Chapter 930 Undergoing Tribulation


Take Absolute Academy as an example. No matter how chaotic the outside world became, the entire Absolute Mountain Range remained the same. No one dared to go stir up troubles there. Even if they did, they would not last long.

“Heh! In the beginning, two hidden sects thought about stirring up trouble in our Absolute Mountain Range, but our academy dispatched some elders forward to kill off everyone they sent. Those killed include 20 Earthen Immortals. These days, what can 20 Earthen Immortals do?” The one who spoke was a high-level Human Immortal. He sported an ordinary face, but the words coming out from his mouth were anything but ordinary. And yet, even if others were to learn that he had said those words, no one would think that he was boasting.

His name was Wu Hua. It was an ordinary name, but his path of cultivation was extraordinary. He possessed astonishing talent and an exceptional combat power. He also possessed a spiritual root.

“It can be considered as making an example of them. Now that the entire world of cultivation is in a state of chaos, some sects are just outrageous. Take that Ghost King Sect as an example. They cultivate wicked secret techniques that actually involves devouring the souls of ordinary humans. A few days ago, I had joined up with several of my fellow brothers to investigate them. We ended up clashing with them once. I have to say, that Ghost King Sect does have some experts on their side.” This time, the one who spoke up was Marquis Scarletfire. He was something of an old friend by now. After the Planar War, he had successfully advanced to the high-level Human Immortal stage.

“This is all due to the Planar war. According to the records of old, the same thing happened in the past. Our Four Great Academies had slowly risen to power under such circumstances. The unfolding chaos will likely continue for a thousand years,” Lan Ling said.

At that very moment, Lan Ling’s disposition appeared to have changed somewhat. She appeared more ordinary and reserved. Even so, Chen Feng could sense the terrifying power inside her.

Originally, Chen Feng had assumed that, through the Planar War, advancing by one level to the mid-level Human Immortal stage was already quite a good accomplishment for Lan Ling. Unexpectedly, during that 100 years, she actually advanced by two levels, going up to the high-level Human Immortal stage. Her combat power was on par with Marquis Scarletfire.

Worthy of the bearer of a special constitution. Her rate of cultivation is so much faster compared to other cultivators. Chen Feng felt his heart stirring.

“A thousand years. Not necessarily. This time’s Planar War seems somewhat different compared to the past. So many sects with a legacy of several million years had fallen this time. Something like this has never happened before in ages past.”

“However, our Absolute Academy has no intentions of expanding any further. This is quite frustrating. Since the Planar War ended, I have been itching for a fight.”

“The Four Great Academies are taking the high road here. They just need to keep on recruiting highly-talented cultivators. That said, this chaos has actually affected our academy somewhat. Some fellow students who had been focused on cultivating themselves within our academy had chosen to return to their homes.”

This time, a total of 30 cultivators had come from Absolute Academy to visit Chen Feng. Most of them were those with good relationships with Chen Feng. After discussing with them for a bit, Chen Feng gradually came to understand the purpose of their visit. Some of the cultivators in Absolute Academy were already growing restless. They wanted to get a piece of the pie from this period of chaos, but the higher-ups of Absolute Academy did not agree with them. Due to that, they began searching for other avenues to accomplish that. Some decided to join forces to do it themselves and some returned to their sects. This group was quite sizable and they immediately thought of Chen Feng. In recent years, East Dragon Island’s reputation had been growing greater and greater. It was such that others wouldn’t dare look down on it.

“I understand your intentions. Recently, East Dragon Island’s forces have been engaged in some lengthy wars. It just so happens that we need to seek help. Your arrival is most timely. In three days, with Patriarch Golden Turtle leading the charge, we will be attacking Turbid Heaven Pavilion. When the time comes, your help will be needed,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Ha ha ha! Senior Brother Chen, don’t mention it.”

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to personally join the battle against Turbid Heaven Pavilion. However, now that the students from Absolute Academy had decided to join the battle, Chen Feng decided to refrain from joining the battle. Turbid Heaven Pavilion can already be considered as a first-rate sect. Thus, sending his subordinates alone for the fight would definitely end with a bitter battle. 

Absolute Academy’s side will be sending over 100 Human Immortals for this, helping him immensely. Thus, when the deed was done, sharing the rewards was only right.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had been waiting, waiting for the chaos in the world of cultivation to become even worse, waiting for the Three Palaces to play their cards. He had East Dragon Island accumulate a formidable power of its own. It had one purpose, to charge out during that critical moment. The billion plus spirit stones that Chen Feng had spent during all these years would not be for naught.

An endless stream of cultivators emerged from East Dragon Island’s territory, heading inland to seize even more territory. Chen Feng, on the other hand, headed into the far ocean region. That place had become unstable once again.

Chen Feng did not bring anyone with him. Going at it alone, he slaughtered formidable water yaos and water monsters without respite. In one year, the number of Yao Immortals to fall under Chen Feng’s hand numbered over 100. Due to that, everyone in the ocean region within a radius of 50 million kilometres came to know that the Island Lord of East Dragon Island was exceptionally formidable and ruthless. Several times, many Yao Immortals had joined forces to besiege Chen Feng. In the end, however, Chen Feng had killed them all, picking them off one at a time. Due to that, East Dragon Island’s power grew once again.

Chen Feng searched the oceans for danger zones to train himself. After devouring several maelstroms, the top-grade Dao artifact, Deepsea Maelstrom, finally levelled up to become a low-grade Immortal artifact. Not long after that, the Treasured Ocean Pearl and Aquafire Lance also underwent their Heavenly Tribulations to become low-grade Immortal artifacts.

One by one, the three Dao artifacts levelled up to become Immortal artifacts. Due to that, Chen Feng was finally incapable of holding himself back. The power within him charged out like an erupting volcano. After rising to its limits, it did not stop. And so, Chen Feng began his tribulation in the far ocean.

Undergo Heavenly Tribulation and advance to the Earthen Immortal stage!

The ocean region within a radius of 50,000 kilometres shook as various lightning powers roiled above the ocean. There at the centre of the sea of lightning was Chen Feng. Wielding a lance, he fought against a wyrm. Although the wyrm was formed from the power of Heavenly Tribulation, there were grand dao laws moving within its body. It was truly a Yao Immortal. Additionally, it was also proficient in the grand dao of water, allowing it to unleash a greater amount of power within the ocean.

This was a very hard battle for Chen Feng. This time’s Heavenly Tribulation had surpassed Chen Feng’s expectations. The laws of lightning all around him pressed down on him, suppressing his strength. Thus, despite utilizing the Heaven Piercing Lance in this fight against the cyan-coloured wyrm for three days and three nights, Chen Feng was still incapable of emerging victorious.

During the course of the battle, Chen Feng had stabbed the wyrm many times before only for it to instantly recover. As Chen Feng cultivated the Longevity Scripture, he too was able to recover rapidly. Even so, as time went on, it became clear that it was no match for the endless power of the Heavenly Tribulation.

Just what is going on with this Heavenly Tribulation? If not for the fact that I cultivate the Longevity Scripture and possess the aegis of various magic treasures, I would have died from exhaustion long ago. Chen Feng took an attack head on to land a stab on the cyan-armoured wyrm. As expected, the cyan-armoured wyrm was quick to recover as well. This time, however, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Let’s see who can exhaust who!” Chen Feng shouted and the primary energy within him surged as his combat power rose by a notch.

Another two days went by. During the two days, Chen Feng had stabbed the cyan-armoured wyrm over 100 times. Finally, one final lance swing from Chen Feng shattered the cyan-armoured wyrm. Next, the Longevity Tower released a suction force to devour the turbulent streams of essence, energy and soul power. A strand of the power entered Chen Feng’s body and he released a lengthy breath. His blood streams pumped vigorously; his streams of primary energy surged and his essence, energy and soul power improved rapidly.

Before Chen Feng could fully recover, however, a massive, pitch-black wyrm tore its way through the tribulation clouds to swiftly appear in front of Chen Feng. It then swung its talon at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng rapidly brought up the Heaven Piercing Lance to stop the attack, but the talon had still smashed him into the ocean waters, causing water pillars to blast upwards, reaching a height of 10,000 zhang.

A wyrm created from the power of destruction. A mid-level Yao Immortal, but its strength is comparable to a high-level Yao Immortal from other worlds. Heh! Its level is two levels above that of my Heavenly Tribulation. Not to mention, it is also formed from pure power of destruction, allowing it to block the attacks from Immortal artifacts. Looks like the Immortal Plane is messing with me. Most likely, it is the Lightning Plane. What’s the point in doing something like this? Chen Feng scoffed and he brandished the Heaven Piercing Lance in his hand before charging forward to fight the black-armoured wyrm.

This wyrm was clearly stronger than the cyan-armoured wyrm. Despite going all out, Chen Feng was only able to barely match the black-armoured wyrm. Defeating it seemed almost impossible.

Do I have to spend several days fighting this fellow? No! I must break this fellow! Chen Feng clenched his teeth and a Dao artifact that was within him thrummed. It was as though something sealed was becoming unsealed. Next, an overbearing power instantly erupted from within Chen Feng before completely enveloping him.

There were tens of magic treasures inside Chen Feng’s body. They were all Dao artifacts and Immortal artifacts. He was in the process of refining them and could also utilize them. However, they were not truly connected to Chen Feng’s fleshly body. Only the Longevity weapons, those that Chen Feng had created from scratch, could be considered as magic treasures that truly belonged to him.

To put it bluntly, Chen Feng was utilizing a secret technique to suppress the magic treasures inside his body. This was the Acupoint Aegis Art from the Longevity Scripture.

This unsealed magic treasure was the Overwhelming Astral Sword. This sword had been with Chen Feng the longest. It was also the one that Chen Feng had spent the most effort refining, making it the easiest to fully refine and fuse to become part of his fleshly body.

However, Chen Feng had his own plans. He would make use of this Heavenly Tribulation to reorganize some of the magic treasures within him.

The Overwhelming Astral Sword first exploded with all its power. Next, it actually exploded into fragments. A portion of the fragments fused into Chen Feng’s body to increase his combat power. When that happened, the Longevity Sword entered the Heavenly Origin acupoint and the rest of the fragments of the Overwhelming Astral Sword fused with the Longevity Sword. From this day forward, the Overwhelming Astral Sword was no more. Instead, there was only the Longevity Sword.

The complete burst of power from a Dao artifact allowed Chen Feng to temporarily gain the upper hand. Even so, Chen Feng had to face some hidden difficulties from that action. The Overwhelming Astral Sword’s self-destruct move earlier had nearly destroyed the Heavenly Origin acupoint. Thankfully, Chen Feng had long since prepared himself for that. His fleshly body was formidable and the Longevity Sword had promptly entered the insight acupoint to stabilize the situation. That said, it still felt as though there was an erupting volcano within him, desirous of ripping his fleshly body apart.

One day later, one lance strike from Chen Feng shattered the black-armoured wyrm and most of its power of destruction was absorbed into Chen Feng’s body. That power also contained the power of Heavenly Tribulation and grand dao laws. Chen Feng could utilize it to cultivate himself and refine his magic treasures.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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