Chapter 935 Broken Divine Artifact


In the face of the attacks and killing intent directed at him, Chen Feng revealed a faint frown. Despite the fluttery quality of his movements, he moved as fast as lightning, instantly evading the energy streams that were locking down on him to re-appear somewhere several li away.

Only then did Chen Feng had the time to inspect the item in his hand. It looked like a heart. The fiery-red colour of the object resembled that of a fire diamond, but it was cold to the touch, containing some power that Chen Feng could not quite grasp.

An inner core. Not to mention, it is at the Ascendant Immortal stage. No wonder these fellows would go all out to pursue the Sand Python. Chen Feng smiled.

Yao beasts possessed yao cores while demonic beasts possessed demon cores. Some cultivators who cultivated special cultivation techniques could also form inner pellets or golden pellets. As Chen Feng had no idea what the origin of this core in his hand was, he simply referred to it as inner core.

“Fellows, please wait,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng had wanted to talk things out with them. As long as the other party was willing to talk it out, Chen Feng did not mind handing over the inner core to them. However, the cultivators did not bother saying anything before unleashing their attacks at Chen Feng, the ‘go die’ type of attacks. Initially, two cultivators had attacked Chen Feng. After that, five cultivators attacked him. As for the others, they went to besiege the Sand Python.

Of course. They are all either mid or high-level Earthen Immortals. Would they care about a starter-level Earthen Immortal like me? In the face of the attacks from the five cultivators, Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, he took a step forward. A rune flashes beneath his foot and he easily appeared before one of the Earthen Immortals. Chen Feng then fired out a punch, which broke through the Earthen Immortal’s astral energy shield to send him flying.


A great hole appeared on the ground as a result and even the lands shook.

Eh, he actually didn’t die from that. Looks like I underestimated these fellows. Chen Feng shook his head. He could clearly sense a strand of vitality coming from the hole. He had assumed that the punch would be sufficient to smash the cultivator’s body to pieces.


Another rune flashed beneath his feet. Chen Feng’s movements seemed to have gone beyond the concept of spacetime and he easily appeared in front of another cultivator. With a slap, he smashed this cultivator to pieces.

Next, Chen Feng flicked his finger and a clump of flames burned to utterly incinerate the cultivator’s soul.

When Chen Feng defeated the first cultivator earlier, the others had instantly realized that the situation did not bode well for them. Only, before they could even respond, Chen Feng had attacked another cultivator, killing this one outright.

“Senior, please stop!” one of them swiftly shouted, but it was too late. Chen Feng had already arrived before him. A palm shot out and his body exploded into a mist of blood. 

“Everyone, hurry up and work together! This person is an Ascendant Immortal in disguise!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several pseudo-Immortal artifacts and two Immortal artifacts rose up at the same time. Energy streams formed a cage to envelop Chen Feng. However, before they could lock down Chen Feng’s position, another cultivator fell to Chen Feng’s attack.

“Too weak. I really wonder how you fellows can explore this place.” Chen Feng shook his head and grasped, grabbing one of the pseudo-Immortal artifacts before tossing it directly into the Longevity Tower.

“Senior, since you are an Ascendant Immortal, why come after us?” one of them said. It was a dashingly handsome sword immortal clad in cyan-coloured clothes. He rode a flying sword, emanating an aura of greatness.

“You fellows were the ones who attacked me first. How about this? As long as you fellows can take one attack from me each, you may leave this place.” After saying that, Chen Feng extended his index finger and gently jabbed forward with it, causing faint ripples to spread out in the air. Next, a bloody hole appeared on the forehead of one of the cultivators. With a look of disbelief, he fell to the ground.

Longevity Finger Technique.

Now that Chen Feng had reached the Earthen Immortal stage, he could finally unleash the power within this move.

“Next.” Chen Feng’s figure flashed away and he fired out a punch at another cultivator.

This formidable punch seemed to be without equal. Just the concept of the fist coming off it was already terrifying for them.

Another cultivator was killed.


In the face of this monstrous cultivator who could instantly kill them off, the minds of the rest of the cultivators had long since collapsed. Would they even have the courage to continue staying?

Thus, the remainder scattered, fleeing in various directions. Even the two who possessed Immortal artifacts were running, not bothering to look back as they did. Chen Feng’s attacks were simply too terrifying.

“You don’t even have to courage to fight? Not a single one of you can escape!” After those words came out from Chen Feng’s mouth, a golden light flashed out. With several flashes, it killed off all of the cultivators. With one final flash, the Steel Enigma Sword flew into Chen Feng’s body. 

“Are you still not going to come out?” Chen Feng reached out with one hand and grasped. Next, the ground burst and the Sand Python struggled to flee.

Chen Feng leapt through the sky and fired out a punch, which sent the massive unique creature tumbling down. After that, he waved his hand and the Immortal-binding Rope swirled around to tightly bind the Sand Python.

“Just get over here.” Chen Feng beckoned and the Sand Python meekly flew over.

“Don’t kill me!” The Sand Python sent out a message through soul waves.

Truth be told, for Chen Feng, killing off this unique extra-terrestrial creature was just a matter of waving his hand. However, after giving it some consideration, he decided against it.

“You don’t want to die? That’s easy. Do not resist me and let me search your soul. After that, I will release you,” Chen Feng said.

Hearing the words “search your soul”, the Sand Python abruptly began struggling only to quickly turn still.

“I agree.”

Given the current situation, agreeing to it or not wouldn’t make much of a difference. Resisting meant death. If so, why not make a gamble here?

And so, Chen Feng was able to find out what he wanted to know. After that, Chen Feng waved and the Immortal-binding Rope returned to his hand. As for the freed Sand Python, it rapidly ran away. Even after a long time had passed, this unique extra-terrestrial creature would feel its heart trembling whenever it recalled this incident. 

The Sand Python had been living in the Spirit Essence Tower for a long time. Thus, it knew of many things that the other cultivators – who only entered the tower after the Sand Python – did not.

To think that the 11th floor is actually so big. It is practically a world in its own right. Given the standard of worlds, it should be a middling world, only inferior to a major world, slightly bigger than the Northern Plains, even. 

Still, the eye creature did not lie. There are indeed some good items here. Most importantly, the passageway to the 12th floor is in a very obvious place. It is unlike the previous ones where you need to search high and low for it.

Only, those who could enter this floor are aware of their limits. They wouldn’t head to the 12th floor if they believe it is suicide.

Through the memories of the Sand Python, Chen Feng was able to find out about some danger zones. Generally speaking, places such as these must surely have good items.

As expected, it did not take long before Chen Feng obtained a rusty great halberd. It was a low-grade Immortal artifact. Once Chen Feng held it, all the rust on its surface disappeared, replaced by a dazzling golden light and an exuberant immortal might.

It was a low-grade Immortal artifact. The Demonfall Breaker Halberd. Only, this Immortal artifact had been around for too long. It would not be able to last for much longer. Even Immortal artifacts had lifespans. Nothing could withstand the ravages of time.

Still, as Chen Feng cultivated the Longevity Scripture, he could extend the life of this Immortal artifact by nurturing it with his longevity-type primary energy. However, Chen Feng did not have the time for that. Thus, he broke it down and used the fragments on his other magic treasures.

In addition, Chen Feng also found a mine. Unlike a mine that could be found on a world, this one was sealed inside a separate space.

It was a spirit stone mine, comparable to Immortal crystals. Stable Essence crystals. The energy contained within them was very stable and even easier to absorb compared to Immortal crystals. Only, there were not too many of them, just 100 million pieces. That said, it was already enough to make Chen Feng feel delighted. Before this, East Dragon Island’s development had seriously depleted the spirit stones in Chen Feng’s stash. These 100 million spirit stones would help him replenish his depleted stash of spirit stones.

Naturally, obtaining the Immortal artifact and spirit vein was not smooth sailing. Along the way, Chen Feng had to also kill off some unique creatures and several cultivators who tried to snatch the items from him.

Just as Chen Feng was about to continue venturing forward to the other locations, a wave of energy fluctuations spreading out from someplace far away alarmed Chen Feng.

The energy fluctuations came from someplace half a million kilometres away from here. Strange, why does the energy fluctuations feel so familiar? A thoughtful look appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

However, there had been no need for Chen Feng to ponder on it for long as the Longevity Tower shook slightly and a thought entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“Kid, don’t space out. That’s the Divine Longevity Fountain.”

“What?! The Divine Longevity Fountain?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he instantly leapt up into the sky. The Longevity Wings unfurled and he flew forward as fast as he could.

It’s true! This is the aura of the Divine Longevity Fountain! How could it appear here? As Chen Feng was flying forward as fast as he could, he grew puzzled.

Even before arriving, Chen Feng could already see a ruined palace rising up into the sky. It emanated an aura of ancientness, of an existence that had gone through the many vicissitudes of life. Sensing the aura, Chen Feng grew even more excited.

The aura of a Divine artifact! Although Chen Feng’s heart was as firm as iron, in the face of this aura, it ended up palpitating faster. Even his eyes had turned somewhat bloodshot.

When there was still a distance of 50 kilometres between him and the palace, Chen Feng stopped. The palace was 100,000 zhang tall. In addition to the fact that it was ruined, the only other notable aspect of it was that it was emanating a faint aura.

There were already around 10 cultivators there. Additionally, there were also a few unique creatures with various distinctive body shapes.

When Chen Feng arrived, those who were already there merely gave him a glance. A slight look of contempt even flashed across some.

In their opinion, Chen Feng’s level was simply too low.

I thought it might be a broken Divine artifact. By then, Chen Feng had already calmed down. At the same time, he also felt somewhat dejected. This was indeed a broken Divine artifact. Only, it was far more broken than what he had imagined.

Sigh! Even its divine attributes are already about to completely disappear. There can only be one reason for that. Some external forces must have beaten it up.

Divine artifacts were already ageless existences. Due to that, the ravages of time would practically have no effect on them. Which also meant that only a clash against another existence that was on the same level or higher than the Divine tier would be able to create such a result.

Now I am really curious about this Spirit Essence Tower. It containing various items aside, it even contains a Divine artifact.

For Chen Feng, this broken Divine artifact still held some value for him. Only, its value was not as high as he had previously imagined.

I’ll have to rummage through it, no? 

“Tower, do you know the origins of this Divine artifact?” Chen Feng secretly asked, but he did not receive any reply. Ignoring it, Chen Feng then utilized his eye technique to inspect the ruined palace.

There are some strange-looking runes on it. Only, they have already lost their power. Let’s see what those runes mean. Chen Feng was from the Longevity Clan, someone with a great deal of knowledge, background and a Divine artifact in his possession. Thus, he knew a bit about ancient runes and scripts. At that very moment, he wanted to use the runes to understand the origins of this Divine artifact.

Note: Eternal World and other ‘cultivation worlds’ are ‘major worlds’. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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