Chapter 852 Snatching Corpse


Another Ascendant Immortal was killed off and the Longevity Tower was able to increase its power yet again.

Chen Feng had chosen to not absorb the essence, energy and soul power of the recently killed cultivators. Even so, due to the fact that the Longevity Tower was Chen Feng’s lifebound magic treasure, the increase in the Longevity Tower’s power also caused Chen Feng’s power to rise in a corresponding fashion.

With that, Chen Feng grew even less hasty in rushing in. He had obtained enough from this trip. Thus, there was no need for him to risk his life by going in. Rather, wouldn’t it be better for him to stay here and wait for wounded rabbits?

However, while Chen Feng’s plan was good, the others were no fools. All of them had sensed Chen Feng killing off the Ascendant Immortal outside.

“Little fellow, hurry up and come help.”

“Ha ha ha, forget it! It’s too dangerous inside. I will just stay here.” Chen Feng laughed.

“You want to reap a bargain by staying outside. You think that such a good thing exists in this world?”

No matter what they said, Chen Feng refused to enter.

Boom! Boom!

The damage to the palace grew increasingly severe and two more cultivators were blasted out. Chen Feng had wanted to take action as well, but these two were already prepared for him. Due to that, Chen Feng was incapable of finding the opportunity.

“Kid, you sure are ruthless! Just you wait. I’ll settle this with you later.” One of the cultivators sneered as killing intent surged out from his body. Even so, he did not attack.

“What’s inside?” Chen Feng asked.

“You’ll know soon enough.”


A roar of the soul spread out. Although no sound was actually created, it contained an even greater power of destruction and cracks spread out across the entire palace.

“There is something inside!”

“It’s not that simple.”


Suddenly, the entire palace exploded and countless fragments shot outwards, accompanied by cultivators who were also blasted out.

“What is it?”

Next, Chen Feng saw a colossal, black-coloured silhouette stand up. No matter how hard Chen Feng channelled his Magic Eyes of Darkness, he was incapable of getting a clear look at the silhouette. 

“Soul shackle! Borrow power from the divine soul!”

Chen Feng shouted and a stream of power flowed from the Longevity Tower into Chen Feng’s eyes. 


Chen Feng’s pitch-black gaze seemingly turned tangible to pierce through the black silhouette. Finally, he was able to see what was inside the black silhouette.

“That is, a corpse!”

Indeed, it was a colossal corpse, enveloped by a black silhouette. The reason he had called it a corpse was because he could see that half of the corpse had already turned to bones. Perhaps it was due to time. Or perhaps, it was due to the injuries taken while still alive. At any rate, the flesh there had become exposed to reveal the bones underneath. And yet, there was a great power coming from the corpse as an ageless light gleamed across the surface of the bones.

Chen Feng watched as the colossal corpse stood up to unleash a punch. One of the cultivators there was hit and his body burst apart, leaving a clump of primary spirit, which tried to escape.

However, the clump of primary spirit was caught by another cultivator who quickly absorbed and refined the primary spirit.

That is the corpse of a high-level Ascendant Immortal. Or, is it a peak-level Ascendant Immortal? Rather, it might even be the corpse of a True Immortal. Chen Feng guessed.

Above the Ascendant Immortal was the True Immortal.

Ascendant Immortals were cultivators who had broken free from the shackles of their homeworld and ascended to the Immortal Plane. As for True Immortals, they were experts in the Immortal Plane, with a world of their own inside their bodies. They possess the power of creation and their souls would survive so long as their worlds remained.

This corpse must have died long ago. These remnants are but traces of obsession, triggered by these cultivators’ actions.

“The corpse of a True Immortal! That’s the corpse of a True Immortal!” someone shouted.

This was the greatest treasure here. Everything that they had obtained combined paled in comparison with the value of this one corpse, even the Primogenious Light.

It’s probably not a True Immortal. At best, it is only a half-step True Immortal. However, if the Longevity Tower can absorb it, recovering up to the Immortal tier will be a sure thing for it. Chen Feng’s gaze turned fiery as well.

Only, collecting this corpse will be a very difficult matter. Just earlier, one of the cultivators was killed off with just one punch.


None of the cultivators there took action, but the corpse attacked nonetheless. The moment the attack was unleashed, waves of turbulent energy spread out in an unstoppable fashion. This punch was even stronger compared to the previous one.

“Argh! Everyone, hurry up and help! That’s the only way we can do this!” The attacked cultivators were terrified. They were simply incapable of taking on such a formidable attack.


Chen Feng was the first to attack. This corpse was simply too formidable. Should they choose to not join forces, this corpse would be able to take them down one at a time. It would be a most miserable end for them all.

That said, Chen Feng did not unleash his strongest attack. He brought out the Heaven Piercing Lance as he charged forward and a lance silhouette shot towards the fist.


“Great Solar Shatter Fist!”

“Five Elemental Fathomless Mantra!”

Like Chen Feng, the others were also able to identify their present situation. They all knew that not joining forces was out of the question. Thus, all of them charged forward to attack.


A fist blast burst forth. It was like a compressed world bursting forth all of a sudden. The combined attacks from the cultivators were thus broken and all of them were sent flying from that one punch.

“So strong!”

However, the corpse was also forced to take several steps back. Seeing that, the cultivators breathed a sigh of relief.

“Defeating it is not an impossibility!”

“Everyone, join forces to tear apart this corpse! Even refining one of its ribs will allow our strength to rise by leaps and bounds! Not to mention, we will also be able to study the dao of a True Immortal!”

“That’s right! Let’s do it!”

“Use your strongest attacks!” The power of laws spread out from the Purpleblood Clan cultivator’s body as a formidable power began taking form. He was deploying the power of his bodily world.

“I am also using my world’s power. Bring out your strongest power, guys!”

“You from the Longevity Clan, hurry up and use your strongest attack!” someone shouted at Chen Feng.

“All right!”

Chen Feng’s figure flashed, disappearing from sight. Next, the Longevity Tower appeared up above to rapidly grew in size before suppressing the colossal corpse.


Another invisible soul wave spread out and an imposing power wrapped around the colossal corpse. The flesh on the corpse seemingly grew alive as blood began flowing and flesh began growing. 

The power of life and aura coming from the corpse grew even stronger.

“It’s recovering! Attack!”

“Attack together!”


Another fist attack was fired out, exploding into overlapping silhouettes aimed at the surrounding cultivators.

The colossal corpse was actually utilizing a secret technique. All of the cultivators there felt as though the corpse was personally attacking each and every one of them.

“Go all out!”

“Success or failure rests in this one attack!”

Everyone there gritted their teeth. Aware that they could not retreat here, all of them fired out their strongest attacks. Chen Feng, who was inside the Longevity Tower, gripped the Heaven Piercing Lance, ready to rush out at any moment.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

It was as though the end of days had arrived, as though the universe itself was collapsing. Due to the collisions of the formidable powers, even the governing laws were twisted away.

This time, however, the cultivators succeeded. The colossal corpse’s fist blew up. Next, due to the formidable attacks from the cultivators, cracks spread out across its entire body. Flesh and blood flew about and the corpse then broke apart, scattering into its surroundings.

“Good, collect!” Chen Feng, who was inside the Longevity Tower, shouted and one bone after another, brimming with immortal dao laws, flew into the Longevity Tower.

The other cultivators were quick to take action as well and the colossal corpse disappeared. Not even a scrap of its flesh remained.

Calculating, Chen Feng determined that the Longevity Tower had managed to collect one tenth of the corpse. However, its biggest harvest was the clump of spiritual light presently hovering within the Longevity Tower.

It was the clump of primary spirit left by the colossal corpse, containing the imprint, power and laws that the corpse had when it was still alive. Absorbing and refining it was the equivalent of devouring a half-step True Immortal.

“Good! This is our biggest gain yet!” Chen Feng was so overjoyed, he felt an impulse to laugh loudly.

“Tower, hurry up and refine it to increase your power!”

“No need for you to tell me that.”

Primary flames sprayed out to envelop both the snatched corpse parts and the primary spirit as Tower began refining it. Gradually, streams of powerful energy poured into the Longevity Tower to increase its power. However, this refining process was very slow.

“Looks like it will be difficult to quickly refine it all.”

“No worries, we have time.”

“I only fear that the others would not give us that time.”

“Kid, you took away the primary spirit! Hurry up and hand it over!”

As expected, one of the cultivators set his sights of Chen Feng and rushed at him fiercely. This cultivator had a very mysterious origin. Although he was only a starter-level Ascendant Immortal, he wielded a mid-grade Immortal artefact.

Another cultivator also charged towards Chen Feng. It was none other than the Celestial Ardent Yang Plane cultivator who had obtained the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod. 

If there had been only one of them, the Longevity Tower would have been able to devour the opponent. However, two cultivators had come after him this time. This was somewhat difficult to handle. Not to mention, there were also others keeping a predatory gaze at him.

The corpse of a True Immortal was very valuable. However, the primary spirit left by a True Immortal was even more valuable. Although the Longevity Tower’s power was quite the deterring factor, the greed in their hearts lessened their fear towards death.

“You fellows have a death wish!”

Chen Feng’s voice rang out from the Longevity Tower. If the Longevity Tower could refine and absorb all of its earlier gains, there would be no need to fear them. At present, however, fighting them was unwise. 

“Kid, we can forget about the corpse of the True Immortal. However, you must bring out the primary spirit. It is not something that a minor Human Immortal like you can refine.”

“Just bring it! If you want to snatch it, you fellows will have to pay the price. No matter what, a few of you will be going down for it!” Chen Feng began threatening them.

“It is useless. Although the Longevity Tower is very powerful, its level is too low. Not to mention, it is not the real deal. No, it is possible that it is the real thing. But that will be even better. We’ll be able to snatch it!” the Purpleblood Clan cultivator chimed in.

“Tower, think of a way to escape. This is not the time to be fighting them.”

“Getting away from them is not a problem. However, I am worried that others might interfere.”

“Others? What do you mean?”

Chen Feng was taken aback to hear that. However, he quickly saw a massive palm emerge from the starry space to instantly seal the space there. All the power of laws there froze and even the stars within the affected space stopped rotating. It was like a universe-destroying palm. At that very moment, it was targeting Chen Feng and the other cultivators.

“What is going on?” The group of cultivators who were about to attack the Longevity Tower sensed something amiss.

Extreme fear rose up from their hearts before proliferating uncontrollably. At that very moment, they all felt as though their deaths were impending and there was nothing they could do about it.

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