Chapter 859 Two Dao Artefacts


It’s true! They’re from Domain World! Even though the memory fragments Chen Feng obtained was only a sliver of the whole part, Chen Feng had managed to gain a general understanding of Domain World.

Chen Feng retracted his aura completely, making it hard for others to grasp his existence. 

With a wave of his hand, the Domain Geocompass appeared on his palm. The geocompass was octagonal in shape, with quaint runes on its surface. Domain power kept flowing around it, giving the impression that it was not a magic treasure. Instead, it appeared to be some toy.

Chen Feng had only brought out the Domain Geocompass after giving it some consideration. He believed that this was the best thing to do. Additionally, his instincts informed him that his trip to Domain World would net him some harvest. Perhaps, the Domain Geocompass would be able to level up.

Upon entering the passageway, Chen Feng instantly sensed a formidable power of yin and yang. However, despite its power, it was very balanced. Sensing that, Chen Feng knew that this power was most suitable for cultivation. Yin and Yang were in harmony and absorbing them would allow one to refine out a perfect body.

However, Chen Feng did not find this power to be too appealing. It was just the work of an Earthen Immortal. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, this was beneath him.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was presently not lacking in cultivation resources. What he needed the most was time. The cultivation resources piled up inside the Longevity Tower were enough to last Chen Feng for tens of thousands of years.

Of course, for the sake of developing his power, having more cultivation resources was always better.

Going through the passageway, Chen Feng quickly spread his divine sense out to inspect his surroundings. After some time, he finally retracted his divine sense. He felt somewhat disappointed with his discovery.

This was indeed the grotto-mansion left behind by an Earthen Immortal. It contained quite a high number of good items like spirit stones, spiritual herbs, ores and other cultivation resources. There was even a dimension there, designed specifically for the sake of planting a high number of spiritual herbs.

There were also some decent magic treasures there. Naturally, for Chen Feng, ‘decent’ was the only evaluation he could give it. There were none that could actually move his heart.

The only thing that could perhaps move him was the strand of soul the grotto-mansion’s owner had imprinted upon this place.

However, Chen Feng did not feel like absorbing it either.

Chen Feng grasped. Next, the restrictive arrays in his path disappeared and two weapons fell into his grasp.

The two weapons were low-grade Dao artefacts. One of them was a jade seal, with the image of nine fiery-red wyrms engraved on its surface. They opened their mouths to devour both the sun and the moon.

Holding the jade seal, Chen Feng was able to gain a general understanding of its origins.

Nine Wyrm Seal. Forged by Saint Yin Yang from Skypeak Jadestone, the souls of nine wyrms were sealed inside it. It could continuously devour the power of fire from the world to improve itself. It was a magic treasure that could level up. 

His skill is somewhat unrefined and there are many parts that need improvements. Still, to be able to forge out a Dao artefact, this Saint Yin Yang can already be considered as quite the decent character. Only, I wonder how he died? Chen Feng shook his head and turned to look at the other weapon.

It would be more appropriate to call this weapon a magic treasure. Holding it up, Chen Feng smiled.

To think that it would also be an Immortal-binding Rope. Low-grade Dao artefact. It is forged from Seven-coloured Rattan, Vajra Silk, power of soft water, Goldshine Goldsilk and some other materials that I can’t even determine. Quite a number of good materials have gone into it. Even the forging technique used to create it is very exquisite. A pity, it is still lacking in some crucial areas. This is probably not the work of Saint Yin Yang.

Looks like it is time for my Immortal-binding Rope to level up again. Chen Feng smiled as he kept the Dao artefact. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, collecting magic treasures beneath the Immortal tier was a piece of cake. All else aside, just be releasing a strand of aura from either the Longevity Tower or the Immortal artefacts would be enough to instantly make the magic treasures – those that had gained wisdom – fall still and submit.

After collecting the two Dao artefacts, Chen Feng stopped taking action. The two Dao artefacts were the equivalent of one quarter of all the valuables within the grotto-mansion.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he could completely collect them all. However, as his cultivation base improved, his mindset too, had changed. There was a need for him to leave some items behind for these lesser cultivators.

At any rate, Chen Feng had only managed to find out where he was thanks to them. Not to mention, the other magic treasures were also incapable of moving Chen Feng.

Jiang Huo and Ye Lin were the destined duo for Saint Yin Yang’s legacy. At that very moment, they were in the process of accepting the legacy. They were in the most important location within the entire grotto-mansion.

As for the other four cultivators, they were looting all the treasures inside the grotto-mansion.

Chen Feng’s earlier action of collecting the two Dao artefacts, however, alerted the four cultivators to his presence.

While Chen Feng was unwilling to attack the four cultivators, how could the four cultivators let him go? For them, the allure of Dao artefacts was simply too great. They could even put their lives on the line for those items.

“Kid, who are you? Hand them over.”

“Enough nonsense! Just kill him.”

A beam of sword light sliced towards Chen Feng. The sword light contained the power of wind and lightning and was extremely fast. In fact, it was so fast that the beam itself had become invisible to the naked eye. Not to mention, the sword in question was also a high-grade Sacred artefact.


In the face of the attacks, Chen Feng jabbed out with his finger, using just his physical might to deal with the attack. A formidable power abruptly shot out from the tip of his finger to shatter the sword light. Next, the power struck the attacking cultivator, knocking him back. For the cultivator, it felt as though a lightning bolt had struck him.


All four were astounded. They looked at each other, not attacking anymore.

“Fellow friend, how should we address you and where are you from?” After recollecting themselves, one of them asked.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the Domain Geocompass spun to unfurl a domain power which enveloped him, giving others the impression that he was within a minor world.

A magic treasure containing the power of the Eight Trigrams Domain. The four cultivators exchanged glances, uncertain what Chen Feng meant with his actions.

“I am Chen Feng, from Artefact Sect. I accidentally came here while out on a stroll. I did not mean to snatch any items from you all,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“So, it is a fellow friend from Artefact Sect. Greetings. Please forgive our actions earlier.” Upon hearing that Chen Feng was from Artefact Sect, the four of them instantly revealed a change in behaviour. Some grew respectful, some grew fearful and some revealed ingratiating looks.

Secretly, however, the four of them were brooding inside. Him coming here while out on a stroll was definitely just an excuse. As for not intending to snatch anything from them, that was horseshit. He had already taken away two of the best magic treasures inside this grotto-mansion.

Even so, the four cultivators could only curse inwardly. They dared not say it aloud. Surface wise, they all revealed a smiling face.

“Fellow friend, are you still interested in anything else?”

“I’m just looking around. You fellows can do whatever you want.”

The name Artefact Sect was very important in deterring them. Of course, the most important factor was the power that he had displayed earlier.

“That’s good, then.”

Seeing Chen Feng show no interest in taking action, the four cultivators began looting the place once more. As for Chen Feng, he held the Domain Geocompass in his hand, fiddling with it as he leisurely made his way forward. He did not collect a single item after that.

Jiang Huo and Ye Lin quickly finished accepting the legacy. When they saw Chen Feng and the four cultivators appear there, however, they grew shocked. Without saying a word, they went all out against the four cultivators.

Both parties attacked at about the same time. As Jiang Huo and Ye Lin had accepted the legacy, their strength had increased considerably. Thus, they could not allow these people to snatch away the treasures left behind in the grotto-mansion.

The four cultivators, on the other hand, were here specifically to loot the treasures here. However, Chen Feng had already taken two Dao artefacts. As they were not strong enough, the four cultivators dared not attack Chen Feng. And so, the only thing they could do was to set their sights on Jiang Huo and Ye Lin.

And so, the two sides began a fierce battle inside the cave.

However, as they battled, the two sides held back somewhat. That was in order to guard themselves against Chen Feng. Due to that, their fight – despite its intensity – became somewhat restrained.

Seeing that, Chen Feng laughed. “Fellows, there is no need to be afraid of me. I am just here for a stroll. For me, your fight is just a lively show.” 

“If you are still worried, I can leave. Just do whatever you want.” Chen Feng’s figure then flashed and he disappeared. At the very next moment, he re-appeared outside the grotto-mansion.

Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, both parties stopped what they were doing and looked at one another.

“Who was that?” Jiang Huo asked.

“Why do you care? Your name is Jiang Huo, right? I know you. Unexpectedly, you could be so lucky to find this grotto-mansion. However, everything you have obtained today is impermanent. Now, hurry up and hand over everything you received. That way, you will be able to live.”

“Why continue with the nonsense? There is no way I will hand over the items, because I will be killing you all!” Jiang Huo said, attacking once more.

“It is probably not a mutually-destructive scenario.” Chen Feng, who was waiting outside, did not deliberately send in his divine sense to inspect what was happening inside. Trying to guess the outcome was more fun.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Not long after that, however, they charged out from the grotto-mansion and began fighting once again.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin were in a disadvantageous position this time.

The two of them had obtained the legacy. Additionally, they were also utilizing the Twin Swords of Water and Fire, fusing them to give their side a combat power comparable to a starter-level Earthen Immortal.

However, the four cultivators were stronger. Cultivation level wise, the four of them were stronger than Jiang Huo and Ye Lin. Additionally, one of them also possessed a Dao artefact. As for the other three, all of them wielded a top-grade Sacred artefact each.

Be it in terms of magic treasures or cultivation bases, the four cultivators were stronger than Jiang Huo and Ye Lin. Thus, it did not take long before Jiang Huo and Ye Lin began sensing their impending defeat.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Kid, just now, I had asked you nicely to hand over the items, but you refused. Do you finally understand how strong we are now? It’s too late, though!”

“That female cultivator is quite good. We can keep her alive and enjoy her for a bit.”

“That’s right. We brothers are the kind that cherishes beauties, after all. You must be Ye Lin, right? Hurry up and stop attacking. Go to the side and wait. If you do that, we brothers will spare your life.”

Even though the four cultivators already had the upper hand, they were still using words to provoke Jiang Huo and Ye Lin. They possessed a great deal of experience and were also quite well versed in the usage of battle tactics.

The four of them are quite strong. For them to not attack me earlier, it looks like the name Artefact Sect had put them in a quandary. Chen Feng was able to identify their strength with just a glance and he knew that Jiang Huo and Ye Lin would surely lose in the end. The result of losing to the four cultivators was death.

Damn it! How unfortunate! To think that we would encounter such a serious problem. Looks like there is no escaping this disaster. My death is nothing. However, I will be dragging down Ye Lin with me. Not to mention, my bloody grudge will be left unavenged. Jiang Huo’s face turned somewhat pale. He could clearly determine his present situation. He knew that his death was already set in stone. 

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