Chapter 939 Heavenly Tribulation Powers


Upon entering the 12th floor, Chen Feng instantly felt the power of destruction assailing him in a furious manner. However, the power radiating out from his body swiftly repelled that power of destruction.

They were black-coloured energy streams with fiery-red light mixed within them. Chen Feng felt as though he had entered the centre of a planet, surrounded by magma. Additionally, it also felt like a soon-to-explode planet.

A terrifying power of destruction. Only, it is impure. Additionally, there is also the power of fire and a minor bit of the power of lightning. For the starter-level Earthen Immortals, staying here for just one day will kill them. Even mid-level Earthen Immortals will not be able to last 10 days. High-level Earthen Immortals would not be able to even exert half of their powers here. No wonder so many cultivators would choose to stay on the 11th floor. Just the terrifying aura is enough to keep them back.

Turning around, Chen Feng saw that the portal was still there. Maybe some had entered before only to return after sensing how harsh the surrounding environment is. 

Considering how harsh the environment is, there must be some good items here then. Chen Feng’s divine sense was terribly suppressed and he was only able to exert 30% of his might. For Chen Feng, however, that was enough. 

It did not take long before Chen Feng entered a strange forest.

Plants that could grow in such a harsh environment are extraordinary. Even the average spiritual trees are not as valuable as them. In Eternal World, they are already about as valuable as a Sacred artifact. Chen Feng then waved his hand and a mountainous 10,000-zhang-tall tree shattered apart and a pure power of destruction flowed out from it.

They grow by absorbing the power of destruction. Unfortunately, it is the power of destruction. Developing spiritual attributes will be very difficult for them.

Still, it is not as though none of them could do it. Chen Feng then performed a backhanded grasping motion and a branch that had wanted to launch a sneak attack against Chen Feng was caught.

A tree yao with a withered appearance appeared before Chen Feng.

A Yao Immortal. Its combat power is comparable to a mid-level Earthen Immortal. Chen Feng instantly determined the tree yao’s strength.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

His surroundings turned dark as countless branches transformed into either lances or ropes to attack Chen Feng from every direction.


Chen Feng brandished a sword and sword light flashed about to slice apart all the branches attacking him.

Following that, Chen Feng charged and countless tree yaos were cut down by the sword light. In the end, Chen Feng’s display of might caused the tree yaos to retreat.

Chen Feng hovered above the forest, his pair of eyes black. Only, there were also hints of cyan flashing within the blackness within his eyes.

Recently, Chen Feng had been cultivating the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight recorded within the Longevity Scripture. Upon successfully cultivating this technique, his gaze would truly be able to pierce through the void and see through all falsehoods. Chen Feng, however, had an even more special and outrageous plan in mind. He wanted to fuse the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight and Magic Eyes of Darkness together and create an even stronger eye technique.

It had to be said, there was quite a number of cultivators in the Longevity Clan who cultivate the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. Since Chen Feng had decided to cultivate it, he had to surpass the others.

Chen Feng’s gaze allowed him to vividly see everything that was happening within the forest. He could even clearly make out what was happening beneath the ground. There was a spirit vein deep underground. The spirit vein was the one supporting the growth of this forest with a radius of half a million kilometres.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng gave up his plan to collect the spirit vein. 

Heh! This Spirit Essence Tower will be mine eventually. All the items here will be mine anyways. There is no need to worry about that for now. Chen Feng shook his head, a smile on his face. Next, he flew away from the forest.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Clumps of lightning emerged from high above before descending upon Chen Feng. A perfunctory glance revealed that those lightning attacks looked like Heavenly Tribulation. Even the power of the lightning attacks was in no way inferior compared to those of Heavenly Tribulation.

Devastation Lightning, formed from the power of destruction and fire. It is practically identical to a Heavenly Tribulation. Is this space capable of stealing Heavenly Tribulation powers? Chen Feng grew puzzled. He brought out the Essence Spirit Bead and all of the clumps of lightning and even the surrounding power of destruction were sucked into this Immortal artifact.

Although the Essence Spirit Bead was only a low-grade Immortal artifact, it could collect various Heavenly Tribulation powers. Chen Feng had spent day after day refining it to fuse it with his body. It was all so he could cultivate out the Chaos Constitution.

The powers are not pure enough. It is not worth mobilizing this Immortal artifact of mine. With a smile, Chen Feng then kept the Essence Spirit Bead back into his body.

Next up, Chen Feng then faced more clumps of lightning formed from the power of destruction. There were also other forms of attacks like blades of light. All of them were shattered by Chen Feng’s punches. Occasionally, Chen Feng would simply allow the attacks to land on his body. 

Chen Feng stayed inside the space for one year. To Chen Feng’s surprise, this space was not as big as he had imagined. In addition to the harshness of his surroundings, there was nothing else of note there. He did not even encounter any decent unique creatures, let alone Immortal artifacts or Divine artifacts. During the one year Chen Feng spent there, his biggest gain were the Heavenly Tribulation powers that he had absorbed and the slight tempering of his fleshly body.

Due to that, Chen Feng did not hesitate to enter the spatial portal once he found it. He hoped that he would be able to find something good on the 13th floor.

Upon entering the 13th floor, Chen Feng frowned. The 13th floor was more or less similar to the 12th floor, filled with chaotic Heavenly Tribulation powers. Only, the Heavenly Tribulation powers on this floor were even stronger. There were also more of them there. Chen Feng was comforted to find that the Essence Spirit Bead could finally be used.

Because the Heavenly Tribulation powers here were strong enough to let the Essence Spirit Bead level up.

There were not many living beings on this floor. Earthen Immortals would find it hard to survive here. At any rate, weirdoes like Chen Feng was a rarity.

As there were neither Immortal artifacts or other treasures, Chen Feng began cultivating with peace of mind on this floor. The high-grade Heavenly Tribulation powers could also be considered as good treasures.

Temper the flesh.

Polish the soul.

Refine the magic treasures.

Just those three were already very useful for Chen Feng. In the beginning, Chen Feng took out one magic treasure after another to refine using the Heavenly Tribulation powers. Later, however, Chen Feng brought out the Longevity Furnace and Longevity Ding. He used them to absorb a high amount of Heavenly Tribulation powers before tossing all his magic treasures inside. Then, he utilized a secret technique to refine them all at the same time.

As for Chen Feng, he sat within the Heavenly Tribulation powers while utilizing a soul projection technique. His divine sense formed a sphere and entered the depths of the Heavenly Tribulation powers. This was a most excruciating form of cultivation and Chen Feng’s soulflame kept flickering, seemingly on the verge of extinguishing. 

After one year spent in cultivation, a wave of aura – filled with vitality – charged out from Chen Feng’s body. Chen Feng opened his eyes. Finally, I have cultivated my soulflame up to the vital flame realm. This is the realm of soulflame for Ascendant Immortals. My primary spirit will never die now. Even if my soul is shattered, as long as just a bit of my primary spirit is left, I will be able to reincarnate.

Cultivating up to the vital flame realm signified an advancement in the cultivator’s essence of life. For Chen Feng, this was even more precious than breaking through to a higher level.

It also meant that his future attempts at undergoing tribulation will become easier. Naturally, whether or not the Immortal Plane would interfere in his future tribulations was still an unknown.

After spending 10 years cultivating there, the Essence Spirit Bead was already very close to reaching the mid-grade Immortal tier. However, no matter how hard Chen Feng tried, no matter how much Heavenly Tribulation powers it devoured, it could not level up. And so, Chen Feng knew that the grade of the powers here was no longer enough. He began having expectations for Heavenly Tribulation powers in the next floor as well.

Although the Essence Spirit Bead did not manage to level up, the other magic treasures inside Chen Feng’s body did become one grade stronger. Rather, if it weren’t for the fact that Chen Feng had cultivated his soulflame to the vital flame realm, he would have been incapable of enduring the impact brought about by the levelling up actions of so many magic treasures.

After cultivating himself for another 10 years, Chen Feng entered the 14th floor. True to Chen Feng’s expectations, this floor also contained Heavenly Tribulation powers. Only, they were stronger and of a higher grade. Chen Feng’s fleshly body was only able to endure for one breath before becoming bloodied. After another breath, Chen Feng became incapable of holding on. He felt like an ordinary human thrown into a furnace.


The semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower appeared to encase Chen Feng. Instantly, Chen Feng felt his surroundings turn still.

Sigh! Looks like the 14th floor is my limit. That is, unless my cultivation base improves again. Still, this time, my Essence Spirit Bead should be able to level up. Chen Feng smiled.

Unexpectedly, the first to level up was not the Essence Spirit Bead. Instead, it was the Lightning Bead.


The Heavenly Tribulation powers within the 14th floor grew even fiercer and the Lightning Bead drifted slowly before landing on Chen Feng’s palm. It continued to flash with lightning radiance, appearing like a dazzling gem.

The Lightning Bead had finally levelled up to become a low-grade Immortal artifact.

After that, the XXX and Scarlet Dragon Staff also levelled up to become low-grade Immortal artifacts. In Chen Feng’s opinion, given how exceptionally favourable this place was, it would be unreasonable for them to be incapable of levelling up. If it weren’t for the lack of materials, the magic treasures within him would be able to continue levelling up. Naturally, even if the rest really could continue to level up, Chen Feng would have to suppress them. His body was already at its limits.

Finally, the Essence Spirit Bead levelled up to become a mid-grade Immortal artifact. This was his first mid-grade Immortal artifact. A difference of one grade was a world of difference. With this mid-grade Immortal artifact, Chen Feng could now instantly kill off Ascendant Immortals.

The instant that the Essence Spirit Bead became a mid-grade Immortal artifact, all the Heavenly Tribulation powers within the surrounding space were seemingly sucked into the Essence Spirit Bead. Next, a spatial passageway opened up and even more Heavenly Tribulation powers was sucked in from a mysterious place within the universe.

A mid-grade Immortal artifact. It’s not easy to reach this level. It is only because the Essence Spirit Bead could absorb various essence powers. The other Immortal artifacts do not possess this special ability. In order to level up, some time and rare materials are needed. If only I can obtain the fragments of a real Divine artifact. After considering that, however, Chen Feng chuckled. He knew that the chances of that happening were low. At any rate, the Divine Cyancloud Palace that he had obtained back then only had some bits of energy and nothing else that was of value.

Following that, Chen Feng then spent up to 30 years cultivating there. The strength of his fleshly body, soul power and magic treasures reached a bottleneck. It was something of a stable state. And so, Chen Feng decided to leave. This was already Chen Feng’s limit. Relying on the protection of Immortal artifacts did not feel like much of an ability to him.

When Chen Feng left, he received a talisman as well. The next time he chose to return, he will be directly teleported to the 14th floor of the Spirit Essence Tower.


Note: Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. In one of the earlier chapters, it was translated as Divine Sky-piercing Eyes. I’ll be translating it as the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight from now on. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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