Book 6 Chapter 139 - Eteria Rodinus (4)

After surviving Leifina’s harsh questioning, Woohyuk and Eteria Rodinus gathered in one place and started a meeting.

Boetius had woken up and was able to talk in earnest now.

While he was unconscious, Helena had volunteered to stay by Woohyuk's side on her own, so Woohyuk didn’t really have the opportunity to meet and converse with the other members of Eteria Rodinus.

“First of all, I wish to thank you, King of Rhine.”

Boetius was informed about Woohyuk’s intervention by the other members before coming here.

As he bowed with his staff in both hands, Ibn Rusud spoke in an arrogant tone.

“Lord Boetius, you do not have to be so polite to him. He only helped us to receive some gains and benefits himself.”

“Whatever the purpose was, we cannot deny that he saved us during a crisis, Ibn Rusud. Please refrain from speaking thoughtlessly.”

Boetius' position was firm.

When Ibn Rusud shut his mouth reluctantly, Helena, who stood next to him, smiled and changed the subject.

“He truly has Lemegeton in his possession, just like the prophetic book had said. He can also use its abilities.”

“… I can imagine that. He did inherit Demon God Asura’s name.”

Lemegeton was a magic book that could seal the 72 Demon Kings, and Woohyuk was the successor of the previous Demon God.

It was no surprise that Woohyuk had acquired Lemegeton and could utilize it.

The question now was how he would use it from now on.

“Lord Boetius, how about taking this opportunity to question the demon kings sealed in Lemegeton? They may know the information we need.”

"Hm… That is a good idea. We implore you, King of Rhine.”

Boetius nodded at the suggestion of a wiseman.

When everyone turned to him in unison, Woohyuk took out Lemegeton and summoned the three demon kings.

“Accept my call. Amii, Volak, Dantalion.”


Dark energy covered the interior of the stone chamber.

The members of Eteria Rodinus took their battle stances as they prepared for the worst case scenario.

Before long, three figures appeared side by side inside the fog-like thick demonic energy.

“Dammit… Just why must I act like his mutt…”

“But I’m glad I wasn’t whipped like you, Amii.”

“As long as I don’t get tortured by Asura, I would have nothing else to wish for in life. I technically am the weakest demon king, so...”

Their voices revealed each of their identities.

Woohyuk first grabbed Amii by the nape and dragged her in front of Boetius.

“Kyaaaaa! Don’t whip me! Just hang me and kill me instead!”

“Even Urkheim knows you won’t die with that much only.”

“Who are you even talking about… Anyways, please stop bothering me. Aren’t you also a demon king?”

Amii knelt down and begged Woohyuk, revealing that pathetic sight to everyone.

Boetius suddenly struck her head with his staff.



“You talk too much for someone who was sealed. Enough with the small talk. Answer my questions.”


Amii realized Boetius was a saint through the amount of divine power he had.

Her face darkened.

As she got quiet, Helena stuck out her tongue towards the woman on the floor.

"It’s so nice to see her like this. She used to come at me and attack me like a cat in heat."


That was why Amii had been whipped by Woohyuk recently.

As Helena kept teasing her, Boetius coughed.

“Helena, this is a public place, so act with the dignity of a saint.”

"I apologize. I won't do it next time.”

“You don’t sound sincere at all, Ms. Saint.”

Ibn Rusud taunted Helena as he watched her bright expression. The two of them were siblings.

Moreover, Boetius was their biological grandfather.

"Why don’t you mind your own business, Mr. Wiseman who always gets compared to Rosenkreuz?"

“Stop it, both of you. Don’t act like you’re at home in front of the demon kings.”

“Did you hear that, Ms. Saint? Please act appropriately.”

“Then we just have to stop talking to each other, Mr. Wiseman. For eternity.”

The brother and sister simultaneously turned away as they pouted.

Boetius sighed and apologized to Woohyuk.

“Apologies. Those children grew up without parental care and have become slightly rebellious, so please be understanding.”

“I don't really mind, as long as they aren’t useless.”

Woohyuk glanced to the side at Helena.

Helena, who felt his gaze, lightly smiled and pretended not to notice.

“Then, let's get back to our original topic.”

Boetius turned to Amii.

Afterwards, he took a scroll and unrolled it to show Amii.

"That's… .”

“Tell me everything you know about the original document of this manuscript. If you do so, we won’t have to resort to corporal punishment, such as the whipping you hate.”

The original document Boetius referred to was the Sangreal Chronicles.

Amii hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“Recently, I accidentally overheard the conversation of some demon kings in another circle. They talked about finding the Sangreal Chronicles, erasing the divine lineage from the world, and taking the Holy Grail to the demon world.”

“What are the names of those demon kings? Do they know where the Sangreal Chronicles are?”

“The circle name is Ars Almadel. The members are Orobas the 55th, Andras the 63rd, and Astaroth the 29th. They didn't seem to know where it was exactly, but they suspected the Talis kingdom.”

The 55th Demon King Orobas was the one who had a complicated history with Loengreen, as he was the one who had killed the commander of the Trinity Knight Order, Roland.

The 63rd Demon King Andras was somewhat low in rank, but had a special skill that allowed him to spread an imaginary world and attack the opponent's mind.

Meanwhile, Astaroth, the 29th Demon King, had outstanding strength and power with very few weaknesses as he was a high-ranker.

In summary, they were a lot more difficult to deal with compared to Ars Nova, whose main powerhouse was Amii.

“The Talis Kingdom, you say? But that information isn’t completely trustworthy, is it? What about you two? Do you know anything?”

Boetius' gaze turned to Volak and Dantalion.

Woohyuk dragged the two in front of Boetius.

“I, I wasn’t interested in the Holy Grail all this time. Witches are generally the ones interested in it. Us Demon Kings were too busy fighting on the Eeth continent.”

“There are a few things I heard from the Witch of Sloth. Angrboda apparently left for the Norton Kingdom for the Edda Chronicles, and the Witch of Lust went to the Talis Kingdom to investigate the lands.”

Unlike the simple and ignorant Volak, Dantalion had a bit of information.

Woohyuk placed his hand on his chin and thought about his plans.

'It would be better to visit the Lydia Kingdom for a short while only and head to the Talis Kingdom straight away.'

The King of Cooking Hans and Runesmith Dexter were in the Enoa and Norton Kingdoms respectively, but the two countries were relatively close to the Lydia Kingdom, so it wouldn’t take much time.

While the Edda Chronicles were also located in the Norton Kingdom, the Sangreal Chronicles were more important in the current state of affairs.

He could also use the Hand of Midas as bait to lure Angrboda in the worst case scenario.

'I'm really worried about Carnelian too.'

She was probably getting tortured by Ivanov by now. Her mind was most likely completely devastated, but rehabilitating her was still possible.

Woohyuk would also be in trouble if the impatient red dragon started wreaking havoc like his past life.

By the time he finished organizing his plans, Boetius struck the floor with his staff as the interrogation was over.

“That’s good enough for now. We must leave for the Talis kingdom. King of Rhine, what do you plan to do?”


Woohyuk told Boetius in detail what he had come up with so far. Boetius nodded and pointed at Helena with his staff.

“I will assign Helena to you. After you’ve achieved all your goals, come join us at the Talis Kingdom.”

“A moment please, Lord Boetius. I cannot agree to that. If Helena gets in danger as she follows him...”

“My job was to monitor him from the start. As I told you before the meeting, I promised to share the contents of the Nameless Tome in exchange for receiving it from him. So you should pay attention to your own business, Mr. Wiseman. Now is not the time to worry about others.”

Helena stared at Ibn Rusud and mocked him by strangling herself as an act. She was referring to the battle against Rosenkreuz where he was almost killed by the man in question.

Ibn Rusud glared at Helena as he recalled the events.

“Look at you, acting like that even though I was worried about you.”

“Who told you to worry about me? Get yourself a lover already and have children to pass on the divine lineage, Mr. Wiseman.”

“Doesn’t that also apply to you, Ms. Virgin Saint?”

“Can’t you see that I’m working on it? Look at this.”

Helena approached Woohyuk and hugged his arm.

Every member of Eteria Rodinus stared at them in disbelief.


“It was a joke, Lord Boetius. In truth, he has already rejected me.”

Helena made a sad and pitiful expression.

Immediately, everyone's eyes focused on Woohyuk with contempt, and he clicked his tongue.

“Did Saint Sophia also behave like this?”

“… Ehem. I am not sure since she lived a long time ago. But I have heard that she was quite a tomboy despite her elegant image.”

“Something must’ve happened to the divine lineage’s genes as it passed down through history. A weird mutation or something.”

"What did you say? Are you speaking blasphemy about our family line, Asura?”

Ibn Rusud exclaimed loudly as he listened to Woohyuk and Boetius' conversation.

When the atmosphere turned sour, Helena sided with Woohyuk.

“Oh, are you picking a fight with the person to whom you owe your life, Mr. Wiseman? I don’t think that behavior is appropriate of someone who has yet to return the favor. Don’t you think so, Lord Boetius?”

“Helena is correct, Ibn Rusud. Apologize to him right now.”


When Helena stuck her tongue out from behind Woohyuk, Ibn Rusud trembled in rage.

But as her words weren’t wrong, he bowed to Woohyuk.

"I apologize. I got a bit too enthusiastic since the topic was related to my sister. Please forgive me.”

"I don't think it was a big deal, but I’ll accept the apology."

Eventually, as the mood changed for the better, Boetius coughed and spoke up again.

“Eteria Rodinus wasn’t originally this kind of organization. In the past, noble wisemen used to discuss profound topics, but at some point our members increased and...”

Long excuses followed by longer excuses.

Woohyuk let the content of the speech pass through one ear and out the other.

'They are quite annoying people unlike what I had expected.'

He had thought it was a group with very strict rules and a cold atmosphere since it was one that defended the divine lineage and secret knowledge. While the organization could not be blamed for Ibn Rusud and Helena’s rebellious outbursts, the history of their family was slightly suspicious.

However, as he could not give up the three ancient Chronicles and Rosa Eterna, Woohyuk stayed calm and collected, and pretended not to mind.

“Then I'll get ready to leave with Helena. We shouldn’t be delaying too much.”

“Agreed! Now, let us pack up, King of Rhine.”

Helena clung to Woohyuk's arm, a bright look plastered on her face.

Afterwards, she quietly whispered into Woohyuk's ear so that no one could hear her.

“You took my first kiss and saw my naked body, so you should take responsibility for that, don’t you think?”


He regretted getting involved with such a clingy woman.

Woohyuk sighed as he ignored the silent glares of the members of Eteria Rodinus.

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