Book 6 Chapter 146 - Runesmith Dexter (2)

The significance of artifacts in the Nebulus World was significant.

The variety of skills were limited according to the class, and they were only useful when their proficiency and application power were high, whereas artifacts had their own power.

So, in the past, overlords constantly wandered around ruins to obtain high-grade artifacts, and tried to recruit talented blacksmiths and magic engineers.

It was because equipment that was crafted had better performance than the one obtained from the ruins in general.

'Lich Lord Nigel also preferred crafted equipment.'

The reason he was able to enter Blackburn in the past was thanks to the specially designed armor that protected him from the protective magic circle.

And, funnily enough, it was Runesmith Dexter who had made the armor.

'He had paid Logan with military supplies when he was in the Norton Kingdom.'

The clan to which Dexter belonged was under the control of Logan the necromancer.

However, Logan didn't pay close attention to Dexter at the time, which allowed Dexter to flee to the Rhine Kingdom through Port Antiff when he left on the Lydia Kingdom expedition.

Later, he met Isaac and decided to serve him, but eventually the Rhine Kingdom was destroyed by Logan's undead army, and Dexter died with Isaac at that time.

A sad and pitiful story.

Had Dexter survived the war, he would have been able to challenge the Blacksmith God throne through his innate talents and hidden class Runesmith.

Therefore, this time around Woohyuk would make him his vassal before anyone else, raise him as the best blacksmith, and strengthen his own power with the equipment he would make.

“Is that blacksmith really here? I feel like we’ve checked all the possible locations in the north now.”

Reina grumbled at Woohyuk, who had been organizing his thoughts for a while.

She did not appreciate the cold climate of the Norton Kingdom.

Allen offered words of encouragement when he noticed her discontent.

“Let's wait a bit more and walk around, Reina. Blacksmiths belonging to the workshops of military cities are sometimes called to other areas.”

“Sigh… I miss the green forest of Croa. Well, the northern region in Croa was as cold as here, but still.”

The northern area of the Croa Principality bordered the Enoa Kingdom and was frequently attacked by the Kazak tribes.

The scenery there was very similar to this place, so Reina personally hated the Norton Kingdom because she remembered the sight of her people bleeding and dying on the battlefield in the snowy fields.

"When it's cold, it helps to eat chocolate or candy since they have a lot of calories."

Woohyuk took out a small, transparent cylindrical container from his pocket and gave it to the trembling Reina.

Helena asked him when she saw the lemon jellies in it.

“Wait, did you buy those at the general store earlier?”

“So what?”

Woohyuk was responsible for all the expenses during this trip in the first place.

Helena stopped talking as she had no comeback to say, but still sulked and inflated her cheeks.

“Is it a popular food that humans eat? I'm sorry, but I’ll refuse. We elves have survived on food that grows in the forests and fields until now.”

“Trust me. It will definitely suit your taste. If not, I'll give you 1 gold.”

“1 gold?”

Reina raised her long ears.

Their ship was wrecked, and she was in a penniless state.

One gold wasn't a huge amount, but it was better than nothing.

“Now, try it.”


Woohyuk put a lemon jelly in Reina's hands.

After a brief internal conflict, Reina threw the jelly in her mouth as if she were swallowing a bitter pill.

Soon enough, her face was filled with joy and her frowning eyebrows weren’t tense anymore.

'This, this is delicious!'

She had never had anything like this since she was born.

It tasted like dried lemon soaked in honey for a long time.

A soft yet moist texture.

'But how do I...’

If she didn’t speak up and pretended it to be disgusting, she could get 1 gold.

But if she did that, she wouldn’t be able to taste the lemon jelly anymore.

Reina stood on a thorny path of great ordeal.

“If you don’t like it, I'll give the rest to Helena. Of course, I’ll pay 1 gold as promised.”

“N-no! I like this taste! So please... .”

‘Please don't take the lemon jelly from me.’

Reina muttered in her mind.

“That’s a relief. But don’t eat it all right now. That's all I have.”


Reina quickly accepted the transparent container with lemon jelly.

Helena condemned Woohyuk with a displeased face.

“You seem to like that elf woman a lot. Is it because of that tear spot around her eyes?”

“Don't be jealous, Helena. It's just a small gift.”

“Is that true? I heard that in your world, the act of a man giving a woman something sweet is some kind of proposal.”


Reina flinched and stepped back at Helena’s words.

She definitely didn't want to give birth to a half-elf.

Allen was also embarrassed and coughed.

“Tha, that's only for romantic situations or on special days. And just because you receive the gift doesn't mean you're accepting the proposal.”

“That’s probably right. Anyways, this lemon jelly is already mine.”

Reina put the transparent container in her backpack while looking away.

She didn't want her candies to be taken away.

When Helena realized her trick had failed and planned a new scheme, Woohyuk suddenly took Grandia out of its scabbard.

A group of soldiers with unknown intentions suddenly appeared from a dark alleyway.

“Oho, we have some pretty and hot girls here.”

“Ladies, why don’t you come play with us? Don't worry, we have more than enough money.”

In the military city of Baloa, most of the women wandering around the sparse streets were prostitutes.

However, Reina did not know that piece of information and reacted to their words with intensity.

“Do you think I'd hang out with dirty men like you? Go find someone else!”

“You have quite the temper, girl. I like it."

“Right, those kinds of women are the most fun to conquer.”

“Her chest and butt are absolutely smashing! It's been a while since I last saw a bitch with those proportions.”

“Oh, it’s an elf. No wonder her body’s in such good shape. They only eat fruits and vegetables in the forest.”

“See that tear spot near her eyes? I think she’s just putting up an act. Once we’re in the bedroom, I bet that bitch will jump on our dicks first.”

The soldiers giggled and laughed at them.

Woohyuk stepped forward as Reina trembled with shame.

“These women are with me. They aren’t prostitutes, so don’t misunderstand.”

"Oooh~ So you're the lover of that elf?"

“Don’t you think that’s a little unfair? You get to have fun with a pretty girl by yourself.”

“Even the old sayings say that good things should be shared with others.”

The soldiers had no intention of falling back.

They thought they had the advantage of numbers.

When one of them tried to reach out to Reina,


Woohyuk ruthlessly swung his fist.


“A-are you okay?”

“This bastard… You dare to beat my colleague?”

“He’s underestimating us since we were acting nice!”

As a soldier fell down bleeding from his nose, the others immediately stared with hostility towards Woohyuk.

Chaos soon ensued, and...

“Sa, save me!”


The screams of certain men filled the vacant lot.

Woohyuk knocked them all out without giving other soldiers any time to come help them.

"Your technique isn’t bad."

“I take that as a compliment.”

Woohyuk smiled faintly at Reina, who was staring at him with stars in her eyes.

Suddenly, he sensed a presence from the street behind the workshop.

There was someone else nearby.

“Who is that! Stop hiding there. Reveal yourself already!”


When Reina shouted, the other person didn’t speak up and dashed away.

The chase was inevitable.

Woohyuk summoned Petos and ordered him.

“Catch that rat.”

“Please leave it to me.”

Petos disappeared into a black vortex.

Soon enough, a man's scream echoed in the distance.

“He is the one.”

"Good work."

Woohyuk looked down at the young man with blue hair in Petos’ hand.

Judging from his attire, he was most likely a craftsman working in the workshop.

“What's your name?”

It, it's McClain.”

“Alright, McClain. Do you know someone called Dexter?”


McClain hesitated to answer.

Then Reina took out the dagger she was wearing and placed it against his neck.

“You better talk honestly. I’m not a patient person.”

“H-he’s a working partner. We work in the same workshop.”

“Where is he now?”

“He was called by Marquis Ruben to repair his personal equipment.”

Dexter was excellent even among blacksmiths, so he used to make custom-made equipment for nobles.

Marquis Ruben was a prime example.

He wanted fancy and heavily decorated equipment, and Dexter was the only one who could meet his demands.

“Then when is he coming back?”

“He won’t attend the workshop today. Marquis Ruben won't let him leave easily.”

Even if he simply wanted equipment repairs, Marquis Ruben wrung out all the time and energy from Dexter since he demanded perfection in every single aspect of his equipment.

When Reina heard the story of McClain, she clicked her tongue.

“What a pathetic nobleman. How could he overwork a blacksmith of the workshop like that?”

“These things always happen here.”

If they refused personal requests and gained the animosity of nobles, they’d be thrown out of the city.

In the harsh climate of the Norton Kingdom, it was the same consequence as a death sentence.

So the workshop craftsmen were enduring all kinds of bad treatments and harsh work environments.

“What are you going to do? I don't think it would be a bad idea to wait for the day to pass at an inn.”

“No, I will go get him.”

Woohyuk shook his head at Helena's suggestion.

Then Reina spoke in surprise.

“Are you going to sneak into the Marquis’ residence? The security is going to be very tight to get through.”

“I've infiltrated places worse than that before.”

He had lent the Jester’s Mask to Choi Kayoon and couldn't change his appearance, but there were still many other ways to get in.

Woohyuk entrusted McClain to his companions after ending the questioning.

“Stay quietly hidden at the inn until I contact you.”

“Sigh… I don't know if this is a good idea.”

Reina couldn’t hide her nervousness and anxiety.

Helena laughed and patted her shoulder.

"No need to worry. That man is pretty good at things like this.”

“You seem to know the King of Rhine very well. I thought you wouldn't be close to a person with demonic energy since you’re a saintess.”

“Oh my, that's such a funny misunderstanding. I've even spent time with him in the bedroom while in the nude.”

“What, what?!”

Reina blushed at the unexpected story.

Although she wasn't expressing it, she had gained a certain affection towards Woohyuk after receiving his gift.

“Don't spout nonsense, Helena. Nothing happened back then.”

“What do you mean by that? A certain man stole my first kiss like a beast and I almost lost my purity as well.”

Helena spoke with a trembling voice as she sobbed.

Criticism poured out of everyone’s mouth around him, and Woohyuk silently sighed.

“I really can’t tell if she’s a saint or a witch.”

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