Chapter 942 1V3


The moment the three cultivators appeared, they silently spread out to surround Heavenly Premier Absolute and the others.

Seeing their appearance, Heavenly Premier Eternal and the others maintained a look of calmness. However, they were inwardly feeling concerned.

“Ha ha ha! Heavenly Premier Seven Kills from Killer Palace, Heavenly Premier Shadow from Shadow Palace and Heavenly Premier Void from Void Palace. I didn’t think it’d be the three of you. I have long since heard that several assassination organizations have gone to become Heavenly Firmaments Palace’s running dogs. I did not believe it, but now it would appear that it is true.” Heavenly Premier Absolute laughed loudly.

“Quite the show of hand here, but who will die in the end is not yet set in stone.” Heavenly Premier Eternal scoffed.

“There are only four of you here and six of us. Not to mention, this is our territory. Killing you four should be feasible,” Heavenly Premier Ninelink said, stepping forward. Spheres of light spread out from his body and motes of light kept emerging. He was displaying the complete version of the Heavenly Immortal Technique.

“Island Lord Chen, please leave. This does not concern you,” Heavenly Premier Ninelink said, turning to Chen Feng.

“Hold it right there. Heavenly Premier Seven Kills, is it? I believe you should know of me, right?” Chen Feng stepped forward, a smile on his face.

“It is only natural for me to have heard of the famed Island Lord of East Dragon Island,” Heavenly Premier Seven Kills said. However, his attitude showed that he did not view Chen Feng as a threat.

“Good, then. Your Killer Palace has tried to assassinate me many a time. By the way, I seem to recall Shadow Palace and Void Palace sending assassins after me as well. Sigh! Now that I think about it, I had to spend every day worrying about assassins aiming for my life. That feeling is really uncomfortable.” Chen Feng shook his head and sighed.

“Now that we have encountered one another, there is a need to settle the account. You fellows need to give me a satisfactory explanation,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Your name is Chen Feng, right? Do you want to die here today?” Heavenly Premier Seven Kills cast a sharp gaze at Chen Feng. It felt devoid of emotion.

“Chen Feng, I respect the fact that you are a member of the Celestial Longevity Plane. That’s why I am showing courtesy towards you. If you insist on ignoring what’s good for you, do not blame us for being ruthless.” Heavenly Premier Ninelink finally grew somewhat infuriated.

“So, you know who I am. Looks like you guys really have forged ties with the Immortal Plane. Short of that, there is no way you could know the words Celestial Longevity Plane. And yet, you still have the audacity to display such an attitude before me? Tsk, tsk. Looks like the deterring power of Celestial Longevity Plane’s name is not enough. If that is the case, I will have to teach you fellows a minor lesson today.” After Chen Feng said that, his figure disappeared. Heavenly Premier Seven Kills had suddenly appeared there, his hand grasping out to catch thin air.


A clear sound rang out as the Heaven Piercing Lance in Chen Feng’s hand stabbed and lifted Heavenly Premier Shadow up. However, Heavenly Premier Shadow rapidly transformed into a clump of shadows, which slid down from the Heaven Piercing Lance before re-assuming human form.

Heavenly Premier Void silently arrived behind Chen Feng and a sharp and slender blade sliced its way towards Chen Feng’s neck.

After Heavenly Premier Seven Kills’ grasping move failed, his figure darted forward and his five fingers shot out once more to grab Chen Feng’s head.

Pa! Pa!

The Heaven Piercing Lance swung to collide against the two incoming attacks. At the same time, a clump of shadows abruptly grew in size before rapidly wriggling. Following that, countless black threads shot out into the surrounding space before emerging from another part of space to wrap around Chen Feng.

“Fellow seniors, leave these three to me. Take care of the remaining three,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. His feet moved and runes flashed as he kept evading the attacks coming at him from his surroundings.

“Ha ha, not a problem! Just leave these three fellows to us!” Heavenly Premier Absolute had confidence in Chen Feng. Next, wielding the Absolute Staff, he swung it at Heavenly Premier Ninelink.

In the beginning, seeing Chen Feng take on three Ascendant Immortals had shocked the Heavenly Premiers Eternal, Heavensight and Four Cardinals. However, when they saw how well Chen Feng was dealing with them, they grew relieved. Assassins were even more difficult to deal with compared to cultivators on the same level as them. Unless absolutely necessary, no one would be willing to face such opponents. And yet, despite facing three of them, Chen Feng did not end up in a disadvantageous position at all. This was a shocking sight to behold.

Even though they were feeling shocked, the three of them did not simply space out. Heavenly Premier Eternal and the other two quickly joined Heavenly Premier Absolute to fight Heavenly Premier Ninelink’s team of three.

Four against three. For the time being, it would appear that they were evenly matched, but it left Heavenly Premier Eternal’s team of four with a feeling of discomfort. In the past, Heavenly Premier Ninelink’s team of three were far from capable of matching them. But now, they had caught up to them.

Due to the shadowy threads that Heavenly Premier Shadow unleashed, Chen Feng became trapped in the middle as Heavenly Premier Seven Kills and Heavenly Premier Void hovered about, unleashing killer moves at him. Three Ascendant Immortals were besieging an Earthen Immortal, going all out while they were at it. And yet, they revealed not a hint of embarrassment.

Finally, Heavenly Premier Void found an opening. A sword then stabbed Chen Feng’s body. Without even waiting to see the result of the attack, he swiftly backed away. At the same time, Heavenly Premier Seven Kills darted forward quickly, his hand shooting out to grab Chen Feng’s head, desirous of snapping it off.

“Will you be able to so easily do it?” Chen Feng snickered as he suddenly fired out a punch to send Heavenly Premier Seven Kills flying.

On Chen Feng’s body, a line of sword light could be seen. No blood flowed out and the wound created by the sword light instantly healed up.

“Not bad, you can break through my defence.” Chen Feng smiled and the Longevity Wings spread out from his back. With a light flap, Chen Feng’s figure shifted its position several times. Next, the three Heavenly Premiers Seven Kills, Void and Shadow were sent flying, a bloody hole on each of their bodies.

“Assassins need to resort to assassination techniques. You are quite weak at taking attacks head on.” Chen Feng swung the Heaven Piercing Lance. The Heaven Piercing Lance did not move quickly. However, when supported by the god-like movements from Chen Feng, it became something else entirely. Heavenly Premier Shadow attempted to evade, but was stabbed in the end. After that, a punch from Chen Feng burst his body apart. The body then transformed into a skyful of black shadows.

“Show me all your skills! You’re the founders of assassination organizations for crying out loud! Is this all you have?” Chen Feng said, swinging his lance to once again send Heavenly Premier Seven Kills flying.

Due to Chen Feng’s attacks, all three ended up wounded. Even so, their eyes remained calm, not a hint of fear in them. At the same time, they continued searching for Chen Feng’s weak points.

“Void Dimension!”

Heavenly Premier Void’s figure abruptly turned faint. Like clumps of smoke, he then disappeared into his surroundings. Instantly, Chen Feng felt his six senses becoming blocked. His sense of direction disappeared completely and it felt as though his whole body was suspended in mid-air.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Ropes formed from shadows rapidly appeared to tie up Chen Feng’s four limbs. At the same time, a massive fist shot towards Chen Feng’s head.

“Longevity Absorption Technique!”


The massive fist struck Chen Feng’s forehead. Next, though, its power was sucked. Energy streams surged into Chen Feng’s body through the fist.

“Get back!”

The fist blew up and Heavenly Premier Seven Kills, who was some distance away, was so startled by what happened that he lost his composure. His arm had been severed. Normally, he would not feel startled even if his waist was cut off. Back then, however, he had felt his essence, energy and soul power flowing away at an alarming rate. Even though Heavenly Premier Seven Kills was someone with an unyielding state of mind, it had still left him feeling somewhat fearful.

“Demonic Heavengorging Art!”

Chen Feng shouted and the ropes binding him grew faint. In the end, all of them slipped into Chen Feng’s body. Heavenly Premier Shadow re-formed his body some distance away, shock etched on his face. 

“Vital flame.” Chen Feng flicked a finger and a mote of fiery light exploded, causing his surroundings to burn. As a result, Heavenly Premier Void re-appeared far away, crying in pain even as the flames continued to ravage his body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Swiftly stepping forward, Chen Feng swung the lance in his hand and the three of them were sent flying once more. This time, his attack had left them grievously wounded.

“Is this all you have? Too weak!” After saying that, Chen Feng ignored them and hurled the lance towards Heavenly Premier Ninelink, forcing him back.

“All right, let’s end this here for now,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Heavenly Premier Seven Kills and the other two regrouped. They did not flee, neither did they continue to attack. Instead, they cast an entangled look at Chen Feng. At the same time, there were also hints of fear within.

Three Ascendant Immortals had their asses handed to them by an Earthen Immortal. Never in their wildest imagination did they consider this possibility.

Likewise, Heavenly Premier Ninelink also did not think that Chen Feng would possess this kind of ability. He felt hesitant. In the end, thinking back on Chen Feng’s origins, he sighed. “Fine, then. Let’s end this here for now. Island Lord Chen, are you really unwilling to talk things out with us? Our Heavenly Firmaments Palace is sincere. For example, we can cooperate with East Dragon Island and let it occupy the entire Central Plains.”

“The entire Central Plains? Hah! Even if it’s the entire Eternal World, what of it? You should already know, my Celestial Longevity Plane don’t even think much about the Immortal Plane. Those who walk different paths cannot agree on the same plan. You want to put on airs in the Northern Plains, I can ignore. However, if you dare come provoke me, I will not hold back, not even if you fellows have a True Immortal protecting you.” After saying that, Chen Feng then ignored Heavenly Premier Ninelink. Giving Heavenly Premier Absolute a signal, he then turned to leave.

After Chen Feng and those who came with him had left, Heavenly Premier Ninelink and the others grouped up. Their faces were somewhat ugly to behold. This was something that they had planned beforehand. They had wanted to get all four Heavenly Premiers. At the very least, they had wanted to kill one or two of them. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng, an unanticipated factor, had disrupted their plan.

“We had planned on killing those fellows in preparation for our future endeavours. Unexpectedly, an unexpected variable would appear. Chen Feng, he is only a starter-level Earthen Immortal. And yet, his strength is already comparable to an Ascendant Immortal.” Heavenly Premier Ninelink sighed.

“With the blood of the Longevity Clan in him, this is normal. How unexpected. The unassuming little fellow that we were after back then could possess such a background. If only we’d known, we would have done our best to recruit him. That way, we would be able to form a relationship with the Celestial Longevity Plane. Sigh! That world is even stronger than the Immortal Plane.”

“Not necessarily. That kid might just be a minor character there.”

“No. Someone who can fight those at a higher level is definitely not some minor character. I daresay that, even in the Celestial Longevity Plane, Chen Feng is still someone on par with a core disciple.”

“Forget it! Let’s not talk about that. We should plan what to do next. This issue with Chen Feng is something we will have to leave to those fellows. We cannot afford to deal with him.”

After that, Heavenly Premier Ninelink and the others left as well.

After Chen Feng and the others returned to Absolute Academy, the atmosphere grew somewhat sombre. In the end, Heavenly Premier Eternal was the first to speak up. “This time, we are truly grateful to Island Lord Chen. If it weren’t for you, today would have been a bloody day.”

“Yes. Who could have guessed that Heavenly Premier Seven Kills and the others would appear? Humph! Those three assassination organizations actually joined Heavenly Firmaments Palace. The situation appears increasingly grim,” Heavenly Premier Four Cardinals said.

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