Chapter 949 Great Harvest


If these four lucky youngsters had immediately fled after receiving the legacies, they could find a place to slowly cultivate themselves. By refining the True laws inside their bodies, there was a good chance they could reach the True Immortal stage. At present, though, that was no longer possible. Due to the massive increase in their power, the four youngsters grew overconfident and insufferably arrogant. They wanted to – with just the four of them – kill off all the cultivators there and snatch back their legacies. In the end, however, they would all be killed right there. Even their fortune would be snatched away. 

If the Longevity Tower hadn’t been here, these four fellows would have gained the most here. But right now, the end is as clear as day. Chen Feng smiled as he ignored the battle. Instead, he focused on devouring the essence power that was continuously flowing out from beneath the ground.

Heavenly Premier Tristar and Patriarch Martial Sky took action to easily stop the four youngsters. After a brief exchange of attacks, the four youngsters were sent flying. If it weren’t for the protection of the power of laws within them, their fleshly bodies would have shattered apart already. 

“If you fellows had chosen to hide and cultivate for over 1,000 years, you would have been more or less able to fight us. As it is, you fellows are just committing suicide.” 

“If not for the fact that there are True laws inside your bodies, I couldn’t even be bothered to take action against minor characters like you.”

By then, the four youngsters had realized that the situation was not as they had imagined. The fires of heroism within their hearts sizzled into a chilled state. Gripped with fear, they then attempted to flee.

Truth be told, it would have been easy for the four of them to flee right after receiving the legacies. Of course, that was under the condition that there was no one stopping them. Unfortunately for them, that was no longer the case. Thus, the four of them were captured and firmly tied up. However, the True laws within their bodies continued to fuse with them.

Seeing that, Chen Feng simply threw the Longevity Tower at them, causing their bodies to explode in quick succession. Next, eight True laws entered the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng decided to take a more ruthless action. He utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique to devour even the karmic luck that was floating out from the four corpses and fused it into his own body.

Chen Feng’s Heavengulping Absorption Technique had advanced to the next level, capable of absorbing everything.

Inside the stone tortoise, the 16 True laws within the great bodily world left behind by the True Immortal were all suppressed inside the Longevity Tower. Meanwhile, Chen Feng was also gradually absorbing all of the bodily world’s essence power. At that very moment, every part of Chen Feng’s skin had become yellow. Only, his eyes had grown even brighter. In just a short time, Chen Feng’s fleshly body had grown a notch stronger.

The governing laws and essence of the bodily world began disappearing. As a result, the humanoid hologram – who had been able to put up a fight against Bi Qing and the others – began dispersing. It had lost its foundation. This world would collapse soon and there was nothing the legacy puppet could do to stop it, no matter how much it wanted to.

However, Bi Qing and the others did not simply stand by and watch. With the exception of Bi Qing, the other 11 Ascendant Immortals split the dispersing humanoid hologram amongst themselves. This was something that a True Immortal had left behind. For Ascendant Immortals, even a smidge of it could be considered as harvest.

The world began collapsing and the stone tortoise outside began cracking. It was as though the end of days had come and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

“We got ourselves a great harvest this time.” Chen Feng waved his hand and 12 True laws flew into the bodies of the Ascendant Immortals, one each. As for the remaining four, they remained inside the Longevity Tower. Neither Chen Feng nor the Longevity Tower had chosen to use them.


The Longevity Tower abruptly grew bigger, up to a height of a million zhang. Next, a massive vortex appeared as the Longevity Tower began devouring the essence of the world’s shell. Due to the Longevity Tower’s participation, the rate at which the world was collapsing increased. In just one day, the world disappeared and the stone tortoise was reduced into space dust.

After that, the Longevity Tower wrapped everyone up and began jumping through space. It swiftly made its way back to Eternal World.

“With this, facing Heavenly Firmaments Palace should no longer be an issue. Truth is, I have a suggestion. We should strike while the iron is hot and finish off Heavenly Firmaments Palace right now,” Heavenly Premier Boltfiend said.

“It’s not that simple. Fellow seniors, you should focus on digesting the harvest you obtained this time first. With a True law, you should be able to quickly stabilize your cultivation level of mid-level Ascendant Immortal stage. There is, however, one thing to note. It will be easier for the Heavenly dao to discover you,” Chen Feng said.

“If it comes down to it, we can just ascend. Truth be told, now that we have reached this level, there is no longer any point in staying,” Heavenly Premier Tristar said with a chuckle.

“Even if we are to ascend, we must first deal with the issues here first,” Patriarch Heavenly Sword said loudly.


While the Ascendant Immortals went into cultivation retreat to digest the harvest they had obtained this time, Chen Feng was also not doing nothing. He had also gained a lot from this trip. His fleshly body had grown too strong. Meanwhile, there were still some ways away before he could choose to assail the next level. 

Heavenly Firmaments Palace was not yet ready, but the same was true for East Dragon Island. For Chen Feng, the longer they could drag out the situation, the better it would be. East Dragon Island’s rate of development was the fastest in all of the Central Plains. At any rate, Chen Feng had invested far too much into it. Moreover, Chen Feng now had 12 Ascendant Immortals behind him. And they were all mid-level Ascendant Immortals to boot. In the past, this was already enough to unify the entire world of cultivation. At present, however, they were only able to help deal with Heavenly Firmaments Palace. More accurately, it was to deal with the Demon Emperor that was lurking in the dark.

“Chaos Constitution. Humph! The day will come when I cultivate it back.” Chen Feng sat somewhere on East Dragon Island and his aura slowly converged. He had gained more than just essence power from this. Even the fifth floor of the Longevity Tower had opened up. 

Unlike the previous few floors, there were some good items left inside the fifth floor.

It was the stream of aura from the Longevity Tower back before it was battered up. It was this stream of aura that the Longevity Tower had used during the previous battle. With the support of this stream of aura, Chen Feng would be able to easily suppress cultivators from the Longevity Clan. Due to that, he felt very satisfied. Additionally, there was also a 10,000-zhang-long piece of Longevity Wood.

After analysing it, Chen Feng found that this piece of Longevity Wood was actually an inner part of the core section of the Longevity Tree. For the Longevity Tower to keep it there, it was truly a valuable object. Even 10 pieces of Immortal artifacts could not compare to the value of this piece of Longevity Wood. For Chen Feng, the Longevity Wood would prove very useful in helping him level up his cultivation of the Longevity Scripture.

In addition to the piece of Longevity Wood, there were some other items as well. Even the least valuable item was a divine object. Due to that, Chen Feng, who beheld them all, felt his mind going numb. All those items were of use to Chen Feng. As for the Longevity Tower, the memories and power within the fifth floor were of use to it. 

After opening up the fifth floor, however, Tower fell asleep again. This time, Chen Feng was able to use more of the Longevity Tower’s power compared to last time.

Next up, Chen Feng did not head out. Instead, he simply brought out the piece of Longevity Wood and placed it in the ocean. He sat atop the Longevity Wood and the longevity-type primary energy within him surged vigorously. Like a spiritual fountain, they flowed ceaselessly to scour every part of Chen Feng’s body.

The quality of his longevity-type primary energy became increasingly pure and strands of cooling energy surged into his sea of wisdom. The strands of cooling energy kept swirling within his sea of wisdom to form one ancient character after another. Next, all of the ancient characters came together to form a text. It was none other than the secret cultivation technique for the longevity-type primary energy.

The ancient characters then disappeared, fused into the sea of wisdom. But even more strands of cooling energy entered and they kept forming even more ancient characters.

This time, the ancient characters came together to form the text for the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and the entire sea of wisdom roiled. Only after a long time had passed did the sea of wisdom turn calm and the ancient characters disappeared. 

Again, more ancient characters were formed to then create the texts for the various secret techniques. All of them were from the Longevity Scripture.

After all of the secret techniques from the Longevity Scripture – those that Chen Feng had cultivated – had been formed, Chen Feng felt a sense of clarity within his divine sense and his soul power kept growing stronger. He had entered a wondrously profound state.

It felt like an instant, or was it 10 million years? The feeling spread out and Chen Feng’s understanding of the Longevity Scripture grew deeper. Some of the difficult issues that Chen Feng had faced in cultivating the secret techniques recorded within the Longevity Scripture then became clear to him. It felt as though an idiot was moving towards the acquisition of wisdom, becoming one with remarkable skill. This difference allowed Chen Feng’s cognitive faculties to become 100 times more active. 

Finally, Chen Feng exhaled a breath of turbid energy. This breath of turbid energy was something that Chen Feng had accumulated for one month. Although the breath of turbid energy appeared to be fluttering in the air, it was able to keep making its way through the winds, travelling through a distance of 50,000 kilometres before piercing into a small island to disappear from sight.

Due to his cultivation of the longevity-type primary energy, a massive wave of vitality spread out from the Longevity Wood to envelop the entire East Dragon Island. During that one short month, the 100,000 plus cultivators in East Dragon Island were able to obtain a great deal of benefits from that and a high number of them were able to break through to a higher level.

The Longevity Scripture. It is said that no one could cultivate all the secret techniques recorded within it. I wonder, will I be able to accomplish that? Chen Feng smiled. With a wave of his hand, the Longevity Wood then disappeared. Next, Chen Feng disappeared as well.

In just moments, Chen Feng had arrived in the Northern Plains.

Before stepping into the Northern Plains’ territory, however, Chen Feng’s figure paused and a ridiculing smile appeared on his face.

“It’s only been a short time since then, but so much change has happened to the Northern Plains. To be spending so much effort on Eternal World, is it worth it?” Chen Feng then stepped forward to enter the Northern Plains. Not long after Chen Feng entered, two cultivators appeared to stop him. 

“Island Lord Chen, please head back.”

The two cultivators possessed tall and mighty bodies. They wore faint-blue armour with a sword hanging down each of their waists. They appeared like ordinary cultivators but Chen Feng could clearly sense world-annihilating power within both their bodies.

“Both of you are from the Immortal Plane. To recklessly come here doesn’t seem appropriate,” Chen Feng said.

“Island Lord Chen, your words sure are amusing. Isn’t Island Lord Chen also born in the Celestial Longevity Plane?” one of them said with a smile.

Chen Feng nodded and said nothing else. Following that, his eyes promptly flashed and black light surged within them. The two cultivators from the Immortal Plane reacted instantly. It was as though they had encountered a great enemy. One of them raised his hand and the sword hanging on his waist flew into his grasp, lightning radiance flashing and crackling as a result.

“Island Lord Chen, please go back. We do not want to take action against you.”

“You’re already doing this and you can still say that?” Chen Feng laughed and a beam of black light shot out from his eyes. Like a whip, it then lashed at the one who had drawn his sword.

“Humph!” The cultivator harrumphed and sword light flashed out to cut the whip. Next, the sword stabbed towards Chen Feng’s glabella.

Outwardly, the two cultivators appeared fearful of Chen Feng’s identity. However, they were inwardly sneering while killing intent brimmed within them. The moment they attacked, they had unleashed killer moves. The other cultivator flashed forward to arrive behind Chen Feng. With a flick of his finger, he sent a series of lightning attacks down upon Chen Feng.

“You’re going to attack just like this? Are you really not fearful of my identity as a member of the Longevity Clan at all?” Chen Feng snickered before blowing out a breath of energy, which formed silky threads. The threads entangled the sword attack coming at him from the front while a black vortex appeared above his head to devour the descending lightning attacks.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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