Chapter 932 Re-entering the Spirit Essence Tower


Sword Hall and Flowing Cloud Hall brought their disciples with them as they fled from the Northern Plains. Seeing such a formidable force coming over, Heavenly Sword Faction enthusiastically welcomed them, accepting and helping them both settle down.

Star Assembly Sect and Skypond Faction joined forces and left as well. They headed to the Western Regions. Although barren, it was a vast place. While the environment was harsh, the competition there was not as fierce. 

The Three Palaces had – in the shortest time possible – unified the entire Northern Plains. Next, the three sects merged as one and was renamed as Heavenly Firmaments Palace.

Only after Chen Feng had concluded his cultivation session did he hear of this. He regarded the Messaging Talisman in his hand and sighed softly. “Heavenly Firmaments Palace, heh! The Three Palaces sure are something else. They played it very close to the chest. However, even though they managed to unify the entire Northern Plains, stabilizing the Northern Plains and expanding further will take more time. During this time, who knows what will happen?”

After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand to fire out a sword beam. This sword beam flew across a distance of 5,000 kilometres, not languishing in might in the slightest as it finally pierced right through a Yao Immortal who was secretly spying on Chen Feng somewhere 1,000 zhang beneath the ocean. Following that, its vitality gradually dissipated away.

Seeing his attack so easily kill off a starter-level Yao Immortal that was 5,000 kilometres away, Chen Feng grew highly pleased. Since reaching the Earthen Immortal stage, his understanding of the world and cultivation had also risen to another level. Add the grand dao powers that Chen Feng had absorbed and the essence power from Eternal World into the equation, Chen Feng was confident that he could even fight against Ascendant Immortals. Of course, by utilizing his magic treasures, he could go further and kill Ascendant Immortals.

Earthen Immortal. Still not enough! This does not even give me the qualifications to ascend to the Immortal Plane, let alone the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

Despite having received news of what had transpired in the Northern Plains, Chen Feng did not appear anxious. Instead, he continued to wander the ocean, diving deep into the waters of the ocean, kill giant yaos and collect treasures and cultivation resources. Only after several more of his magic treasures levelled up did he grow satisfied.

One by one, the Demon Sealing Sword, Immortal-binding Rope, Nine Wyrms Seal and Twin Swords of Life and Death levelled up to become mid-grade Dao artifacts. 

The Domain Geocompass managed to level up to become a high-grade Dao artifact.

The Lightning Bead, Abyssal Ice Orbs and XXX levelled up to become top-grade Dao artifacts.

One of the factors allowing such a change was Chen Feng’s advancement to the Earthen Immortal stage, causing the space within his body to grow somewhat bigger, allowing him to digest these growing powers.

After returning to East Dragon Island, Chen Feng found that there was an issue that he had to deal with.

As Chen Feng was training himself in the ocean, East Dragon Island had not stopped expanding. There were nearly 1,000 students from Absolute Academy fighting battles alongside East Dragon Island’s cultivators all over the place. Of the 1,000 students, there were nearly 200 Human Immortals.

Due to the chaos engulfing the entire world of cultivation, more cultivators had come to join East Dragon Island. Some were cultivators with no other place to go after their sect were destroyed, though more were simply loose cultivators.

Facing this issue, Chen Feng decreed that East Dragon Island will be recruiting them. However, the recruitment process will be strictly controlled. After joining East Dragon Island, the first thing they had to do was to join the war. Kill and contribute to East Dragon Island. This was a way for them to express their loyalty. Naturally, East Dragon Island would understand if they choose not to join them. As for those who ended up dying on the battlefield, they could only blame it on their lacking cultivation bases.

And that was just the cultivators from land. A major portion of those who wanted to join East Dragon Island were from the vast ocean region. These water yaos were easier to rule compared to human cultivators.

East Dragon Island spent a few years taking over a good number of territories on land. Later, though, they stopped expanding and instead, simply went around searching for beneficial deals. At any rate, should they expand too quickly, the number of cultivators on their side would fail to keep up. Under such circumstances, weak points would surely appear in East Dragon Island.

Not long after Chen Feng returned to East Dragon Island, Extreme Celestial Sect contacted Chen Feng.

Zhang Jiao, an Earthen Immortal who also held the position of Supreme Elder of Extreme Celestial Sect came over to East Dragon Island with Chen Feng’s master. After coming to an agreement, Chen Feng agreed to set aside a place in the ocean region for Extreme Celestial Sect to settle. Naturally, this was just temporary.

Truth be told, this was a good thing for both parties. Extreme Celestial Sect was able to get a place to stay while East Dragon Island was able to obtain this force. Due to that, East Dragon Island’s strength grew even stronger. Not to mention, Chen Feng himself was also a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. More, he was presently a Supreme Elder of Extreme Celestial Sect. 

East Dragon Island’s strength grew with every passing day. And now, with the alliance with Extreme Celestial Sect and partnership with Absolute Academy and Heavenly Sword Faction, there was nothing much that Chen Feng had to worry about.

Due to that, Chen Feng grew tempted. He wanted to continue exploring the Spirit Essence Tower. However, he also knew that doing so at this point in time would be irresponsible. Should something happen to him as he was exploring the Spirit Essence Tower, East Dragon Island would surely break apart. Due to that, Chen Feng continued to stay in East Dragon Island for another 10 years. After making all the necessary arrangements, he finally headed out.

Bringing out the talisman, he broke through space and arrived on the 11th floor of the Spirit Essence Tower the very next moment.

The first time Chen Feng entered, he had gone all the way through the first 5 floors.

After reaching the Human Immortal stage, Chen Feng entered for the second time and made it all the way through to the 10th floor.

And now that Chen Feng had broken through to the Earthen Immortal stage, he began exploring the 11th floor. Even before entering the Spirit Essence Tower, Chen Feng had grown somewhat excited and expectant. Back when he was in the 10th floor, he had managed to get his hands on some Immortal artifact fragments, after all. What about the floors beyond? This Spirit Essence Tower had a total of 18 floors. Clearly, the higher up one went, the better the items inside would become. Could there be Immortal artifacts inside as well? This Spirit Essence Tower was already an Immortal artifact.

In the beginning, various speculations ran through Chen Feng’s mind. However, after entering the Spirit Essence Tower, Chen Feng gradually calmed down. Grasping, he summoned the Heaven Piercing Lance. Before him was a monster the size of a small mountain. It looked at him.

Chen Feng had considered it a monster because he could not recognize whether it was a yao beast, demonic beast, or some other type of creature. The universe was infinite, after all. Yao beasts and demonic beasts were not the only creatures around. There were many other types of creatures. The Ancient Flame Beetle that Chen Feng tamed was one such existence. Although it was said to be at the Yao Immortal stage, the Ancient Flame Beetle was actually neither a yao beast nor a demonic beast. Rather, it was a unique extra-terrestrial creature.

Chen Feng had a feeling that this monster before him was also a unique creature.

As Chen Feng was regarding the monster, one of its eyes suddenly turned bright red and a red wave of energy assailed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s surroundings suddenly transformed into a world of red. Those were not flames. Rather, they were even stronger than flames. The wave of red energy was formed entirely using the power of destruction.


Chen Feng used the Heaven Piercing Lance as he would a sword, swinging it to slice the world of red into two. Immediately after that, however, the monster’s other eye fired out a black beam of light. Instantly, Chen Feng sensed his surroundings changing once again. Withering and cold, strands of spiritual energy charged forward like agile snakes, making their way into Chen Feng’s body. Everywhere they went, Chen Feng’s body parts would become stiff.

So, it’s an eye-type extra-terrestrial creature. Only, I wonder what it is called? Chen Feng’s body pulsed and his blood streams surged. With one circulation, Chen Feng managed to unravel the strange power.

Destruction in one and ice in the other. This eye creature is already very close to the Ascendant Immortal stage. And this is only just the 11th floor. Chen Feng swung the Heaven Piercing Lance in his hand and made to charge forward for a fight.

Unexpectedly, the eye creature merely gave Chen Feng a glance before saying, “Pass. You are qualified to enter and explore further.”

After that, the eye creature closed its eyes and stopped paying any heed to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was taken aback, but he swiftly understood. This eye creature was here to guard the place and test the cultivators who wanted to enter. If the cultivators were incapable of stopping its eye attacks, they would not be qualified to enter.

After understanding that, Chen Feng had thought about leaving. However, he thought about something and stopped in his tracks. With a wave of his hand, he brought out a pitch-black spirit stone. This spirit stone contained a terrifying power of destruction. It was both very pure and of a high-grade. In response, the eye creature that had already shut its eyes instantly snapped them open. It looked at the spirit stone in Chen Feng’s hand and a look of greed glinted across its eyes.


Exerting a suction force, it sucked in the spirit stone in Chen Feng’s hand. The spirit stone flew right into one of its eyes, disappearing from sight.

“What questions do you have? Just ask away,” the eye creature spoke up once more, its eyes closed.

“What good items are there in here?” After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng asked.

“There are many good items. However, it is also very dangerous. Given your cultivation base, you might end up dying here. As for the details, there might be some divine objects inside. Or perhaps, there are some low-grade Immortal artifacts. Well then, that spirit stone of yours is only worth this much.”

With another wave of his hand, Chen Feng brought out yet another top-grade spirit stone. This one did not contain the power of destruction. Instead, it contained the power of ice. Chen Feng then tossed it forward and it arrived before the eye creature.

“I have one more question. What about my opponents?” Chen Feng asked.

“Let me think. There are over 200 Earthen Immortals from various worlds and even Ascendant Immortals. This is only for my entrance. As for the other entrances, I do not know.”

“There are other entrances?”

The eye creature stopped answering Chen Feng. On the other hand, Chen Feng also stopped asking anymore questions. Taking a step forward, he arrived somewhere 50 kilometres ahead. Another step and another step. It did not take long before he disappeared from sight.

After Chen Feng had departed, the eye creature opened its eyes and mumbled, “The aura of the Longevity Clan. Interesting.”

After that, it closed its eyes and went back to sleep.

There are divine objects and Immortal artifacts. I am now really curious about this Spirit Essence Tower’s origins. For it to possess so many good items, it looks like it is even more powerful than the Longevity Tower.

As Chen Feng said that, the Longevity Tower shook slightly, a hint of dissatisfaction emerging from it.

Judging by what the eye creature said earlier, this Spirit Essence Tower is connected to other worlds as well. Hopefully, the others had not taken away all the good items, Chen Feng thought.

Not wanting to waste too much time, Chen Feng kept scanning with his divine sense, which spread out continuously. Even his eye technique was put on display and there was a look of focus on his face as he rapidly looked around.

Next, Chen Feng stopped in front of a lake. After carefully sensing it for a moment, he reached out with his hand and grasped. As a result, the lake with a radius of 100 metres hovered up in the air to reveal the dried-up bottom part of the lake.


Chen Feng waved yet again and the waters of the lake poured down.

If I am not mistaken, the bottom of this lake had once housed a pseudo-Immortal artifact. Unfortunately, someone had already taken it away. Smiling, Chen Feng then shook his head. This is a pseudo-Immortal artifact here. If it is intact, it can already be considered a good item.

Note: Again, XXX is actually ** in the raw.

Extra Note: ‘Unique creature’ used to be translated as ‘variant beast’. 

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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