Chapter 951 Golden-armoured Puppet


“There is indeed such a saying. However, it is useless against me.” After saying that, both of the cultivators’ arms shot forward and his whole figure transformed into a clump of black mist. Next, a hand – shining with black light – grasped at Chen Feng. 

“Because I have also cultivated the Dark Scripture!”

“The Hand of Darkness. So, that’s how it is.” Chen Feng nodded and simply allowed the cultivator’s move to grab him.

The Hand of Darkness possessed formidable corrosive power. The moment it made contact, it would exert the power of darkness to erode cultivators at the same level as its user, causing its victim’s cultivation base to plummet. Rather, even their level could fall as a result.

“Eh?” However, the cultivator sensed something amiss. Chen Feng’s figure that was right before him suddenly broke apart as his grasping motion seemingly caught empty air.

“An after-image? No, it is a clone.” The cultivator had not underestimated Chen Feng from the very beginning. At that very moment, his face turned solemn and the black mist rapidly changed shape to send countless black threads forward. Like black-coloured fireworks, they formed a cage of darkness, which rapidly expanded in size. The cage then moved to wrap around Chen Feng.

But Chen Feng had no intentions of fighting this cultivator at all. Instead, he dashed away to arrive before one of the chains there, a lance in hand.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A series of explosive sounds rang out and the chain shook violently. However, it did not break apart.

“The chains were forged from Five Elemental Metalcores from outer space by a True Immortal’s primary flames. They are incredibly durable. If it weren’t for them, I would have been able to break free long ago.” With the chains there, the Dark Kirin had an incredibly hard time. The chains then began flashing with lightning radiance. They contained the power of lightning, something that had a destructive effect against the power of darkness.

“I don’t believe I cannot do it!” Chen Feng then brought out the Steel Enigma Sword, his other hand still wielding the Heaven Piercing Lance. He used the sword to unleash ferocious slicing-type sword beams at the chains.

By the time the attacks from the Dark Plane cultivator arrived, half of the chain had been cut.

Chen Feng then continued to brandish the Steel Enigma Sword to fight the cultivator while the Dark Kirin sprayed out a mouthful of black flames at the damaged part of the chain.

Meanwhile, inside the barrier, the Dark Kirin’s clone had managed to gain the upper hand, suppressing the opponent to the point where he had to constantly give ground. Even so, some time would be needed for the clone to kill off the cultivator.


Finally, one of the chains was broken. Seeing that, the cultivator who was fighting Chen Feng became truly anxious.

“Little brother, what would it take for you to not interfere in this matter? I promise you, as long as you do not interfere, I can let you browse the real Dark Scripture.” The cultivator began enticing Chen Feng.

“What a joke!” Chen Feng let out a laugh instead. He knew that the original Dark Scripture was likely on the Dark Kirin. That was also why the two cultivators had come here.

“I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you fellows, because I am cultivating the complete version of the Dark Scripture.” Chen Feng then displayed his sword techniques and the astral swords he fired out were mixed with some power of wind and lightning. It was the counter to the cultivators from the Dark Plane.

The Dark Kirin was rapidly recovering his strength. Although there was still a number of chains and talismans on his body, given how the situation was developing, it was just a matter of time before the Dark Kirin broke free.

Unexpected variables might pop up if this drags on. With a thought from Chen Feng, the Ancient Flame Beetle and nine Poisonous Vileblood Wyrms flew out from the Longevity Tower to unleash an unending stream of attacks at the surrounding talismans.

Even though all of them were only at the Yao Immortal (Earthen) stage, one of them possessed the power of fire while the nine wyrms cultivated the power of poison. Their powers had a somewhat destructive effect against the talismans. And while they were not as strong as Chen Feng, by having ten of them surround and attack a talisman, they were able to quickly cause it to flash away into nothingness.

Still not enough. I need to finish off this fellow first. The Longevity Wings flashed out from Chen Feng’s back and his speed was pushed to its very limits. Next, the sword in his hand slashed out to slice space apart.

“If you had come with your real body, then you might actually be able to do something. As it is, you are too weak!” Chen Feng sent out a verbal attack.

The cultivator who was fighting Chen Feng was in a state of extreme shock. No matter how you cut it, he was a leading figure amongst Ascendant Immortals. At that very moment, however, an Earthen Immortal was keeping him down. If news of this were to spread out, even the Immortal Plane would be shaken. 

Chen Feng, who had gained the upper hand in the fight, began attacking with increasing ferocity. He even utilized a second and third Immortal artifact against his opponent. Due to that, it became harder for the Dark Plane cultivator to fight Chen Feng.


Another chain broke and a ray of black light shot out from the Dark Kirin’s eyes. The cultivator who was fighting Chen Feng was struck by the black light and was instantly sent flying. His figure then transformed into a clump of black mist and it took a long time before he could reform his figure.

Just as the situation was developing for the better, a circular altar suddenly rose up from a spot not far away from the Dark Kirin. There were spirit stones flashing around the altar and dazzling light flashed from them as it worked on linking up to a certain world.

“This is bad!” the Dark Kirin shouted.

“What is happening?” Chen Feng felt puzzled. He did not understand what was happening.

A thick pillar of light rose up from the central part of the altar. Next, one human-shaped cultivator after another walked out. All of them shone with golden light.

Although they looked like cultivators, they were actually combat puppets crafted using Five Elemental Metal. There were five of them in total. The moment they appeared, the sharp quality of the aura emanating out from them caused even Chen Feng’s hairs to stand on end.

“Surely not? Every one of them possesses the might of an Ascendant Immortal! What is up with these things?” Chen Feng shouted.

“They were left behind by the one who sealed me up back then.” A look of rage appeared within the Dark Kirin’s eyes.

A golden light flashed out and the Ancient Flame Beetle and nine Poisonous Vileblood Wyrms were sent flying. And that was only thanks to Chen Feng’s actions. He had sensed danger and quickly sent out an Immortal artifact to block the attack. If not for that, half of the nine Poisonous Vileblood Wyrms would have croaked or suffer from terrible wounds.

“Ha ha ha ha! Good! That’s good!” The Dark Plane cultivator laughed loudly.

Looks like I’ll have to resort to some other methods. A slight frown came over Chen Feng’s face.

“Kid, it’s still not too late to leave now!” The Dark Plane cultivator continued laughing.

“You fellows are also here for the Dark Kirin. If these golden-armoured puppets succeed, it would not benefit you fellows.” Chen Feng calmed himself down.

“There is no need for you to concern yourself with that. Our objective may be to obtain the Dark Scripture, but killing the Dark Kirin is also not a bad thing.”

“If that’s the case, do not blame me for going rough on you fellows,” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha! What other moves do you have? Just bring them all out! No matter what, you are just an Earthen Immortal. You think you can overturn the Heavens?” the Dark Plane cultivator said with a derisive laugh. 

Chen Feng smiled and waved his hand, sending a stream of light speeding towards the Dark Plane cultivator. After flying forward, the stream of light swirled to form a cage, which encased the Dark Plane cultivator.

In the beginning, the Dark Plane cultivator had assumed that this was some magic treasure. However, after unleashing one attack against it, cold sweat broke out from every part of his body. He had recognized what the stream of light was.

“A True law! How could you be in possession of something like this?” A look of dread escaped the Dark Plane cultivator’s eyes. He knew then that this body of his would die here.

“I have many of those on me.” Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grasped, causing the True law to swirl again like a whip. Due to that, the Dark Plane cultivator’s figure blew up into a clump of black mist before dissipating away entirely. It was as though he had never existed.

“A True law!” The other Dark Plane cultivator who was fighting against the Dark Kirin’s clone was highly shocked. He wanted to flee only for the clone to slap him out of the barrier. His hurtling figure was then cleaved into two by Chen Feng, who followed it up with several more sword moves. Slicing-type sword beams flew about to disperse the vestiges of the cultivator’s spirit.

After finishing off the two Dark Plane cultivators, Chen Feng did not attack the five golden-armoured puppets. Instead, he waved and the True law became like a whip, lashing forward rapidly. Everywhere it went, talismans would break. In the end, the True law became like an agile snake and one invincible chain after another broke before its might.

“Endure!” Chen Feng shouted. By then, the Dark Kirin’s body was already completely covered in wounds and blood, but the Dark Kirin’s aura grew increasingly strong. He was already strong enough to utilize some secret techniques to fight back against the five golden-armoured puppets.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

For Chen Feng, mobilizing the True law came with a price. 

Eventually, though, the last two chains were broken and the Dark Kirin roared skywards. He was finally free. The Twospan Mountain Range, covering a length of 50,000 kilometres, burst up into the sky as a result. From this day onwards, the Twospan Mountain Range was no more.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Dark Kirin’s gigantic paw abruptly swung out and the five golden-armoured puppets were sent flying at the same time, incapable of putting up a fight against the move at all.

“Don’t destroy them! They possess the combat power of Ascendant Immortals! I can turn them into helpers in the future!” Chen Feng swiftly moved forward, the True law in his hand transforming into a rope to tie up the golden-armoured puppets. Nothing could be more useful than the True law here. In order to break free, the puppets would first need to possess the strength of a True Immortal.

The Dark Kirin roared for a few more moments before recollecting himself. Then, he assumed the form of a youngster in black clothes and appeared before Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha ha! I am finally free. Looks like I made the right choice back then.” The youngster in black laughed and black-coloured streams of energy would occasionally surge out from his body.

“Senior, congratulations on regaining your freedom. So, senior’s strength is at the Yao Overlord (Ascendant) stage,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I have yet to fully recover my strength. If it weren’t for the fact that I had spent so long sealed here, I would have reached the Yao Emperor (True) stage already. Of course, I am not completely a yao beast. More accurately, I am a creature of darkness,” the Dark Kirin said with a chuckle.

“Now is not the time to be talking about this. Senior, let’s leave this place first,” Chen Feng said.

“You rescued me. In the future, we will be like brothers. You can call me Dark. Still, we do need to leave this place now. I can already sense some cultivators coming from the north.”

The Twospan Mountain Range was located at the edges of the Northern Plains. Given the scale of the commotion earlier, Chen Feng was quite surprised to find that Heavenly Firmaments Palace was only now sending some men over.

That said, they had just gone through a great battle. And while the Dark Kirin was strong, he had yet to fully recover his strength. Thus, now was not the time to be getting into a fight. And so, both Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin quickly returned to East Dragon Island.

After Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin left, several Ascendant Immortals arrived at the place once known as the Twospan Mountain Range. However, after investigating for just a moment, they left.


1 li = 0.5 km

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