Chapter 945 Overbearing Power of Earth


What a formidable power of earth! This place is suitable for the cultivation of the dao of earth. Chen Feng was already channelling his primary energy streams to his limits. Even so, he was gradually losing ground. Left with no other options, he mobilized the Heaven Piercing Lance in his hand. With the support of the Immortal artifact’s power, the situation became more bearable for Chen Feng, albeit slightly. Important to note, it was just more bearable. The gravitational power was continuously rising and even the Heaven Piercing Lance in Chen Feng’s hand began shaking.


Chen Feng grunted and two streams of blood trickled down his nostrils.

“Even with this, I still cannot endure it? How is this possible?” Even the act of talking was laborious for Chen Feng. As the gravitational power continued rising, even leaving was no longer possible for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng sat down cross-legged on the back of the stone tortoise, both hands holding the Heaven Piercing Lance. Next, his whole body began quivering and minutes streams of blood began oozing out from his pores.

Will I get crushed here? Chen Feng revealed a wry smile.


Finally, the Lightstream Shield inside one of his Magnetic acupoints blew up. Chen Feng had utilized one of his secret techniques for this. Part of the resulting power from the explosion remained inside the insight acupoint while another part of the power enveloped his whole body. In the end, the fragments of the magic treasures entered the Longevity Shield.  

A brief sense of lightness came over Chen Feng’s body. However, he only had time to exhale once before an overbearing power enveloped his whole body again. It felt as though there was a small mountain made from hard steel pressing down on every cell within his body.

Heh! I’ll just consider this as training. Chen Feng then exhaled a breath of turbid energy. The longevity-type primary energy circulated through his whole body and his wounds instantly healed up. Rather, his fleshly body had improved by several notches.

Despite that, after one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng was once again incapable of enduring it anymore. He felt like an iron rod that was on the verge of getting bent, never to stand straight anymore. Since not even the power of an Immortal artifact could stop it, Chen Feng was not one to force himself to endure.


The Thunder Sword exploded as well. Similar to what happened previously, the resulting power was split into three parts. This time, though, the Magnetic acupoints in Chen Feng’s feet began operating to slowly absorb the gravitational force outside.

Stepping on two devices. The Magnetic acupoints had always been capable of absorbing the power of earth and generate magnetic forces. It belonged to the dao of earth. With that, Chen Feng believed he had found a way to deal with the situation. In fact, he felt as though there was a new realm right before his eyes. Only, despite his efforts to grasp it, he was unable to succeed.

This rate of absorption is too slow. Chen Feng gritted his teeth and displayed the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Due to that, even more power of earth entered his Magnetic acupoints. It was such that Chen Feng felt as though his feet would blow up. Even so, Chen Feng bitterly persevered, gradually enduring the pressure bearing down on him.

Weng! Weng!

Two waves of energy fluctuations spread out from Chen Feng’s Magnetic acupoints to link up with the interior of the stone tortoise, causing a change to happen. Abruptly, Chen Feng – clenching his teeth – jumped to his feet.

The dao of earth, success! Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing loudly skywards. Only, before he could open his mouth, he sensed a power wrapping him up. Next, his body felt light and he found himself somewhere 5,000 kilometres away from the stone tortoise.

It was the stone tortoise’s power.

“You are not the destined one. Leave quickly.” A dull sound wave made its way to Chen Feng’s ears.

“Destined one?” Hearing that, Chen Feng revealed a contemptuous smile.

“If it’s in my territory, then it’s mine! Now, let’s check your origin!” Chen Feng flew forward in pursuit of the stone tortoise.

Based on the words he heard earlier, Chen Feng was able to form some vague speculations about this stone tortoise. He had been the first to discover this stone tortoise. If someone were to try and snatch it from him, he did not mind killing them off.

Wielding the Heaven Piercing Lance, Chen Feng then charged through space. If only he had enough strength, he would have broken the stone tortoise to find out what was inside it.

However, without waiting for Chen Feng to approach it, the stone tortoise attacked. An energy ball, formed entirely from earthen power, arrived before Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had managed to comprehend the grand dao of earth earlier. Thus, he was in high spirits. He swung the Heaven Piercing Lance forward to stab the energy ball. Next, Chen Feng’s figure was sent flying, hurtling across another distance of over 5,000 kilometres before stopping. 

Chen Feng, despite the blood gushing out from his mouth, laughed scornfully.


The Longevity Wings spread out from behind Chen Feng and he made his way through 5,000 kilometres in a flash to land upon the stone tortoise’s back once again. This time, two spinning balls of energy shot towards Chen Feng, but he deployed the Longevity Steps to evade them. Missing, the two spinning balls of energy then fell upon the ocean, creating a 10,000-zhang-tall tsunami.

Chen Feng’s face turned dark. This was his territory. Losses from a large-scale conflict would be borne by him.

“Young man, leave quickly.” The voice rang out once more.

“Humph! You appeared in my territory, alarmed my subordinates and even ripped apart so many of my water yaos with the maelstrom earlier, but now you want me to leave? Watch as I break your tortoise shell!” The Heaven Piercing Lance in Chen Feng’s hand stabbed the stone tortoise’s back.

A thick layer of yellow-coloured light floated out from the stone tortoise’s back and the Heaven Piercing Lance failed to pierce through the layer of light. Feeling somewhat furious, Chen Feng attacked again. He blew up another two mid-grade Dao artifacts and unleashed all the resulting power into his attack. As a result, he managed to pierce through the yellow layer of light, but his attack only managed to leave a shallow mark upon the stone tortoise’s back.

“Brat, you’re courting death!”

Like thunder, the voice assailed Chen Feng, seemingly desirous of shattering his sea of wisdom apart. However, Chen Feng responded promptly. The Longevity Wings on his back flapped and he instantly re-appeared high up in the sky.

“Humph! So, it is a brat from the Longevity Clan. No wonder you are so arrogant. Seeing as you are from the Longevity Clan, I am willing to forget this and spare you today. Just leave.”

“To think that you would know I am from the Longevity Clan. Looks like you are not some nobody either. Give me your name, then. Let me know who I am facing,” Chen Feng said, brandishing the Heaven Piercing Lance as he made ready to charge down again.


The other party said nothing else as a thick, yellow-coloured, pillar of light shot towards Chen Feng. Despite utilizing the Longevity Wings, Chen Feng could feel the surrounding space becoming more viscous and his speed fell. Left with no other options, Chen Feng brought up the Heaven Piercing Lance to block the yellow pillar of light. Even then, the impact left Chen Feng’s blood streams roiling and a countless number of his blood vessels were blown apart.  

Chen Feng fell somewhere 5,000 kilometres away. Then, looking at the distant stone tortoise, his mind worked on a plan. After the earlier battle, he had understood that there was no way for him to defeat this stone tortoise.

This fellow’s cultivation base is at the True Immortal stage. And despite knowing about the Longevity Clan, he did not reveal any scruples at all. Could it be someone from another Celestial Plane? Or, is it a True Immortal who died long ago? This is just a remnant imprint, so he is not afraid of any retributive actions from me?

“Heh! Destined person, eh? I’d like to see what happens next.”

There was no need for Chen Feng to wait for long before the colossal stone tortoise sent forth waves of formidable power. The power broke through space, seemingly in the midst of contacting something.

Soon enough, Chen Feng saw a beam of light coming from the east, south, west and north respectively. Then, four young cultivators appeared on top of the stone tortoise. There were three males and one female.

After that, yellow light surged forward to envelop the four cultivators before retracting into the interior of the stone tortoise. The four cultivators disappeared together with the yellow light.

The destined ones have come. Not to mention, there are four of them. Heh, did you think I won’t be able to notice it? Although the four of them are only at the Human Immortal stage, they all possess special constitutions. They can be considered as geniuses amongst geniuses. Five Elemental Water, Heavenly Windcloud Bringer, Triskill Earth and Domain Fire. Water, wind, earth and fire. When the four fundamental powers are combined, an interesting transformation will happen. Chen Feng chuckled derisively. After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then waved his hand and the ocean waters within a radius of 5,000 kilometres churned as Chen Feng threw one Immortal artifact after another out to temporarily seal up the surrounding space.

Chen Feng’s actions were to stop the stone tortoise from fleeing. Naturally, if the stone tortoise really wanted to flee, Chen Feng had no confidence that he could stop it.

Considering the time, those fellows’ cultivation sessions should be about over, no? Chen Feng whispered to himself as he stood on the surface of the ocean, a calm look on his face. He seemed unconcerned that the four destined ones would take away the items inside the stone tortoise.

Chen Feng then contacted the Longevity Tower. Finally, the Longevity Tower moved slightly and Bi Qing appeared before Chen Feng.

Although Bi Qing was still just at the mid-level Ascendant Immortal stage, the aura coming off his body was even more profound. There was a monumental difference between the present Bi Qing and the Bi Qing prior to entering the Longevity Tower for cultivation.

“Senior, you will be advancing to a higher level soon,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“My strength is still unstable. Not enough power. It is not the right time to be advancing to the next level, at least not for the time being. What is this?” Bi Qing had noticed the colossal stone tortoise. 

“A good thing. Can senior figure out its origin?” Chen Feng then recounted what happened earlier.

“A True Immortal? Let me have a look.” Bi Qing then disappeared from Chen Feng’s side before rapidly circling around the stone tortoise. After circling it once, he returned to hover beside Chen Feng and pondered the issue.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, Heavenly Premier Absolute and Patriarch Heavenly Sword emerged from the Longevity Tower, one following the other. The two of them then flew up into outer space. 

They were going to undergo their tribulations.

Chen Feng was not feeling concerned. Their energy signatures were still linked up to the Longevity Tower. Thus, even if there was a distance of billions of li between them, Chen Feng would still be able to clearly observe their tribulations.

As predicted, the two of them successfully overcame their Heavenly Tribulations and became mid-level Ascendant Immortals. The instant they succeeded, however, a portal leading to the Immortal Plane appeared and a domineering pulling power emerged from it. Only, it quickly disappeared and the portal to the Immortal Plane slowly closed up.

Sou! Sou!

Patriarch Heavenly Sword and Heavenly Premier Absolute appeared before Chen Feng. 

“Ha ha ha! We really managed to evade the Immortal Plane’s pulling power! The secret technique of the Longevity Tower is truly amazing!”

“Chen Feng, what happened here? We have only just overcome our tribulation. Originally, we were thinking of spending some time to study our harvest from this.”

“You two have already collected the grand dao laws from the Heavenly Tribulation. You’ll have time to study them later. Right now, though, your strength is needed.” Chen Feng pointed ahead. By then, Bi Qing had returned to stand on the stone tortoise’s back. Similar to what happened previously, the stone tortoise’s power enveloped Bi Qing. However, Bi Qing had a much easier time dealing with it compared to Chen Feng.

“What is that?” A look of shock appeared on Patriarch Heavenly Sword and Heavenly Premier Absolute’s faces.

“Something good. The treasure left behind by a True Immortal.” Chen Feng laughed.

“Treasure? Let me check it out.” The two of them moved forward at the same time and landed on the stone tortoise’s back as well.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, remained there. More cultivators had emerged from the Longevity Tower. They were Heavenly Premier Eternal and Patriarch Martial Sky. 

After emerging, the two of them headed to outer space as well to undergo tribulation. This time, Chen Feng did not quickly summon the two back. Instead, after successfully overcoming their tribulations, they spent some more time cultivating themselves before returning to the ocean.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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