Book 6 Chapter 147 - Runesmith Dexter (3)

The office of Marquis Ruben was full of antique ornaments.

Dexter’s work was currently being inspected in front of Marquis Ruben.

"Hmm, it’s almost perfect, but I don't like the golden pattern here."

“Then how should I change it?”

"Well. Try to make it look powerful and strong. Like a dragon roaring fiercely at the evil undead army.”

For Dexter, Marquis Ruben was an exhausting lord in many ways.

He had a lot of demands and had a terrible artistic taste.

“Like a dragon?”

“Yes, a dragon. Dragons are said to have been the strongest creatures on the continent, although they’re now extinct.”

The story of the Black Dragon King Drakia who loved Queen Iona, and the gold and silver treasures of the Red Dragon King Arcana was very famous.

Dexter scratched his head as he listened to Marquis Ruben’s excitement.

“If you could be more specific about it…”

“I’ve explained enough already. Do the rest with your natural talent.”

Marquis Ruben turned his head as he got irritated.

He held out his long sword which Dexter accepted reluctantly.

“Then I will give it one more try.”

“Don't let me down, Dexter. You know who has power around here, right?”

He would be dispatched to a remote area where supplies would be scarce if he got on the wrong side of Marquis Ruben.

Dexter gulped before leaving the office.

‘Sigh… How did it come to this?'

He had just started working as a blacksmith because the job fitted him properly.

As a result, the system gave him an apprentice blacksmith class, and new quests became available to him.

But life here was not good.

Apart from the nobles, the working environment was so poor that every day was a living hell.

He was beginning to think that having a battle class and going around freely while clearing adventure quests would’ve been a better choice.

'There are even people who are jealous of me.'

His natural talent as a blacksmith was, on one hand, being admired, but in most cases he was an object of jealousy.

And the craftsmen in the workshops valued hierarchical order, but since a newcomer was making products of higher quality than the older men, bad blood within the workshops was inevitable.

'I miss home.'

Dexter originally lived in a small village on the outskirts of the Lydia Kingdom.

But one day, demons arrived and began to exploit the inhabitants, and all those who did not obey were dragged away and experimented on.

The residents who couldn’t bear this life fled to the neighboring Norton Kingdom, but the demons pursued them on the way, and most of them ended up dying.

Only five people, including Dexter, were able to reach the military city of Baloa safely.

'Even if I run away right now, there’s nowhere for me to go.'

Rumor has it that the Lydia Kingdom had regained peace, but he thought it would only be temporary.

In Dreadlore, the castle of the dead in the northwest of the Norton Kingdom, the undeads were uniting and preparing to go south, and in the neighbouring Kingdom of Enoa, the vicious Kazak tribes were raging.

While the Kazak were currently busy fighting the elves of the Croa Principality, that did not mean that the Lydia kingdom was safe.

Therefore, despite the absurd situation in this city, he persisted and remained here.

The return of the demons had created chaos everywhere on the Eeth Continent, so the northern kingdom, which was a cold place, was a safe place to escape from foreign invasion.

As Dexter comforted himself, a soft wind suddenly blew in from the opposite side of the passage.



Because this area was an enclosed space, wind would never blow on the inside.

With a tense expression, Dexter drew Marquis Ruben's long sword.

At that moment,

“Don’t move. Don't even scream.”

The dry voice of the man resounded from right behind him.

Dexter's face turned blue when he saw the cold, sharp dagger in front of his neck.

“I, I…”

“Are you Dexter?”


“I need you to follow me.”

The man’s identity was Woohyuk.

He dragged Dexter all the way to the end of the aisle and spoke aloud again.

“I know your secret.”

“Wha, what do you mean…?!”

“Runesmith. The name of the hidden class you have.”

In addition to his first class, Blacksmith, Dexter had a hidden class called Runesmith.

When Woohyuk revealed his secret, Dexter looked astonished.

“H-how do you…”

“I came from the Lydia Kingdom to take you with me.”

Woohyuk began to negotiate with Dexter.

If he voluntarily followed Woohyuk, his safety would be guaranteed and he would become a Baron of the Dane Kingdom.

In return, Dexter would have to build the equipment he would be ordered to create and be loyal as a vassal.

Quite an advantageous proposal.

Dexter swallowed.

“Is, is that true? Will I even receive a fief?”

“Here is the formal appointment of your noble status.”

Woohyuk took a piece of paper.

It contained the red seal of the King of Rhine and a sentence informing Dexter that his title was indeed real.


“Wouldn't you like to work for a monarch who recognizes your abilities? I am the person you are looking for.”

Woohyuk showed his confidence without shrinking back a single time.

Dexter pondered for a while before nodding.

“I don't know how you obtained that, but I detest this place. If you keep the promises you just made, I will serve you as my lord until I die.”

“Great. Now that’s settled.”

“But do you have some sort of special plan? I know a lot of people here, so I'll be spotted immediately if I try to escape.”

“Ah, yes. I have a very good plan.”

Woohyuk took Dexter to the roof of Marquis Ruben’s mansion.

He then equipped Jake’s Airwalker Boots and Dexter’s eyes went wide.

“What an odd item. Was it made with magic engineering?”

“It's an invention by a man named Jake.”

“Jake... Do you mean the misfortunate genius magic engineer?”

“That’s what they call him. I don't know about that because I haven't met in person.”

Jake had already left this world.

Dexter nodded at Woohyuk’s words.

“I understand. He is someone who lived a long time ago.”

“In any case, be careful not to scream. You’ll get a little dizzy.”

As he held Dexter, Woohyuk activated Jake's boots and jumped into the air.

Dexter trembled in fear at the dizzying sight beneath them.

“I, I have a fear of heights…”

“Use this opportunity to get over it.”

Woohyuk was strict with his own vassals.

Through the incident with private Kim Jin-woo, who had caused the firearms tragedy back in Korea, Woohyuk realized that mental weaknesses would create problems.

So he hoped that his vassals would not be like Kim Jin-woo.

When they reached an alley with few people, Woohyuk lowered their altitude and landed with a stable posture.

“Can you walk on your own?”

"Ah yes… But I'm a little dizzy, so I need to take a break.”

Dexter leaned against the wall to rest his mind and spinning eyes.

While he was regaining stability, Woohyuk took a look at Marquis Ruben's long sword.

[Marquis Ruben's Gaudy Longsword]

Category: Weapon

Grade: B

Durability: 12,000

Effect: A flame stigma is left on wounds created with this sword. An opponent with 5 flame stigmas takes continuous flame damage, and the user can cast Flame Strike where the opponent is standing.

'It’s quite useful.'

It wasn’t comparable to Cardion, the Sword of Storm possessed by King Colesman of the Norton Kingdom, but the overlapping effect of the Flame Stigmas could be useful depending on the situation.

Dexter spoke up as Woohyuk observed the sword.

“It is a suitable weapon to defeat the undead, because they are weak against fire magic.”

“What is the current situation in Norton? How long do you think we have until the undeads in Dreadlore go south?”

“Colesman is building massive walls. According to some rumors, there will probably be a big battle sometime soon.”

The Norton Kingdom had been fighting for survival against the army of the dead for a long time.

Woohyuk looked worried while he fiddled with the gaudy longsword.

‘I wanted to capture Dreadlore after finding the Edda Chronicles and dealing with Logan and Angrboda, but…’

Unfortunately, he didn’t have that much leeway and time right now.

He had to find the King of Cooking Hans and immediately join the members of Eteria Rodinus in the Talis Kingdom.

He would then have to get rid of Dragonlord Ivanov and the Witch of Lust and obtain the Red Dragon Carnelian and the Sangreal Chronicles.

Until then, the problems of the Norton Kingdom would have to be left in the hands of King Philip II of Lydia.

He also believed that Orphelia, the Elf Queen and true ruler of the Croa Principality, would keep the Enoa Kingdom and Alice the Queen of Thorns in check.

When he arrived at the inn with Dexter, he saw Reina and Helena arguing on the first floor.

"How selfish of you, acting like a single lemon jelly is such a big deal."

“I received these after giving up on 1 gold. If you want them so much, ask Woohyuk to buy you some.”

“I would have asked him earlier if he would buy it for me. Do you know how much of a cheapskate he is?”

“Did you say that you once spent time with him in bed while you were naked? Looks like it was a lie since he won’t buy you any lemon jelly.”

“You must be so happy about getting proposed to by such a cheapskate.”

“Tha-that’s nonsense! This wasn’t a gift with such intentions!”

It seemed that the cause of the dispute was lemon jelly according to the conversation.

As he sighed, Woohyuk took out a new container with lemon jelly from his pocket and presented it to Helena.

“Take it if you want some. Don't make a fuss for nothing.”

“Hoho, you should’ve done that earlier.”

“Sigh, you witch-of-a-saint.”

“Won’t you leave us be now, Reina? Go find yourself a forest to eat fruits and ride vines.”


Reina trembled as fury rose in her mind.

Allen then came down from the stairs with a cane in hand.

"Hm? Why did everyone gather around without telling me?”

“Allen, are human saints always so mean and evil?”

“… I think there are individual differences amongst saints. Did something happen?”

“Don’t be such a tattletale, Reina. Are the elves so narrow-minded by nature?”

Helena glanced at Reina as she put lemon jelly in her mouth.

Afterwards, her body shivered and a smile grew on her face.

“Ah, this refreshing and sweet taste! I'm saved.”

“… Mother God, please teach that human saint some shame.”

Reina drew a cross across her chest with an exhausted expression.

Even though Woohyuk didn't say anything, he nodded in agreement.

“Um, is the mood always like this here?”

"Well… Yes."

"It won't be easy for me to adapt to it."

Dexter awkwardly scratched his head.

Then Helena pointed at him and spoke aloud.

“You, you lack confidence! A newcomer must have ambitions like a freshman!”

“If you have time to chat, then go up and get ready to leave, Helena.”

You've been treating me too harshly ever since Reina joined us. Are you sure you don't want to hear more about the contents of the nameless tome?”

The nameless tome was written in Rosa Eterna, so if Helena didn't translate and read it for him, Woohyuk wouldn't understand the content.

Woohyuk sighed and grabbed her shoulder.

“This is a serious question. What do you think about getting ‘Witch’ as your second class? I think it would really suit you.”

“I’ll think about it once you become the Demon God.”

“Someday I'll create an eighth sin. How about: Helena, the Witch of Profanity? Isn't it a good title?”

Woohyuk and Helena began to fight again.

Reina whispered into Allen's ear as she watched them.

“They're a good match.”

“…It's hard to deny that for sure.”

The relationship between the two was getting more and more complicated like threads getting tangled together.

Although they had yet to realize it.

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