Chapter 9: Crisis

Chen Feng could only watch as the tree spirit flowed into his body once more. Although he wanted to stop it, there was nothing he could do. He also dared not utilize his primary energy. Thus, he could only wait and observe the development of the situation.

After entering Chen Feng’s body, the tree spirit began studying the circulation of the primary energy within Chen Feng’s meridians. As it possessed the power of one that had undergone Heavenly Tribulation before, it did not take it long to fully comprehend the cultivation technique hidden within Chen Feng’s body. Next, it began cultivating within Chen Feng’s body.

It cultivated for seven days and seven nights. In the beginning, Chen Feng was greatly alarmed, fearing that the tree spirit’s action of cultivating within his body might bring him harm. Later, however, he slowly calmed down. The difference between him and the tree spirit was too big. There was no point in worrying about it. After that, he sat down within the cave.

Were it not for the fact that Chen Feng had some medicinal pills on him and that the primary energy within his body was exuberant and full of vitality, the starvation would probably do him in.

Finally, the tree spirit within Chen Feng’s body showed some reaction. Bizarre fluctuations emanated out from Chen Feng’s body. Soon, strands of spiritual energy seeped out from the ground beneath him to flow into his body, where the tree spirit would absorb and refine them. In the end, the whole cave was filled with the strands of spiritual energy, pulled out from the ground. All of them were unceasingly absorbed by the tree spirit within Chen Feng’s body.

The tree spirit was originally a wood-type creature. After having cultivated itself for a thousand years, it had become proficient in absorbing spiritual energy from the lands. Presently, having learned the strange cultivation technique within Chen Feng’s body, the rate at which it absorbed spiritual energy multiplied. In the end, the whole cave became enveloped by the thick spiritual energy. The spiritual energy there contained the power of both wood and Earth, the power of life.

As it circulated the cultivation technique and absorbed vast amounts of spiritual energy, the tree spirit could feel its wounds slowly recovering. Sensing that, it was unable to stop itself from laughing out loudly as it increased its rate of absorption.

Sensing the thick spiritual energy around him, Chen Feng himself could not help but start absorbing and refining them as well. He began to continuously assail the sealed acupoints within his body, attempting to open up more meridians and increase his strength.

Noticing Chen Feng’s actions, the tree spirit did not stop him. Instead, it extended out a strand of potent energy to help him assail his acupoints.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

With the help from the tree spirit, the acupoints within Chen Feng’s body opened up, one after another. In less than one joss stick’s worth of time, a meridian had been opened up.

After the meridian was opened, primary energy surged through it continuously, roaring along the way. At the same time, the circulation route of the primary energy within his body changed and the cultivation technique became slightly more perfect.

“Ha ha ha, as expected! This strange cultivation technique is truly magical. It could actually constantly improve itself with each opened meridian. This seems like a legacy. It seems you have quite the background, kid.” The tree spirit could not stop himself from laughing out. Then, it proceeded to practice the strange cultivation technique. When it had more or less mastered it, it began helping Chen Feng assail his meridians again.

After that, both Chen Feng and the tree spirit began cultivating themselves within the cave. The tree spirit, while residing within Chen Feng’s body, displayed its magical skills, absorbing spiritual energy, prodding them to ceaselessly seep out from the ground to flood the entire cave. It was a most peculiar sight to behold.

Time went by, and the acupoints within Chen Feng’s body were opened up one after another. His cultivation base rose constantly as his fleshly body was filled to the brim with vitality. His muscles became incredibly resilient, filled with explosive power.

Time progressed and the blood in his blood vessels flowed vigorously, releasing “hua la la” sounds. In the past, it had resembled a small stream. Now, however, it resembled the roaring surges from a great river.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Next, Chen Feng’s whole body, his flesh, his skeletal structure and even his skin convulsed, sending out quaking sounds from his body. It was as though there were countless thunderbolts churning within his body.

Cleansing the marrow and discharging the filth, replenishing the blood to undergo rebirth. Days passed and Chen Feng’s power improved constantly.

One month later…

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Roaring sounds rang out incessantly from within Chen Feng’s body, reverberating so strongly that the entire cave itself shook and groaned. Pieces of gravel would continuously fall down from the wall above.

Suddenly, Chen Feng opened up his mouth and the thick strands of spiritual energy within the cave turned into a torrential stream, flowing into his mouth. Next, every pore on his body opened. The countless acupoints in his body opened up to ferociously absorb the spiritual energy.

“Heh heh, well done. To open up the hundred meridians in such a short time and enter hundred opened meridians (5th) layer, you are quite the talent. However, this is all thanks to your wood-type cultivation technique and my assistance. Otherwise, it would have taken some time before you could even think about breaking through.” The tree spirit’s voice rang out from within Chen Feng’s body.


Chen Feng opened his eyes, his pupils overflowing with light. His body felt comfortable. The primary energy within his body was teeming exuberantly, flowing freely and unobstructed. Powerful energy waves were cleansing every part of his body. Chen Feng felt an impulsive desire to raise his head and roar out.

All hundred meridians opened and primary energy can flow smoothly and unhindered wherever it wants to. I have broken through to the fifth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Chen Feng thought to himself in excitement.

Having opened up all the meridians in his body, the amount of primary energy within his body had reached an unbelievable level. Chen Feng felt that his present level of strength was 10 times more compared to when he was first brought to this cave. Rather, he might be even stronger.

“After opening up all your meridians, the technique inside your body has improved once more. I have also healed up one tenth of my injuries. If this keeps up, it seems I will need to wait until you break through to the Concealed stage before I can fully recover. Still, I can wait. All right, then. Enough nonsense. Let’s continue cultivating.” After saying that, the tree spirit went silent.

That amount of time was naturally nothing for an ancient tree spirit that had lived for a thousand years. For Chen Feng, however, things were different. He had never spent such a long time in cultivation before. If it were not for the fact that he was constantly growing stronger, the agitation within his heart would probably cause him to suffer from cultivation deviation.

After having opened up his hundred meridians, Chen Feng stopped his cultivation process. Instead, he began stabilizing his cultivation base. Sometimes, a speedy cultivation process was not necessarily a good thing. Although Chen Feng wanted to quickly improve his strength, he did not want to have an unsteady foundation. Thus, he calmed himself down and began consolidating his strength.

The tree spirit did not rush Chen Feng. It continued with its cultivation process alone. As the tree spirit recovered, the spiritual energy drawn in from the ground grew ever larger. Later, the strands of spiritual energy even began seeping in through the walls before getting absorbed and refined by it.

The cultivation process passed quickly. It did not take long for a good 20 days to go by. Today, Chen Feng felt that he had stabilized his cultivation base and wanted to continue cultivating. Suddenly, a change occurred to the tree spirit inside his body.

“Argh! What happened?! What is going on?”

The tree spirit’s horrified voice rang out from inside Chen Feng’s body. Then, with a “swoosh”, it flew out and floated within the cave. The fist-sized, green-coloured sphere of light convulsed intensely without respite, each time it twisted, strands of its energy would dissipate into the air around it.

What is going on? Seeing what was happening, Chen Feng instinctively sensed that something bad was happening. It felt as though something was about to happen.

“This cultivation technique is flawed! No, not that! I am the one who cannot practice it!” The tree spirit’s voice grew even more horrified. At the same time, its essence, the sphere of light thrashed about at an even greater intensity.


A muffled bang abruptly erupted from within the cave, causing it to shake and Chen Feng’s blood jolted. A part of the sphere of light exploded outwards and vast quantities of its rich essence flowed out, dissipating into the air.


The green sphere exploded again. This time, the shockwave from its explosion sent Chen Feng flying. He slammed so heavily onto the wall it left a human-shaped indentation on it.

As Chen Feng’s strength had improved greatly, he was able to extricate himself from the wall without suffering too much of an injury. However, he watched on in shock at the contorting tree spirit.

Clearly, a problem had occurred with the tree spirit’s cultivation process. Judging by its situation, it was a severe problem and it was in the midst of self-destructing. 

Realizing that, Chen Feng felt both pleasantly surprised and concerned.

The tree spirit dying here should be a good thing for him. He could think of a way to escape this place on his own and regain his freedom. However, judging by the tree spirit’s condition, if it were to blow itself up, the entire cave would be destroyed in its wake as well before collapsing. Chen Feng would end up getting hit by the shockwave and die as a result.

Bang! Bang!

The tree spirit kept exploding. Each time it exploded, vast amounts of its essence would dissipate into the air. At the same time, the sphere of light – the tree spirit’s essence – would become smaller. Due to the explosions, craters had formed on the surrounding walls. Some even had big holes that were one zhang deep (1 zhang = 3.333 m). Seeing that terrified Chen Feng. If those explosions hit him, even if he survived, he would be left with only half a life.

“Arghhh! My essence! They are all dissipating away! I cannot accept this!”

The tree spirit shouted, its voice filled with despair, unwillingness and resentment. Its words echoed within the cave, causing Chen Feng’s ears to buzz uncomfortably.

“I understand now. This cultivation technique is your legacy alone. Or perhaps, only those with special meridians can practice it. Outsiders simply cannot practice it. Or perhaps, I simply did not have enough power. No matter what, I am definitely a goner. A cultivation technique of this level is definitely no common technique. It is also definitely not something that ordinary humans could practice.”

The tree spirit cried out with a heart-wrenching voice.

“Ahh! I had originally thought this to be a blessing in disguise. Unexpectedly, I actually went looking for the God of Death. It had not been easy for me to cultivate to this level, but now my entire life’s cultivation base is going to turn to ashes. I cannot accept this! I hate this!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

By now, the tree spirit had lost 30 % of its essence due to the self-destruct process. The green sphere of light became ever smaller and faint. It would appear that it was about to finally go to the final explosion.

“Even if I die, I won’t let you off easy. Before I die, I will drag you along with me!”

After saying that, the tree spirit charged furiously at Chen Feng. Seeing that, Chen Feng’s heart plummeted. If the tree spirit were to enter his body before its essence blew up, not even having nine lives would be enough to save him.

Chen Feng did not want the tree spirit to enter his body and he desperately dodged. However, his actions were futile. Despite being terribly wounded, the tree spirit was still not something that he could fend off. In the end, Chen Feng could only watch as the stream of light entered his body.

It’s over! This time, it is really over! I am so dead! Chen Feng sighed. He closed his eyes and stopped struggling, just waiting for the tree spirit within him to self-destruct, blowing him up to pieces.


A muffled bang rang out from within Chen Feng’s body, followed by a gut-wrenching sensation of pain. A bloody, fist-sized hole erupted out from Chen Feng’s chest. The explosion had blown up a hole right through his back, leaving a hole in his chest. Blood gushed out fiercely as chaotic strands of potent energy began wreaking havoc within Chen Feng’s body. They went wild as they destroyed Chen Feng’s vitality, internal organs, flesh, meridians and bones. All of them received critical wounds. The most grievously wounded part was his heart. The explosion had left a hole on his heart, even leaving tears on it.

It was a fatal wound.

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