Book 6 Chapter 138 - Eteria Rodinus (3)

After Joanna and King Philip II ended their heartwarming reunion, Woohyuk checked his status before starting negotiations with Helena.

[Chun Woohyuk]

-Class: Necromancer, Asura

-Title: Legendary Explorer (20% increase in Item drop rate from monsters, 20% increase in Perception and Speed when in a Historical site, Ruler of the Calm Sea (can summon Kraken and create underwater Air Bubbles.)


Strength: 324 +20 (Judgement Sword Grandia) +5 (Vampiric Dagger)

Vitality: 312 +40 (Basilisk's Scale Armor Set) +40 (Berserker's Plate Armor Set) +20 (Elder Naga’s Ancient Ring)

Agility: 337 +40 (Basilisk's Scale Armor Set) +40 (Berserker's Plate Armor Set) +20 (Banshee Queen's Cloak)

Intelligence: 305 +15 (Queen Star Snake Ghost) +20 (Moon Shadow Ring) +20 (Jester’s Mask)

Spirit: 365 +15 (Calm Sea’s Silence) +10 (Elder Lizardmen's Fighting Spirit) +15 (Boss Bronze Golem’s Belt)


25% increase in affinity with the dead

25% increase in resistance to dark magic

25% increase in power of skills of darkness attribute

'This is about 64% of the stats I had before my regression.'

Considering that a year had yet to pass since his regression, this was a tremendous growth speed.

But the higher his stats were, the more difficult it would be to increase them further.

However, most of the growth-type artifacts he had collected so far had reached B-grade, and some would reach A-grade in the near future, so the experience points that had been used on the items would gradually return to him.

'I really did collect a lot of artifacts.'

Some were not displayed in the status window because they did not increase his stats, but he had obtained a few additional artifacts such as the Cradle of Grief, the Memory Pendant, and the hand of Midas.

He also had useful items such as various alchemy materials, a love potion, and poison antidotes.

But besides the gains, he had also lost a few items.

The Messenger’s Wings disappeared after being used 3 times, and the Basilisk's Scale Armor Set and Berserker's Plate Armor Set were badly damaged during the battle against the Demon Kings of Ars Nova.

It would be difficult to use them again in large-scale battles or against strong opponents.

Fortunately, he could receive the stats increase effects simply by putting them in his belt slots, but he needed to repair or upgrade the items to use them.

Upgrading meant combining existing equipment with other materials or equipment to produce a new equipment of higher grade. However, it was impossible to do without the help of an excellent blacksmith.

As expected, he had no choice but to recruit Hans, the King of Cooking, and Dexter, the Runesmith, in the Lydia Kingdom.

Dexter would be able to upgrade the artifacts he owned.

With his help, Woohyuk could use the artifacts he rarely utilized as materials, thereby reducing the systematically increasing number of equipment.

'I guess I don’t have to worry about my classes and titles.'

He still had two empty slots for classes.

However, unlike his initial plan, there were unexpected developments such as obtaining the Asura class, so he had to be careful from now on.

Once a class was decided, it was generally impossible to change it.

On the other hand, in the case of titles, there were some good ones he could obtain, but there were also unnecessary ones he didn’t have to waste his time on.

'Now that I think of it, it’s about time I expand my clan.'

It was a situation where it was no longer necessary to keep his clan ranking low intentionally.

He had acquired the Rhine Kingdom and the Dane Kingdom, and had made an alliance with the neighboring countries of Lydia and Izuna.

He also had a friendly relationship with the Holy See of the Aperian Empire.

In other words, it was meaningless to hide their growth potential as of now since he was the western lord of the West Continent.

He had to actively increase their clan’s ranking in order to obtain more rewards and to train competent vassals.

There was also a need to lay the foundation for the conquest of the Eeth Continent by enlisting more clan leaders or turning them into his vassals.

In the long run, it was necessary to collect the remaining four materials of the Seven Color Rainbow Ring and restore the three ancient Chronicles after finding them with the help of Eteria Rodinus.

Sealing the 72 Demon Kings to unlock Lemegeton's hidden powers was also an important task that couldn’t be overlooked.

More and more important tasks he had to pay attention to were piling up.

As Woohyuk sighed, Helena, who was next to him, spoke.

“You look like you are taking on all the worries of the world by yourself.”

“Then do you think that my position right now is an easy one?”

“Of course not. But the more impatient you are, the faster the abyss within you will consume you.”

Helena was warning Woohyuk that he could not control the power of the demon god.

There were limitations to him as he was originally born a human.

In the first place, humans were different from gods and would easily break like glass under strong pressure or impact.

Moreover, the Demon God had a higher rank than the seven gods worshipped on the Eeth Continent, so the difficulty of this challenge was beyond imagination.

It was not enough to be simply alert, and the probability of failure was overwhelmingly higher than success.

“Then why are you trying to help me? My destiny has already been decided, no?”

“I never said that you would unconditionally despair at the end. I was just pointing out that your methods were wrong.”

Helena’s eyes lit up as a fire burned in her irises.

She seemed to have something to say.

Woohyuk spoke as he looked out from the window.

“Have you finally decided to teach me your secrets? I asked before, but you never answered me.”

“No, I am simply waiting for the correct timing. You need to be controlled once you’re at the appropriate level.”

“That’s not funny at all. I finally reached this point without taking a single break until today. And you’re still waiting for the proper moment while saying that my odds at success are slim?”

“You won’t understand no matter what I tell you right now. That's why I'm staying by your side like a lover for now.”

Helena spoke as if she knew everything about the future.

Woohyuk turned around to face her as he did not like her attitude and approached Helena.

“Then why don’t you actually become my lover?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll have to think about… Mmm?!”

Suddenly, Woohyuk and Helena's lips overlapped.

He pushed Helena against the wall and grabbed her shoulders.

“Seems like you didn’t see this coming at all.”

“I imagine that you wish to make me obedient. I understand your sentiments. By giving up on all the women you loved so far, you must’ve suppressed your desires quite a lot. In addition to that, anxiety and stress have started to weigh on your mind, which is why your attitude is turning violent like this.”

“What do you even know about me?”

She hadn’t heard of his harsh journey like Lucretia had, nor was she by his side for a long time like Leifina had.

She had just read the contents of a prophetic book, a book with an unknown author, and was interpreting his life as she wished.

So Woohyuk had tried to act in an unexpected way to surprise Helena and embarrass her, and take the initiative in the conversation.

“I can tell by looking at your eyes and listening to your words. I know what kind of man you are.”

“I guess you still think you have the upper hand.”

Woohyuk pushed Helena down onto the bed.

Helena laughed lovingly at his actions.

"Do as you wish. But it is my first time, so not too rough please.”

Helena left Woohyuk in charge of her body and stroked his back.

When she voluntarily took off her clothes, Woohyuk stopped moving with a tired look.

“Why are you doing this?”

“To relieve even the slightest bit of your suppressed desires. As I previously mentioned, if you continue to live such an inhumane life, your mind will not hold on and you will be eroded by the abyss.”

Helena pulled Woohyuk's head with both hands and buried it in her milky breasts.

Woohyuk didn't even move as he couldn’t think of what to say or what to do.

'This woman keeps stimulating me.'

And, strangely enough, he couldn't keep his self-control in front of her.

As Woohyuk began pondering about the reason behind it,

“If you don’t feel like it, just lie still. I will do everything for you.”

Helena rolled aside and climbed on top of Woohyuk.

When she tried to start an intimate act with Woohyuk, Woohyuk frowned and spoke.

“I can’t tell if you’re a saint or a prostitute. Is it okay for a woman of the divine lineage to do this?”

“It doesn’t really matter, you know? I can't walk on water or turn water into wine like the god worshipped in your world. And I have the right to choose a husband myself. Honestly, you are not a bad partner to have as the father of my child.”

Helena would one day have to bear a child.

She could not stay single as she had to keep the divine lineage ongoing.

That was why she had seduced Woohyuk as if she was performing her duties.

“Get out of the way. I have no intention of making you my wife.”

“I understand. But you don’t have to feel burdened as we can have a simple relationship.”

Birth control pills also existed in the Eeth Continent.

When Helena whispered that she didn't necessarily have to bear children right now, Woohyuk felt a momentary burst of lust.

'I never knew I would want to hold this woman in my arms so much.'

But it was just for a one-night stand, an instinctive desire.

Woohyuk felt that things were getting out of hand, and pushed Helena away and raised himself.

"I apologize. I made a mistake again."

“Are you restraining yourself again? You might actually die a virgin at this rate.”

“You talk a lot for a woman with no experience either.”

“…Hm? Did you have some fun with a woman before regressing? If it were her, you certainly would have had an intimate relationship without feeling reluctant.”

As Helena spoke, she glanced at Leifina.

Woohyuk also stared at Helena as he noticed that.

“So, what will you do about it?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not really jealous. Rather, it means that your desire has been satiated a little, which is good news.”

“You are a terrible woman. You really are.”

“Being a saint is something like this. If you aren't as kind as an angel, you have to become strong to endure the hardships. In the past, there were many saints who sold their souls to the devil, because they couldn’t stand their own acts and duality.”

“Is it the same case for you? I think you’re more suited to be a witch instead of a saint since you’re too open-minded.”

Helena was certainly far from the usual image of a saint.

She shook her index finger.

“I've thought about it a few times before, but I want to. If I become a witch, you will come and cut me down with a sword.”

“You know me well.”

“Anyway, Lord Boetius has opened his eyes, so sooner or later you will have a chance to talk to him again. If you don't want today’s events to be mentioned to him, be nice to me.”

“I think I was kind enough until now. What more do you want?”

“Show me Lemegeton. The reward you got on the last floor of the Twilight Tower.”

Lemegeton was originally a treasure stored in Solomon's Temple.

It was natural that she would be interested.

Woohyuk nodded and pulled out Lemegeton from his pocket.

“Don’t be too surprised, as there are three demon kings sealed inside it.”

“I am a saint. I won’t be afraid of something like that.”

Helena said with a confident look.

Later, as Woohyuk turned the pages, Amii opened her eyes and stared at Helena.

“Kyaaaa! She, she’s moving!”

Helena was frightened and hid behind Woohyuk's back.

Then the door opened and Leifina entered.

“My Lord! Is something the matt...”

She was so shocked by the sight that she couldn’t end her sentence.

Leifina's expression froze at once.

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