Chapter 928 Chaos in East Dragon Island


“A pity, its degree of concentration, purity and grade are too low,” Chen Feng said regretfully. Next, all 100,000 great arrays within the Longevity Tower spun into action and the surrounding Profound Origin energy currents were only able to hold on for a moment before the Longevity Tower gulped them all down. The cultivators from Profound Origin World did not even have the time to fire out their attacks before their Undying Profound Origin Array was destroyed.

“The Longevity Tower! You are a cultivator from the Longevity Clan. How can you participate in this war?” Suddenly a majestic voice descended from somewhere far away, directly making its way into the Longevity Tower. The soundwaves from the voice caused the entire Longevity Tower to roar.

True Immortal! Chen Feng’s heart grew tense.

“Whether or not I am a cultivator from the Longevity Clan aside, isn’t this disruptive action of yours a violation of the rules? Still, even though you are only a True Immortal, you know of the name Longevity Tower. Looks like you are not a nobody either. Only, I wonder, are you from the Lightning Plane or the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng responded with a derisive grin and a spark of fire shot out from within the Longevity Tower before exploding. Due to the force of the explosion, the voice that came from far away dissipated away.


Thunder rumbled.

“You’re the insolent one! You dare to recklessly interfere? Believe it or not, I will destroy your Lightning Plane!” Chen Feng shouted as well. Naturally, Chen Feng was just scaring him off. Whether or not this fellow believed him was another matter entirely. To Chen Feng’s relief, the cultivator from the Immortal Plane stopped interfering.

Good. The amount of power I can utilize has doubled. Looks like the Longevity Tower has finally achieved something after devouring the Divine artifacts’ power. At that very moment, Chen Feng could feel the doors to the fifth floor of the Longevity Tower on the verge of opening up. Only, opening it would require some more time. When the doors opened, the Longevity Tower would have no problems suppressing even a True Immortal.

The Longevity Tower, under Chen Feng’s direction, kept rampaging about. Its unbreakable defence gave the cultivators from Profound Origin World a world of pain.

Inside the Warlord Pavilion’s immortal palace, the cultivators there were talking amongst themselves. Naturally, they were also discussing the current situation.

“Should we attack?”

“Definitely not. Having East Dragon Island take the heat for us is for the best. Back then, they stood by and even attacked us when we are in a tough spot. It is only right for us to not attack and just watch the show.”

“Still, this magic treasure of East Dragon Island is simply too powerful. Say, will Chen Feng be able to win?”

“It’d be for the best if he can win. That way, we can obtain the rewards as well. However, I am hoping that the cultivators from Profound Origin World can kill off everyone from East Dragon Island.”

“It would be for the best if both sides are mutually wounded.”

What happened next went beyond their expectations. Both Profound Origin World and East Dragon Island actually stopped fighting one another. Instead, Chen Feng and several other cultivators hovered up in the sky. There was no telling what they were talking about.

“Eh, why aren’t they fighting anymore?”

“Are they going to peacefully stop fighting? Is there even such a thing?”

What happened next shocked them even more. It was unknown what exactly Chen Feng and the cultivators from Profound Origin World discussed, but the cultivators from East Dragon Island and Profound Origin World actually joined forces before charging towards Warlord Pavilion’s immortal palace.

“Oh, no! Hurry, run! They joined forces!”

“Damn it! Damn it all! How can East Dragon Island do something like this?!”

“Hurry up and just run!”

“Sigh! I fear we will not be able to run away this time. All of the disciples of our Warlord Pavilion here will die.”

If it weren’t for Chen Feng’s interference earlier, it would not be surprising to see the forces from Profound Origin World decimate Warlord Pavilion. For East Dragon Island to be joining forces with them instead, could Warlord Pavilion still hold on? In the end, even their immortal palace was almost destroyed.

A corner of the immortal palace was broken off. Following that, the immortal palace ferociously burned its primary flames and broke space to charge out.

Heh! That’s quite something. They actually managed to leave this Planar Battlefield. The old Warlord is truly not to be trifled with. He has quite a number of tricks up his sleeves. This time, though, almost all of the disciples Warlord Pavilion sent had been killed off. Even after over a thousand years, they will likely be incapable of recovering from this loss. A look of surprise flashed across Chen Feng’s face. Even though this was a joint effort by both parties, utilizing several Immortal artifacts in the process, they had actually failed to finish off their target.

“How unfortunate, I failed to get anything from this.” Chen Feng shook his head, a wry smile on his face. The Earthen Immortals that were standing on the opposite side looked at Chen Feng, an entangled look on their faces.

“What? Are you fellows thinking of continuing to attack us now?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“It is something we’re considering. You are too dangerous.”

“Don’t worry, your Profound Origin World is not worthy of my eyes. That said, if you fellows really want to attack, I can guarantee that not a single one of you will be able to leave,” Chen Feng said, a nonchalant look on his face.

Hearing those words, the cultivators from Profound Origin World grew somewhat infuriated. In the end, however, they did not attack. Instead, some relaxed slightly instead.

A while later, a Heavenly gate opened and spiritual energy from the Immortal Plane surged down. Mixed within the streams of spiritual energy were the Heavenly Flower Talismans. There were also strands of golden light mixed within.

As expected, even if you fight those on the same side as you, you can still get rewards. A ridiculing smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. He grasped, catching strands of golden light in his palm.

Fragment laws from the Immortal Plane. Heh! The Immortal Plane sure is generous this time. Every time the Planar War ends, for a period of several hundred years, a high number of cultivators would ascend to the Immortal Plane. In the end, the Immortal Plane is just bolstering its own strength. Chen Feng smiled.

The rewards he obtained this time was even greater compared to the rewards he obtained from defeating the forces from Icy Frost World. Noticing that, Chen Feng felt somewhat amused.

Regardless, their side had managed to obtain benefits from this. The overall strength of East Dragon Island grew considerably. A considerable number of cultivators from East Dragon Island had reached the half-step Earthen Immortal stage and will be assailing the Earthen Immortal stage soon enough. Upon succeeding, their presence would further stabilize East Dragon Island’s situation.

East Dragon Island possessed Immortal artifacts and numbers. When compared to the other first-rate forces, however, they were somewhat lacking in the number of experts.

Naturally, Chen Feng also absorbed some of the fragment immortal dao laws. Unfortunately, the fragment immortal dao laws were limited in number. Chen Feng himself had only collected some of them for research purposes.

East Dragon Island’s army and the forces from Profound Origin World had managed to benefit from this battle. As for Warlord Pavilion, they grew extremely furious at Chen Feng. Even before the Planar War ended, they mobilized all the powers in their sect’s disposal to attack East Dragon Island.

Chen Feng was notified the instant East Dragon Island was attacked. In the beginning, Chen Feng did not feel too concerned. At any rate, there were some Yao Immortals defending East Dragon Island. Besides, Absolute Academy and Heavenly Sword Faction will not simply stand by and do nothing about it. However, as more news came, Chen Feng’s face turned slightly grim. Surprisingly, Warlord Pavilion had joined forces with Heartless Heaven Sect, Divine Demon Grotto and several other sects, but that was not the end of it. They even mobilized Immortal artifacts for this.

If there were only one or two sects involved in this attack, Chen Feng would not feel worried. Recently, East Dragon Island had been developing rapidly and the number of water yaos under East Dragon Island was at an extremely high level. Thus, this would be a good opportunity to train them. However, for several sects to join forces and even mobilize Immortal artifacts for this attack, East Dragon Island would surely be incapable of holding on. It had to be said, East Dragon Island still had to deal with even more hostile forces from the ocean region. 

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng decided to request Bi Qing for assistance. Bi Qing had been spending all this time cultivating inside the Longevity Tower. Despite all the battles that the Longevity Tower had been through, none of them could move Bi Qing. After listening to Chen Feng’s request, Bi Qing did not talk too much. He simply nodded. Next, he slashed open space, stepped in and arrived at East Dragon Island the very next moment.

At that very moment, East Dragon Island’s situation had yet to reach a particularly critical state. That said, it was quite serious. Warlord Pavilion had mobilized a high number of their cultivators for this. What happened to them in the Planar Battlefield had caused their resentment towards East Dragon Island to reach extreme heights. Due to that, Warlord Pavilion practically poured all their forces into this campaign. These were all first-rate forces Warlord Pavilion had gathered. As a result, the somewhat tranquil ocean region began stirring. Even some forces that were hostile towards East Dragon Island began growing restless. Many water yaos began gathering.

Should East Dragon Island fail to effectively deal with the situation, its territory – spanning a radius of several million li – would be broken apart. Who knows how many cultivators and water yaos would be killed as a result of that?

Thankfully, Bi Qing arrived in timely fashion. Upon his arrival, Bi Qing waved his hand to send out several sword beams. Every single sword beam he fired out would reap the life of an Earthen Immortal.

“That kid. For him to ask this of me, isn’t he being too much of a bully?” Bi Qing shook his head and sighed, but he did not hold back. This was the display of might from an Ascendant Immortal. With a swing of his palm, he could cause the lands to quake and mountains to collapse. His participation broke apart the cultivators on Warlord Pavilion’s side. 

Following that, though, they brought out their Immortal artifacts. Four of them, in fact.

“So, they have Immortal artifacts as well. No wonder the kid would ask me to come. Even so, the ones mobilizing the Immortal artifacts are just Earthen Immortals. This cannot threaten me much.” Bi Qing’s face remained calm.

Originally, East Dragon Island had been facing a tremendous pressure. However, with the assistance of an Ascendant Immortal, the pressure on East Dragon Island abruptly fell. The effect that an Ascendant Immortal could exert upon such battles was simply too great. Due to that, the will to fight and the morale of the cultivators from East Dragon Island soared.

Within the Planar Battlefield, Chen Feng watched as the spatial crack Bi Qing created closed up. After pondering silently for a moment, he brought out the Steel Enigma Sword and slashed out with it, creating another spatial crack.


The Steel Enigma Sword transformed into a beam of golden light as it shot into the spatial crack to quickly arrive above East Dragon Island. Stopping for a brief moment, it suddenly flashed with light, disappearing from sight.

The Starry Islands…

It was a relatively famous region within the vast ocean. The place was abundant in resources. More, there were spirit veins beneath the ocean, making it a place that various forces were contesting for.

Prior to the Planar War, East Dragon Island had gained control over most of the Starry Islands. Given a little more time, it would be possible to fully take over the entire Starry Islands. With the Starry Islands to serve as a base of operations and a springboard, East Dragon Island will be able to develop at an even greater rate.

At that very moment, however, a large-scale turmoil had befallen the Starry Islands. Nearly all of the forces from East Dragon Island stationed in the Starry Islands had been driven out. Additionally, they were also hunted down by countless ocean yaos. Thankfully, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm and Frost Serpent were there to defend them. Without them, the cultivators and ocean yao guards from East Dragon Island would have been utterly killed off.

The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm was already at the mid-level Earthen Immortal stage while the Frost Serpent was at the peak-level Demon King (Human) stage. Serpents and wyrms were innately proficient in the power of water. Thus, the moment the turmoil erupted, the two of them were able to swiftly arrive at the most crucial location.

Even so, East Dragon Island was still incapable of stopping their defeat in the Starry Islands. The far-ocean forces had been gathering their might for this attack for a long time. It was simply far too strong. Add the fact that East Dragon Island was facing attacks from two sides, they were simply incapable of sparing too many men to stop the furious attacks from their opponents.

Note: If I am not mistaken, a spirit vein refers to a spirit stone mine. I don’t think the author ever explicitly explained what it is, though.


Extra Note: Warlord Pavilion: Why, yes. we definitely did not try to kill off your Island Lord and loot him naked, so your actions of betraying us in the war is wrong. 

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