Chapter 98: Devouring the Magic Crystals


The four large palms were respectively formed using the illusory images of water and fire, wind and thunder, sky and ground, mountains and lakes. The power they emanated were incomparable, exceeding most of the attacks made using primary energy.

Even though the four large palms were quickly descending upon them, the Longevity Tower within Chen Feng’s glabella remained immobile. Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling anxious.

If only I could subdue the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm in the Longevity Tower, I can easily kill off this fellow. At present, however, I can only rely on my own abilities and go all out. Chen Feng thought to himself. At the same time, he established a link with the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand in an attempt to stimulate out an even greater level of power from it.

Seemingly having sensed the pressure pressing down on them, the will of an expert within the Overwhelming Astral Sword was awakened. A formidable willpower surged out from the sword, containing within it wondrous worldly laws. Although the willpower was not tangible, it was capable of instantly breaking the energy domain created by the youngster from Nine Firmaments Palace.


Ye Ziming’s Voidslip technique could finally be cast and he brought them all with him as he disappeared, escaping from the youngster’s grasp. When they finally re-appeared, the darkness before Chen Feng was suddenly illuminated. Not far away, a group of miners was in the process of running away.

“Eh? Where did we go to? Could this be the bottom of the mine?” asked a puzzled Chen Feng. He could no longer sense the youngster from Nine Firmaments Palace.

“I am not too sure about it myself. In order to get away from him, I had hastily used Voidslip. Still, judging by our surroundings, we should be at the bottom of the mine. If we had been sent outside Purplebolt Mountains, we would have been in a world of trouble,” said Ye Ziming.

“We are not in a good spot either,” Chen Feng hastily said. An even bigger palm silhouette was descending upon them from above. Under the might of the powerful pressure, the pieces of Magic crystals on the ground rolled away.

“This is definitely an elite disciple from Nine Firmaments Palace. How unexpected! To think that the Nine Firmaments Palace would place so much importance on a minor Magic crystal mine.” Ye Ziming was at a loss.

“I will block him! Break!” Chen Feng raised the sword in his hand and stabbed forward. A swift and forceful sword beam surged upwards. The thick sword beam was seemingly desirous of piercing space itself.

“Capturing Revolving Domain!”

The youngster’s voice rang out again from above the fleeing crowd of miners. Next, the large palm silhouette transformed into a revolving world filled with myriad beings. One by one, they formed unique powers. The indestructible sword beam that Chen Feng sent out was surprisingly sucked into it, like an ox figurine tossed into the vast sea, it slowly disappeared.

“I am already on the verge of breaking through to my 9th sea of wisdom layer and reach the end, the perfect sea of wisdom! You little weaklings think to resist me? You don’t know the heights of Heaven and the depths of the Earth!”

“The revolving domain transforms, the myriad beings capture!”

The large palm silhouette fiercely expanded and its five fingers became like sky-propping pillars, enveloping every corner of space as they reached out to capture Chen Feng and the others.

“Damn, I no longer have the strength to fight back.” Although Chen Feng was quickly channelling the Longevity Scripture, the earlier battle had exhausted nearly all of his energy. Even though his divine sense could establish a link with the Longevity Tower, he no longer possessed the magic power to mobilize it.

“Let me! Annihilation Vajra!” Lu Ta bellowed and his clothes burst away and his body swelled up once again. A powerful aura emanated out from within his body.

Lu Ta was actually utilizing a secret technique to stimulate the potential of his body. After utilizing this technique, he could obtain great power. However, after the effect had lapsed, his fleshly body would deteriorate badly and his strength, too, will decline. 

“So, you possess the Vajra Constitution. A pity, your level is too low. There is too big of a difference.” The youngster from Nine Firmaments Palace laughed out and he directed the large palm silhouette to continue its descent.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! 

Due to the pressure exerted by the palm, cracks began appearing upon the Magic crystal ores.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Prized artefact in Chen Feng’s hand pulsed out incessantly and a powerful and inviolable will surged into Chen Feng’s body. In that instant, Chen Feng could feel the primary energy in his body flowing vigorously and his blood energy gushed forth like tidal waves. Every piece of hair on his body was standing on end as a powerful will to fight flowed into his mind.



Chen Feng abruptly straightened himself. His back was as straight as a sword. Sword energy, the will to fight and blood energy converged into one, causing the aura coming off Chen Feng’s body to rapidly grow stronger.

“Oh? Unity of man and weapon? This is the sign of melding with one’s magic treasure. However, you are still no match for me.” The youngster from Nine Firmaments Palace continued to laugh as the large palm silhouette released a rippling wave, causing the surrounding space with a radius of over 100 metres to quake. Chen Feng and Lu Ta fell to the ground, tears appearing on their bodies as blood kept trickling out from their bodies. As for Ye Ziming and Four Ears, they were completely pressed down against the ground. This was especially true for Ye Ziming, whose body was issuing out snapping sounds. It seemed as though his bones might break at any moment, leading to his death.

The only exception was the Third Senior Brother of Purplecloud Sky Grotto. When the battle began, he had slipped away. Given the situation, neither Chen Feng nor the others had the time to bother with someone as insignificant as him.

As Chen Feng’s group was about to be captured, the whole of Purplebolt Mountain shook. This time, the intensity was different from the earlier one. The intensity from this one made it seem as though a magnitude 9.0 earthquake was happening. Boulders weighing from thousands of jin to ten thousand jin fell while the ground of the Magic crystal mine cracked apart. Thick spiritual energy flowed out from beneath (1 jin = 0.5 kg).

Rumble! Rumble!

Dull rumbling sounds reverberated throughout the mountain. Next, thick, purple-coloured lightning bolts appeared in the air to intersect one another without respite. Chen Feng hastily threw himself to the side, tumbling away as a lightning bolt as thick as an arm struck the ground to create a five-metre deep crater.

Seeing that, cold sweat oozed out from Chen Feng’s whole body. Given the power behind the lightning bolt, getting hit by it would probably result in Chen Feng becoming a humanoid charcoal.

At the same time, the youngster from Nine Firmaments Palace too, had to face tens of lightning bolts coming his way. Coincidentally, the youngster just happened to be standing upon the spot where the lightning bolts were gathering. With a flash of light, the large palm silhouette he condensed out was shattered apart by the lightning bolts. As for the youngster, in order to avoid the lightning bolts, he had to constantly dart about. Thus, he was unable to concentrate on capturing Chen Feng’s group.

No matter how powerful the youngster may be, he had yet to reach the Sky Human stage. As he had yet to overcome Lightning Tribulation, he could not remain indifferent in face of such powerful lightning bolts. 

“What is going on here?” Chen Feng uttered in shock. Thick lightning bolts kept streaking across the air, intersecting each other. Chen Feng felt the hairs on his body standing up and he wanted nothing more than to quickly enter the Longevity Tower and hide himself.

“I get it! No wonder this mountain is called Purplebolt Mountain. It turns out the core of this mountain contains a mighty power of lightning. Someone must have struck this mountain’s ley line, triggering the eruption of the lightning powers,” Ye Ziming was quick to explain.


Suddenly, light flashed out from above Chen Feng as a beam of light charged through. A wave of formidable pressure descended upon them. An oppressive, transcendent and overbearing aura filled the entire mine. Next, following a series of hissing sounds, a large number of shattered rocks fell from the places where the beam of light had pierced through earlier. The shattered rocks were all as small as grains of sand. It was as though a certain power had quaked them into shattering apart.

“That thing just now looked like a blade beam, or perhaps a sword beam. It pierced through the mountain. But the Purpleshine Stones here are incredibly tough! Who could possess such a level of power?” uttered a shocked Chen Feng.

“An expert has come. Judging by his or her actions, this person wants to cleave the whole mountain in half. I fear someone will be coming in soon. We need to hurry up and snatch more Magic crystal ores. Once they enter, we will have to immediately leave. The number of experts here is too high. That youngster from Nine Firmaments Palace alone is more than we could handle,” said Ye Ziming.

Chen Feng nodded his head as he seriously considered the matter. After the earlier confrontation, Chen Feng had gotten to know the other person’s strength. Even though he possessed a Prized artefact, he was incapable of facing off against the youngster’s higher cultivation base and might.

As Chen Feng was wondering why Tower had remained so quiet, the Longevity Tower between his brows finally took action. Moving beyond Chen Feng’s control, it flew out and exerted a suction force, which suddenly sucked in Chen Feng, Ye Ziming, Lu Ta and even Four Ears into the tower.

Next, the Longevity Tower expanded into the size of a building before dropping down into the glowing Magic crystal mine. It became like a blazing fireball, plummeting deep into a mountain made of snow. The Longevity Tower served as a point of origin and the surrounding Magic crystals disintegrated, becoming even smaller compared to flour. It was the result of the Longevity Tower absorbing all the energy within the Magic crystals, leaving only residues behind.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The energy from the surrounding Magic crystals kept flowing into the Longevity Tower, which slowly descended. It left a large circular hole in its wake, a hole which was expanding in size.

The Longevity Tower was finally displaying its prowess as it began devouring the energy contained within the surrounding Magic crystals.

By then, Chen Feng and the others had arrived within Longevity Tower’s first level. They could feel the energy currents trembling non-stop and rumbling sounds kept echoing around them. The echoes were such that they could feel their blood energy roiling. 

“Brother Chen, what is going on here? Are we in your little tower?” Ye Ziming was the first to ask.

“Yes, we are on the tower’s first level. The rumbling sounds around us is also caused by my magic treasure. Right now, it should be devouring the surrounding Magic crystals,” said Chen Feng solemnly.

“What? Devouring the surrounding Magic crystals?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta cried out in shock.

The two shocked fellows had yet to respond when thick streams of spiritual energy flowed down from above. It was an exuberant amount of spiritual energy; beyond anything they could imagine. It was like a running river, causing Chen Feng and the others to tumble about.

“What a thick spiritual energy! I have never even heard of something like this!” Ye Ziming exclaimed. The surrounding spiritual energy felt like flowing water, which inundated his whole body. With a thought, he began circulating his cultivation technique and the surrounding spiritual energy surged into his pores madly.

“Don’t space out! Hurry up and absorb the spiritual energy to heal up!” Chen Feng abruptly shouted before hastily taking a large breath. Two thick streams of spiritual energy seemingly grew tangible as they flowed into Chen Feng’s nostrils.

Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta immediately sat down cross-legged. Concentrating, they circulated their cultivation techniques and began absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy to heal up their wounds.

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