Chapter 857 Cultivators Appear


Next, Chen Feng stomped and the power of earth surged, causing the planet to shake and the ground to crack. It felt as though the entire planet would split apart.

Reaching out with his hand, Chen Feng then grasped, causing space to twist as his magic powers took effect. Soil rolled about and a scarlet-red mine was pulled out from deep underground. 

His move contained the power of space and even some magic techniques recorded within the Longevity Scripture. In fact, its effects had gone beyond the concept of mere power. This was the utilization of laws.

In the end, the spirit stone mine was sent into the Longevity Tower. Naturally, Chen Feng would not be using the spirit stones. For the present Chen Feng, Prized crystals were simply too inferior. He would not even utilize Sacred crystals for his normal cultivation efforts. Not to mention, he could already establish a link with the Immortal Plane to absorb immortal energy. More, the Immortal crystals piled up inside the Longevity Tower was at such a high number that Chen Feng could never finish them up. But wait, there’s more. There were also some Profound Origin Jade Crystals that Tower had devoured back then left inside.

However, Chen Feng now commanded a territory with a radius of half a million kilometres and his subordinates was ever increasing in number. Thus, these Prized crystals would prove useful for them.

From what Chen Feng could gather, after reaching a certain cultivation level, cultivators from Eternal World would head to outer space for an adventure. When they find cultivation resources that they had no use for, they would utilize their magic powers to transport the resources back to their sect. The resources would then be utilized by the members of their sect.

This was also why some second-rate or third-rate sects could suddenly experience a meteoric rise in strength. Their members would be able to break through again and again to transform the sect into a first-rate sect. The reason behind this transformation was the support and resources received from the seniors of the sect.

By borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power, Chen Feng was also capable of doing that. However, he was presently lost, with no way to return to Eternal World, let alone transport items back.

After collecting the spirit vein, Chen Feng continued advancing. Along the way, he encountered and collected a few more spirit veins of varying sizes. However, the grade of the spirit veins was very low. Most of them were only Magic crystals, with some Prized crystals amongst them. As for Sacred crystals, those were incredibly rare.

For Chen Feng, though, it was better than nothing.

However, Chen Feng felt puzzled about something. The entire planet only had fire-type spirit stones and some spiritual herbs. Even the air only had fire-type spiritual energy. The power of fire was everywhere on the planet.

Of course, he was only slightly puzzled by it. At any rate, there were too many peculiar happenings throughout the universe.

Through his past memories and the information he had gleaned from ancient books, Chen Feng had learned that there were even some planets within the universe that were composed of pure spirit stones. The living creatures on the planet would be born with powers and various types of special constitutions would constantly appear. These planets could be considered as Heaven-defying existences within the universe. And yet, despite their ability to give birth to formidable characters, in the grand scale of the cosmos, those planets were actually nothing spectacular.

Some planets were composed entirely of wood and all kinds of spiritual herbs would grow on the planet.

Some were simply a massive ball of fire. And yet, it could still give birth to life.

Planets composed entirely of gold.

Planets composed entirely of water.

Planets composed entirely of bones.

Some planets were transformed from the corpses left behind by Immortal Humans.

Naturally, most planets were barren and devoid of life.

Due to that, the fact that this planet only contained the power of fire did not faze Chen Feng. It was a very common occurrence.

If only the grade of the spirit stones is higher. Even if it’s not Immortal crystals, then at least Sacred crystals, Chen Feng thought.


As Chen Feng was collecting a mountainous spirit vein, a colossal fire-type yao beast charged out. Wielding a staff in hand, the yao beast attacked Chen Feng.

A Great Yao. Its strength is already very close to the Human Immortal stage. Even though the power of fire within its body feels pure, there is still a certain roughness there. It must be due to the lack of a good cultivation technique. It must have forged the staff in its hand by itself. It is very rough, forged from a meteorite. One glance was all it took for Chen Feng to determine the yao beast’s state.

Despite the yao beast’s actions of attacking him, Chen Feng had no intentions of attacking the yao beast. Instead, he simply waved his hand to teleport the yao beast 500 kilometres away.

Upon falling to the ground, the yao beast fell into a state of shock. When it finally recollected itself, it swiftly turned and ran. Although it already knew that Chen Feng had no intentions of killing it, Chen Feng’s display of might had caused its balls to disappear.


Chen Feng’s divine sense spilled outwards once more, spreading up to a distance of 250,000 kilometres before stopping. Everywhere his divine sense went, the yao beasts there would crouch down and shiver.

Hmm? There are people here.

Originally, Chen Feng had only released his divine sense out due to boredom. Unexpectedly, he managed to sense the aura of human cultivators. Thus, Chen Feng settled his divine sense, which had been ferociously sweeping forward. Next, his figure flashed forward, disappearing from sight.

It did not take long for Chen Feng to halt somewhere 150,000 kilometres away from his previous location.

There were some people here just now.

Bringing out the Thousand Seeker Mirror, Chen Feng then tapped it and images began playing on the mirror.

By then, the Thousand Seeker Mirror was already a grade 9 Sacred artefact. Tracking and replaying these images was a piece of cake for it.

Quickly, the mirror revealed a male and a female cultivator. It could even replay the conversations between the two. 

“Mid-level Human Immortals!”

Chen Feng was able to determine their cultivation levels with just a glance. In terms of cultivation levels, they were on the same level as him. In terms of combat power, however, Chen Feng could instantly kill off the two of them.

Seeing the two human cultivators left Chen Feng surprised. Judging by their appearances, they were most certainly not natives of this planet. Thus, they must have come from some other place. However, the fact that they were mid-level Human Immortals indicated that they were unlikely to be star wanderers. That left only one other possibility. They had utilized a certain passageway to come here.

I wonder where these two came from? Given Chen Feng’s level of strength, directly capturing the two of them and searching their souls would allow him to find out everything. However, that was also the most inferior method.

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng followed the two cultivators while utilizing the Thousand Seeker Mirror to replay their every action. He wanted to find out their origins and objective.

Through their conversations and behaviour, Chen Feng was able to surmise that they were here in search of something. Additionally, they were trying to do so behind someone’s back.

As expected, Chen Feng then noticed some people coming from behind him. With a thought, Chen Feng hid himself.

Chen Feng’s divine sense caught the arrival of four cultivators. All four cultivators had Invisibility Talismans pasted on them and were invisible. However, they were incapable of escaping Chen Feng’s divine sense.

All four are at the mid-level Human Immortal stage. Looks like they want to take action against the duo up ahead. It’s a little strange. The aura from this group and the aura from the duo feels somewhat familiar. Chen Feng secretly observed them, unafraid of being detected.

Next up, Chen Feng continued hiding in the dark. When the four cultivators finally halted, he utilized his Magic Eyes of Darkness to peer through space and saw that the duo had stopped before a mountain.

This mountain was somewhat peculiar. Round in shape, it rose high up into the sky. However, the top of the mountain was very flat. It was as though someone had hacked the top with a single blade swing.

There were also smaller rolling mountains around this mountain. And yet, with the exception of the peculiar shape, there was nothing else special about the mountain.

The duo inspected their surroundings cautiously, seemingly fearful that someone might be following them. Next, they began setting up some magic arrays, working on it for two whole days before stopping.

Chen Feng, who was observing from the dark, saw that the four cultivators following the duo were staying quiet. They did not reveal themselves.

I wonder, what are the two cultivators trying to do? Chen Feng’s curiosity was piqued, but he did not utilize his divine sense to investigate.

After the duo was done setting up the magic arrays, the male cultivator brought out an altar. There were various sacrificial offerings placed on the altar. Next, the two of them got on their knees. With a sincere expression on their faces, they began chanting. It seemed as though they were praying. Or perhaps, they were trying to contact something.

Time went by and the altar shook slightly. Following that, runes began emerging from the altar. Like spiders, the countless runes crawled out into their surroundings, filling up even space.

After the runes had enveloped the entire mountain, the male cultivator brought out a porcelain bottle and poured a drop of blood out from it onto the altar. With a plopping sound, the drop of blood splattered there before the altar absorbed the blood, fusing it with the surrounding runes.

In just one breath’s worth of time, the hundreds of millions of runes around them had turned blood-red in colour. Even the mountain was radiating a bloody light. It was quite the ghastly appearance.

The drop of blood is probably the blood essence of an Earthen Immortal. Even for Human Immortals, that is already quite the treasure. Looks like the two of them are after something big, Chen Feng speculated.

The four cultivators who were hiding in the dark grew focused and they stared with unblinking eyes at what was happening.

Seemingly stimulated by the drop of blood, the entire mountain shook. As it did, the blood-coloured runes enveloping the mountain were absorbed into the mountain, where they disappeared without a trace.


A booming sound rang out and a dazzling light charged high up into the sky while illuminating the surrounding space, reaching a distance of 10,000 kilometres. Seeing that, Chen Feng’s face flickered as he grew concerned that he might become exposed.

Chen Feng managed to evade the light’s detection ability, but the four cultivators were exposed.

“Jiang Zeming, Jiang Zefeng, Du Haolong, Du Haoqiu! I knew the four of you would secretly try to follow us!” the male cultivator shouted.

“Is that so, Jiang Huo? If you already know, why open the grotto-mansion? Do you want to offer up the treasures inside to us to please us and become our subordinate?” Jiang Zeming said smilingly before turning his attention towards the female cultivator standing beside Jiang Huo.

“Ye Lin, of all the people you could choose to follow, you choose to follow this piece of trash with no future, even going so far as to work with him to open up the grotto-mansion. Ke ke! You’ve been dancing in the palm of my hands here. Now, I will give you two only one path to take.” 

“Oh, and what is it?” Killing intent glinted across the female cultivator known as Ye Lin’s eyes, but she asked anyways.

“It’s very simple. Follow us and we will take care of you. You will have a good future in the Firegod Sect.” Jiang Zeming hooked his finger, an indifferent expression on his face. It seemed as though everything was within his control.


1 li = 0.5 km

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