Chapter 88: Capturing Third Senior Brother


“A Prized artefact! To think there could be a Prized artefact. Our sect might not even have one. If I can get my hands on it, becoming the Sect Master in the future is not an impossibility,” whispered Third Senior Brother.

“If Third Senior Brother truly do become Sect Master, you must not forget me,” said Sun Yao with an exceedingly flirtatious and charming look. 

“Naturally. When the time comes, you will be the Sect Master’s wife.” After saying that, Third Senior Brother reached his hand out to lift Sun Yao’s chin before laughing out.

“O, Senior Brother, you are so naughty,” cried Sun Yao.

“Still, what should we do next?”

“It is very simple. We’ll wait for this kid to exit Myriad Suns Trade Association. When he does, I will take action to capture him. He is but a mere level 1 Concealed stage cultivator. Even the cultivation bases of the two fellows beside him are far inferior compared to me.”

“However, I am curious about one thing. How is the kid so sensitive? Were it not for the fact that we possess the Invisibility Talisman, he may have discovered us earlier,” Third Senior Brother wondered.

“Maybe it is the function of his Prized artefact?” Sun Yao guessed.

In the small courtyard, Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were seated together.

“I think we have been targeted. Additionally, I have this feeling. The other party is after me,” Chen Feng slowly said.

“Brother Chen, do you have any enemies?” asked a puzzled Ye Ziming.

“I have only truly stepped into the cultivation world for a short period of time. I cannot think of what enemies I could have made. Besides, if they are truly enemies, they should have attacked. Given that they could hide themselves to the point where we cannot detect their presence, their strength must be above ours,” said Chen Feng.

“Perhaps, the other party’s strength is not that high. They may simply be using some other methods. For example, Invisibility Talismans or some other items,” Ye Ziming suddenly chipped in.

“Invisibility Talisman. If they were truly using the Invisibility Talisman, that would explain everything.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“We cannot let this continue. Having an enemy keep an eye on us from behind is not a good feeling to have. We should get them to come out into the open as soon as possible and deal with them,” Ye Ziming suggested.

“Very well. Tomorrow, I will leave White Cloud City again to bait them out,” said Chen Feng as he nodded his head.

The next day, Chen Feng left White Cloud City alone while Ye Ziming and Lu Ta secretly followed him.

As expected, it did not take long before a man and a woman stopped him. They were none other than Third Senior Brother and the enchanting woman, Sun Yao.

The instant he saw Sun Yao, Chen Feng understood.

“So, it’s you. No wonder,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“I knew that letting you escape would bring me some troubles in the future. I did not expect you to bring someone over so fast.” There was something of a smile on Chen Feng’s face.

“You killed our Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Fifth Senior Brother! How should we settle that?” Sun Yao replied with a sneer.

“It seems you purposely lured us out.” There was a slightly serious expression on Third Senior Brother’s face.

“You fellows aren’t too stupid. If you want to trouble me, you should have reported this to your superiors in the sect. For just the two of you to come, isn’t that the equivalent of sending yourselves to death’s door?” replied Chen Feng, the smile still on his face.

“Humph! Third Senior Brother alone is enough to capture you!” uttered Sun Yao with a sharp voice.

Hearing that, Chen Feng immediately felt relaxed. If there were only the two of them, this would not be hard.

“Kid, as long as you hand over the Prized artefact on you, I will not trouble you. I can even recommend you into our Purplecloud Sky Grotto,” said Third Senior Brother after a moment’s consideration.

“Oh, is that right? Hand over the Prized artefact and I can join Purplecloud Sky Grotto? Ha ha ha ha! Are you joking? Does your Purplecloud Sky Grotto even have a Prized artefact?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing out.

“Humph! Our Six Great Sky Grottoes are not what you people on the outside think of us. The way I see it, you are just a loose cultivator. Your future achievements are highly limited. Joining our Purplecloud Sky Grotto means gaining something to rely upon. Your future cultivation path will be smooth and you can achieve more with less effort,” said Third Senior Brother as he shook his head.

“I will give you fellows an option as well. As long as you two abolish your own cultivation bases, I will spare your lives. I do not want to kill anyone today,” said a grinning Chen Feng.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Third Senior Brother was taken aback. Then, he burst into laughter.

“Did I mishear you? Do you think that you are invincible because you have a Prized artefact? Whatever! I will capture you now and teach you that possessing a Prized artefact does not make you invincible.” After saying that, Third Senior Brother attacked.

The sword in his hand shot out from its sheath to release the roar of a dragon. Next, a ray of sword light hacked down upon Chen Feng like a waterfall.

Although Third Senior Brother’s words were spoken casually, the moment he made his move, he went all out. He did not view his weaker opponent in contempt. On the contrary, he was maintaining vigilance even when executing his attack. After all, Chen Feng possessed a Prized artefact. Although he wanted to acquire the Prized artefact, he must not be careless.

“Longevity Blade.”

With a wave of his hand, a bluish-green blade swiftly condensed out from Chen Feng’s hand. The current Chen Feng could already condense out the Longevity Blade with a flash. Although it was still incomplete, the Longevity Blade he condensed out was comparable to a grade 3 Magic artefact.


A booming sound rang out as the Longevity Blade in Chen Feng’s grasp was shattered before dissipating into nothingness. However, it managed to block off Third Senior Brother’s attack.

“A level 5 Concealed stage cultivator, is this the extent of your strength?” Chen Feng sneered.

“To think you can figure out that I am at level 5 of the Concealed stage. Not to mention, you can also block my attack. It seems you are not to be underestimated. Even so, I will still be capturing you today. Behold my Purplebolt Swordray Technique.” The sword in Third Senior Brother’s hand abruptly released ray after ray of purple light.

The rays of purple-coloured beams covered the sky, taking lightning-like shapes as it enveloped Chen Feng. The sword beams then transformed, curving to seemingly form an egg shell. In the middle of it all was Chen Feng.

What a formidable force! What a wondrous sword technique! As expected from a level 5 Concealed stage cultivator. If I had not condensed out the Soulflame, I would be no match for this fellow. Chen Feng thought.

Although the power of this enemy’s attack far exceeded what he could fight off, Chen Feng’s divine sense was far higher compared to Third Senior Brother. His thought process, reaction and perception of his surroundings were crystal clear. He could discern the attack pattern of Third Senior Brother in the shortest time possible while sensing the flaws hidden within the moves.

The Longevity Blade condensed out once more within his grip. With a stab, his blade drew a peculiar line through the air to poke into one of the weak points of the curtain formation of sword beams.

“Here it is, break!”

Chen Feng gave a shout and the Longevity Blade in his hand erupted with light, causing a hole to appear within the curtain of sword beams. Next, like a fish, Chen Feng escaped from the sword beams.

After escaping, Chen Feng’s blade flashed as it flew out from his hand to shoot towards Third Senior Brother.

“Eh? You can actually break through my Purplebolt Sword Shell?” Third Senior Brother was stunned. Even a cultivator at level 5 of the Concealed stage would find it difficult to handle with. Unexpectedly, this level 1 Concealed stage cultivator had broken it.

It had to be said. For Third Senior Brother, normal level 1 Concealed stage cultivators were but weaklings just waiting to be bullied.


With a sword ray, Third Senior Brother shattered the Longevity Blade that Chen Feng shot towards him.

“This ‘condensing weapons from energy’ technique of yours is quite good,” said Third Senior Brother with a sneer.

Next, Chen Feng condensed out three Longevity Blades in one go. All of them were shattered by Third Senior Brother. Seeing that, Chen Feng understood that his present level of cultivation was insufficient to fight Third Senior Brother head on.

“Kid! Are you still not going to use your Prized artefact? Although these attacks are quite good, they are far from being able to match me. Hurry up and bring out the Prized artefact. Show me the power of a Prized artefact!” Third Senior Brother shouted in amusement.

“It is not worth pulling out a Prized artefact against you. My strength alone is enough to suppress you,” Chen Feng suddenly said, a smile on his face as a tangible divine sense abruptly shot towards the nearby Third Senior Brother.

As the distance between them was very short, the divine sense attack struck almost immediately and it surged into Third Senior Brother’s mind.

“Argh! Not good! What a powerful divine sense!” Third Senior Brother’s face sank as he spat out a mouthful of blood. His palm swung out to strike Sun Yao, who was beside him, before turning tail to flee.

Quite the vicious fellow. Thought Chen Feng as he watched the enchanting woman fly towards him, a result from the palm strike.

Just now, Third Senior Brother was wounded by his attack. In his attempt to flee, he had sent Sun Yao flying towards Chen Feng to cover his escape.

“This is all caused by you. This time, I want to see how you get away from this.” Chen Feng was not soft-hearted in his response. He attacked with lightning-like speed, landing a punch on Sun Yao’s body.

“Ahck! Mercy!” Sun Yao cried out wretchedly.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of snapping sounds rang out from Sun Yao’s body before it flew into the distance. Her figure slammed into the ground and it was unknown if she lived or died.

On the other end, Third Senior Brother was stopped by Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, who were waiting to ambush him.

“The Third Senior Brother from Purplecloud Sky Grotto turns out to be a coward who fears death,” said Ye Ziming with a derisive smile.

“This is not a matter of fearing death or not. No one is willing to die. As long as you fellows can let me go, everything can be discussed,” said Third Senior Brother with a disgraceful look. He had stopped trying to flee.

“Letting you go is not out of the question. Now, toss away your weapon, seal your own cultivation base and obediently listen to us,” Ye Ziming shouted.

“If that is the case, I will go all out!” The expression on Third Senior Brother’s face changed and the sword in his hand shot out, transforming into a beam of light as it charged towards Ye Ziming and Lu Ta.


Third Senior Brother growled out. His lifebound Magic artefact self-destructed, transforming into a powerful shockwave to attack his enemies. Due to the self-destruction of his lifebound Magic artefact, his divine sense became seriously wounded. However, Third Senior Brother was truly a resolute person. He was wiling to do so in order to create an opportunity for him to break through.

“Where are you running off to?!”

Chen Feng suddenly descended from the sky. A burst of divine sense surged into Third Senior Brother’s mind, sealing off his cultivation base.

“Don’t kill me! I have things I can tell you!” 

Thinking that Chen Feng was about to kill him, Third Senior Brother hastily shouted.

“Humph!” Chen Feng stepped forward to pick up Third Senior Brother. It seemed as though he was picking up a dead mutt. After that, he went to meet up with Ye Ziming.

“Are you two all right?” asked Chen Feng.

“It’s nothing, just some external wounds. This kid is quite resolute. He actually self-destructed a grade 4 Magic artefact. If we had been slightly slower in dodging, it could have been dangerous,” said Ye Ziming with a grin.

“The woman died. What do we do now?” asked Lu Ta.

“Let’s find a remote place and squeeze whatever value we can from this Third Senior Brother of Purplecloud Sky Grotto,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“Yes, I have the same idea,” said Ye Ziming as he looked at the dejected Third Senior Brother before laughing out.

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