Chapter 947 True Laws


This spot was something that Bi Qing had carefully selected. It was somewhere close to the rear of the stone tortoise. 

The combined attack of 12 Ascendant Immortals. Just how formidable was this attack? Even for a world as big as Eternal World, taking on such an attack would result in a serious cataclysm.

The moment the dot pierced into the stone tortoise, the whole world fell silent. Next, space flowed turbulently like water. There was no sound, only waves of destruction and turbulence, which kept spreading outwards. And that was with the major portion of the power directed against the stone tortoise.

The ocean waters within a radius of tens of thousands of li were evaporated instantly and even the rocks deep beneath the sea melted. That said, the power spreading out was stopped by Immortal artifacts. Those were the Immortal artifacts that Chen Feng had set up beforehand to stop the stone tortoise from leaving.

The Immortal artifacts shook and Chen Feng’s face was grim. Although he was already linking up with the Longevity Tower, it was still so unbearable that he felt the urge to puke blood. Without the protection of the Immortal artifacts, the shockwaves would have wiped East Dragon Island off the map forever. The force that Chen Feng had so painstakingly built up would be decimated.

All of the Ascendant Immortals – Bi Qing included – were flung into the sky. However, in the face of the overwhelming attack, the stone tortoise beneath them merely sank down slightly. It seemed as though it had not received much damage from it.

Seeing that, everyone’s faces turned somewhat ugly to behold. Even Bi Qing had a wry smile on his face.

“No, a hole has appeared there!” Patriarch Heavenly Sword said in a solemn voice.

True enough, a tiny hole had appeared at the very spot they attacked earlier. Only, there was no way to tell how deep it went.


Everyone grew even more dispirited. The formidable attack would have been enough to kill them at least 10 times. Unexpectedly, it could only leave a small hole on the stone tortoise’s body. 

“Prepare for the second attack!” Chen Feng shouted and waved his hand, causing sky-inundating waves of ocean water to converge forward, refilling the emptied space there. At the same time, he also mobilized the Longevity Tower to send forth a stream of power.

The stream of power assumed the form of a silky thread before accurately assailing the small hole they had created upon the stone tortoise’s back.

Next, they all heard the sound of something breaking. Delighted, they knew then that their attack had been effective. And so, the 12 Ascendant Immortals began combining their strength again.


The colossal stone tortoise had truly become enraged and its gigantic body began shaking while releasing a thunderous sound. It seemed as though it was not a stone tortoise but a real, living creature. Spatial cracks kept appearing and the yellow-coloured light emanating from it grew even more intense.

“It wants to leave!”

“Looks like it won’t be able to hold on anymore! Attack! Hurry up and attack!”

Seeing the stone tortoise’s actions, everyone grew even more confident. And so, the attack, formed from the combined might of 12 Ascendant Immortals, landed on the stone tortoise’s back once again.

Cracks spread out all over its back. Then, with a booming sound, it exploded. That part of its back disappeared to reveal a pitch-black hole.

By then, however, a spatial passageway had opened up and the stone tortoise made to leave. The Longevity Tower in Chen Feng’s hand shook slightly to send out 12 yellow ribbons to wrap up the Ascendant Immortals there. Following that, with Chen Feng in tow as well, all of them shot into the hole.

By the time Chen Feng and the others entered the hole, the stone tortoise had already entered the spatial passageway. It then left Eternal World to re-appear on a lifeless planet. Although this planet was lifeless, there were massive magic arrays laid out all over the surface of the planet.

The stone tortoise appeared within one of the great arrays there. Next, the great array activated and the entire planet seemingly came to life. But that was not all. Lines of light began shooting out from the planet’s surface, stretching out into outer space to link up with nine other planets that were billions of li away. The power from the nine planets flowed through the lines of light to enter the planet that the stone tortoise was on before moving to support the stone tortoise.

With the support from 10 planets in total, the stone tortoise then fell still. At the same time, a new tortoise shell appeared on its back to seal up the hole that Chen Feng’s group had blown up earlier.

As for Chen Feng’s group, they had entered another place. More accurately, they had entered the inside of the stone tortoise.

“This place should be the bodily world that a cultivator had cultivated out. Even though it has yet to completely wither away, there are not many life signs left. In other words, its owner has died. At best, there are only some strands of his spirit left,” Chen Feng said, observing his surroundings.

“This is indeed a bodily world. Heh! This fellow is not to be underestimated. Before his death, he was already close to the high-level True Immortal stage. Looks like there is an error in our previous estimate. Everyone, later, do not take action separately. We must work together. Only by combining our strength will there be any hope of charging out. As for whether or not we can get anything good from this, that will depend on our luck,” Bi Qing said. At the same time, he cast a near-imperceptible glance at the Longevity Tower in Chen Feng’s hand. One of the factors that will affect how the situation developed was how much power the Longevity Tower could display.

“Is it so serious?” Heavenly Premier Absolute’s face turned solemn. As they had all just advanced to the mid-level Ascendant Immortal stage, they were feeling highly confident. However, hearing those words from Bi Qing made him feel uncertain.

“It is likely very serious,” Chen Feng said with a grim tone.

A mote of starlight suddenly erupted to rapidly assume human form. It was a body formed from energy and not a real body, but the aura it radiated brought fear into the hearts of all present.

“The power of True laws,” Bi Qing said coolly.

Next, an invisible force emerged from the Longevity Tower in Chen Feng’s hand and light shone into the hearts of all present to alleviate the fear within them. One by one, they all secretly felt ashamed.

“So, you possess the Longevity Tower. No wonder you are so arrogant. Looks like you must possess quite the status in the Longevity Clan. A pity, you will die here today.” The humanoid hologram shook its head as it spoke with an emotionless tone.

“You are just a puppet left behind by a True Immortal and not the True Immortal himself. Kill us? That’s not something you can boast of. By the way, where are the four cultivators from earlier?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“In the process of accepting their legacies.” The hologram continued to reply with a monotonous voice.

“There are four destined ones. Moreover, all of them are from Eternal World. What a coincidence!” After Chen Feng said that, the Longevity Tower in his hand slowly floated up into the sky. Next, its corners fired out fine threads of light, which began devouring the vitality of the world around them.

As this great world’s owner had already died, there was not much vitality left there. Even so, the Longevity Tower’s actions of rapidly devouring its vitality triggered a reaction from the entire world. It roiled and several streams of power rose up to attack the Longevity Tower. As for the hologram, it became like a candle in the wind, turning blurry as it shook intensely. It seemed as though it would become extinguished at any moment.

This move from the Longevity Tower was too ruthless. It was directly taking action against the other party’s foundation.

“The True laws left by a True Immortal!” Seeing the streams of power attacking the Longevity Tower, Patriarch Hegemon Sword cried out.

“Everyone, join forces! Listen to my instructions! Attack the humanoid hologram! As long as we can break apart the hologram, we will have accomplished half of our objectives!” Bi Qing floated up and cyan-coloured streams of light flashed around him, giving off a wondrous atmosphere.

The 12 Ascendant Immortals wielded an Immortal artifact each while their attacks were combined using a magic array into a torrential stream of power. This attack then assailed the humanoid hologram. 

The ribbon-like streams of power hovering around the Longevity Tower were True laws. They were comparable to the essence, energy and soul power of a True Immortal. Refining the True laws was the equivalent of obtaining a True Immortal’s legacy. Additionally, doing so would also give them the chance to advance to the True Immortal stage.

There were eight ribbons in total. This meant a total of eight True laws. Ascendant Immortals would jump into a bloody struggle to obtain just a single one. Of course, the power of each law was not that easy to handle.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was the one facing the most pressure here. Naturally, Bi Qing and the others were aware of that as well. Thus, they wanted to deal with the humanoid hologram as fast as possible to help suppress the True laws.

Only, despite its weak appearance, the humanoid hologram was not easy to handle either. This was its world, after all. All the governing laws inside this world was decided by the hologram. Thus, as Bi Qing and the others were planning on taking down the hologram in one fell swoop, it suddenly dispersed and disappeared.

They had wanted to look for the humanoid hologram, but there was no clue left for them to do so. Thus, Bi Qing waved his hand and worked together with the rest to help Chen Feng. The 12 Ascendant Immortals’ power were thus directed at one of the True laws, bombarding it to the point of shaking. Seeing that, Chen Feng made use of the opportunity to collect it into the Longevity Tower.

Just as they were planning to continue, however, golden light flashed around them before rapidly gathering to reform the humanoid hologram. With a swiping motion, it sent Heavenly Premier Tristar flying. While this attack did not appear too formidable, Heavenly Premier Tristar was horrified to find that the essence, energy and soul power within him were rapidly flowing away.

“Split into two groups! One group will handle the world puppet while the other group help Chen Feng suppress the True laws!” Bi Qing was quick to come to the decision and he led the Ascendant Immortals to attack the humanoid hologram.

The reason Bi Qing did not go help Chen Feng was because he had faith in Chen Feng. Or more accurately, he had faith in the Longevity Tower in Chen Feng’s possession.

Although the True laws were formidable, without the control of their owner, they would be incapable of unleashing even a tenth of their full power. Indeed, with the death of their owner, they had lost their foundation. Thus, it did not take long before another True law was collected into the Longevity Tower.

However, things became more difficult for Chen Feng. He had to divert a portion of his strength to suppress and seal the True laws within the Longevity Tower while facing the ferocious attacks from the True laws outside. Next up, Chen Feng’s side exchanged blows with the True laws a few more times, but not only did Chen Feng fail to collect a single True law, he was instead left feeling flustered. 

It was too mentally draining.

“You nincompoop!” Suddenly, Chen Feng heard Tower’s ridiculing voice.

Since the fight began, Tower had not participated at all. Instead, it had been Chen Feng controlling the Longevity Tower all this time. Hearing Tower’s worlds of ridicule, however, Chen Feng felt slightly more relaxed.

“It’s been so many years. Even though your cultivation base has improved considerably, you ended up becoming more unfamiliar with the Longevity Tower. I don’t even know what to say about you,” Tower continued firing barbed words at Chen Feng.

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