Chapter 85: Turbulent Sea of Wisdom


“Just an intent left behind by a little Sky Human stage cultivator,” said Tower with disdain.

After that, the Astral Thunder Armour transformed into a stream of light to cover Chen Feng’s body. Immediately, Chen Feng could feel an intimate connection between himself and the precious armour that he was wearing. This time, his divine sense did not encounter any obstructions at all when entering the armour. He was able to inspect all of the secrets and seals placed upon the precious armour. He had truly become the precious armour’s owner.

“This armour contains the power of Sky Lightning and is capable of automatically releasing attacks on its own. In the future, use your divine sense to slowly nourish it and it will become like your skin. During critical moments, it can block off some attacks for you,” said Tower.

“All right, now the time has come for you to absorb and refine these two Soulflames,” continued Tower.

“I am not ready yet. I used up too much of my strength just now. Let’s do it after I have recovered,” said Chen Feng. 

“No need. The more tired you are, the better. Your divine sense is now exhausted, the most appropriate time to develop your potential,” said Tower with a serious tone.

“Those are Soulflames of level 7 Concealed stage cultivators while I am only a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator. Although I am practicing the Longevity Scripture, I am still feeling somewhat concerned,” Chen Feng was slightly hesitant.

“No worries! With me here to protect you, nothing will happen. Besides, you will be cultivating within Longevity Tower. No accidents can happen here. Just be at ease and cultivate. When you have refined these two Soulflames and condensed your own Soulflame, your power will soar. In the future, your cultivation path will become broader and less rocky,” Tower persuaded.

“How about I just absorb one of the Soulflames while you take the other one? Aren’t you badly damaged? Absorbing one should be able to help you recover a little of your strength, right?” Chen Feng suggested.

“Nah! Soulflames of this level are worthless to me. What we need to do now is to improve your strength. Only after your strength has risen can you help me repair my injuries. Hurry! You are a man after all, stop being so fussy!” said Tower with a displeased tone.

“Fine, then. You have to protect me well. Don’t let anything happen to me,” said Chen Feng.

“But of course! Should anything happen to you, how do I recover in the future?” replied Tower as-a-matter-of-factly.

Right after those words were spoken, the two Soulflames floating before Chen Feng rushed into his mind.


Chen Feng felt as though two clumps of fire had appeared within his mind. Furthermore, it was the type which discharged blazing flames from its depths. In but a flash, his mind was turned upside down. Chaos reigned and it was as though two blazing suns had descended upon the sea.

His whole sea of wisdom roiled and Chen Feng felt it burning up rapidly. It would appear that it would be evaporated completely at any moment, leaving him a blithering idiot.


Chen Feng shouted non-stop, wanting to drive out the two Soulflames. Suddenly, the two Soulflames exploded, transforming into countless sparks which filled every corner of Chen Feng’s mind.

“You fool! Hurry up and circulate the Longevity Scripture’s Soulflame condensation technique! Once your sea of wisdom gets evaporated, you will lose your life!” Tower’s voice suddenly spoke within Chen Feng’s mind, causing Chen Feng to recollect himself. With a thought, the Soulflame condensation technique appeared within Chen Feng’s mind.

“Blood energy transforms into the divine, the soul condenses, gain insight of the essence, produce primary flames, blood energy charges in, the soul changes…”

Section after section of cultivation techniques appeared within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, each shining as bright as pearls, unaffected by the surrounding Soulflames.

“Phew! This is the Soulflame cultivation technique. According to this, only those at level 2 of the Concealed stage can begin practicing this technique. Damn it! That bastard Tower, he lied to me!” Chen Feng could not hold back his desire to swear. 

However, Chen Feng did not have the time to dwell upon it for long. His sea of wisdom was filled with Soulflames, the essence-bound primary flames condensed out by level 7 Concealed stage cultivators. Logically speaking, just one spark was enough to utterly roast the mind of a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator.

Chen Feng exerted all of his strength and focused to channel the Soulflame condensation technique as fast as he could.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

As Chen Feng was cultivating, his sea of wisdom was constantly getting evaporated by wave after wave of blazing hot power. If Chen Feng were to open up his eyes, he would find that white smoke was incessantly rising out from his head.

Huh! This is bad! Will my sea of wisdom get fully evaporated? Chen Feng had to endure an unprecedented level of pain. It was not as simple as the pain from his fleshly body. Rather, it was the feeling of having his soul burned and smelted. This soul-piercing pain was not something that normal people could endure. As expected, Chen Feng, who was in the midst of cultivating the condensation technique, was enveloped by the endless pain and he could no longer concentrate on cultivation anymore.

“Tower, I cannot hold on anymore!” Chen Feng abruptly shouted out.

Unfortunately for Chen Feng, there was no other voice within Longevity Tower except his own. Tower did not respond.

“Argh! My sea of wisdom is about to completely evaporate! I have no way of concentrating on the Soulflame condensation technique!

“Tower, can you hear me?

“Tower, you said you will protect me!”

Chen Feng shouted non-stop. He could feel the Soulflames in his sea of wisdom growing even more turbulent. It felt as though they could destroy his sea of wisdom at any moment.

“No one can help you. If you want to obtain power, you will need to depend on yourself. If you cannot endure, there will be only one ending, death. The utter obliteration of your soul.”

Tower finally spoke up. Hearing that, Chen Feng immediately swore.

“You bastard, you dare lie to me?!” Chen Feng shouted loudly.

However, Tower said nothing. No matter how much Chen Feng shouted, he did not respond at all.

A certain mysterious space within the Longevity Tower…

A humanoid figure, illusory in quality, waved his hand. A mirror-like object appeared before the figure to reveal an image. It was none other than what was happening to Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“Although I can help you, I will not. If you cannot even make it through this obstacle, you will not be able to achieve much in the future. In that case, it may be better for you to die now. Becoming the owner of the Longevity Tower is not so simple. In the past, all of Longevity Tower’s owners were Heaven-defying geniuses. Some could condense Soulflame the moment they stepped into the Concealed stage. Given your current standard, you are far behind them.”

After that, the figure waved his hand and the images playing before him instantly disappeared. He could no longer see what was happening to Chen Feng.

“No matter, no matter. I will make one more gamble. I will bet on you succeeding.” After saying that, the figure disappeared to who knows where.

Hearing Tower’s words earlier, Chen Feng instantly grew enraged. He felt deceived and wanted nothing more than to exit his mind, find Tower and give him a beating. However, Chen Feng knew he had no opportunity to do so now. He faced the biggest crisis in his life. It was so big, he could die at any moment. Additionally, Chen Feng had this feeling. Without a miracle, this crisis before him was impossible to overcome.

“Miracle, what a joke! I do not believe in miracles! I do not hope for it! I believe in myself! Only the power gained from my own hard work can be considered true power!”

Only the power gained from your own effort will truly belong to you.

At that moment, Chen Feng was suddenly reminded of the words Boundless said. The words seemingly reverberated deep into his core, complementing his own thoughts and melding with them.

“Everything else is illusory. Only my own power is true!” Chen Feng abruptly bellowed and wave after wave of formidable emanations spread out. At the same time, burst after burst of blood energy continuously assailed Chen Feng’s mind.

Within every part of his body, from the bottom to the top, internal and external, the hidden potential within his fleshly body was stimulated forth. Chen Feng could also feel that his state of mind had improved by a notch. It was as though a layer of dust gathering upon his mind had disappeared, giving him more clarity and openness.

At this moment, Chen Feng felt his thoughts growing lucid while becoming incomparably broad. His intent and resolve towards his own path of cultivation grew firmer. No matter what kind of twists and turns awaited him, no matter what kind of obstacles awaited him, he would continue to look ahead and march forward.

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt his churning sea of wisdom growing still. It was as though time had suddenly come to a halt. Chen Feng could clearly sense all the changes happening throughout his sea of wisdom. Every strand of energy, Soulflame and divine sense felt so incomparably clear to him. All of them responded clearly to the depths of Chen Feng’s mind.

“All right, now!” A roar rang out from within Chen Feng’s mind. It was the most powerful shout from Chen Feng, born from the deepest core of his being. A formidable and unyielding will charged out like an erupting volcano.

This was something that only those in the Sky Human stage could comprehend: The will of an expert. The current Chen Feng had made contact with this stage.

“Divine sense, condense!”

Chen Feng shouted and all the energy from his sea of wisdom churned violently as all the divine sense converged. At that moment, Chen Feng’s divine sense was seemingly going to assume humanoid shape.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

A vast amount of blood energy surged into his sea of wisdom, like roaring blood dragons. They rampaged and thrashed about in every direction.

“Longevity Blade, condense!” A formidable divine sense power erupted from within his sea of wisdom. Surprisingly, Chen Feng’s divine sense then quickly condensed into a blade. The blade’s body had neither colour nor lustre. And yet, it was perpetually emanating wave after wave of powerful life force. The intent to cleave the void and break the shackles could be sensed seeping out from it.

This blade was the Longevity Blade written in the Longevity Scripture. In the past, Chen Feng had used his primary energy to condense the blade. At that moment, however, Chen Feng had used divine sense to condense it. This blade was more tangible and powerful compared to the one he condensed in the past. 

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