Chapter 861 Domain World


“Killing you two is just a matter of thinking it for me. Cultivators at your level are not worth my time.” After saying that, Chen Feng jabbed his finger at Jiang Huo’s forehead.

A stream of divine sense flowed through his finger to enter Jiang Huo’s sea of wisdom and began searching.


Jiang Huo cried out in pain. Chen Feng had deliberately released a wisp of his primary lifebound flame as he searched Jiang Huo’s sea of wisdom. Naturally, Jiang Huo had found it hard to bear. It was a hundred times more painful compared to the pain of the flesh.

Chen Feng had done so to punish him.

Ye Lin was shocked and she quickly attacked. However, she failed to even touch the corners of Chen Feng’s clothes. 

“You, behave.” Chen Feng waved and Ye Lin found herself incapable of moving as well.

It did not take long before Chen Feng withdrew his finger, a trace of excitement within his eyes. He had found the information he wanted.

“It is quite valuable. I was thinking about killing you two, but this information is enough for me to spare you two.

“Your name is Jiang Huo, right? You can already be considered as a genius. However, you sometimes cannot understand your situation. This is an issue of the mind. I can spare you this time. However, if you cannot change your ways, I promise you, you will not be able to live long.

“You should consider yourself lucky to be able to cultivate this far.” After saying that, Chen Feng gestured with his hand to release the shackles on the two.

“Take good care of yourselves now. Perhaps, we’ll get to meet each other again in the future.” Next, Chen Feng took a step forward and disappeared from sight.

Only Jiang Huo and Ye Lin were left there. Jiang Huo’s face was dark and he remained silent. In the end, Ye Lin had been the one to speak up.

“The fact that we can survive is already good enough. Besides, we managed to get what we came here for. We obtained the legacy and treasures of Saint Yin Yang and killed off Jiang Zeming’s group. This can be considered as an absolute win.” Ye Lin was fearful that Jiang Huo was incapable of letting it go so she tried to comfort him.

“But the information about the Divine Domain Fountain was leaked. This information is simply too valuable. No one in Domain World knows about this.” Jiang Huo was still feeling somewhat regretful at what happened.

“There’s nothing to feel sad about. We cannot enter that place anyways. Earlier, that fellow saved us for that information. When you think about it, we got ourselves a bargain. Besides, even though he appears formidable, he might not be able to enter the place,” Ye Lin said.

“Yes. That place is simply too dangerous.”

“All right!” Even though there was still a hint of regret on Jiang Huo’s face, he had mostly recovered.

“We did gain something this time around, after all. Right now, we should first find a place to cultivate ourselves. The fact that we managed to obtain Saint Yin Yang’s legacy proved that we are blessed by luck. Once we make a breakthrough, we’ll return to the Jiang Family. Although Jiang Zeming and Jiang Zefeng are dead, our enemies remain. Not to mention, they will surely take action against me.” 

“That’s right. Power is the most important thing here. Let’s hurry up and go. It’ll be bad if more people come.”

“Let’s go!”

After recollecting themselves, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin left the place as well.

On Chen Feng’s side, he had already searched Jiang Huo’s sea of wisdom, allowing him to gain the necessary information. Due to that, he no longer needed the help from Jiang Huo and Ye Lin to leave.

After finding out how to leave the place, Chen Feng chose not to stay any longer. He quickly found the teleportation platform on the planet.

Bringing out some spirit stones, Chen Feng embedded them onto the platform. Next, the teleportation process began.

In less than a joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng arrived at Domain World, a life-bearing cultivation world that was on the same level as Eternal World.

Upon entering Domain World, Chen Feng sensed the suppressive laws of Heavenly might descending upon him. A power of rejection emerged from his surroundings to act against him.

Chen Feng was aware that this was Domain World’s actions. It was attempting to reject him, an outsider. If Chen Feng could not find a way to deal with it, he would be rejected from Domain World.

Chen Feng casually changed his aura a few times and the suppressive power around him gradually disappeared. Even the Heavenly might disappeared.

This was a minor trick recorded in the Longevity Scripture. Of course, the biggest factor was the fact that Chen Feng’s cultivation level was not that high. Thus, it was easier for him to hide himself.

Even someone like Immortal Pining Butterfly could enter Eternal World from Domain World. What else could be expected of Chen Feng, a cultivator from the Celestial Longevity Plane?

Unexpectedly, I could obtain information regarding the Divine Domain Fountain the moment I arrived. I had been thinking about finding a way to return. At present, however, it seems I will have to delay that. 

This is a new and unfamiliar world. I am feeling a little not used to it.

For me, however, with the exception of the Celestial Longevity Plane, other worlds are new worlds. Only, I have formed a thread of fate with Eternal World. I wonder how this will develop in the future?

Chen Feng retracted the aura of his body and acted natural as he walked through a city. Observing the bustling crowd there and sensing the ancient aura of the world, Chen Feng felt that this world was in no way different from Eternal World.

However, after continuing to perceive his surroundings on a deeper level, Chen Feng finally sensed the difference between Eternal World and Domain World.

It was the aura of their world essence.

Each and every life-bearing planets and worlds possessed a unique aura and power. Although all of them were formed from cosmic essence power, the tempering processes and the changes in life that each had to go through for trillions of years had long since allowed them to develop their own spiritual attributes.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, Eternal World gave off an exalted, eternal and inextinguishable aura that thrummed with life. It was like something that had existed for the longest time within the universe, a most ancient existence.

The Domain World, on the other hand, had a more distinctive feature. It was none other than a formidable domain power. In fact, Chen Feng ended up wondering if there was in actuality a Divine Domain Tree connected to the entire Domain World. 

One other thing to note. Since Chen Feng entered Domain World, a slight change had come over the Domain Tree in the Longevity Tower. It had become more vigorous and lively. It was like a wanderer who had finally returned to his hometown. The rate at which it was absorbing domain power increased considerably. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew delighted.

A brand-new world will bring about a clash of ideas and a cleansing of my essence power. My cultivation base will experience a breakthrough here.

Although the Divine Domain Fountain was on his mind, Chen Feng had still spent time roaming around Domain World to experience the people, geography and sects there. Unknowingly, he ended up spending three years doing that.

As Chen Feng’s cultivation base improved, he was visited by the feeling that time was moving at a faster rate.

However, when he thought back on how other cultivators would spend hundreds of years in cultivation retreat, he felt his heart easing up.

In that three years, Chen Feng made a great deal of gains. He obtained a very clear understanding of the entire Domain World. Nurturing himself there for three years also allowed his state of mind to improve greatly.

The greater one’s cultivation level, the harder it would become to advance further. Chen Feng, who performed an analysis of his cultivation state, noted that he could swiftly push his strength to the peak-level Human Immortal stage instantly. 

The second thing to note was the Domain Tree’s growth. During the past three years, the rate of growth exhibited by the Domain Tree had become ten times that of its rate of growth in Eternal World. The Domain Tree flourished and Domain Fruits grew out from it in droves.

However, Chen Feng was still unsatisfied. Although the Domain Tree was already 3,333-zhang-tall, possessing a tree age of 33,330 years, Chen Feng knew that this Domain Tree was only still in the seedling stage. It could not be compared in any shape or form to the legendary Divine Domain Tree that Chen Feng knew of.

That said, looking at the Domain Fruits growing from the branches did make Chen Feng somewhat happy.

Chen Feng’s objective was to have the Domain Tree grow to a height of 30,000 zhang soon. Then, it would become greatly beneficial towards his cultivation efforts.

If it could become a Divine Domain Tree, it could easily create a world of its own. Again, Chen Feng was still wondering if Domain World was perhaps created from a Divine Domain Tree.

Looks like I will have to find some materials.

Another thing of note was that the Domain Geocompass had levelled up to become a mid-grade Dao artefact. This came as a shock for Chen Feng. However, he knew that this was due to the several combined factors. His own efforts, him staying in Domain World and the Domain Tree.

In just three years, a low-grade Dao artefact managed to level up to become a mid-grade Dao artefact. This rate of growth was simply terrifying.

Naturally, even Chen Feng’s domain had improved greatly. It was already beginning to create a minor world of its own. His Eight Trigram acupoints had also grown several times bigger. In a fight against cultivators on the same level as him, Chen Feng was confident that he could defeat 100 cultivators with his domain alone, maybe more.

I should decide on a time to undergo my tribulation.

For Chen Feng, the location of his tribulation did not matter. Be it Eternal World, Domain World or outer space, none of the places could restrain him.

At that very moment, Chen Feng was riding on a colossal ship. With a height of 100 zhang and a length of 1,000 zhang, it was made from countless precious metals. While it appeared like a ship, it would be more accurate to call it a magic treasure.

Even the attacks from Sacred artefacts would be incapable of destroying this ship.

Chen Feng had been travelling through the ocean on this ship for three days, advancing through tens of millions of li.

Speaking of which, Chen Feng possessed a force of his own within Eternal World’s ocean region. However, his force had never made it so far into the ocean region. Additionally, from what Chen Feng could gather, the surface of the ocean in Domain World was even greater than that of Eternal World.

The ocean here appeared more dangerous. Of course, another reason for that was because Chen Feng did not truly understand Eternal World.

Chen Feng had a very simple reason for heading into the ocean. He was searching for the Divine Domain Fountain.

Given Chen Feng’s level of strength, he was completely capable of journeying across the ocean with his own power. However, after coming to a certain understanding, Chen Feng decided to board this ship.

Chen Feng could feel that this was not just a quest to find the Divine Domain Fountain. Rather, it was a form of training. A journey through the world, experiencing the various aspects of life.

This was also part of the gains that Chen Feng had obtained through the past three years.

“Brother Chen, cultivating again?” Several cultivators came to stand before Chen Feng. Their manner of speech was very casual. It seemed as though they were acquainted with Chen Feng.

“Yes. I was feeling bored, but I suddenly had a stroke of inspiration.” Chen Feng laughed.

Chen Feng had only just met them a few days ago. After chatting with them for a bit, he had found them to be quite the agreeable bunch. As it so happened, they appeared to be going the same way as him. Thus, Chen Feng, who did not want his journey to be too boring, decided to get acquainted with them.

“Brother Chen, are you interested in teaming up with us?” After a casual conversation, one of the cultivators invited Chen Feng into their team.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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