Chapter 94: Going Across the Passageway


“Lightning powers of this degree is something that only Sky Human stage cultivators can deal with. The lightning bolts here are too powerful. I don’t think we can pass through,” said Ye Ziming.

Lu Ta attempted to take a few steps forward. Suddenly, several lightning bolts, each as thick as an arm, struck his body and he was sent flying tens of metres backwards.

Four Ears too, attempted to move forward. The furs on his body immediately show traces of getting burnt and he immediately backed away, no longer daring to move forward.

By the time Lu Ta got up, several scorch marks could be seen on his body.

“Pei! It hurts so much, it’s killing me! Even if my fleshly body breaks through one more time, I will still be incapable of enduring the lightning bolts here,” said Lu Ta.

Ye Ziming retrieved an ordinary high-quality steel sword and tossed it in. Snapping sounds rang out as the sword transformed into molten iron before it even hit the ground. It did not take long for the pool of molten iron to fully evaporate.

“Is it possible to go around them?” asked Lu Ta.

“No. The lightning powers within a radius of tens of li are all lightning bolts of this size. If we go any further, we will encounter cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto,” said Chen Feng. Earlier, he had secretly questioned Third Senior Brother, who was inside the Longevity Tower (1 li = 0.5 km).

“If that is the case, we have no other option but to go back.” Ye Ziming shook his head.

“Tower, can you handle this?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“Naturally. Like I told you earlier, this is one of the weakest lightning powers in this world. Even the most powerful of Sky Lightnings cannot harm me at all and can only end up as supplement for me,” said Tower arrogantly.

“In that case, I will leave the situation up front to you,” said Chen Feng calmly.

“All right. Although I am not interested in these lightning powers, it is still better than nothing.” After saying that, the Longevity Tower abruptly shook before flying out from Chen Feng’s glabella. It rapidly expanded in size to cover Chen Feng’s group.

“Let’s continue onwards!” said Chen Feng.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The moment they entered the thunderstorm, countless lightning powers surged towards them like lightning serpents while releasing cracking sounds. The power behind the cracking sounds was such that even Lu Ta and Ye Ziming’s face went pale. They were worried that the Longevity Tower, which was covering them, would fail to hold against the lightning bolts.

To their surprise, when the countless lightning bolts struck the Longevity Tower, they were sucked in before disappearing. The Longevity Tower had seemingly become a bottomless hole. No matter how powerful the surrounding lightning powers were, they were all absorbed into it.

“What a pity! The lightning powers here are just too weak. They cannot help me restore my powers at all. Whatever, I will store up these lightning powers here first. In the future, when you are practicing cultivation, you can use them.” Tower’s voice rang within Chen Feng’s mind.

Next, a suction force erupted from the first level of the Longevity Tower. The extraordinary suction force was like a whale sucking in the sea water and all the lightning powers within a radius of hundreds of metres were caught. They transformed into lightning currents and flowed into the Longevity Tower. To Chen Feng’s group, who were observing it all from under the Longevity Tower, the lightning powers became like a waterfall flowing into the tower. It was comparable to the advent of an aurora. Witnessing the wondrous spectacle, they were unable to stop the feelings of shock coursing through them.

“Let’s go!”

Seeing the lightning bolts rapidly absorbed by the Longevity Tower, they no longer feel worried. Instead, they increased their pace forward.

Their group advanced for tens of li. Finally, they were able to faintly make out a straight and circular mountaintop through all the lightning bolts. The mountaintop possessed a faint purple colour. Under the illumination from the sunlight, the mountaintop radiated wisps of purple light, giving off an illusory feeling.

“We will soon be making our way past this lightning passageway. That mountain up ahead should be Purplebolt Mountain. However, according to that Third Senior Brother, this Purplebolt Mountain does not contain lightning powers. This is rather peculiar,” said Chen Feng.

“The Magic crystal mine is beneath Purplebolt Mountain.  Those purple-coloured rocks on the mountain must be Purpleshine Stones. They are abnormally strong. Although they are not crystals, they can absorb the power of the sun,” said Ye Ziming.

Chen Feng had been keeping an eye on the Longevity Tower all this time. The Longevity Tower had absorbed one third of all the lightning powers from the passageway. According to Tower, all those lightning powers were stored in the Longevity Tower’s first level. In the future, Chen Feng could enter at any time to temper his fleshly body.

“Huh! We are finally in. Although there are also powerful lightning powers drifting about in the air here, they are much weaker compared to the ones inside the lightning passageway,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“As expected, there are no restrictive barriers here. There aren’t even any guards stationed here. It seems Purplecloud Sky Grotto never expected anyone to enter through the lightning passageway. This is a good opportunity for us. However, Brother Chen, your magic treasure absorbed a great deal of lightning powers just now. I fear it might alarm some of Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s cultivators,” said Ye Ziming.

“Hurry up and find the Magic crystal mine,” said Chen Feng as he brought Third Senior Brother out again.

“Where is the entrance to the Magic crystal mine and how do we enter?” Chen Feng directly asked.

“This is the back area of Purplebolt Mountain. Practically no one would come here. The entrance to the mine is in the front. There should be some Concealed stage cultivators standing guard there,” said Third Senior Brother.

“Lead the way,” said Chen Feng, who released Third Senior Brother. He was not afraid of Third Senior Brother trying any tricks. Third Senior Brother’s injuries had yet to heal up and there were restrictions placed upon his body by Chen Feng. Should he attempt to escape, anyone from Chen Feng’s group could kill him.

The Purplebolt Mountain was not too big. It only possessed a radius of tens of li and a height of hundreds of zhang. It appeared no different compared to an ordinary mountain. However, the spiritual energy emanating out from it secretly shocked Chen Feng’s group (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

“There are some rare vegetations in Purplebolt Mountain’s surroundings. Due to the Magic crystal mine’s existence, the spiritual energy around this mountain is several times stronger compared to the spiritual energy outside. Practicing cultivation here will allow cultivators to achieve more with less effort.” 

“I wonder how much Magic crystals there are. Hopefully, the number produced is a lot.”

“According to a study made by our Purplecloud Sky Grotto, there are at least 50 million Magic crystals. During this period of mining, out Purplecloud Sky Grotto have already mined out 1 million Magic crystals.”

They discussed while moving forward. It did not take long before they encountered several layers of restrictive barrier.

“Up ahead is the entrance to the Magic crystal mine. Normally, there are four Concealed stage cultivators standing guard. After entering, there will be another four Concealed stage cultivators keeping a lookout. Charging inside without knowing anything will be very difficult,” said Third Senior Brother.

“Why don’t we open up a hole down ourselves?” Lu Ta suggested.

“You can try,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

Standing face-to-face with the mountain, Lu Ta threw a punch forward. A muffled sound rang out, causing pieces of gravel to fly out. A one-metre hole appeared upon the surface of the Purplebolt Mountain.

“Siii! It is so hard!” Lu Ta exclaimed. Given Lu Ta’s level of strength, his strike earlier should have blasted out a hole that was several metres in length in normal mountains.

“I just mentioned it earlier, these are Purpleshine Stones. They are notoriously hard. Generally speaking, places with Purpleshine Stones will most likely have rare mines. It seems we did not come to the wrong place,” said Ye Ziming.

“Kid, I can feel it. One thousand zhang ahead, underground. There is a great deal of Magic crystals there!” Tower’s voice suddenly rang out within Chen Feng’s mind again. There was excitement in his voice.

“I know that. I am currently trying to come up with a plan,” replied a sulking Chen Feng.

“A pity! A pity! If I could restore just a little bit more of my powers, I could utilize a spatial technique to move past these stones and enter the Magic crystal mine. As of now, though, I can only depend on you,” said Tower with a sigh.

“After saying all that, it turns out you are only spouting nonsense,” retorted a dissatisfied Chen Feng.

“Should we charge in head-on?” asked Lu Ta.

“I fear a head-on charge will not work. The Concealed stage cultivators standing guard at the entrance have cultivation bases higher than ours. Additionally, if we alarm the cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto, it will probably be difficult for us to escape,” said Chen Feng.

“How about I go lure them away while you fellows wait for the opportunity to take action?” said Ye Ziming after considering it for a moment.

“There is no need to take such a risk. If we cannot get the Magic crystals, we can just head back.” Chen Feng shook his head to refuse Ye Ziming’s suggestion.

“Hopefully, some other people will charge in. That way, we will be able to fish in troubled waters,” said Lu Ta, who shook his head.

“Who goes there?!”

Suddenly, the Concealed stage cultivators standing guard over the mine entrance shouted out. His voice reverberated outwards to travel tens of li forward. Next, flying swords pierced through the air to create flashes of sword light. The sounds of shouts and weapons clashing spread out from their surroundings.

“It is as you said. It seems our opportunity has arrived,” said Ye Ziming with a chuckle. Next, he focused his divine sense to slowly break the restrictive barriers in front of them.

As time went by, the sounds of battle coming from the distance grew more intense. Chen Feng’s group could sense the waves of power fluctuations constantly spreading towards them.

“Those fighting are at least level 5 Concealed stage cultivators,” said Chen Feng after secretly sensing the power fluctuations.

“Brother Ye, how long will you need to break these restrictive barriers?”

“One joss stick’s worth of time,” replied Ye Ziming.

“Too slow. We cannot miss this opportunity. Everyone, attack together to break these restrictive barriers so that we can break through,” said an impatient Chen Feng. Right after uttering those words, Chen Feng made his move. His Overwhelming Astral Sword abruptly swung out and the restrictive barrier in front immediately exploded with a series of cracking sounds.

As Chen Feng was attacking, Four Ears, who was beside him, attacked as well. Golden light flashed out and another restrictive barrier was smashed apart by Four Ears’ formidable might.

“Endless Sky of Turbidity!” Seeing Chen Feng attack, Lu Ta, too, attacked. The iron staff in his hand seemingly transformed into a shadow as it smashed into the restrictive barrier before him.

The Overwhelming Astral Sword in Chen Feng’s hand was incomparably powerful. Under Chen Feng’s stimulation, it ceaselessly unleashed the might of a Prized artefact. In face of the attacks by the Overwhelming Astral Sword, the restrictive barriers became as weak as paper.


With all the restrictive barriers destroyed, Chen Feng’s group finally arrived before Purplebolt Mountain. Not far away, they could see tens of people in the midst of battle. Flying swords sliced through the air and sword beams covered the sky. Additionally, there were energy currents with prismatic colours surging and colliding about. Who knows which magic treasure had caused that?

“Where is the entrance?” Chen Feng glanced about and saw that the mountain surface was smooth and unblemished. No entrance to the mine could be found.

“Covered by a restrictive barrier. It’s there.” Ye Ziming kicked out and a boulder, over 100 jin in weight, roared towards the mountain. As it was about to collide into the mountain surface, the boulder suddenly disappeared (1 jin = 0.5 kg).

“All right, follow me! Let’s charge!” Chen Feng shouted. The Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand fiercely swung out and a swift and forceful sword beam shot out. Seemingly wanting to break space itself, when it reached a certain spot in the sky, it instantly erupted, unleashing wave after wave of booming sounds.

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