Chapter 851 Devouring the Primogenious Light



The star wanderer grunted and his face turned ugly to behold. Not only was his lifebound magic treasure damaged, he also failed to collect the Primogenious Light. This was a heavy loss for him.

Originally, the others had also thought of doing the same thing. However, when they saw what happened to the cultivator, they all stayed their hand. All they could do was stay still and watch as the Purpleblood Clan cultivator continued absorbing the light with looks of envy on their faces.

“Humph! I forgot that the Purpleblood Clan possesses the Chaos Heaven Gourd.” The Celestial Malla Plane cultivator and the Celestial Skyfire Plane cultivator quickly discussed something. Next, they produced a small porcelain bottle.

The two of them worked together to empower it. Surprisingly, after its cover was opened, the porcelain bottle began absorbing the Primogenious Light as well. Only, its rate of absorption was much slower compared to the Chaos Heaven Gourd.

Even so, it was still better than nothing.

“That is a magic treasure augmented by an expert. I believe that expert must be a True Immortal.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Taste my cosmos pouch!”

A massive cosmos pouch drifted upwards with the power to collect an entire world. However, one strand of the Primogenious Light was all it took to pierce through the cosmos pouch.

Next up, two more cultivators utilized their magic treasures to successfully collect some of the Primogenious Light. However, the amount that they could collect was limited and they quickly stopped. Their capacity was not as great as the Chaos Heaven Gourd and porcelain bottle.

Every strand of the Primogenious Light weighs half a trillion kilogrammes. Additionally, it also contains the primordial power of laws. It is not something that the average magic treasure can collect. Chen Feng smiled.

However, even though the Longevity Tower’s power has fallen drastically, the quality of the tower itself remains. Forget this Primogenious Light, it can even devour something that is a thousand times stronger than this.

“Tower, your chance has come. The way I see it, after devouring this light, you should be able to recover to the Immortal artefact tier, right?”

“Almost enough.” Tower was also feeling excited. Without waiting for Chen Feng to say anything else, the Longevity Tower then flew out to land on Chen Feng’s palm, where it exerted a formidable suction force to begin devouring the Primogenious Light.

Truth be told, the issue with the Primogenious Light was not in collecting it. Rather, it was how to store it. Although every one of the cultivators there was capable of bringing out some Immortal artefacts, those magic treasures were not good enough to store this primordial cosmic energy.

While the Longevity Tower was not yet at the Immortal tier, its quality was simply too high. This was not an offensive ability. Rather, it was an act of storing the Primogenious Light. In this regard, the Immortal artefacts could not hope to even match the Longevity Tower. 

Additionally, the Longevity Tower was not simply storing the devoured Primogenious Light. Rather, it was quickly refining it to improve its own power.


“How is this possible?”

Every one of the cultivators there exclaimed. They were all characters with formidable cultivation bases and a stable mind. And yet, seeing what the Longevity Tower was doing caused them to release a cry of shock.

The Chaos Heaven Gourd was born from the naturally-occurring Divine Purplebit Rattan. And yet, it could only absorb strands of the Primogenious Light. The Longevity Tower, on the other hand, was absorbing stream after stream of the Primogenious Light. Like a small river, all of it entered the tower.

In the beginning, everyone had assumed that the high amount of Primogenious Light would overload the Longevity Tower and blow it up. Even Chen Feng would be grievously wounded as a result. Perhaps, he might even die.

However, the Longevity Tower’s rate of absorption only went higher and higher while remaining undamaged. Faint-yellow waves of light shone out from the Longevity Tower, which shook slightly. To Chen Feng’s delight, he could sense that the Longevity Tower was regaining its powers.

The rate of absorption grew increasingly high. In the beginning, it had been like a small river. However, it quickly became a surging river before turning into a great river with galloping waves of water.

“Tower, how do you feel?”

“Good! This is just too good! As expected, only by leaving Eternal World and exploring space can there be some harvest.”

As the Longevity Tower continued to devour the Primogenious Light, the light band in front gradually shrank. At the same time, a change came over the floating island and the palace on it.

“Look!” one of the cultivators shouted.

Waves of water seemingly splashed out from the floating island. However, all of them knew that those were waves of power. The palace itself began shining with light as the ancient palace began showing signs of life.

“The palace is about to come to life. Just what could be inside it?”

“Hurry! Open the way!”

“Little fellow, do you need any help?”

“There is no need to inconvenience anyone here. Just wait, we’ll be able to enter the palace and collect the treasures,” Chen Feng said loudly. 

What a joke! The Longevity Tower was continuously growing stronger. No matter what happened, he could not allow others to disrupt this. After devouring all of the Primogenious Light, the Longevity Tower would be able to recover its power and there would be no need to worry about the cultivators attacking him anymore. Rather, Chen Feng might be the one to attack them then.


The Purpleblood Clan cultivator secretly fumed as his hatred for Chen Feng skyrocketed to the extreme. If it weren’t for Chen Feng, the Primogenious Light would all be his.

Even the cultivators from the Celestial Skyfire Clan and Celestial Malla Clan did not appear pleased. However, there was nothing they could do about it. Should they try and stop Chen Feng, the other cultivators would surely disagree with them. Not to mention, seeing this display of power from the Longevity Tower, they did not feel too confident about their chances against Chen Feng. 

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

In the end, the Primogenious Light became like 10,000 galloping horses, rushing towards the Longevity Tower. When the Primogenious Light was reduced to a certain degree, a hole appeared upon the barrier of light. The hole then rapidly expanded to form a passageway. 

“It’s open!”

The cultivators who were waiting there swiftly took action, charging into the passageway as they headed for the floating island.

“Let’s go!”

The Purpleblood Clan cultivator was finally incapable of holding back. He stopped collecting the Primogenious Light. Keeping the Chaos Heaven Gourd, he followed the others. As for the cultivators from the Celestial Skyfire Plane and Celestial Malla Plane, they had been amongst the first few to charge in.

Chen Feng was the only one left there. The Longevity Tower in his hand continued collecting the remaining Primogenious Light.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the treasure hoard with unknown contents was not as valuable as this Primogenious Light that he could see with his own eyes. Being able to improve his strength was a good thing, after all.

“Good, very good! I have gained a level. I will be able to open the 5th floor soon.

“The distance between me and the Immortal tier is getting shorter and shorter.

“Faster! Faster! Not enough power!”

Tower grew increasingly anxious, causing even Chen Feng’s heart to thump violently.

Finally, the Longevity Tower devoured all of the Primogenious Light and shook violently. As there was a close connection between Chen Feng and the Longevity Tower, he could clearly sense the Longevity Tower’s state.

“Still not enough energy.” Chen Feng’s feelings of excitement dwindled down.

“Just a little bit more and I will be able to return to the Immortal tier. A pity. However, given my current strength, I will no longer have any issues suppressing mid-grade Immortal artefacts. Even killing off these Ascendant Immortals will not be that difficult for me,” Tower said.

“That’s good to hear.” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

The Longevity Tower was different from other Immortal artefacts. After having absorbed and refined so much energy, the average Immortal artefact would have no problems levelling up significantly. However, the Longevity Tower was only able to recover a small portion of its power after devouring and refining the energy.

Even so, Chen Feng was overjoyed to see that many of the cracks on the surface of the Longevity Tower had disappeared. Most of its surface had become smooth, reducing the dilapidated aura coming off it while increasing its concept of spirituality.

To think that the number one magic treasure of our clan would be in my hands. Chen Feng suddenly broke into a smile.

“Tower, what is on the fifth floor?”

“Sigh! Truth be told, it’s nothing much. I was nearly destroyed in the war back then. What good items could be left inside?” Tower sighed.

Next, however, Tower continued, “That being said, there are some items left inside.”

Instantly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone. No matter how you cut it, the Longevity Tower was an existence that had been capable of deterring the Myriad Celestial Planes. Even what remained inside should be good enough for him.

“Just what is it?” Chen Feng grew anxious.

“Let me think. Sigh! I can’t remember. Forget it! You’ll know once the fifth floor is open.” Tower deliberately put on an enigmatic look. Seeing that, Chen Feng was left frustrated. However, there was nothing he could do but to shake his head.

He only had himself to blame for not having enough power, otherwise he would be able to break it open himself.

“If that’s the case, forget it. Let’s go check out what’s up ahead first. If we can get some more treasures to devour, the tower’s power will surely be enough. If that doesn’t work, we’ll just kill off everyone here to increase the tower’s power.” Chen Feng’s figure dashed towards the floating island. 

“Kid, you sure are ruthless.” Tower laughed.

“I don’t have a choice. The Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator has found out about your existence. Even these fellows might suspect something. Thus, we will surely run into serious troubles in the future. However, I am still not strong enough, far from it.” Just thinking about it gave Chen Feng a headache. 

Even before Chen Feng could enter the palace, he could already hear the sounds of battle coming from the interior as the entire floating island began shaking.

When Chen Feng’s feet made contact with the floating island, he noticed that the entire floating island had been carved out from a massive asteroid and a mysterious power was emerging from it.

This entire floating island is a treasure. I wonder who left it behind?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Due to the battles transpiring between the cultivators inside, cracks began spreading across the palace and chaotic streams of power surged out.

This palace has been around for too long. The power of its seals has greatly weakened. Chen Feng was in no hurry to rush inside. Instead, he waited outside.

Chen Feng could sense that the battle transpiring within the palace had become very intense and some were already going all out. Due to that, this was not a good time to enter the palace.


Suddenly, a cultivator’s body smashed its way through one of the palace walls in a wretched manner. He had been pummelled out during the course of the battle.

It was a star wanderer.

Chen Feng strode forward, the Heaven Piercing Lance already in his grasp. With a thrust, he stabbed the cultivator’s body with it.


The star wanderer felt his vitality draining away at a rapid pace as a formidable power kept destroying his life from within. Even his soul was cracking apart.

If he had not sustained any injuries, he would have been able to split his body apart and have his primary spirit escape. At that very moment, however, he felt as though he could no longer muster up any power.

“Spare me.” Begging was all he could do.

“No.” Chen Feng was direct in his reply. With a wave of his hand, the cultivator was sent into the Longevity Tower. The Longevity Tower quaked his body apart with a boom, transforming every part of the cultivator into surging streams of energy, which then flowed into the Longevity Tower. 


1 jin = 0.5 kg

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