Chapter 860 Information



A beam of light flashed out and one of Jiang Huo’s arms was severed. In the beginning, by joining forces, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin had been able to hold on. At that very moment, however, their hearts were in a state of turmoil and flaws began appearing within their movements.

“Jiang Huo!” Ye Lin grew anxious, but there was nothing she could do. Given their present situation, even going all out would not help.

“Ye Lin, I will burn my soul later to push myself beyond my limits to stop them. You make use of the opportunity to charge out!”

“No! If we leave, we leave together! If we die, we die together!”

“Listen to me. There is no need for the both of us to die here. After I die, you can still avenge me. But if the both of us die, everything will be over.”

“No! No matter what you say, I will not leave!” 

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

As Jiang Huo and Ye Lin were secretly communicating with one another, the attacks from the four cultivators grew even fiercer. A loud sound rang out as one of their attacks nearly hacked Jiang Huo into two from the waist down.

“Looks like you two are thinking about running away. That’s impossible! The two of you can forget about it!”

“Even if you self-destruct, it will be useless!”

“Not even burning your soul will help you. We have made the necessary preparations. Come, what final moves do you have? Just show it.”

Knowing that their victory was secured, the four of them showed no fear. They were not concerned that Jiang Huo and Ye Lin might go all out. Or perhaps, the four of them were still using verbal attacks against them.

Those two fellows are goners. Chen Feng simply watched, showing no intentions of interfering.

“Fellow friend, please help us!” Ye Lin suddenly called out.

Her actions took Chen Feng by surprise. However, he quickly understood that she had no other options. Since death was already inevitable, why not take a gamble?

Chen Feng did not say anything. Neither did he reveal a change in his face.

“Fellow friend, I beg you! Please help us!” Ye Lin shouted again.

“Oh? And why should I help you?” Chen Feng finally responded.

“Please help us. If you do, you can get the friendship of our Firegod Sect and the Jiang Family,” Jiang Huo shouted as well. Chen Feng’s calm demeanour gave them hope.

Chen Feng shook his head and said nothing else.

“Ha ha ha ha! Useless! The friendship of your Firegod Sect and Jiang Family is worthless. Fellow friend, our Divine Astral Sect wants to befriend you. Only, would you be willing to do so?” The four cultivators were fearful that Chen Feng might take action. At any rate, Chen Feng was from Artefact Sect. Not to mention, Chen Feng himself was a rather mysterious person.

Gritting her teeth, Ye Lin shouted, “We can tell you a secret in exchange!”

“Ye Lin! Have you gone mad?” Jiang Huo’s face sank.

“No matter how great the secret may be, what’s the point if we die in the end?” Ye Lin replied. 

“Fine. Then, we’ll use the secret as an exchange for this!” Jiang Huo’s expression flickered for a moment, but he finally gritted his teeth and said.

“Friend, if you can save us and kill these four men, I will tell you a great secret!” After making up his mind, Jiang Huo then shouted.


Not wanting anything to happen, the four cultivators from the Divine Astral Sect stepped up their efforts to kill off Jiang Huo and Ye Lin.


The Domain Geocompass flew out from Chen Feng’s hand and the power of the Eight Trigrams Domain shot out from its eight edges to easily seal up the surrounding space, creating a world of its own. The four cultivators from the Divine Astral Sect were thus stuck inside and were temporarily incapable of extricating themselves.

“Fellow friend, isn’t this action of yours a little overboard?” The faces of the cultivators from Divine Astral Sect sank.

“Well, what is the secret?” Chen Feng simply said with a smile.

“Kill these four men first,” Jiang Huo said through clenched teeth.

“You two have no room to be bargaining with me. One breath. Tell me the secret and I will save you two,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“No, kill these four first.” Jiang Huo remained adamant.

“In that case, there is nothing to talk about.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Domain Geocompass flew back into his hand. As a result, the four cultivators from the Divine Astral Sect were free to move again.

“Fellow friend, as a sign of respect to the fact that you are a member of Artefact Sect, we did not fight you for the two Dao artefacts. But now, you suddenly intervened in our affairs. Are you looking down on our Divine Astral Sect?” One of the four cultivators grew somewhat infuriated. However, he did not immediately attack. Chen Feng’s earlier action of sealing them up possessed quite the deterring force.

“So what if I don’t?” Chen Feng replied calmly.

“Friend, do you really think that you can do anything just because you have a Dao artefact? Don’t forget that we also have a Dao artefact.”

“If so, you are free to attack. However, the moment you do, all of you will die.” Chen Feng smiled, the Domain Geocompass hovering above him. Likewise, the Eight Trigram acupoints within his body were also operating.


Sou! Sou!

Two of the four cultivators attacked Chen Feng. They wielded top-grade Sacred artefacts. Their objective was to stop Chen Feng for a moment.

As for the other two, they charged at Jiang Huo and Ye Lin. The instant they took action, they channelled all their powers into the Dao artefact in their possession in order to finish up Jiang Huo and Ye Lin as fast as they could.

“You guys are really going to put your lives on the line? Looks like you are not afraid of death.” Chen Feng stood still and he secretly empowered the Domain Geocompass. He was curious to see what these cultivators had up their sleeves.

Seeing Chen Feng only taking action to defend himself, the two attacking cultivators grew relieved. The two of them then circled Chen Feng without attacking him.

When he saw that, Chen Feng laughed and flicked a finger. The power of wind and lightning transformed into a whip to sweep towards the two cultivators.


The instant Chen Feng attacked, the two cultivators attacked as well. They were able to easily break Chen Feng’s attack, but were incapable of breaking the domain created by the Domain Geocompass.

On the other side, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin were still incapable of escaping. They were already injured earlier. Although they were now facing two less enemies, they were still incapable of holding on.


Due to the attacks from the two cultivators from Divine Astral Sect, Ye Lin was also wounded. Her internal organs were broken and her face turned blood-red.

“Friend, please help!” Seeing Ye Lin wounded, Jiang Huo finally lost his composure and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Secret.” Chen Feng responded with one word.

“It is related to the Divine Domain Fountain!”

“Divine Domain Fountain!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he waved his hand. Once again, a whip formed from the power of wind and lightning swept out. However, this whip was different from the previous one. The previous one had been a casual move from him, weak to the point where it could not even kill a starter-level Human Immortal.

This time, however, the whip he created swept through everything. Space itself was torn as wind and lightning reigned. The two cultivators from Divine Astral Sect did not even have the time to react before the whip struck them, splitting apart their bodies.

Chen Feng had attacked the moment he heard the words Divine Domain Fountain.

There was a Domain Tree inside the Longevity Tower. It would absorb domain power to bear Domain Fruits. Although it could not be compared to a divine tree like the Longevity Tree, it was still a highly rare and valuable spiritual tree within the universe.

The Domain Tree’s rate of growth was very slow. In order for it to grow faster, a great deal of domain power was needed. The Divine Domain Fountain was a fountain created from domain power. When used to water the Domain Tree, it would allow the Domain Tree to grow up faster, tens of thousands of times faster.

For Chen Feng, who possessed a Domain Tree, this was a highly valuable item.

Due to that, Chen Feng took action, regardless if it was true or false. He also did not hold back. After killing off the two cultivators, he waved his hand to send the Domain Geocompass towards the other two cultivators.

“Oh, no! Run!”

The two cultivators who were attacking Jiang Huo and Ye Lin had seen Chen Feng kill off their companions. They instantly realized that they were in a dire situation. At the same time, they regretted it. They should not have offended Chen Feng.

However, it was already too late. Despite having a Dao artefact of their own, in the face of the Domain Geocompass’ attack, the two of them were easily killed off.


The Domain Geocompass returned to Chen Feng’s hand. With a grasp, Chen Feng then collected all of the magic treasures that the four cultivators had on them. This time, Chen Feng did not devour their flesh and blood. Instead, he buried their corpses.

“How are you two?” Chen Feng came to stand before Jiang Huo and Ye Lin. The two of them were quite badly injured and were in the process of healing themselves. Naturally, at that moment, they were feeling highly shocked. They had not imagined that Chen Feng could be so powerful. He had killed off the four cultivators with just a wave of his hand.

“We are fine. Sir, you are from Artefact Sect?” There was a somewhat wary look on Jiang Huo’s face. At any rate, the power that Chen Feng revealed was simply too strong. It was such that there was no way for him to fight back.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded and waved his hand again, sending streams of longevity-type primary energy into their bodies. A series of popping sounds rang out and their bodies rapidly healed up. Their rate of recovery became over ten times faster.

“What kind of primary energy is this?!”

Jiang Huo and Ye Lin became even more shocked.

“I don’t have time to get mixed up with your affairs. Just tell me about the Divine Domain Fountain.” That was what Chen Feng cared about the most.

Jiang Huo pondered for a moment before saying, “My friend, you are too impatient.”

“This is the Divine Domain Fountain we’re talking about. Can I not be impatient?” Chen Feng replied coolly.

“Since you know about the Divine Domain Fountain, you should also understand how valuable this treasure is. The lives of the four cultivators are not as valuable as the Divine Domain Fountain, no?” Jiang Huo cast a serious gaze at Chen Feng, ignoring the secret vocal transmission from Ye Lin.

“Oh, what do you have in mind?” Chen Feng asked smilingly. Not a hint of anger could be seen on his face.

“You possess a formidable cultivation base and hail from Artefact Sect. I believe you should have no problems in helping me kill off a few people, no?” Jiang Huo said smilingly.

“Jiang Huo!” Ye Lin, who was beside him, had wanted to say something only to be stopped by him.

“What do you think, fellow friend from Artefact Sect?” By then, Jiang Huo had recollected himself. He had seemingly forgotten the dangerous situation he was in earlier.

“Killing a few people is not an issue as long as the price is right.” The smile on Chen Feng’s face grew.

“The price is the information about the Divine Domain Fountain.”

“Enough.” Chen Feng waved his hand.

“I’ll say it again. I have no time to get mixed up with your affairs. Your little tricks are pointless before me. Not to mention, you do not know me. You do not know what kind of person I am. Who knows? I might be a demon king who would kill others without so much as a blink.

“As humans, it is sometimes important to know one’s limits. And, to be able to judge a situation clearly.

“Since I can kill those fellows off, killing the two of you will be a piece of cake as well,” Chen Feng said, stretching his hand in a simple manner to jab a finger at Jiang Huo.

“But I have information about the Divine Domain Fountain!” Jiang Huo shouted.

“It’s simple. I can just perform a soul search.”

“Don’t! I will tell you the information about the Divine Domain Fountain!” Ye Lin, who was beside Jiang Huo, cried out.

“Don’t say anything! He wouldn’t dare kill us!” Even at a time like this, Jiang Huo remained adamant. At the same time, he channelled the power within him as he attempted to move. However, the surrounding space had become frozen and he was utterly incapable of moving.

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