Chapter 855 Hard Battle


“You think that Dao artefacts can deal with me?”

In the face of the Abyssal Ice Orb’s attack, the Devourer Beast opened his mouth and simply devoured the Abyssal Ice Orb. Next, he punched to destroy the frozen space around him.

“You are just a Devourer Beast, not a Heaven Devouring Beast. Eating random items will result in a stomach ache,” Chen Feng said, empowering the other Abyssal Ice Orb with all his strength. As a result, the ice energy in the air transformed into a surging river, which rapidly extinguished the demonic flames.


The Devourer Beast unleashed yet another punch into the ground, causing the whole planet to tremble. The power behind this punch, however, could not be completely diverted. The remaining power made its way through the many layers of the planet’s crust, causing the surrounding soil to swirl about. It was as though a meteor had smashed into the planet to create a gigantic crater.

Due to that, a large part of the magic arrays was destroyed and Chen Feng was nearly incapable of managing the situation anymore.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

With a thought from Chen Feng, the Blood Mustering Bead, Lightning Bead, Treasured Ocean Pearl and Deepsea Maelstrom appeared to assume the roles of array cores, protecting the magic arrays.

Even with the appearance of the four Dao artefacts, cracks began appearing across the surface of the entire planet. It seemed as though the planet was already on the brink of blowing up.

“I’d like to see just how powerful you are.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Abyssal Ice Orb flew to hover above him. Waves of ice energy kept assailing his surroundings, like a curtain of water from a waterfall. The Longevity Tower hovered before Chen Feng, channelling energy into Chen Feng so that he would have enough to control all the Dao artefacts.

“You have quite a number of magic treasures. Unfortunately, the number of useful magic treasures is limited.” Although the Devourer Beast was feeling shocked to see Chen Feng’s moves, he did not panic. Instead, he strode forward, breaking his way through the magic arrays to smash the Blood Mustering Bead.

Amongst all the magic treasures there, the Blood Mustering Bead was the one with the lowest grade. Thus, the Devourer Beast had chosen to attack the Blood Mustering Bead.

Given how strong the Devourer Beast was, blowing up the Blood Mustering Bead with one punch was well within his abilities.


Chen Feng slapped his palm against the ground, causing it to quake as one earthen dragon after another flew up. Like thick vines, they furiously attacked and entangled the Devourer Beast.

Although it was a barren planet, Chen Feng had utilized a large quantity of spiritual items to temporarily form earthen power there. The earthen dragons were formed from that earthen power and every one of them contained some earth-type spirit stones and empowering-type talismans.

Along his path of cultivation, Chen Feng had killed off many cultivators and obtained some treasures. All of them were piled up inside the Longevity Tower. They were items that Chen Feng could not finish using through his cultivation efforts. Thus, now was the time to bring them all out. If he could use them to kill off this Devourer Beast, then it would have been worth it.


The Devourer Beast roared and his soundwaves condensed into a clump of power, which destroyed every earthen dragon it encountered.


Chen Feng shouted and the Lightning Bead shook to fire out a lightning blade at the Devourer Beast.


The lightning blade was shattered, but a second one pierced through the sky as it shot towards the Devourer Beast again.


This lightning blade struck the Devourer Beast’s body, but it failed to even leave a scratch on the Devourer Beast’s skin. After all, even a high-grade Dao artefact would generally be incapable of breaking through the defence of an Ascendant Immortal, let alone this Devourer Beast with a mighty fleshly body.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Are you tickling me?” The Devourer Beast laughed. Grasping with both hands, he destroyed all the obstructions in his path. Next, he fired a fist blast at the Blood Mustering Bead.

Chen Feng was aware that the Blood Mustering Bead was incapable of withstanding the attack. However, should he pull back the Blood Mustering Bead, the Devourer Beast would be able to break out. Thus, with a thought from Chen Feng, the Blood Mustering Bead disappeared and the Deepsea Maelstrom appeared there instead.

The two beads had exchanged places. While the Blood Mustering Bead was only a mid-grade Dao artefact, the Deepsea Maelstrom was a top-grade Dao artefact. There was a great difference between the two.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Deepsea Maelstrom spun rapidly as it unravelled the fist blast that the Devourer Beast sent over. As expected from a Devourer Beast at the Ascendant Immortal stage, his attack caused the Deepsea Maelstrom to shake. Water droplets scattered about and it looked as though the punch would blow it up.


A river streaked through the sky, charging forward with great force to strike the Devourer Beast. Due to that, the Devourer Beast was no longer capable of continuing his attack. If he could, his attack could have destroyed the Deepsea Maelstrom. 

The river attack was fired out by another top-grade Dao artefact, the Treasured Ocean Pearl. The water of the river was none other than the Dawnsource Crystal Water. Additionally, it also contained grand dao powers. Although its offensive power was relatively average, it was enough to stop the Devourer Beast from unleashing another attack.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

One lightning blade after another struck the Devourer Beast without respite. Unfortunately, they were incapable of doing much to him.


As the Devourer Beast was about to make his way out, the Heaven Piercing Lance flashed forward to leave a deep and bloody wound on his body.


Chen Feng’s silhouette appeared within the Blood Mustering Bead. It was something formed from Chen Feng’s divine sense. Chen Feng then made use of the Blood Mustering Bead to display the Demonic Heavengorging Art, allowing him to push the power of the technique to a higher level. As a result, a river of blood gushed out from the Devourer Beast’s body. This time, all of the absorbed blood was kept inside the Blood Mustering Bead.

As this Devourer Beast was at the Ascendant Immortal stage, its blood essence was sufficient to help the Blood Mustering Bead level up.

“Courting death!”


The river was scattered and the Devourer Beast charged out. He was finally enraged. With a wave of his hand, a blade appeared in his grasp. With just a slash, blade energy reigned and the magic arrays around him were cleaved apart before shattering into fragments.

“Immortal artefact!”

Chen Feng was startled. As his opponent was able to bring out an Immortal artefact, the magic arrays that he had set up would become utterly worthless.

That said, the earlier fight had managed to exhaust some of the Devourer Beast’s strength. In fact, Chen Feng also managed to devour some of his blood essence. That was the most important factor here.


The blade was swung once more and Chen Feng felt as though his soul had fallen into an ice house, no longer capable of moving.

This Devourer Beast is terrifying. It is far stronger compared to the Ascendant Immortals that I faced back then, Chen Feng thought.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng collected the Blood Mustering Bead, Lightning Bead, Treasured Ocean Pearl and Deepsea Maelstrom into his body. Next, a formidable power charged out and Chen Feng’s body pulsed as wings suddenly emerged on his back. The runes on the wings flashed with light and Chen Feng evaded the Devourer Beast’s locking power to re-appear somewhere half a million kilometres away.


The Devourer Beast bellowed and his blade descended upon the ground. As a result, even more cracks spread out across the surface of the planet. In the end, a loud cracking sound rang out as the whole planet slowly split into two.

Thankfully, this planet is already a barren one without any life and spiritual attributes, otherwise its destruction would bring about a terrible explosion. Chen Feng shook his head and his figure flashed up into space. He gripped the Heaven Piercing Lance, which quivered as it emanated strands of killing intent.

The rise in Chen Feng’s cultivation base and his continued use of the Heaven Piercing Lance allowed him to gradually unearth more of the Immortal artefact’s power. Additionally, it also began to accept Chen Feng as its new master.

“Come! Show me just how powerful you are.” Chen Feng’s will to fight surged upwards.

There was a ridiculing grin on the Devourer Beast’s face. In his opinion, this human before him was a true idiot. After having witnessed how powerful he was, this human should have fled instead of staying behind to fight him.

“I’ll finish you off with one slash!”

The Devourer Beast was confident that he could indeed kill Chen Feng off with one slash. Rather, if he could not kill a Human Immortal with one slash, he should just commit suicide.

“Bring it!”

Chen Feng’s figure dashed forward and the Heaven Piercing Lance in his hand created a stretch of lance silhouettes. Every single one of them represented a very real attack, aimed at a singular point.

“Too weak!”

However, the Devourer Beast’s blade simply slashed out in an overbearing and indomitable fashion to shatter all of the lance silhouettes.

The two of them were simply on different levels.

Chen Feng, who had already pushed the power of the Longevity Wings to the extreme while borrowing the power of the Heaven Piercing Lance, was still incapable of stopping this attack. Seeing no other options, he had to place the Heaven Piercing Lance before him to defend himself from the blade energy.


Suddenly, the Longevity Tower appeared somewhere else in space and flew down upon the Devourer Beast like a mountain.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Devourer Beast’s whole body began cracking. Flesh and blood scattered about as the split planet beneath him instantly suffered from absolute devastation.


Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Devourer Beast was left in a wretched state and he roared in anger as he kept swinging the blade in his hand. In just a flash, over 1,000 blade beams were fired out to strike the Longevity Tower.


All of the blade beams exploded and the Longevity Tower was knocked back. However, despite the ferocity of the attacks, none of them could leave a mark on the Longevity Tower.

That said, the attacks did knock the Longevity Tower back. At any rate, the Longevity Tower had yet to recover to the Immortal tier.

“Magic treasures, empower me!” 

Chen Feng went all out. He knew that this was a critical juncture in the battle. Should he fail to buy enough time, this Devourer Beast will be able to escape.

He had spent so much on this endeavour. If the Devourer Beast were to escape in the end, Chen Feng wouldn’t even have the tears left to cry.

All the magic treasures he was nourishing within his insight acupoints burst with power and Chen Feng’s body instantly grew several times bigger. In fact, he nearly blew up. Next, the power charged into the Heaven Piercing Lance.

“Heaven Piercing Lance, unleash your greatest power!” Chen Feng hurled the Heaven Piercing Lance at the Devourer Beast.


By then, the Devourer Beast no longer wanted to kill Chen Feng. Any delay meant that the Longevity Tower would come after him once again. And that would mean death.


One blade beam after another flew out to collide against the Heaven Piercing Lance, but the Heaven Piercing Lance pierced through them all before continuing forward.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The Devourer Beast gave it his all and fired out three more blade beams to finally knock the Heaven Piercing Lance away.

Just as the Devourer Beast was about to flee, however, Chen Feng arrived once more. 


The Netherbone Lance in Chen Feng’s hand pierced the Devourer Beast’s hand.

Chen Feng possessed three Immortal artefacts in total. The first one was the Immortal Skylodge Palace, a palace for cultivation purposes. Although it could also be used for offence, mobilizing it took time.

The other two were the Heaven Piercing Lance and the Netherbone Lance. 

Although the Netherbone Lance was also an Immortal artefact, it was essentially a nether artefact.

With the Netherbone Lance piercing the Devourer Beast’s body, formidable nether energy poured into the Devourer Beast’s body before furiously invading it. Wisps of blue flames began burning the Devourer Beast’s body.

That was nether fire. Although it was different from demonic fire and immortal fire, it also contained a formidable power of destruction.

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