Chapter 938 Accepting Legacy


The stone stele rose up to a height of 500 kilometres and was only 0.5 kilometres wide. It was a peculiar sight to behold. Without coming to stand before it, Chen Feng would not have realized that it was a stone stele.

Standing in front of the stone stele, Chen Feng then released a lengthy puff. This breath contained the power of wind and lightning. Due to that, the layer of dust on the stone stele was blown away. Another puff and the layer of rust beneath the dust kept fell away. Gradually, minute rays of light began emerging from the stone stele. The light was very dim, but it was enough to illuminate the writings on the stone stele.

So, it is a record stone stele. According to this stone stele, this palace’s name is the Divine Cyancloud Palace. It is from the Immortal Desolate Region. During a battle, someone known as Grand Emperor Desolate Sea had utilized the Divine Desolate Lance to batter it. Tsk, tsk. This item is actually from the Desolate World. 

In the past, I had assumed that it was just rumours. Unexpectedly, there are indeed existences on the same level as our Celestial Plane. Immortal Region. What a boastful name. Even more so compared to the name Immortal Plane. Chen Feng then laughed. Next up, Chen Feng pondered for a moment before displaying a secret false-breaking technique and both his eyes shone with light. In the end, a mote of chilling light pierced one of the characters on the stone stele.


The stone stele shook slightly and a wondrous power rapidly entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Chen Feng had been completely incapable of stopping that power. Thus, he instantly grew terrified. However, he was quick to recollect himself. 

Legacies? Seriously? A Divine artifact that is so badly broken still has legacies in it? The notion of shock had only just flashed across Chen Feng’s mind when his sea of wisdom became engulfed with an ocean of information.

The universe can be divided in many ways. The place that Chen Feng was presently inhabiting was one such example. There were life-bearing planets and life-bearing worlds. These worlds can be further categorized as minor worlds, middling worlds and major worlds. Eternal World was a major world. 

After reaching a certain cultivation level, the cultivators cultivating on these life-bearing worlds of varying levels would ascend. Most would ascend to the Immortal Plane. Either that or other worlds that were second only to the Immortal Plane such as the Demon Plane, Nether Plane, Ghost Plane, etc. Those worlds were all at a higher level compared to major worlds.

For the cultivators from ordinary worlds, the Immortal Plane was the apex. However, there were some other worlds that did not view the Immortal Plane as equals. These worlds were existences surpassing the Immortal Plane. They were the Celestial Planes.

In fact, the quality and foundation of the Celestial Longevity Plane, Celestial Brahma Plane, Celestial Zenith Plane, Celestial Malla Plane and some others were even greater compared to other Celestial Planes. The inhabitants of those worlds were either members of Heaven-defying races or remnant beings from an ancient cosmos. Or perhaps, they had risen to greatness due to some fortuitous luck.

All those life-bearing planets and worlds, even the Immortal Plane and Celestial Planes, form a vast and endless expanse; something that could be called, the Immortal Region. It could also be considered as a part of the universe.

Those lower-levelled worlds aside, even someone like Chen Feng, a core member of the Celestial Longevity Plane, only knew of some rumours regarding other Immortal Regions. Going to look at the other Immortal Regions was simply an impossibility.

The reason was very simple. Take the Immortal Plane for example. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, if he were to enter the Immortal Plane and attempt to inspect every part of the Immortal Plane, not even 100 million years would be enough for him. As for the other existences far away in space, they were not something that the present Chen Feng could make contact with or understand.

At that very moment, however, Chen Feng was accepting legacies from a Divine artifact that came from another Immortal Region.

Soon enough, the shining words dimmed. As the light disappeared, the words disappeared as well. As for Chen Feng, he sat there, not moving at all. After a long time had passed, he shook his head and opened his eyes. In the beginning, there was a somewhat dazed look in his eyes, but he rapidly recovered.

A wonderful world. This is just the compressed information within one set of writings while there is a total of 185 sets of writings on this stone stele. Every set has its own legacy. Chen Feng felt his head aching. Although his mind had been developed to an incredible state, accepting all these legacies before him in one fell swoop would leave his mind in a state of chaos. Worse, it might cause his sea of wisdom to blow up.

“Sigh! I’ll have to do this slowly.” Chen Feng sighed and waved his hand. Several Immortal artifacts flew out to set up a layer of restrictive array around him. Even though this restrictive array was very simple, it had several Immortal artifacts to serve as its array cores. Thus, even if the other cultivators were to join forces, they would likely be incapable of charging in.

After addressing those concerns, Chen Feng then relaxed and focused on accepting the legacies. While Chen Feng did not care about the others potentially disturbing him, he also did not want to get interrupted during critical moments of accepting the legacies.

Utilizing the secret false-breaker technique, Chen Feng then began accepting the legacies within the second set of writings. It did not take long before some legacies poured into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Following that, Chen Feng adjusted his breath and calmed himself down for a moment before continuing to accept the legacies within another set of writings.

The legacies were both massive and disorderly. The most important issue here was its size. It seemed they had compressed every information about the Immortal Desolate Region inside them. 

Chen Feng spent up to half a year accepting the legacies. After that, he spent another half a year to understand the information within the legacies and yet another year getting rid of useless information. 

In other words, he had spent up to two years on this stone stele. 

Accepting the legacies of another Immortal Region, Chen Feng’s disposition underwent a change. Chen Feng himself had to spend a great deal of effort to recover and maintain his own sense of self.

There were many secret techniques within those legacies. Although Chen Feng did not attempt to cultivate those techniques, they were able to give him a great deal of inspirations. Most importantly, Chen Feng’s perspective had grown broader.

The bigger one’s heart was, the greater accomplishments one can achieve. Chen Feng had made contact with cultures outside his own Immortal Region. This left a great impact on Chen Feng’s worldview. It had to be said, even Heavenly Immortals might not be aware that there were other Immortal Regions, let alone Earthen Immortals. 

Accepting the legacies of the stone stele was the equivalent of obtaining full control over the Divine artifact. Thus, with a thought from Chen Feng, all the cultivators who had entered this ruined palace were teleported out.

Chen Feng did not choose to kill them. It was not because he was soft-hearted. He had done so because he had borrowed the power of those cultivators to enter this ruined palace back then. It was thanks to their assistance that he was able to obtain the legacies.

That said, Chen Feng did feel somewhat frustrated. In the process of accepting the legacies, a trace of obsession had managed to slip into the deepest part of Chen Feng’s soul. Due to that, he would have to seek out and fight that Grand Emperor Desolate Sea in the future.

Chen Feng revealed a bitter smile. That Grand Emperor Desolate Sea could even smash apart a Divine artifact. What was he in front of such an existence?

That obsession was formed from the powers of the Divine Cyancloud Palace and Grand Emperor Cyancloud. The Divine Cyancloud Palace had fallen under Chen Feng’s control. As for this Grand Emperor Cyancloud, Chen Feng did not know if he was dead or alive.

The smooth stone stele began corroding away and even the Divine Cyancloud Palace began collapsing. Chen Feng had kept some of the useful items there. In truth, this Divine Cyancloud Palace only possessed some fragments of divine energy left. The moment those fragments were extracted, the whole palace began crumbling. As for the divine energy, they were all absorbed into the Longevity Tower.

Sigh! Even an ageless Divine artifact could end up like this. Back then, the Longevity Tower and I were truly lucky. Chen Feng lamented.

After the Divine Cyancloud Palace disappeared, Chen Feng appeared there. Around him were cultivators, all staring at him with predatory gazes.

“If you fellows want to die, then just go ahead and attack,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Everyone, attack together!” one of them said with a sharp voice.


A lance nailed the cultivator to the ground and his soul was shattered.

“I’ll give you fellows one chance. In three breaths’ time, if there is still someone here, do not blame me for being ruthless. Those who attempted to ambush me back then should still remember it clearly.” Chen Feng smiled as he beckoned and the lance flew back into his grasp.

“I will have no part with what’s happening here.” One of them left.

“I don’t want to fight to the death on a whim.”


“I did not participate in the sneak attack.”

Cultivators kept leaving the place. After the three breaths’ worth of time was over, 20 cultivators remained. They were already secretly preparing their attacks and their killing intent was so strong that even the stones on the ground began cracking.

“Friend, you must have obtained all the treasures inside, no? Hand them over and we’ll split them up. After that, we will go our separate ways,” one of the cultivators said.

“Heh! A peak-level Earthen Immortal, but I can still kill you off in an instant. Are you certain you are talking to me?” Chen Feng said with a snicker. 

Seeing the smile on Chen Feng’s face, the cultivator felt a chill running down his heart, but he forced himself to continue, “I am not the only one here!”

“Sigh! Since these fellows are seeking death, there is really nothing else that can be done.” Chen Feng shook his head and the lance in his hand thrust forward.


“Attack together! Kill this kid!”

“Use Immortal artifacts!”


The one who spoke up was killed by Chen Feng even as several attacks were shooting towards Chen Feng. However, runes flared out from beneath Chen Feng’s feet and he evaded them all. All of them had attacked using grand dao powers, but the Longevity Steps seemed beyond the grand dao. Due to that, the cultivators failed to even catch Chen Feng’s aura, let alone wound or kill him.

First, a cultivator who was wielding an Immortal artifact was blasted away with a stab. Next, flowers of blood blossomed again and again while cries of misery and dread rang out.

There were 20 high-level and peak-level Earthen Immortals. In the end, only two managed to escape. Those two were terribly wounded. As for the rest, Chen Feng had butchered them all. 

“Killing Earthen Immortals like this makes me feel like a bully,” Chen Feng said.

After accepting the legacies from the Divine Cyancloud Palace, Chen Feng’s understanding towards the dao of cultivation had risen to an indescribable state. Due to that, the Earthen Immortals became like children in his perspective. It was a form of improvement in his state of being.

By Chen Feng’s estimate, although he did not obtain any power or energy from the legacies, the improvement in his state of being was comparable to him cultivating for 10,000 years or longer. At any rate, given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he was far from capable of exploring the other Immortal Regions.

Next up, Chen Feng spent another 10 years exploring this space. Occasionally, he would gain some more harvest, but they were not that great. The value from those harvests was far inferior compared to that of the Divine Cyancloud Palace. That said, Chen Feng had yet to fully go through the entire space.

One day, Chen Feng found the spatial portal. It was as the cultivator had mentioned back then. Even before entering the portal, he could already feel a terrifying aura coming out from the portal. Chen Feng himself was feeling somewhat scared. However, it had yet to reach the point where it could terrify him. After sensing the aura for a moment, Chen Feng did not hesitate to step into the portal. 

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