Chapter 953 Absorbing Immortal Energy


Although Chen Feng was inside the great array, he could clearly see what was happening within a radius of several million li. He saw the increasing number of cultivators at the peripheral areas of East Dragon Island while the number of cultivators who entered the barrier had already exceeded 100,000. More, there were still countless cultivators flocking over from afar.

“Tsk, tsk. I knew this would happen,” Chen Feng said smilingly. However, he did not grow furious.

“Since you already knew, why didn’t you make it so that the barrier could stop them from coming in back then?” Bi Qing deliberately said. That said, he already knew what Chen Feng had in mind.

“Setting up that kind of barrier will require quite the effort. Besides, I will also need to deal with their attacks,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“The number of cultivators is high enough now.” 

“It is high enough. Heh, Grassland Sect, Ironstream Faction and Unchanging Pavilion. There were some conflicts between those sects and East Dragon Island in the past. Hmm, some of the sects are still fighting East Dragon Island right now. The Ma Family, Liu Family and Great Earth Sect have some connections with Warlord Pavilion. By the way, there are also those bandits who wanted to join East Dragon Island in the past. After they were rejected, they chose to intercept and kill off the members of East Dragon Island who went out for training. 

“There are also some great families on this side. Back when East Dragon Island was still in its early development phase, we had tried recruiting them only to be rejected. They even ridiculed us as upstarts. Heh! Now, every single one of them is trying to outrun the other. Hmm, let me have a closer look. Tsk, tsk. To think that there would be so many Human Immortals and Earthen Immortals mixed in amongst them. These old fogeys sure don’t know the meaning of shame.” Chen Feng’s divine sense was like a tidal wave, moving forward to give him a clear view of everything. As they had yet to receive Chen Feng’s orders, the cultivators from East Dragon Island did not take action to drive away the other cultivators. However, there was no way to stop them from casting predatory gazes at the other cultivators.

“Consider the scale of what you are doing here. Ascendant Immortals might not feel tempted by this, but Human Immortals and Earthen Immortals will definitely be tempted.” Bi Qing laughed. The concentration of the spiritual energy inside the barrier was still gradually rising. It was already close to reaching the same standard as the Immortal Plane.

“Looks like I will have to take some actions, otherwise those fellows will all come here for a free meal. As if there is such a good deal in this world.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and the Heaven Piercing Lance, which was serving as an array core, fired out a semi-transparent lance silhouette. The silhouette flashed before disappearing from sight.

The Ironstream Faction was originally a mid-tier force. When the Central Plains fell into a state of chaos, it did not fall. Instead, it managed to develop at a rapid pace. That was especially so after some heretical cultivators joined it, causing its strength to inch ever closer to that of a first-rate force. In the past, there had been some conflicts between Ironstream Faction and East Dragon Island. Even now, whenever the two sides occasionally encountered one another, a fight would erupt between them. This was due to East Dragon Island’s actions of expanding towards the land, which ended up affecting the interest of many people.

Seeing a world-shaking change happen to East Dragon Island, all of them felt shocked. More, they felt envious. After that, they thought about coming over to get a piece of the pie. Before this, some of their sect members had made their way through the barrier only for East Dragon Island to do nothing about it. Additionally, the number of cultivators who came to take advantage of the situation was simply too high. Thus, Ironstream Faction believed that East Dragon Island would not risk becoming a target of universal condemnation.

Due to that, even the Earthen Immortals who would usually defend the sect’s headquarters came. The concentration of the immortal energy here was simply too high. Not to mention, it was also very pure.

For the Earthen Immortals, even if they could not use it, they could collect the immortal energy for the disciples of their sect.

Ironstream Faction sent a total of 100,000 men and even joined forces with some other sects. They had wanted to charge forward together when a lance suddenly descended from the sky.


The lance abruptly exploded to become 10 slightly smaller lances. With a flash, the smaller lances continued to descend from the sky.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

A skyful of bloody mist filled the air as the lances flew right through two Earthen Immortals and eight Human Immortals from Ironstream Faction. Following that, the cultivators blew up. Even their souls had failed to make it out.


Seeing that, the surrounding cultivators grew terrified and they panicked. They did not understand what just happened.

“East Dragon Island took action!”

“What? East Dragon Island dares to take action against so many of us?”



Suddenly, another wave of power appeared from up above. This time, it was not a lance, but a sword beam. This sword beam was like an agile snake. With a swift swirling motion, tens of cultivators were killed by it, all Human Immortals. In the end, the sword beam also exploded, unleashing an indiscriminate attack into its surroundings, killing off at least 1,000 men. 

“For a formidable cultivator, all living creatures are but ants.” Chen Feng sat in the central position of the great array, his fingers moving non-stop.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three more sword beams flashed forward and some of the high-level cultivators from the Grassland Sect, Unchanging Pavilion and Liu Family’s camp were killed off. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

This time, it was three astral blades. All of them attacked the forces and sects that had a grudge against East Dragon Island. In the face of the attacks from Immortal artifacts, even Earthen Immortals could do nothing but let themselves be killed, let alone the average cultivator.

Chen Feng sighed, but his hands did not slow down. Rather, they moved at an increasingly fast pace. There were 36 Immortal artifacts here. Every single one of them fired out two attacks each, taking care of almost every force in the surrounding area.

As a result, tens of Earthen Immortals and hundreds of Human Immortals were killed. As for Sky Human stage cultivators, their number of casualties was over 10,000.

“Those who come forward heedlessly will die!” Chen Feng’s voice echoed across a radius of several million li. Like rumbling thunder, it caused the hearts of the cultivators to tremble.

“Immortal artifacts! So many of them!”

All of them were astounded. Next, they became meek. Observing the barrier standing before them, no one else dared to step forward, fearful that the attacks coming from high above would kill them off.

The cultivators from East Dragon Island inside the barrier had also received the instructions from Chen Feng. And so, even though they were cultivating themselves, they stepped forward to attack as well. Naturally, they did not simply attack everyone. Rather, they were simply attacking those that had conflicts with East Dragon Island. Hey, we’re enemies to begin with. Now, what? You come to our home and think you can just drink in the immortal energy from our house? Dream on!

Next up, however, several more cultivators charged their way into the barrier. It was two high-level Earthen Immortals who had been concealing themselves to an astonishing degree. Seeing the cultivators from their sect dying here, they grew furious. Most importantly, they were also in possession of Immortal artifacts. They thought to themselves that they would simply leave after snatching a bit of the pie. What? Would East Dragon Island come after them?

Again, they also possessed Immortal artifacts. If it came down to a fight, who would emerge victorious was still up in the air.

Upon making their way through the barrier, the two high-level Earthen Immortals instantly brought out cosmos pouches and they furiously absorbed the surrounding streams of immortal energy.

“Heh! You’ve killed so many of our sect’s cultivators, consider this spiritual energy as compensation!” One of them snickered.

“As expected, some experts have appeared. The earlier act of deterrence was not enough. Now, it is time to make an example of them.” After saying that, Chen Feng flicked a finger and the Dragon Tiger Seal and Seal of Mountains and Rivers shook violently to create semi-transparent silhouettes that looked identical to them. Next, the silhouettes shot towards the two high-level Earthen Immortals.

“We also have Immortal artifacts!”

The two Earthen Immortals brought out two Immortal artifacts at the same time. One was a sword while the other was a massive blade. They wanted to block the attacks coming from the sky.

“Fools, I have gathered up the power of 36 Immortal artifacts here.” Chen Feng shook his head, a sneer on his face.

Boom! Boom!

As predicted, in the face of the attacks from the Dragon Tiger Seal and Seal of Mountains and Rivers, the two Earthen Immortals trembled and a look of dread appeared on their faces.


One of them forced himself to cry out.

“It’s too late for that.” Chen Feng said. With another flick of his finger, a strand of golden-coloured sword beam flashed forward to cleave the two Earthen Immortals in half. Their life force gone, only a look of unwillingness and regret was left on their faces.

Chen Feng beckoned and the sword and blade flew through millions of li to enter Chen Feng’s grasp. After that, Chen Feng threw them into the Longevity Tower, where he swiftly erased the imprints left on them.

“No matter how you cut it, these are Immortal artifacts. Hopefully, there will be some more of these guys.” Chen Feng chuckled. Next, a black vortex suddenly appeared above Chen Feng’s head. Instantly, a stream of immortal energy – forming a circular pillar – emerged before entering Chen Feng’s body. All of them surged into the insight acupoints within Chen Feng’s body to ceaselessly nurture the various magic treasures safeguarding the insight acupoints.

The insight acupoints within Chen Feng’s body were very big and they could store all kinds of items inside them. In that regards, they were no different from spatial pouches. Every single insight acupoint was capable of compressing and hold a great amount of immortal energy. Additionally, there was also the matter of Chen Feng’s highly dense and formidable body. Chen Feng himself was uncertain just how much immortal energy he could absorb in one go.

“While storing them, I should also be able to absorb some, right?” Chen Feng whispered and the pillar of spiritual energy above his head grew more condensed by several notches.

“To think that you could still bring yourself to cultivate at a time like this,” Bi Qing said with a smile. 

“I cannot afford to waste time. A pity, this is only immortal energy. If we can get some power of laws, some of my magic treasures will be able to level up.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“The laws of the Immortal Plane. Getting them is not an impossibility. However, by doing so, you will end up alarming the Immortal Plane in advance.” As Bi Qing had participated in setting up the Great Heavenstealing Array, he knew how formidable the great array was.

“We’ll have to wait and see how it goes. For the sake of improving our strength, taking some risks will be necessary.” Truth be told, Chen Feng had long since made up his mind. The Immortal Plane had violated the rules by interfering in the matters of Eternal World. Thus, he would make use of this opportunity to get some benefits from the situation.

Chen Feng’s earlier actions of killing off two high-level Earthen Immortals had created enough of a deterring force. Some Ascendant Immortals felt displeased about it, but even these characters could only choose to stand by and observe. Although the many streams of immortal energy were causing their eyes to go red, they were also giving them a sense of dread.

Additionally, there were also cultivators from the Four Great Academies and Heavenly Sword Faction inside East Dragon Island. At the very least, there were none within the Central Plains who dared to offend this line-up.

“I am Carefree, a patriarch of the Sima Family. I hope that members of my family can enter East Dragon Island to cultivate. I will be most grateful for the opportunity. If East Dragon Island needs any help in the future, I will not shirk away.” Chen Feng then received the secret vocal transmission from an Ascendant Immortal.

“Hey, it’s Patriarch Carefree. He’s a starter-level Ascendant Immortal.” Chen Feng turned to look at Bi Qing, a smile breaking out on his face.

Truth be told, for the present Chen Feng, an Ascendant Immortal at this level was no longer much of a threat. In a fight, Chen Feng could easily kill him off. Even so, Ascendant Immortals were still the apex powerhouses in Eternal World. Besides, in the upcoming war, Chen Feng also needed to contact the other cultivators to come together to fight against Heavenly Firmaments Palace. Most importantly, this was part of Chen Feng’s plan.

“Fellow cultivator, please come and have a chat.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the clouds surged to form a grand, multi-coloured pathway, which quickly brought Patriarch Carefree over.

Naturally, Chen Feng had borrowed the power of the great array to deploy this secret technique. Seeing that gave Patriarch Carefree a scare.


1 li = 0.5 km

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