Chapter 937 Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm


“By my estimate, if another 100 high-level Earthen Immortals enter, the mysterious power will be more or less completely drained away,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Hearing that, everyone there shuddered. There were not that many of them there. Besides, who would willingly step forward and die?

“There is another method. Is there anyone who possess Immortal artifacts here?” Chen Feng asked.

They fell silent. However, some of them understood what Chen Feng wanted to do.

“I believe that if more than 10 Immortal artifacts take action together, we should be able to create a passageway,” said Chen Feng, who brandished the Heaven Piercing Lance in his hand.

“I have an immortal sword,” someone finally spoke up.

“Me too.”

“I have a spear. Its quality is not bad.”

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

A few other cultivators did not say anything. Instead, they simply brought out their magic treasures.

Soon enough, there were 12 Immortal artifacts there. Chen Feng’s gaze swept around. In the face of Chen Feng’s gaze, some of the other cultivators revealed an unnatural expression on their faces.

“Since some fellows want to preserve their strength, do not blame me for going rough on you fellows if you bring out Immortal artifacts when we start competing for treasures.” Chen Feng snickered.


The Heaven Piercing Lance moved to finally insert itself into the hole that it had previously created.

“Next up, everyone must attack this spot simultaneously. Be sure to not hold back. Whether or not we are able to obtain anything good will depend on your contributions.”

Even though a starter-level Earthen Immortal was giving them instructions, no one there objected. At the end of the day, strength was the most important criteria here. Naturally, there were some who felt displeased, but they kept it to themselves.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

They all agreed with Chen Feng’s plan. Every single one of them fired out their respective attacks, which struck the wall of the palace. After that, strands of light spread out from the hole and all the cultivators who attacked – Chen Feng included – were flung backwards. Some were even spraying out blood from their mouths.

Following that, a large and circular hole appeared on the wall and some chaotic energy streams could be sensed there.

“It’s open!”

The first wave of cultivators to enter were the ones who did not attack earlier. In just the blink of an eye, they had entered the palace.

“Damn it!”

The cultivators who had attacked earlier grew furious. They had put so much effort to open up a way into the palace only for those fellows to rush in first.

It did not take long before all the cultivators and unique creatures there had entered the palace. Chen Feng was the last one to enter. He was not afraid that they would snatch away all the good items inside. Rather, if that were the case, he would not hesitate to just kill those fellows. 

Truth be told, Chen Feng was not too eager to find what other treasures there were inside. His objective was only the Divine Longevity Fountain.

Looking at the Divine artifact from the outside, it had seemed like a ruined palace. Upon entering, however, they found that there was another world inside it. It was a Divine artifact, after all. It would not be surprising to find a newly-opened up universe inside a Divine artifact.

By the time Chen Feng entered, there was no one else in sight. All he could see were the chaotic streams of energy that moved about constantly. A moment’s carelessness caused a small cut to appear on Chen Feng’s body.

Huh! Even though they managed to enter, getting out alive will not be easy. There was a wry smile on Chen Feng’s face.

The toughness of Chen Feng’s fleshly body was already comparable to a Dao artifact. And yet, the energy streams that were randomly flowing around were actually capable of inflicting a wound on his body.

As expected, Chen Feng then saw a cultivator sliced to pieces and what remained faded into the void; his essence, energy and soul power fused with the surrounding space. Using his divine sense to inspect the situation, Chen Feng was able to tell that the cultivator’s essence, energy and soul power had fused with this broken Divine artifact.

A pity. No matter how much more energy it gets, it is useless. This Divine artifact only has a trace of instinct left in it. Its essence and artifact spirit have completely disappeared. Chen Feng shook his head and brought out a bluish-green branch. This branch, brimming with vitality, was something that grew out from the Longevity Wood. He could use it to find the Divine Longevity Fountain.

Holding the Longevity Branch in hand, Chen Feng then channelled a secret technique recorded within the Longevity Scripture. His longevity-type primary energy circulated at an even faster rate and the Longevity Branch rapidly detected a faint aura. It was none other than the aura of the Divine Longevity Fountain that Chen Feng had sensed earlier.

It's strange. Back then, its aura was stronger than this. Why did it become so subdued?

Eh, the aura is becoming stronger again! Did someone beat me to it? Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and Longevity Runes flashed beneath his feet as his movement speed flew to its very limits.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng halted. Due to the pressure there, his surroundings had seemingly become viscous. Chen Feng himself had slowed down. Naturally, that was not why Chen Feng was slowing down. Rather, it was because the dense layer of mist up ahead had attracted Chen Feng’s attention.

That’s the Multi-coloured Haze. There is poison mixed inside them as well. Looks like this broken Divine artifact does have some interesting items inside it.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Chen Feng was about to continue moving forward, the surrounding space shook and energy streams roiled as wave after wave of killing intent locked down on Chen Feng. Following that were formidable attacks. There were even the auras of some Immortal artifacts there.

Heh! These fellows actually dare to attack me? Right, I can be considered as the strongest one here. It is only natural that they would join forces to kill me first.

“If you fellows did not attack me, you might have been able to live, but now…” 

The Longevity Tower appeared to encase Chen Feng’s figure and all the attacks aimed at him were absorbed. Rather, no sound of impact rang out either.

“Oh, no! Hurry, run!”

Seeing Chen Feng block all their attacks, they realized that the situation was beyond their abilities. After this attack failed, they stopped trying.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Golden light flashed. Next, one wretched cry after another rang out. In the end, the Steel Enigma Sword transformed into a golden beam of light before flying into Chen Feng’s grasp.

“A pity, I only got three of them.”

A wave of energy fluctuations then spread outwards. “I will give you fellows one joss stick’s worth of time to leave this place. If you do not, you will all die here.”

After issuing the threat, Chen Feng strode forward. Sword beams kept slicing forward to cut apart the Multi-coloured Haze that stood before Chen Feng’s path. Finally, he saw what he came here for, the Divine Longevity Fountain.

“So, it’s like this,” Chen Feng whispered.

There seemed to be nothing special about the Divine Longevity Fountain before him. In fact, it could not even compare to the ordinary fountains he had seen before in the past.

And yet, the aura emanating from this inconspicuous-looking fountain caused both Chen Feng and the Longevity Tower to tremble slightly.

A Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm was lying somewhere not far away from the fountain. The one horn on its head kept shining with light and a stream of cyan-coloured vapour emerged from the fountain to enter the horn. As a result, the light shining from the horn grew even brighter.

“Animal!” Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes. His killing intent alarmed the Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm and its horn fired out a multi-coloured stream of light at Chen Feng’s head.

Chen Feng responded by swinging and making a spinning motion with his palm. Due to that, the trajectory of the multi-coloured stream of light was changed and it flew far away. Perhaps it was coincidence, but a cultivator happened to emerge from the haze there. As a result, his chest began rotting away. His wretched cry rang out and his body was reduced into a pool of blood. His soul was the only thing that managed to escape.


Space suddenly became distorted and Chen Feng felt time flowing at a slower rate. Promptly, Chen Feng utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra before unleashing a punch.

A loud banging sound rang out and Chen Feng kept backing away. The bones in his body released popping sounds. Looking down, Chen Feng saw that his fist was cracked and bloodied. Additionally, there were also strands of strange energy attempting to erode his body. Only, the longevity-type primary energy rapidly refined them instead.

“A Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm at the mid-level Earthen Immortal stage. This is a unique ancient race. There are not many of them left in the Yao Plane,” Chen Feng said softly.


The Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm stood up straight to rapidly transform into a handsome young man. However, the multi-coloured patterns on him gave off a strange feeling.

“What cultivation technique are you cultivating? It could actually unravel my multi-coloured poison.” After saying that, the yao youngster did not wait for Chen Feng’s reply before swiftly unleashing an attack.

Sharp talons swiped forward to arrive before Chen Feng. Refusing to back down, Chen Feng responded with a swipe attack as well. Two banging sounds rang out and the two of them backed away at the same time. Deep claw marks could be seen on both their bodies, but the wounds quickly healed up.

“What a strong fleshly body!” The Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm revealed a derisive grin.

Chen Feng himself was surprised at how powerful the Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm’s attack was. In his opinion, even though this opponent was only at the mid-level Earthen Immortal stage, he could even instantly kill off a high-level Earthen Immortal.

Deserving of the name unique ancient race. Chen Feng then took a step forward and punched. This punch contained the concept of the Skybreak Fist. It also locked down on the Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm’s aura so that he could not evade.


Two fists collided and the shockwaves generated caused even the distant Multi-coloured Haze to roil and dissipate away.

Chen Feng frowned. Fearing that their fight might damage the Divine Longevity Fountain, he tossed the Longevity Tower out to collect the fountain first. Truth be told, Chen Feng was secretly sighing to himself. Although this fountain was indeed a Divine Longevity Fountain, its grade was low. Furthermore, it also did not contain much. Forget the Longevity Tower, even Chen Feng had felt somewhat disappointed in it. That said, it was still better than nothing. Besides, there was also a wyrm here. After killing it off, he can wring out the Divine Longevity Fountain waters that the wyrm had absorbed.

“The Longevity Clan’s Longevity Tower!”

Unexpectedly, the Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm managed to recognize the Longevity Tower. First, greed flashed out from its eyes. Following that, however, came fear. He stopped fighting Chen Feng. Instead, he turned around, his body transforming into a multi-coloured stream of light to speed away, disappearing from sight in a flash. 

This fellow sure is fast at running. Chen Feng was momentarily left in a stunned state. Next, he burst out laughing. He did not go after the Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm. He did not feel like killing off such a unique creature as well. Furthermore, the Multi-coloured Sky Devouring Wyrm was very strong. Unless Chen Feng mobilized his stronger cards, he would have a hard time dealing with the wyrm.

While the amount of Divine Longevity Fountain waters was limited, they were still somewhat beneficial towards Chen Feng’s cultivation. This trip could be considered somewhat rewarding. Besides, Chen Feng did not believe that there was nothing else of value inside this Divine artifact.

I wonder, how did a Divine Longevity Fountain end up here? After considering that, Chen Feng spread wave after wave of his divine sense out – augmented by his Immortal artifact – to scan the place. He wanted to find other items related to the Divine Longevity Fountain, but he failed to find what he was looking for. That said, he did find some other items.

Chen Feng’s figure fluttered forward, flashing through the streams of energy and mist to finally stop before a towering mountain.

This mountain was somewhat peculiar. Narrow in shape, it had a smooth surface and it rose straight up into the sky. There was no telling just how high it was. After giving it a glance, however, Chen Feng laughed. “So, it is a stone stele.”

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