Chapter 856 Scarlet-red Planet


Pierced by the Netherbone Lance, the Devourer Beast’s fate was sealed. Knowing that it was no longer possible to escape, the Devourer Beast furiously wanted to drag Chen Feng down with him.


Demonic flames began burning. This was his lifebound flame. The Devourer Beast pushed himself beyond his limits and the wounds on his body completely healed in the blink of an eye. However, this action came with a hefty price. Even if the Longevity Tower were to spare him, the Devourer Beast would not have long to live.

Oh, no!

Chen Feng sensed grave danger. Knowing how dire the situation was, he mobilized the Longevity Wings with all his strength and his figure flashed away as he attempted to rush out from the Devourer Beast’s attack range.


However, the full burst of power from an Ascendant Immortal was strong enough to destroy a world. Only by fully forming the Longevity Wings would Chen Feng be capable of escaping from the attack.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Deepsea Maelstrom emerged from Chen Feng’s body to rapidly grow in size. With a radius of at least 5,000 kilometres, it encased Chen Feng’s body and spun rapidly to stop the power charging at Chen Feng.


The Devourer Beast rushed forward and unleashed a punch, blasting the Deepsea Maelstrom away instantly. Chen Feng – his entire body battered – was sent flying, becoming like a small comet flying through space. 

And yet, Chen Feng grew at ease.

Thankfully, I will not be dying from this. Chen Feng did not move, allowing the formidable force to propel his body backwards while he worked on unravelling the power invading his body while healing up his wounds.

“Almost done,” Chen Feng whispered.

A clump of ice energy suddenly erupted from within the Devourer Beast’s body. Layer after layer of ice appeared and they swiftly encased the Devourer Beast’s body. This was due to the burst of power from the Abyssal Ice Orb that the Devourer Beast had devoured earlier.


The Devourer Beast broke the layers of ice. By then, however, the Longevity Tower had already charged back. With a pulse from the Longevity Tower, space swirled with a force seemingly capable of either creating or destroying the universe and the Devourer Beast was instantly transformed into a clump of bloody flesh. Even so, the clump of bloody flesh wriggling violently as it attempted to reform itself.


A beam of light shot forward to sweep the clump of bloody flesh into the Longevity Tower.

With that, the Devourer Beast no longer had the chance to turn the situation around. He could not even display his skills anymore.


Transforming into a stream of light, the Longevity Tower then flew into Chen Feng’s body. At the same time, the Deepsea Maelstrom, Heaven Piercing Lance and Netherbone Lance that the Devourer Beast knocked away earlier flew back into the Longevity Tower.

As for Chen Feng, he continued to hover there, an energy shield encasing his body to stop anything harmful from damaging him.

He was seriously injured. Although he had managed to stay alive, he could not recover from his injuries anytime soon. Even so, Tower chose not to help him. Instead, he stayed silent as Chen Feng worked on healing his wounds.

Truth be told, the injuries alone was nothing concerning. Given how formidable Chen Feng’s healing powers were, he would be able to recover from the injuries quickly. The biggest issue here was the formidable demonic power invading his body. The Heaven-defying cultivation techniques that Chen Feng cultivated were capable of devouring various types of power. However, this was the power of an Ascendant Immortal. For the present Chen Feng, this was still a very hard task.

He needed time. It was like a calcination process. Chen Feng refined and devoured the power within his body while healing the wounded parts step by step.

One year went by just like that and Chen Feng himself was in the dark about how long he had been drifting around, oblivious to where he had ended up in. When Chen Feng finally opened his eyes, he noticed that he already had the aura of a star wanderer.

Now, I can already assail the high-level Human Immortal stage. Chen Feng’s figure then pulsed and the energy shield around him disappeared. He relied purely on his fleshly body to forge through space. Harmful objects and light that could damage the human body were either repelled or unravelled by the power emanating from Chen Feng’s fleshly body. 

At that very moment, Chen Feng’s physical might was already comparable to that of an Earthen Immortal with grand dao powers. Rather, he was even stronger in certain areas.

“Tower, your strength has finally returned to the Immortal tier!” Chen Feng stretched out his hand and the Longevity Tower appeared on his palm. Surface wise, the Longevity Tower appeared no different from before. However, Chen Feng could clearly sense the Longevity Tower’s world-shaking change.

Although the Longevity Tower was already very strong before this, there was this quality of chaos to its power. At that very moment, however, it had become purer. It was as though the impurities had been refined out from a crystal, making it crystal-clear and flawless.

Naturally, the thing that impressed Chen Feng the most were the waves of power of laws flowing within the Longevity Tower. The laws were clearly something that the Longevity Tower had only recently formed. Not only were there Immortal artefact laws, there were also laws of a higher tier there.

“The fifth floor still hasn’t opened up. Additionally, I now need some time to meld with my past memories. There are also some other items that I need to reform. Next up, if there is nothing of note, do not disturb me. Of course, you can still make use of the Longevity Tower’s power.” After saying that, Tower grew silent.

“Now is not the time to be sleeping. No matter what, we should return to Eternal World first,” Chen Feng said.

“I will not be able to find Eternal World anytime soon. You figure it out yourself.”

“Figure it out myself? I am just a mid-level Human Immortal, not an Earthen Immortal.”

“If so, just cultivate until you are an Earthen Immortal.”


Chen Feng shouted a few times, but Tower simply ignored him. In the end, there was nothing Chen Feng could do about it.

Right now, the most important thing to do is to figure out my position. What I need is a star map. 

Back then, I killed some Ascendant Immortals. They should have some good items on them, no?

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng began searching through his spoils and he quickly found two star maps. Chen Feng’s divine sense swept them and he imprinted the contents of the star map into his mind.

The two star maps came from the star wanderers that he had killed back then. Speaking of which, the star maps were quite comprehensive and complicated. At any rate, the star wanderers were characters capable of wandering through space. The places they had been to were not the type of places that the average cultivator could compare.

Even so, when compared to the endless universe, the two star maps were like a drop of water in the ocean. They could not even account for a corner of the starry sky.

Studying the star maps, Chen Feng quickly became disappointed. The two star maps were practically useless to him.

Looks like the star wanderers must have wandered close to Eternal World by accident. The main issue is that this place is too far away from Eternal World.

I need to work on getting my current position.

After reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng waved and the Domain Geocompass emerged from his body. Spinning into action, the Domain Geocompass created something of a world before bringing Chen Feng with it as it moved forward.

When Chen Feng first obtained the Domain Geocompass, it already contained strands of grand dao powers. After following Chen Feng all this time and with Chen Feng’s refining efforts, it had now become a low-grade Dao artefact. Its Eight Trigrams power was capable of creating a small world. Naturally, it was only a very small one, incomparable to even a pocket dimension.

Even so, that itself was already a decent display of power. The fact that it could create a world meant that it possessed the potential to further level up to become an Immortal artefact.

The Eight Trigram acupoints in Chen Feng’s body formed a domain power, which then formed a mutual link with the Domain Geocompass. The two powers supported each other. Seemingly performing the act of breathing, they formed a benign cycle and the link between Chen Feng and the Domain Geocompass grew closer. Furthermore, thanks to the power of the magic treasure, his Eight Trigram acupoints also became more stable and more powerful.

And thus, Chen Feng wandered through space for three years. The starry space was simply too vast. Occasionally, there would be nothing – not a single planet – to be found despite advancing through a distance of several light years. As for life-bearing planets, those were even rarer.

That said, Chen Feng was quite lucky. During the three years he spent exploring space, he had come across a high number of planets. A few of them were life-bearing planets. However, the development of the living beings on the planets was simply too slow. They did not have any formidable cultivators.

For Chen Feng, however, the life-bearing planets gave some colour into his boring journey. At any rate, flying alone through space for three years gave him a terribly lonely feeling. 

Oh! There’s another planet up ahead! Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and his gaze pierced through space to see a scarlet-red planet up ahead.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had assumed that it was a star. However, after getting a closer look, he saw that it was a mid-sized planet and there was spiritual energy emanating from the planet. As to whether or not there were living beings on the planet, Chen Feng could not tell. At any rate, he was still too far away – over 50 million kilometres – from the planet. Given Chen Feng’s present eye power, he could only get a rough outline of the planet’s silhouette.

Just because it has spiritual energy doesn’t mean that there will be life on it. Only, there is a higher chance for it to happen. However, this planet is scarlet-red in colour and the power of fire there is very thick. There are also some astronomical bodies circling the planet. Looks like the chances of it having life forms on it is small.

Still, I have nothing else to do. Might as well go check it out. Next up, Chen Feng changed his advance trajectory to head to the scarlet-red planet. Domain power surged and the Domain Geocompass moved faster.

A few days later, Chen Feng landed on the scarlet-red planet. Although the planet appeared somewhat barren, it did have some vegetation growing on it. Rather, there were some spots where vegetation thrived. By spreading his divine sense, Chen Feng was able to sense some living creatures running around.

Looks like this is just an ordinary planet. Chen Feng felt somewhat disappointed.

While there were indeed many planets in the universe, those that could bear life was limited. Those that played host to cultivators were a rarity amongst rarities. Amongst those, planets that could allow the cultivators to cultivate up to a high level was even rarer.

Chen Feng had encountered a few other planets with just living beings on it, after all. Thus, he was not feeling too hopeful about this discovery.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone and the divine sense he sent out suddenly converged into a lance which shot into a mountain. 

The divine sense had condensed into a tangible state. Thus, it was capable of piercing through real objects. The lance blew a large hole through the mountain that was far away. Then, Chen Feng reached his hand out and grasped and a large fiery-red crystal flew into his hand.

This is a fire-type spirit stone comparable to 10,000 Magic crystals. For there to be this many of them on the surface, how many would there be underground? Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward. Grasping, he uprooted the 1,000-zhang-tall mountain.

Grasping yet again, he caused the ground to split and streams of thick spiritual energy flowed out from the ground.

It’s a spirit stone mine. The deepest part of this mine contains Prized crystals. There are probably around 100 million pieces here. Chen Feng’s divine sense made its way underground and he swiftly figured out the situation.


1 li = 0.5 km. 1,000 li or 500 km could also mean ‘far away’ in Chinese.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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