles of the Rhine Kingdom. Drink it before it cools down.”

"Thank you. You went so far for me.”

Eleonora raised the teacup while acting like she felt touched.

Even she thought that she was going overboard and was acting like a sly fox

But it was working better than I expected. And most of all, it was fun.

Even more so because the man was an absolute moron.

Soon, she emptied the teacup and Woohyuk smiled in satisfaction.

“How did it taste?”

“The lingering aftertaste isn’t bad. It feels a bit different to the teas at the Imperial Palace.”

In fact, Eleonora did not have a hobby of sitting still and drinking tea like other princesses.

She had grown up under the severe training of Swordmaster Granbert from an early age, due to being chosen by Holy Sword Ertia.

Her natural temperament was now a problem, so Emperor Tiberius always worried about how to get Eleonora a husband.

Every high-ranking person participating in state affairs knew that no ordinary man could handle her.

'Geez, it was disgusting...’

To think that she had to continue her act with this horny man.

While her situation looked grim, Eleonora regained her strength.

Even if he was a pervert, the Hero King would get reinforcements from the western countries and support them.

Then, she would be able to keep the Pope’s minions in check.

Eleonora was thinking about Rosenkreuz, the fanatic that laughed like a maniac and looked down on her at the Imperial Palace,


Suddenly, an extreme heat grew in her heart.

Eleonora stared at Woohyuk in surprise, as he watched her with a smile.

‘Did he try to poison me...?’

He must have secretly put something in the tea when they kissed earlier.

However, since she had drunk a potion to be immunized against poison a day before coming here, his sly trick would not work on her.

If he had really tried to poison her, she would execute him on the spot, whether he was the Hero King of not.

Holy Sword Ertia was an S-class artifact.

It contained the power of the God of Light, so it could inflict a fatal blow to the Hero King, who was of the dark attribute.

When Eleonora tried to reach for her sword,


The heat in her heart began to spread throughout her body.

Her face had become red from blush unbeknownst to her, and she looked at Woohyuk again.

“… So cool."

She had fallen in love, and it was beyond her control now.

The love potion had taken effect.

With his plan being successful, Woohyuk spoke to her as he recalled the past.

“You used to love me. But you never revealed it honestly until the end because of your position as the imperial princess chosen by the holy sword.”

In the end, Eleonora continued to confront him as an enemy and was defeated by him.

She was then confined at the top of the dark and gloomy Sage Tower.

Afterwards, she tried to harm herself countless times, albeit unsuccessfully. 

Woohyuk later heard that she had gone crazy, but actually went to visit her.

At the time, he had many other things to care about.

“It may be better to be honest this time.”

This was the most he could do for Eleonora.

Eleonora was listening to his story with an ecstatic expression, and Woohyuk clicked his tongue.

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