Chapter 850 Primogenious Light


This is!

Upon seeing the light band, Chen Feng’s eyes instantly bulged out.

“Primogenious Light!” Tower said.

“How can there be so much Primogenious Light here?” There was utter shock in Chen Feng’s eyes.

“That’s the Primogenious Light!” The other cultivators began arriving as well, every asteroid in their path had been destroyed.

“Hurry up and go check what’s inside!”

The Primogenious Light was like a winding river encircling an island. There on the island was a colossal palace. Due to the mists shrouding the palace, they could only see the silhouette of the palace. Even so, it was enough to shock them. 

Just the asteroids outside the palace were able to give them such a great harvest. If so, wouldn’t the palace within the asteroid group contain an even more valuable treasure hoard?

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Young fellow from the Longevity Clan, you sure are a lucky star. To think that you would end up leading us here. Speaking of which, we should thank you.”

“Not bad. We can spare you this time.”

The benefits they received from this trip had exceeded the value of the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod, which had fallen into the hands of a cultivator from the Celestial Ardent Yang Plane.

Celestial Purplesieve Plane. Celestial Ardent Yang Plane. Celestial Malla Plane. Celestial Imperial Plane. There was also Bi Qing, who was from the Celestial Clearblue Plane, earlier. Of course, Chen Feng himself was from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Seeing all of them there, Chen Feng ended up revealing a wry smile. He had yet to even ascend to the Immortal Plane. And yet, he had already encountered the cultivators from the various Celestial Planes. It would seem that his future days would not be tranquil. 

Moreover, there were also the cultivators from the Immortal Plane and other worlds that were not too weak when compared to the Immortal Plane. There were those from the Demon Plane and Nether Plane. There was also the Lightning Plane, now merged with the Immortal Plane. 

Truth be told, the ones that Chen Feng detested the most were the few star wanderers. Not to mention, one of them had been constantly attacking him. In fact, Chen Feng was thinking about how he should kill that cultivator off.

“Kid. Tell us who your master is,” the Celestial Skyfire Plane cultivator said smilingly.

“My master is Boundless.” Chen Feng considered for a moment before answering.


The cultivators from the various Celestial Planes were taken aback and they stared at Chen Feng. Several of them reflexively backed away slightly.

“Just now, you said that your master is Boundless?” the Celestial Skyfire Plane cultivator was in disbelief. 

With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng brought out the Longevity Tower. A quaint design and dark-yellow in colour, it was shrouded in a layer of faint-yellow energy stream. Waves of profound aura emanated from the tower’s body. It was an aura of an existence surpassing the Immortal artefact tier.

The Celestial Skyfire Plane cultivator pondered for a moment before saying, “A replica of the Longevity Tower. Indeed, it is not something that some ordinary member of the Longevity Clan could possess. Even if you are not Boundless’ apprentice, your position in the Longevity Clan must be quite high. Only, why did you appear in Eternal World?” 

“It’s because of an item.”

“What is it?”

“I do not yet know.”

The more mystifying it was, the more believable it was to them. Although they could not be certain as to whether or not Boundless was Chen Feng’s master, they no longer dared to act recklessly. The name Boundless was an ageless legend for the various Celestial Planes. Even though the possibility of it being true was only 1%, they did not have the courage to attack him. 

“What is this boundless bullshit? Kid, you’re too despicable! I’ll capture you!” The star wanderer strode forward and sword light flashed forward, slashing towards Chen Feng.

As there was only a short distance between them, the sword light gave off an atmosphere of an existence capable of splitting both heaven and earth. Additionally, it also contained several powers of concept. There were carnage, desolation, solitude, aimlessness and other concepts that he had comprehended as he voyaged across the stars.

This fellow is probably going to die now. That’s fine. We’ll have him test the kid out. The cultivators from the various Celestial Planes did not take action as the same thought went through their minds.

Chen Feng did not evade the incoming attack. Instead, he simply placed the Longevity Tower before him to block. In the end, the sword beam failed to create even a ripple before the tower devoured it completely. Next, the Longevity Tower flew forward, giving off a suppressive aura as it simply devoured the star wanderer.

Like the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator before him, the star cultivator was suppressed and killed off. However, unlike the previous incident where the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator’s body was only a clone, this one was no clone. Thus, the star wanderer was killed inside the Longevity Tower, his soul dissipated and he no longer had the chance to even reincarnate himself.

“Huh! Thankfully, I had devoured an Ascendant Immortal and some divine objects before this. If it weren’t for that, this fellow would have been difficult to handle.” Tower secretly felt fortunate at the way things had developed.

“Thankfully as well, that fellow is not too strong,” Chen Feng replied.

Outwardly, however, Chen Feng was laughing.

“Humph! Just because I did not want to take action, did you really think I’m an easy target? Like I said just now, if you piss me off, I can just make some sacrifices and kill off some of you!” Chen Feng waved and the Longevity Tower transformed into a stream of light before entering into his body again.

As predicted, the cultivators there stopped viewing Chen Feng as a minor cultivator. Instead, they began viewing him as someone on the same level as them. Rather, some of them revealed a look of fear.

His previous action of devouring the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator may be attributable to a fluke. However, the fact that he could do so a second time before them all was an entirely different matter.

It would appear that his Longevity Tower was strong enough to easily kill off an Ascendant Immortal. Thus, if they were to start a fight with him, they would not have a good ending.

“The way I see it, there is no need for us to fight. The thing before us is the Primogenious Light. Whoever can collect it, that person may take it. Besides, the palace that the Primogenious Light is protecting is the real treasure. I suggest we join forces to break the Primogenious Light barrier,” the Purpleblood Clan cultivator said.

“That makes sense. I agree. This is not the time to be getting into a fight.” The Celestial Ardent Yang Plane cultivator nodded in agreement.

“I have no objections as well.”

“We are all in agreement. However, even though the Primogenious Light is a good item, collecting it will not be easy. If we are not careful, we could end up losing our lives.”

“That would depend on what methods we use. For the sake of the palace, we must work together. If anyone doesn’t contribute, they can forget about getting anything after the Primogenious Light barrier is broken.”

“Not a problem. We’ll work together!”

After concluding their discussion, they quickly attacked the Primogenious Light barrier in their path. This barrier of light was several times stronger compared to the Driftcloud Immortal Light. It could be used to refine magic treasures, operate magic arrays and set up restrictive arrays. Some experts could even devour and refine it. In short, it was a divine object. That said, dealing with it was generally difficult [1].

Chen Feng took action as well. He did not attack with the Longevity Tower. Instead, he brought out the Heaven Piercing Lance to attack.

Joining forces, they expended a considerable amount of their strength to bombard the barrier. However, not only did they fail to break the Primogenious Light barrier, some even ended up in a wounded state due to the counter attacks from the barrier.

“Link up to my main body! Empower me!”

The clone-body cultivators shouted. Due to how depleted their energy reserves had become, they had no choice but to link up to their main body to gain more power.

“Looks like this is not the way to go. If either more cultivators end up coming over or a formidable expert comes, our actions would have been for nothing.”

“I have a way. However, I will need everyone’s cooperation,” the Purpleblood Clan cultivator said.

“Oh, what is it? Tell us.”

“I have a spatial-type magic treasure on me that is capable of absorbing the Primogenious Light. However, my strength alone is insufficient. I will need everyone to help me out.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Aren’t you a crafty one?”

“That’s right. You will get to collect all of the Primogenious Light that way. This is a great treasure. If you utilize the Primogenious Light against us, we will be incapable of fighting back.”

“Don’t talk about this anymore.”

“I can make a Heart Oath!” the Purpleblood Clan cultivator hastily said.

Some weaker cultivators would swear an oath to the world. Upon breaking the oath, the cultivators would end up facing the suppression of the world. However, cultivators who were stronger – with powers surpassing that of the world itself – would no longer view a worldly oath as anything important.

Normally, they would use the Heart Oath. Cultivators who break the Heart Oath would – in the future – face the invasion of inner demons during their cultivation processes. This layer of shackle was even stronger compared to that of the worldly oath. 

“A Heart Oath? Even though it is somewhat useful, that kind of thing is not enough for us to believe you.”

“Yes. We cannot take the risk.”

“In that case, you guys will have to slowly figure something out.” Knowing that they would not believe him, the Purpleblood Clan cultivator grew silent.

“I’ll do it myself.” Next, energy streams surged around the Purpleblood Clan cultivator’s body as the semi-transparent silhouette of a world appeared. A gourd that shone with purple light flew out from the world.

The shining, purple-coloured gourd looked as though it was carved out from crystal. Although it was only as big as a palm, it contained an aura of chaos, that of the earliest beginning of the universe itself.

“That’s the Chaos Heaven Gourd!” the Celestial Skyfire Plane cultivator shouted.

The Chaos Heaven Gourd is something born from the naturally-occurring Divine Purplebit Rattan. It is said that the Purpleblood Clan has a few of them and the gourds that grew from them possess vast magics and power. In fact, it could even devour a plane. Only, this one is clearly not strong enough, Chen Feng thought. He knew quite a bit about the various clans.


The Purpleblood Clan cultivator empowered the gourd and runes flowed across the surface of the gourd. Next, purple light shone as the gourd stopper popped open and the mouth of the gourd exerted a formidable suction force. With the reinforcing power from the Purpleblood Clan cultivator’s worldly power, it began absorbing the Primogenious Light.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Strands of the Primogenious Light drifted out before flowing into the Chaos Heaven Gourd. Seeing that, the eyes of the Purpleblood Clan cultivator revealed a look of delight. Whether or not he could obtain the treasures inside the palace aside, this Primogenious Light was already good enough. This was a divine light that not even the seniors and experts of his clan possessed.

By refining the Primogenious Light, his cultivation base would improve by leaps and bounds. With that, his position in the clan would rise as well. Thinking about that, the Purpleblood Clan cultivator felt thankful towards Chen Feng, a little.

“To think that he could absorb the Primogenious Light.”

The eyes of the other cultivators grew bloodshot. One of the star wanderers brought out a spatial-type magic treasure to absorb the Primogenious Light as well.

Sou! Sou!

Two streams of Primogenious Light were pulled over and they charged into the magic treasure. However, before the cultivator could even feel happy about it, cracks spread out across the surface of his magic treasure. Next, the two streams of Primogenious Light tore a big hole through the magic treasure as they flew out to re-join the light band.


 1 Driftcloud Immortal Light is a defensive barrier of light around the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain, which first appeared in Chapter 109.

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