Chapter 944 Strange Stone Tortoise


However, the Immortal Plane has already violated the rules in supporting Heavenly Firmaments Palace. If so, me making some minor moves should be acceptable. Chen Feng pondered, chuckling as he did.

That’s not a bad idea, but it is still not the time for that. I’ll have to wait until the seniors have succeeded first.

After that, Chen Feng stopped taking further action. Operating the Spirit Distribution Array for the past few years had taken up a considerable amount of Chen Feng’s mental strength. 

On this day, Chen Feng hovered up in the sky, channelling his eye power to observe all the territories under East Dragon Island to see who else was breaking through. This was something that Chen Feng had come to enjoy doing recently. Watching his subordinates breaking through was very enjoyable.

East Dragon Island’s foundation is not as great as Heavenly Firmaments Palace’s foundation. Heavenly Firmaments Palace is formed from the merger of three sects with legacies lasting over a million years. They also have the support of the Immortal Plane and some other hidden characters. Without utilizing some other means, some form of shortcut, it will be very hard to deal with the power that will come charging in from the Northern Plains. 

Uniting the other forces in the Central Plains? Heh! I can forget about it. Chen Feng burst into a chuckle. The entire world of cultivation had fallen into a state of chaos. Chen Feng had neither the time nor experience to travel through the entire Central Plains. Rather, Heavenly Firmaments Palace’s forces might charge in before he even succeeded.

“Looks like I can only focus on boosting East Dragon Island’s strength.” Chen Feng sighed.

Naturally, as Extreme Celestial Sect was also staying within East Dragon Island’s territory, it was also able to enjoy the benefits there. Even Heavenly Sword Faction and the Four Great Academies had sent forward some cultivators to cultivate within East Dragon Island’s territory. Due to that, though, some of the cultivators from East Dragon Island were silently complaining.

Chen Feng observed as cultivators continuously broke through to a higher cultivation level. The number of cultivators in East Dragon Island was simply too high. It had been growing constantly. Number wise, it already had 10 million cultivators. In terms of quantity, East Dragon Island should already be number one in all of the Central Plains.

Eh, that’s Bai Ziyan. A female cultivator in white, fluttering clothes and a fairy-like countenance appeared within Chen Feng’s eyes. She was in the midst of undergoing her tribulation.

Bai Ziyan could be considered as someone who had guided Chen Feng through the world of cultivation back then. She was the one who introduced him to Extreme Celestial Sect. Back when he first joined Extreme Celestial Sect, they did meet up every now and again. Later, however, Chen Feng ended up becoming a target of pursuit and had to leave the Northern Plains as he headed to the Central Plains. After a series of incidents, he found out that Bai Ziyan had entered a pocket dimension to cultivate herself. And so, it had been a long time since they encountered one another again. To suddenly see her here, Chen Feng felt his heart stirring.

Previously, she was still in cultivation retreat. To think that she would undergo her tribulation right after exiting her cultivation retreat. Hmm, let me check her cultivation base. Next, Chen Feng’s eyes grew even brighter and his gaze was seemingly able to completely ignore the distance of 5,000 kilometres between them.

Not bad. After overcoming this tribulation, she will become a high-level Human Immortal. Her rate of cultivation is top-class and the power inside her is also very pure. More, there is still a clump of power that remains untapped. It contains grand dao powers, something that an Earthen Immortal left behind. So, she had received a legacy. No wonder her rate of cultivation is so fast. Chen Feng nodded.

Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation was something that no one else in Eternal World could match. He was someone who possessed the Longevity Tower, after all. That was a Divine artifact. Rather, for someone in possession of the Longevity Tower, his rate of cultivation was actually somewhat slow.

As expected, Bai Ziyan successfully overcame her tribulation to become a high-level Human Immortal. Next, she began digesting her harvest from the tribulation.

Chen Feng waited 10 days for Bai Ziyan’s cultivation session to end. Then, with a thought from Chen Feng, his figure appeared before her.

“Greetings, Senior Sister Bai,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Seeing Chen Feng appear so suddenly in front of her, Bai Ziyan was first startled. Following that, however, her face broke into a smile.

“You address me as Senior Sister? I don’t have the guts to accept that title. Rather, I should be addressing you as Supreme Elder,” Bai Ziyan said with a grin.

“Supreme Elder… let’s not do that. It just feels weird.” Chen Feng waved it off.

“How unexpected. The youngster I met back then has grown this much,” Bai Ziyan said, her heart stirring with emotions.

“Time means nothing in the path of cultivation. Senior sister, you have already reached the high-level Human Immortal stage, no? Your ascension to the Immortal Plane is just a matter of time.”

“Ascension. That is difficult. I had to go through all kinds of hardships to cultivate up to this point. Additionally, after reaching the Immortal Plane, I will have to start from the beginning once more.”

“With a honed dao heart, there is nothing to fear. Senior sister, your dao heart is somewhat shaky.”

As Chen Feng was chatting with Bai Ziyan, a certain ocean area hundreds of thousands of li away suddenly swelled upwards, causing sky-vaulting ocean waves to burst out.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had assumed that there were some cultivators cultivating there, but the commotion only became increasingly strong. In the end, it transformed into a massive maelstrom, which continuously grew in size. Some water yaos in the vicinity were sucked in as a result. After just moments, the maelstrom had expanded to a radius of 500 kilometres.

“Come, let’s go check it out.” Chen Feng pulled Bai Ziyan up and their figures became like meteors, covering a distance of hundreds of thousands of li in mere breaths.

Even after Chen Feng’s arrival, the maelstrom continued to expand. It already had a radius of nearly 1,500 kilometres. Chen Feng waved his hand and tens of thousands of water yaos were retrieved out from the maelstrom. After that, Chen Feng moved them somewhere 5,000 kilometres away. 

“Hurry up and leave!” Chen Feng shouted, not stopping his actions at all. Countless living creatures had been pulled in by the might of the maelstrom.

Chen Feng’s palm abruptly pushed down and the entire ocean seemingly sank. However, the force that Chen Feng unleashed was immediately grinded away by the maelstrom.


Chen Feng was astonished. Given his present level of strength, even an Ascendant Immortal would have to back away when facing his attacks. And yet, that had happened. If so, just what was beneath the ocean?

Chen Feng pondered for a moment. Then, he flicked a finger and a sword beam shot into the central area of the maelstrom. The sword beam disappeared. It was as though a monster had devoured it. As Chen Feng was considering taking action again, a pillar of water then gushed out from the central area of the maelstrom towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng responded with a punch, smashing the water pillar apart. However, he had to retreat slightly as a result. Even his fist was aching somewhat.

“Something’s not right. Senior Sister Bai, leave fist,” Chen Feng said, operating his eye technique as he attempted to see what was beneath the ocean.

Bai Ziyan nodded. Without saying anything else, her figure fluttered far away. While she was leaving, she also took action to ceaselessly rescue the water yaos caught in the maelstrom’s power.

Chen Feng, who was hovering above the maelstrom, could sense a formidable suction force. It wanted to pull him into the maelstrom to rip him into pieces.


Chen Feng fired out a punch at the maelstrom. The power behind this punch was so strong that even an Ascendant Immortal would be smashed to pieces.

However, the fist blast was devoured by the maelstrom as well. Next, the entire ocean seemingly shook and an even stronger and faster water pillar charged towards Chen Feng, knocking him 5,000 kilometres up into the sky.

A mid-level Ascendant Immortal. No, a high-level Ascendant Immortal! That doesn’t seem right either. It doesn’t seem like a cultivator. Just what is it, then? Chen Feng grew puzzled. Utilizing his eye technique earlier, he was only able to see a black and blurry silhouette. He was unable to get a clear look at it. Chen Feng’s eye technique could even see through mountains and rivers, but this maelstrom was simply too peculiar. Surprisingly, there was a wondrous power mixed within the maelstrom.

One by one, some of the Human Immortals and Earthen Immortals in charge of guarding the ocean region began appearing there. Even the Divine Phantom Mink came. Chen Feng swiftly sent them all away. The situation was too peculiar. The power that was brewing beneath the ocean was such that not even Chen Feng had the confidence in stopping it. Should something truly happen here, having the rest come over was the same as suicide.

After receiving Chen Feng’s orders, the Human Immortals and Earthen Immortals began clearing the place. They worked at a furious pace and it did not take long before all the living creatures within a radius of tens of thousands of li were moved away. Rather, Chen Feng was the only one left hovering within a radius of 50,000 kilometres from the central area of the maelstrom.

After reaching a radius of 5,000 kilometres, the maelstrom finally stopped growing in size. At the same time, however, Chen Feng could sense a terrifying aura emerging from the maelstrom.

Could there be a formidable yao beast hiding here? To be able to create such a commotion, it must be at least a Yao Overlord! Maybe even a Yao Emperor! Chen Feng had stopped taking action and he watched to see what would happen next.

Naturally, Chen Feng was also complaining inwardly. Of all times for this to happen, it had to happen now? 

All the fellow Ascendant Immortals were in the midst of cultivating themselves while the Longevity Tower was helping them in East Dragon Island. Thus, should anything happen during this time, Chen Feng had to deal with it by himself. 

Unexpectedly, the rate at which the maelstrom was rotating slowed down and a colossal thing rose up from the bottom of the ocean. Its actions caused the ocean level to rise as well and a high volume of the ocean waters roiled outwards, causing the ocean region within a radius of hundreds of thousands of li to shake.

It's finally out! Now, let’s see just what this is. By then, Chen Feng had already brought out the Heaven Piercing Lance. He cast a predatory gaze at the thing while gathering his aura. He would attack the very instant he sensed an attack.

In the end, a stone tortoise, 500 kilometres in length, emerged to float on the surface of the ocean. Seeing that, Chen Feng gaped. In his opinion, his face – at that very moment – must be truly wonderful to behold.

A colossal stone tortoise that emerged from beneath the ocean. As I recall, this part of the ocean had been checked at least 10 times. Right, my attacks earlier failed to do anything. It is only normal for others to fail to find anything. Chen Feng only spent a short time considering it before flying forward to land on the back of the stone tortoise.


A formidable power rose up and despite his tough fleshly body, Chen Feng ended up staggering and he nearly fell to the ground.

What a formidable power of earth! Any other Earthen Immortal would be crushed to mincemeat. Chen Feng tested taking a few steps. It felt as though he was carrying a 10,000-zhang-tall mountain. Next, he channelled his blood streams and primary energy, making him feel better.

This stone tortoise was likely made after the Black Tortoise. Only, whose work is this and why? Chen Feng slowly walked on top of the stone tortoise. Sensing the power within the stone tortoise, Chen Feng quickly determined that there was something inside the stone tortoise.

However, Chen Feng did not rush inside. Firstly, there were many runes on the stone tortoise’s body that Chen Feng had to study. Secondly, Chen Feng himself had no confidence in his ability to get inside the stone tortoise. At any rate, the attacks he sent out earlier had failed to do anything.

After moving around on the back of the stone tortoise for a moment, Chen Feng smiled. As expected, this is the work of a True Immortal. Looks like this stone tortoise is a treasure hoard. Since it appeared in East Dragon Island, it is our treasure. Only, opening this stone tortoise is a difficult problem.


As Chen Feng was walking about, a near-imperceptible wave of vibrations emanated out from the stone tortoise and Chen Feng felt the gravitational pressure bearing down on him doubling in strength. The power of earth enveloped him, causing even his cognitive abilities to slow down.


1 Bai Ziyan first appeared in Chapter 6 as a female cultivator in white. In Chapter 48, she saved Chen Feng and gave him a crash course on the world of cultivation.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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