Chapter 89: Information Acquired


The three of them quickly reached a remote spot with dense grasses. With a plop, Third Senior Brother was tossed on the ground.

“What do you guys want to do?”

Seeing them not kill him, Third Senior Brother instead felt somewhat terrified.

“Give us a reason why we should not kill you. Either that or show what conditions you have for us to not kill you,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“If you fellows kill me, it would bring you a great deal of troubles,” Third Senior Brother was quick to speak up.

“No one will know if we kill you.” There was a smile on Ye Ziming’s face as he shook his head.

“What is it that you fellows want?” Third Senior Brother considered it and asked.

“Fine, let’s cut the crap. If you want to live, you need to pay the price. For example, some Basic Yang Pills or Magic crystals or some high-grade medicinal pills. In short, it must be something useful for cultivation. Naturally, there must be enough in terms of quality and quantity. Remember, killing you is just a matter of raising our hands.” As he spoke, Chen Feng channelled energy through his hand and a Longevity Blade was condensed out.

With a swing of his hand, a blade beam shot out to cut a stretch of grasses spanning a distance of tens of metres.

“Do not try any tricks and do not waste our time. I am sure you understand the consequences of doing so,” said Chen Feng coldly.

“I can give you some medicinal pills and Magic crystals. However, you fellows must promise to let me go,” said Third Senior Brother.

“All right! One million Basic Yang Pills in exchange for your life.” The smile on Ye Ziming’s face grew.

“What? One million Basic Yang Pills? You might as well go engage in robbery! Even if you kill me, you won’t be able to get that much,” Third Senior Brother shouted.

“That means you have no value. In that case, what is the point in keeping you alive?” Having said that, Lu Ta pulled out his iron staff to swing down on him.

“Wait, wait.” Chen Feng stretched his hand out to stop Lu Ta.

“To think that the Third Senior Brother of Purplecloud Sky Grotto cannot even bring out one million Basic Yang Pills. If word of this gets out, you will become a laughing stock,” said a grinning Chen Feng.

“Humph! I am just a level 5 Concealed stage cultivator, not a Sky Human stage cultivator! How could I have so much wealth on me?” Third Senior Brother was unable to stop himself from retorting.

“That cannot be right. As I recall, your sect’s Liu Yuntian could easily bring out 10,000 Magic crystals. 10,000 Magic crystals! That is the equivalent of 1 million Basic Yang Pills. Liu Yuntian is just a level 2 Concealed stage cultivator while you are Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Third Senior Brother. Now you are telling me you don’t have any wealth on you? Do you seriously expect me to believe that?” said Chen Feng with a sneer.

“Forget it. Let’s not exchange anymore nonsense with him. Just kill him.” Ye Ziming’s smiling face had turned dark. He grabbed the spatial pouch on Third Senior Brother’s body.

“Liu Yuntian uses spatial Magic artefact while you are using a spatial pouch of the lowest grade. The difference between the two of you is just too big.” Ye Ziming ridiculed him before pulling out the items inside the spatial pouch.

“Tsk! Tsk! The renowned Third Senior Brother from Purplecloud Sky Grotto only has 1,000 Magic crystals on him. Aren’t you too poor?”

“Surely, you are not going to tell us this is all you have?” Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta took turns to ridicule Third Senior Brother.

“Humph! Liu Yuntian is different from me. He is a disciple of Nine Firmaments Palace. It is only natural for him to be rich. Moreover, his father is our Sect Master, who now controls a Magic crystal mine. How can disciples like us compare with him?” Third Senior Brother was unable to hold back and he retorted indignantly.

“Magic crystal mine.”

The hearts of Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta thumped. They quickly exchanged glances. They had finally arrived at the main point.

“Who do you think you are bluffing here? Your Purplecloud Sky Grotto controls a Magic crystal mine? As if! Don’t you mean one of Nine Firmaments Palace’s property?” asked Ye Ziming with a façade of disbelief.

“Of course that property belongs to our Purplecloud Sky Grotto! This is also the reason why Nine Firmaments Palace would accept Liu Yuntian as a disciple!” Third Senior Brother hurriedly said.

“The other five Sky Grottoes don’t have their own Magic crystal mines. What makes you so special? You are just bluffing,” Chen Feng scoffed.

“Humph! The territory that our Purplecloud Sky Grotto occupies span up to tens of thousands of li. We hold control over several smaller kingdoms. To have some mines appear within these places is nothing to be shocked about!” said Third Senior Brother arrogantly (1 li = 0.5 km).

“Oh, really? If that is true, tell us. Where is this Magic crystal mine of Purplecloud Sky Grotto located?” asked Chen Feng. 

“It’s at…”

When he was about to speak, Third Senior Brother suddenly realized what he was talking about. Immediately, he shut his mouth and said nothing else.

“Where is it?” Ye Ziming shouted.

“You fellows can forget about getting the location of the Magic crystal mine. I will never tell you fellows,” said Third Senior Brother coldly.

“Very well, you have got guts.” The Longevity Blade in Chen Feng’s hand traced an arc. The muscles on Third Senior Brother’s arms and legs snapped and blood flowed profusely.


Third Senior Brother’s face contorted and he screamed out.

“This time, its your muscles. Next time, it will be your meridians,” said Chen Feng coolly.

“No need to go through so much trouble. Recently, I have been practicing a type of soul technique that allows me to directly invade a target’s mind to search whatever information I want. Let me try,” said Ye Ziming.

“As I recall, you haven’t succeeded in your practice yet. I have heard before that should some mishap occurs, there is a high chance the target could end up becoming an idiot,” said Chen Feng.

Truth be told, given the power of Chen Feng’s current divine sense, he could search Third Senior Brother’s sea of wisdom. Additionally, there was also a technique for that in the Longevity Scripture. However, Chen Feng had yet to practice the technique yet. Thus, it was only natural for him to not utilize the method. Otherwise, should a mishap occur and Third Senior Brother end up becoming a blithering idiot, they would be incapable of gaining any answers from him.

“If he does end up becoming an idiot, he can only blame his own bad luck. It just so happens I need someone to experiment on,” said a delighted-looking Ye Ziming. A stream of divine sense extended out from his sea of wisdom as he prepared to perform his soul restraining technique.

“Hold it! Fine, I will tell you fellows. However, you fellows must promise me that you will let me go.” Third Senior Brother finally relented.

One hour later, the three of them were able to find out everything from Third Senior Brother.

“How unexpected! Purplecloud Sky Grotto actually do possess a Magic crystal mine. Additionally, it is a freshly discovered mine?” Ye Ziming uttered in shock.

According to Third Senior Brother, four months ago, someone discovered a Magic crystal mine in a mountain located 2,000 li away from Purplecloud Sky Grotto. The mine was quickly taken over by Purplecloud Sky Grotto. Naturally, only those with high positions within the sect knew about this matter. Even the dead Fifth Senior Brother was in the dark about it.

Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Sect Master knew that Purplecloud Sky Grotto alone was incapable of defending the Magic crystal mine. Thus, he reported this matter to Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s backer, the Nine Firmaments Palace, so that they can dispatch some cultivators to assist with the mining operation.

Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Sect Master could be said to have contributed greatly in this matter. Not only was he given some rewards, they even made an exception to accept his son, Liu Yuntian, as one of their elders’ disciple.

“So, that is how it is. No wonder that Liu Yuntian could join Nine Firmaments Palace. Additionally, he was also extremely arrogant. There was a reason for all that,” said Chen Feng as he nodded his head.

After that, Chen Feng turned to look at Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. There were fervent looks on their faces.

“Do you fellows want to pull a heist?” Chen Feng was the first to speak up.

“An opportunity like this is too good to miss,” said an ecstatic Lu Ta.

“Although it will be somewhat dangerous, it is worth it.” Ye Ziming too, nodded his head in agreement.

“You, bring us there.” The three of them turned to look at Third Senior Brother.

“You guys must be nuts!” Third Senior Brother cried out.

“This is your only chance of surviving.” After saying that, Chen Feng swung his hand to knock Third Senior Brother out before keeping him inside the Longevity Tower.

“It seems our speculation is correct. Purplecloud Sky Grotto does have a Magic crystal mine. It is precisely due to the mine that Liu Yuntian could enter Nine Firmaments Palace. He was able to hug Nine Firmaments Palace’s thigh thanks to the mine [1].”

“When you look at it, the Magic crystal mine can be considered one of Nine Firmaments Palace’s businesses. This action of ours is the equivalent of offending Nine Firmaments Palace, a sect with Immortal Humans in control. This is like ants trying to challenge elephants.”

“Wrong. We are not trying to challenge elephants. We are just trying to figure a way to grab a bite. This mine is located within Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s territory. Not to mention, it is a freshly discovered mine. Furthermore, Nine Firmaments Palace might not actually place too much importance on the Magic crystal mine. What we need to do is to fish in troubled waters. Find the opportunity to get some benefits. This is an opportunity that only comes once in a thousand years.”

“Let’s risk it! Birds die for the sake of feed, humans die for the sake of wealth! If we simply continue with this slow rate of cultivation, how long do we have to keep on practicing cultivation?”

“Let’s do it! If we can make use of this opportunity to snatch some tens of thousands of Magic crystals, my cultivation base can rise by several levels!”

Lured by the benefits, Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta quickly made up their minds.

After that, the three of them did not return to White Cloud City. Instead, they rushed towards Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s territory. All three of them were Concealed stage cultivators, capable of riding on flying swords, slipping into the earth and cover a distance of a thousand li in a single day. A few days later, they entered Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s territory.

Although Purplecloud Sky Grotto cannot be counted as an immortal dao sect, with Nine Firmaments Palace as their backer, they could exert control over hundreds of smaller kingdoms. Every year, it could send some of their more talented youngsters to join Nine Firmaments Palace. It held a lofty position in the mundane world. It was also Nine Firmaments Palace’s representative in the mundane world.

“No wonder Purplecloud Sky Grotto has been acting arrogantly recently. There is this feeling of them stepping on the other five Sky Grottoes. It turns out they have opened up a Magic crystal mine. Though, I wonder how big this mine is.” Lu Ta pondered.

“According to some books, even the smallest ever Magic crystal mine found on our Eternal World could produce over 10 million Magic crystals,” said a delighted Ye Ziming.

“Over 10 million! That is the equivalent of 1 billion Basic Yang Pills! If we convert them to spiritual energy, I wonder how much we can get from that many crystals. If so, the places with Magic crystal mines must be filled with spiritual energy and flourishing vegetation,” Chen Feng speculated.

“According to that Third Senior Brother, it is at Purplebolt Mountain, located 2,000 li away from Purplecloud Sky Grotto. There is a mountain range there and purple-coloured lightning bolts could be seen there all year round. Ordinary humans will be incapable of entering. Although I know of the place, I have never been there myself,” said Ye Ziming.

“Purplebolt Mountain, purple-coloured lightning bolts. From the sound of it, that doesn’t seem to be an ordinary place,” said Chen Feng.

“We’ll know when we get there. We should focus on figuring out how to get in.”

Purplecloud Sky Grotto.

It was located atop Purplecloud Mountains. The mountains were not famous. Still, they were steep, high with beautiful mountain peaks and spiritual energy swirled around it. Its main peak rose straight up to pierce through the firmaments, a good 3,000 zhang in height. There were strangely-shaped rocks on the wondrous mountain peaks and spiritual birds flew about as the clouds swirled around the mountains. Trace of immortal atmosphere radiated off the place. Should ordinary humans set their eyes upon the mountains, they would immediately consider this place a Heavenly abode (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

At that moment, at the main peak of Purplecloud Mountains, a middle-aged man with a purple-gold crown on his head was throwing a fit within a large, thousand-zhang long grotto-mansion. A table, carved from purple jade, was shattered with a slam from his palm. This figure was none other than Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Sect Master, Liu Dianfeng.

“Just now, Nine Firmaments Palace’s Sage Astral Thunder sent a message over. Yuntian may have been murdered,” said Liu Dianfeng solemnly, his face terribly ugly to behold. Within a corner of the grotto-mansion was a beautiful, middle-aged woman, in the midst of sobbing. She was none other than Liu Yuntian’s birth mother and Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Sect Mistress.

 1 Hugging someone’s thigh. An idiom meaning, relying on someone powerful to achieve something beneficial.

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