Chapter 858 Coming Out


A pitch-black cave had appeared behind the duo. It was connected to the mountain and there was no telling where it would lead to. 

This was the passageway into the grotto-mansion that they had opened up with their act of worship earlier.

Even if Jiang Zeming’s team had not been exposed, they would still have chosen to reveal themselves since the treasure hoard had been opened.

“Actually, the four of you also have only one path to take.” Ye Lin suddenly smiled.

“And that is to die here!” Without waiting for the four cultivators’ reply, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin attacked simultaneously. Two drops of gem-like blood flew out before abruptly exploding, forming a thick layer of blood-coloured barrier, which imprisoned the four cultivators.

“The blood essence of an Earthen Immortal!” Jiang Zeming exclaimed.

“That’s right. Did the four of you think that you could tail us without us finding out? Your actions are all within our plans!” Jiang Huo laughed. 

“With your abilities, you think you can entrap us? Fine, let us see what you can do!” Jiang Zeming waved his hand and a beam of sword light – emanating an aura of sharpness – shot towards the bloody barrier imprisoning them.

“Attack! Destroy the barrier and capture Jiang Huo!”

“Be sure to torture this little beast! You are nothing more than a slave of our Jiang Family. Reaching this level is already the apex for you! And yet, after given an inch, you dare ask for a mile?”

If the four cultivators do not have any other cards up their sleeves, they would probably be incapable of even breaking through the barrier. However, they are probably not that easy to defeat. Chen Feng secretly observed what was happening.

Due to the earlier exchange, Chen Feng had come to understand something. The one known as Jiang Huo was likely in the same family as the ones known as Jiang Zeming and Jiang Zefeng. However, his position was far inferior compared to them. At present, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin had found a treasure hoard. However, before they could get it, the four cultivators had found out about it and followed them.

Naturally, there was also the possibility that Jiang Zeming’s team of four was only here to kill off Jiang Huo, but Jiang Huo and Ye Lin were already prepared for them.

Given what was happening, Chen Feng himself was unable to tell which side would emerge victorious. More interestingly, more people have come to this planet.

Interesting. I wonder whose treasure hoard this is? Also, there is this Firegod Sect. As I recall, there is a sect with this name in Domain World.

Right. No wonder I thought their aura feels somewhat familiar. It is because it is similar to the aura of Immortal Pining Butterfly. In other words, this place is not too far away from Domain World.

Thinking about that, Chen Feng suddenly broke into a smile. Unexpectedly, by participating in the academy’s task, he would end up going through a string of events. Even more unexpected was that he would end up in Domain World’s territory.

Knowing that this was likely within Domain World’s territory, Chen Feng grew at ease. If Immortal Pining Butterfly could get to Eternal World from Domain World, he should have no problems doing the same.

Of course, he would need further confirmation.

How did Chen Feng know about the Firegod Sect? It was simple. Since knowing that the Planar War was about to begin, Chen Feng had begun looking through information regarding the various cultivation worlds, giving him some information about them. Not to mention, he had also encountered some cultivators from other cultivation worlds back then.

I should first observe the situation. Who knows? I might have to take action later. Having made up his mind, Chen Feng pushed his stealth technique to its limits and not even an Earthen Immortal would be able to detect him.

After spending some time bombarding the bloody barrier, Jiang Zeming’s team of four failed to break out. However, they did not panic. Instead, they exchanged glances before simultaneously displaying a secret technique to empower a magic treasure.

It was a round bead. Due to the actions from Jiang Zeming and his companions, it released the power of Heaven, Earth, wind and lightning outwards. The powers acted in concert with each other as they circulated, causing their power to multiply.

Instantly, the bloody barrier – formed using the blood of an Earthen Immortal – began cracking before bursting apart with a bang.

After breaking through, the four of them walked out.

“The Astralbreak Bead! You fellows actually went and borrowed this magic treasure!” Jiang Huo’s eyes narrowed.

So, it is a top-grade Sacred artefact. It contains faint traces of grand dao powers. There are four unique grand dao powers there, the power of Heaven, Earth, wind and lightning. Not bad. A pity, its tier is a little too low. Although it had been only a brief display of power, Chen Feng had still managed to grasp certain clues about it. It also made him more certain that they were from Domain World. 

“Jiang Huo. Now that you know that this is the Astralbreak Bead, do you still want to resist? Hurry up and kowtow to beg for mercy. Who knows? I might spare your life and have you serve as our running dog. Ha ha ha!” The four of them laughed.

“You think that you can defeat me with the Astralbreak Bead, but you failed to account for the fact that I had already foresaw this.” A smile appeared on the faces of Jiang Huo and Ye Lin.

“What do you mean?”

Seeing the smile on Jiang Huo and Ye Lin’s faces, the four of them instinctively sensed something amiss.

“It means that the four of you will die here today! No one will be able to save you,” Jiang Huo said and an energy stream surged forth from above him, transforming constantly to finally take the shape of a small sword. Fiery-red in colour, no sword energy radiated out from the small sword. However, the pressure it emanated revealed that it was a top-grade Sacred artefact.

“Top-grade Sacred artefact!”

Jiang Zeming’s team of four were surprised. However, it was only a slight surprise. The Astralbreak Bead that they were deploying was also a top-grade Sacred artefact, on the same level as the small sword.

Chen Feng, who was secretly observing them, did not share their thoughts. The power of fire within the small sword was pure and it also contained the dao of fire. Levelling up to the Dao tier was only a matter of time for it. Thus, it was a notch better compared to the Astralbreak Bead.

Chen Feng also had a feeling that this was not the only card that the male-female duo possessed. He could sense the air of calmness that they were exuding.


Another small sword surged out from Ye Lin’s body. This small sword had the same shape as Jiang Huo’s small sword, also a top-grade Sacred artefact. However, this one was formed using the power of water.

So, it’s the dual swords of water and fire. With this, they now have the absolute upper hand. The four cultivators are dead. Chen Feng nodded. The two swords were somewhat similar to his Twin Swords of Life and Death. Both were naturally-formed weapons, spiritual swords with a strong potential to advance further in the future.

By fusing together, the power of the Twin Swords of Life and Death would directly rise by one level. It was even stronger than having one of them grow several times stronger.

As Chen Feng predicted, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin controlled the twin swords of water and fire, fusing them together. As a result, the energy fluctuations of a Dao artefact instantly charged up into the sky.

The two small swords fused to become a long sword, becoming a Dao artefact in the process.

“Oh, no! Run!”

Jiang Zeming and his team instantly knew that the situation was not looking good for them. They were quick to make up their minds. First, they sent the Astralbreak Bead charging at Jiang Huo and Ye Lin. Then, they turned around and ran in four different directions.


Sword light flashed out as the Astralbreak Bead was hacked in half.


Sword light flashed again and Du Haolong was cleaved in half.

“Kill! Don’t leave a single one alive.”

Killing intent flashed across Jiang Huo’s eyes and even his face became somewhat twisted. It was a sign that he had been oppressed for a long time before this.

Sword light flashed out again and Du Haoqiu was also killed.

By then, however, Jiang Zeming and Jiang Zefeng were already nowhere in sight.

Jiang Huo and Ye Lin held hands and the power of water and fire fused. Next, the aura of an Earthen Immortal emanated out from their bodies. Mobilizing the Twin Swords of Water and Fire, they then broke through space to pursue Jiang Zeming and Jiang Zefeng.

With their departure, only the pitch-black hole was left. However, Chen Feng continued to hide himself, not making a single move. He waited calmly.

Speaking of which, Chen Feng was only slightly curious about the treasure hoard. His curiosity towards it was not that great.

However, while Chen Feng had chosen not to do anything, someone else did. Two cultivators in fiery-red magic robes revealed themselves. After looking around, they strode towards the entrance.


As the two of them were about to approach the entrance, they triggered some hidden seals. Due to that, a huge, flaming hand swiftly charged out from the cave. With a grasp, the hand pulled the two cultivators who failed to resist in the slightest into the cave. They did not even get the opportunity to let out a cry.

One of them is a starter-level Human Immortal and the other is a mid-level Human Immortal. For the hand to easily kill them off, the power is at least at the high-level Human Immortal stage or higher.

It might not be a living person. Perhaps, it is just the mechanism that someone had left behind.

Sou! Sou!

Jiang Huo and Ye Lin returned. Judging by the expression on their faces, Chen Feng could tell that Jiang Zeming and Jiang Zefeng had died to them.

“Someone came just now.”

“I knew that someone else would come. However, it would seem that they are already dead.”


Exchanging glances, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin then utilized a secret technique to pool the blood essence of the four cultivators who were killed off earlier. Then, they began yet another sacrificial ceremony. The huge, flaming hand re-emerged from the cave to devour the blood essence. After that, a booming sound rang out and a change happened to the cave. The power of space fluctuated and the cave disappeared, replaced by a quaint-looking stone gate.

Next, Jiang Huo and Ye Lin brought out something that looked like a lab spoon and inserted it into the hole on the stone gate. The stone gate then shone with a soft glow before slowly opening up.

This is the real entrance, Chen Feng thought.

“Let’s go.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! So, Saint Yin Yang’s treasure hoard is here. How lucky! To think that we would end up finding it! This is truly a stroke of fortune!”

Suddenly, a loud sound of laughter descended from the sky as several cultivators arrived.

“This is bad! More people have come! Let’s enter first.”

Jiang Huo and Ye Lin looked at each other. This time, their faces sank. They did not stay behind to fight the newcomers. Instead, they made their way into the stone gate.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four cultivators followed them into the passageway.

These four cultivators were far stronger compared to Jiang Zeming’s team of four. One of them was a high-level Human Immortal.

After there were no more movements there, Chen Feng finally revealed himself. However, he did not swiftly enter. Instead, he reached out with his hand to grasp. Space fluctuated as strands of invisible power flew into his grasp. Those were the remnant strands of soul power from Du Haolong and Du Haoqiu, who were killed off earlier.

Naturally, these could only be considered as soul fragments. For Chen Feng, however, they were enough and he quickly found the information that he was looking for.

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