Chapter 853 Hand from the Darkness


“An expert is secretly taking action!”


“Hurry up and leave!”

All of them were quick to come to the decision and they displayed various techniques. However, all of them failed to break through the sealed space. Seeing that, they realized that the situation had become dire.

The palm came ever closer towards them and the sealed space began compressing.


One of the cultivators could not stop blood from spraying out from his mouth as even his body was affected, shrinking due to what was happening to the space.

Thankfully for Chen Feng, he was hiding inside the Longevity Tower. If it weren’t for that, he would have been the first to suffer in the face of the compressing space. He was the one with the weakest cultivation base there, after all.


All of them quickly made use of their strongest techniques as they attempted to blast the sealed space around them. However, their surrounding space had completely frozen up, like a crystal. Some of their attacks landed on the incoming palm, but they failed to do anything.

“Celestial Skyfire Plane! Bless me with the power of Sky Fire!”

“Celestial Purplesieve Plane! Empower me with the power of Purplesieve!”

“Celestial Malla Plane! Assist me!”

The cultivators from the various Celestial Planes linked up to their respective planes. By successfully doing so, they would be able to borrow their planes’ power to make their way out.

Only, their attempts failed. The surrounding space had been sealed.



One of the cultivators was finally incapable of holding on any longer. In the face of the compressing force, his body blew up. Even his wretched cries were compressed, along with his essence, energy and soul power, into the shape of a ball. Next, the ball transformed into a stream of light and flew into the palm.

A mouth appeared at the centre of the palm to devour the ball.


Chen Feng, who watched it all happen from inside the Longevity Tower, instantly knew that all of the cultivators here would die today.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Another cultivator was incapable of holding on any longer. However, this cultivator was a resolute fellow. He instantly decided to blow up himself. A self-destruct move from an Ascendant Immortal could easily destroy a planet. In the cultivator’s opinion, doing so would surely create an opening, allowing his primary spirit to escape. So long as he could escape, he would be able to either snatch a body or cultivate himself to recover. If it came down to it, he could simply choose to reincarnate himself. All that mattered was staying alive.

However, his actions only managed to create a small explosion. Next, an invisible power compressed what remained into yet another ball of energy before sending it into the mouth on the palm once more.

“What a pity! We should be the ones to take that essence power.” Chen Feng secretly felt a feeling of regret upon seeing that.

“Attack together! Blow up our Immortal artefacts!” the Purpleblood Clan cultivator shouted.

It was a life-and-death moment for them. Thus, they no longer had the luxury to consider anything else. All they could do was to give it their all to charge out. Blowing up their Immortal artefacts for the sake of preserving their lives was the best choice.

One Immortal artefact after another appeared and power brewed within each and every one of them as they began the self-destruct process. 

“You from the Longevity Clan, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and blow up the Longevity Tower! Not doing so is suicide!” Seeing the Longevity Tower simply hovering there, the Purpleblood Clan cultivator shouted.

“Blow up the Longevity Tower?”

Chen Feng, who was inside the Longevity Tower, laughed. The Longevity Tower was his foundation. Even if he had to blow himself up, he would not blow up the Longevity Tower.

If he were to blow up the Longevity Tower, he would be incapable of surviving in outer space, let alone return to Eternal World.

With a scoff, Chen Feng then ignored them all. Tower was swiftly refining the True Immortal’s primary spirit and his power was increasing at a rapid pace. He hoped that Tower would be able to charge out.

“Ignore him! He has a death wish!”

“Explode!” “Explode!” “Explode!”

After bringing out their Immortal artefacts, the cultivators there shouted. Unexpectedly, however, their Immortal artefacts did not explode. Instead, all of them left flew away and the cultivators lost control over their Immortal artefacts. Flying into the massive palm, they then disappeared from sight.

At the same time, a suction force enveloped the Longevity Tower. However, the Longevity Tower released a wondrous power to render the suction force ineffective.

“We cannot wait any longer! Burn the primary spirit!”

The primary spirit that the Longevity Tower had been slowly refining suddenly burst with intense flames. The Longevity Tower then transformed the resulting power before firing it out. This transformed power was comparable to the self-destruct move of a True Immortal. Additionally, the Longevity Tower had also compressed it down into a single dot.


A soft sound rang out and an opening appeared upon the sealed dimension created by the massive palm. The Longevity Tower then transformed into a stream of light, flowing out to quickly disappear from sight.

“An opening!”

The cultivators were overjoyed. They felt the pressure bearing down on them lessening. Just as they were about to follow the Longevity Tower, however, the massive hand grasped and space spun. As a result, all of the cultivators there were caught.

“Argh! Mercy!”

“Longevity Tower, save me!”

“Damn it! Even though this is just a clone, it contains one-third of my powers. I will end up becoming weak for some time due to this.”

As they were no longer capable of escaping, those who were only clones accepted their fates. All they needed to do was to spend some more time in cultivation. However, for those who came here with their real bodies, they would die, both in body and soul; the hundreds of thousands of years they spent on cultivation gone down the drain. There was none who could accept such an end. And yet, there was nothing they could do about it except scream.

In the end, all of the cultivators there were killed off by the massive hand. After that, the hand grasped again to charge through a distance of millions and millions of li, destroying countless planets in its wake.

“It managed to escape in the end. Unexpectedly, the Longevity Tower would reappear once more. Wasn’t it destroyed in the war back then? How peculiar.” The massive hand then disappeared and a puzzled voice rang out somewhere deep in space.

The universe was incomparably vast and some planets were so big that even the words millions and millions of li could not do it justice. 

Within a barren planet, a spatial crack appeared and a small and quaint nine-level pagoda tower emerged. 

Next, Chen Feng appeared to hold the Longevity Tower in his hand.

“How depressing! It hadn’t been easy to get a True Immortal’s primary spirit. And yet, we had to burn half of it away.”

“Half is good enough. At any rate, we managed to escape. Looks like we are already 50 billion kilometres from that place. The other party will probably not be able to catch up to us.”

“By the way, did you managed to figure out the other party’s cultivation level? Is it a True Immortal?”

“Probably not. If it was a True Immortal, even burning up all of the primary spirit would have been insufficient for us to escape. However, the other cultivators would surely be incapable of escaping.”

“That’s fine. It’ll save us the trouble. A pity, though. We will not be able to get their essence power.”

“Kid, what do you want to do next? At present, I myself am uncertain where we are. Returning to Eternal World will likely take some effort.”

“There is nothing we can do about that. However, we must return to Eternal World sooner or later. Before trouble comes, I’ll make the necessary arrangements before heading out to outer space again. The universe is a big place, after all. Even if the cultivators from the Celestial Planes want to find me, it will be difficult.”

Next up, Chen Feng spread his divine sense outwards. After some time, he retracted his divine sense. “Unexpectedly, this is a large planet. A pity, it is a lifeless one.”

Although his divine sense had not enveloped the entire planet earlier, Chen Feng had still managed to gain a rough understanding of the planet’s situation.

Yellow sands and a barren desert were all he could see. It was a cold and desolate planet with almost no spiritual energy, let alone any life form.

For Chen Feng, the lack of spiritual energy was not concerning. At any rate, he had many items that he needed to refine on his person.

The Longevity Tower had turned still. Chen Feng knew that it was in the midst of refining the energy sources that it had absorbed earlier. By fully refining and absorbing all the energy sources that it had devoured earlier, it should have no problems recovering to the Immortal tier.

“Hopefully, news of the Longevity Tower’s emergence will not reach the Celestial Longevity Plane too quickly.”

Truth be told, Chen Feng was not too worried about the other Celestial Planes finding out about the Longevity Tower’s emergence. Rather, he was more worried that someone from the Longevity Clan would take action against him. Compared to the cultivators from the other planes, it was easier for the cultivators from the Longevity Clan to find him. 

Let’s not think too much about it for now. Right now, the most important thing to do is to improve my strength. After coming to that conclusion, however, Chen Feng did not proceed to absorb the energy sources he had gained earlier. Instead, his sea of wisdom worked tirelessly on replaying the earlier fights between the various Ascendant Immortals as he studied them.

For the present Chen Feng, however, the Ascendant Immortal stage was still too strong for him. Without borrowing the power of his magic treasures, he would’ve been absolutely no match for them.

After cultivating himself for some time, Chen Feng then opened his eyes. He had come to the understanding that it would be better for him to not study the Ascendant Immortals’ power of laws. Cultivation must be done one step at a time, after all. 

Forget it. Let’s check this planet out first. Chen Feng took a step forward and he leisurely wandered around the planet.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, this planet – one without spiritual attributes – was something without a will of its own. It was no different from the asteroids floating in space, a very large asteroid.

After some time, however, Chen Feng sensed something amiss. He increased his pace, occasionally moving and occasionally stopping. He spread his divine sense forward and gave it his all to inspect his surroundings.

Finally, Chen Feng came to a halt in the centre of a basin. Linking up with the Longevity Tower, he then pushed his spiritual senses to their limits and he finally sensed something inside the planet.

“So, what did you find?” Tower asked smilingly.

“It should be a Devourer Beast. Even if it’s not, it is that type of creature. I should have sensed that there was something wrong with this planet right from the start.” There was a somewhat serious look on Chen Feng’s face. At the same time, however, there was also delight.

“Hopefully, it is a Devourer Beast. That way, I will be able to gain some harvest from this.” Chen Feng then brought out one precious material after another and began setting up magic arrays and restrictive arrays on the planet.

Chen Feng had never set up such complicated magic arrays before. This time, Chen Feng used a great deal of materials and exhausted himself considerably for this project. He had spent an entire month to finish setting up the magic arrays.

“Hopefully, this can succeed.”

“Kid, are you not afraid that the one below is some super-powerful yao beast? What will you do if you cannot handle it?”

“If that is the case, I’ll just have to figure a way to escape.” Chen Feng brought out a piece of spirit stone and began replenishing his depleted energy reserve.

The spirit stone was the Profound Origin Jade Crystal. It was of an even higher level compared to the Immortal crystal.

“Easier said than done. You might not be able to escape when the time comes.”

“Don’t worry. I have this intuition. We’ll be able to get some harvest this time. If it fails, just consider this as training.”

“Wasting so many items to train yourself in setting up magic arrays?” Tower kept ridiculing Chen Feng.


1 li = 0.5 km

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