Chapter 99: Liquid Spiritual Energy


Chen Feng, Lu Ta and Ye Ziming were not the only ones cultivating themselves. Even the Four-eared Spirit Monkey was absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy without respite. At that moment, every single fur on Four Ears’ body was erect, shining with golden light. Every one of his fur was ceaselessly absorbing in the surrounding spiritual energy.

Chen Feng, who was swiftly circulating the Longevity Scripture’s technique, felt as though his body had become a large maelstrom. The surrounding spiritual energy was absorbed into his body, refined and absorbed again. Wisps of power began filling every cell in his body and Chen Feng could feel the wounds on his body being restored. Even the energy consumed in the earlier battle was being slowly replenished.


As the spiritual energy within the Longevity Tower increased, the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm, which was suppressed by the stone stele, began roaring. It opened its mouth and a vast amount of spiritual energy, like the rivers flowing into the sea, was sucked into its mouth. As expected of a Great Yao, the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm was capable of absorbing more spiritual energy than Chen Feng, Lu Ta, Ye Ziming and Four Ears combined.

“Amazing! It is so powerful! It has absorbed so much spiritual energy, will it break free?” By then, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had noticed the suppressed Great Yao. They exclaimed in response.

“It won’t,” said Chen Feng confidently. Having refined and absorbed a vast amount of spiritual energy, plus the Heaven-defying regenerative power of the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng’s body was once again filled with might. His divine sense was the only thing that had yet to fully recover. However, he was already strong enough to control some of the spell arrays within the Longevity Tower.

“Reveal!” Chen Feng extended a finger and quickly drew a circle with it. Next, a ray of light shone out from a certain point within the Longevity Tower to strike the circle. After that, images appeared upon the circle. The images were none other than what was happening outside the Longevity Tower.

“Spatial technique! This is a spatial law that only Sky Human stage cultivators can comprehend!” Ye Ziming uttered in shock.

“No. I am just borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power to utilize a type of secret technique,” said Chen Feng with a smile. Next, he began observing the situation outside through the circle.

Through the Longevity Tower’s power, the three of them could clearly make out everything transpiring outside. It seemed as though the apocalypse had arrived. Epic amounts of Magic crystals kept cracking apart as the energy contained within them was being absorbed away until only residual powder was left of them.

In the beginning, the Longevity Tower was only capable of absorbing the Magic crystals within a radius of tens of metres. However, as it continued descending, the spiritual energy it absorbed gradually grew and the power it emanated became increasingly powerful. The damaged Longevity Tower was constantly repairing itself, fixing the damages inflicted upon both its interior and exterior.

After having only descended 100 metres down, the absorption radius of tens of metres had expanded to reach a radius of over a hundred metres. Additionally, it was continuing to grow in size. Chen Feng focused and established a link with the Longevity Tower. That way, he could not only see what was occurring around the Longevity Tower, he could even see what was beneath them. He could clearly see the deepest corners of the Magic crystal mine.

A high number of Magic crystals were continuously disintegrating as the Longevity Tower seemingly transformed into a bell-mouth spillway. Their surroundings were pitch black, looking like vacuum while an immense quantity of spiritual energy, so condensed it took tangible form, was perpetually being sucked into the Longevity Tower. Not a single strand could escape it.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Longevity Tower shook with an even greater intensity and an ancient aura of one who had experienced the vicissitudes of life spread out. Chen Feng felt as though there were feelings of excitement and something else he could not identity, feelings that were suppressed for 10 million years pulsing within him. 

Sensing the aura released by the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng felt calmness in his heart. Inexplicably, some other feelings suddenly rose from within the depths of his soul. It was as though a most hidden string had been plucked and a feeling of déjà vu spread out through his body.


The string within the depths of his soul quivered with intensity and Chen Feng suddenly grew agitated. An inexplicable feeling was causing Chen Feng’s body to tremble.

“Eh? Brother Chen! What happened?” Ye Ziming was the first to discover something amiss with Chen Feng.

This aura feels very familiar to me. However, as far back as I can remember, I have never felt this aura before. It feels like this feeling has been hiding within the very depths of my soul, like I have been sleeping for the longest time. What is going on here? Why are these feelings emerging from within me? Could it be? Is this tower truly related to my past? Could I be the legendary reincarnation of an Immortal Human? That is simply outrageous. There shouldn’t be any Immortal Human as idiotic as me in this world, right? With all those thoughts flashing through his mind, Chen Feng involuntarily shouted aloud, causing energy waves to roil about uncontrollably within the Longevity Tower. It was so shocking that Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had to quickly retreat.

The feeling that the aura gave him was that of exceptional familiarity, one that had seemingly permeated deep into his bones and cells. However, Chen Feng could not remember anything at all. His memories of the aura were completely blank. And yet, it was such an extreme feeling of familiarity that Chen Feng felt himself suffocating as a result.


Chen Feng kept howling. He wanted to vent the suffocating feelings within his heart. Even more so, he wanted to break the non-existent shackle on his heart to discover the memories he wanted, to discover everything.

“What is going on here? Tower, answer me!” Chen Feng shouted loudly. Waving both his hands, the various seals within the Longevity Tower’s first level began moving. Energy currents churned about ceaselessly as they took tangible form to smash into the thick wall of the Longevity Tower.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Burst after burst of dull thumping sounds rang out. It was like the sounds of a drum from the primordial era, like the sounds of collision from the deepest parts of the universe. When the first sound wave spread out, Chen Feng knew it was not a sound that belonged to the human world.

“Kid! Don’t go crazy! I am currently absorbing the energy of the surrounding Magic crystals. Wait until your strength has risen and you will know everything. I assure you; you will get to know everything.

“I have been your companion for so many years now. Would I bring harm upon you?”

Tower’s voice rushed directly into Chen Feng’s mind. His voice was majestic and heavy, seemingly originating from the Nine Heavens, fleeting and unfathomable. And yet, it managed to clear Chen Feng’s emotions considerably.

That is right! Thinking too much about it is useless. The most important matter now is to improve my strength. Chen Feng quickly took deep breaths and slowly calmed down. 


More spiritual energy gushed into the tower. Chen Feng could feel vast amounts of spiritual energy flowing into his mouth the moment he opened it. The spiritual energy flowed through his throat to enter his stomach. It felt as though a fire had ignited within his abdomen and it burned his limbs, bones and eight extraordinary meridians.

Chen Feng hastily circulated his longevity-type primary energy to refine those spiritual energy. He could feel that his injuries were mostly healed up. Moreover, his strength had improved as well.

“Wow! This is liquid spiritual energy! Heavens! This really is liquid spiritual energy!” Ye Ziming suddenly exclaimed. It sounded as though he had just witnessed a most unbelievable sight.

Drop! Drop! Drop!

Droplets of water fell from above. Every one of the droplets was formed by condensing the spiritual energy from the Magic crystals. The droplets wetting Chen Feng and the others were immediately absorbed into their bodies. After completing one cultivation circuit, Chen Feng felt all his pores opening up and waste energy was ejected out from them. His entire body instantly felt more relaxed. At the same time, his mind gained a higher level of clarity.

Shua! Shua!

The drizzling droplets quickly became a heavy downpour and water soon accumulated upon the floor. Next, the Longevity Tower channelled its magic arrays to rapidly create a large pool. The liquid spiritual energy then flowed into the pool.

Not far from the pool was an isolated space, which contained thick, purple-coloured lightning bolts. The thick lightning bolts streaked about, intersecting each other constantly. They were none other than the lightning powers that the Longevity Tower had absorbed when passing through the lightning passageway, to be used for Chen Feng’s future cultivation.

Looking around, Ye Ziming found that he could not see the wall of the tower within a radius of one kilometre. Raising his head to peer up, he saw only grey-coloured energy currents and the downpour of liquid spiritual energy. He could not see the top of the Longevity Tower. He could clearly remember that the tower had nine levels. According to Chen Feng, they were currently within its first level. If the first level alone could possess such a large space and countless number of seals, what of the eight successive levels?

Just how big is this place? What artefact tier is this magic treasure at? Only then did Ye Ziming realized; he had never considered what artefact tier Chen Feng’s magic treasure was at.

Earlier, Chen Feng had utilized the surrounding energy currents to slam the wall of the tower. Thus, Ye Ziming had assumed that it was not too big. However, now that he was inspecting their surroundings, he realized that he was mistaken. The space they were in contained a monumental spatial power.

“This is liquid spiritual energy, condensed out from Magic crystals. I have only heard of them. To think that I would be able to practice cultivation while soaking inside them. Ha ha ha ha! Even those disciples from the great immortal dao sects cannot enjoy this level of treatment, can they?” Lu Ta laughed loudly.

“Brother Chen, what artefact tier is this magic treasure at?” Ye Ziming suddenly asked aloud. His voice was filled with expectations.

“It is definitely not a Prized artefact. Could it be a Sacred artefact? Or perhaps, a Dao artefact?” Ye Ziming speculated.

“Truth be told, I do not know myself,” said Chen Feng after pondering it for a moment. It was not that Chen Feng was unwilling to tell them. However, Chen Feng was truly in the dark about the Longevity Tower’s artefact tier.

“What artefact tier this magic treasure is at is not important right now. What is important is to hurry up and cultivate!” said Lu Ta with a laugh. 

“Right! Right! I was overthinking it. This is the best time to be practicing cultivation.” Ye Ziming, too, laughed out. He stopped asking questions and jumped into the pool of liquid spiritual energy and began practicing cultivation.

“Tower, don’t eat up all the Magic crystals here! Leave some for me. I will need to use them to buy stuff in the future,” shouted Chen Feng as he suddenly remembered.

“Don’t worry, I will leave some for you. However, many cultivators have arrived at this mountain. There are even some Sky Human stage cultivators. Currently, I still cannot expose myself. Otherwise, you will be in a world of danger. Also, your two friends must not reveal this matter out, or I will utilize some secret techniques to erase their memories.” Tower’s voice rang out beside their ears.

“Elder, you can rest easy! Even if we die, we will not reveal anything about this!” Lu Ta was the first to speak up.

Ye Ziming pondered for a moment before speaking up, “Elder, I ask that elder erase our memories of this moment. Should we be captured and subjected to soul searching techniques, those people would surely find out about everything. Since elder does not want to expose yourself, I ask elder to utilize your secret technique so as to be safe.”

“Good, you have potential, kid! When the time comes, I will utilize a secret technique to erase this moment from your memories,” praised Tower.

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